Chapter 239: Tang Lianxin Exposed

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“Just now, Chao Gai said that even if he passes through this calamity, after the Evil Smiting Hall, Maiden Mountain would not be unconcerned with Su Xing contracting this many sisters. Have you all clearly thought of the consequences?” Once Wu Siyou finished asking, she felt she had done more than what was required. To be honest, to be able to sign a contract, how would any of them not be a life and death promise.

“However, it appears we cannot be too worried about Evil Smiting Hall right now.” Wu Xinjie muttered.

The current Maiden Mountain already was Su Xing’s greatest foe. If things truly would be as Chao Gai said, by the time the Third Phase Evil Smiting Hall concluded, that time would truly be dangerous. “Right, Young Lord, look at what we brought back from Greencorn Mountain for Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie abruptly remembered something. Giggling, she gestured with a hand. A stalk of glistening jade green bamboo the width of a bowl appeared. This bamboo emitted a peaceful, sweet scent and had evil suppressing cloud marks.

“Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo?!”

Su Xing said in pleasant surprise.

“How did you find it?”

“It was all due to Yuan’er. Her vision was vicious, being able to discover just this one among several million in a sea of bamboo.” Lin Yingmei said.

“Yuan’er, amazing.” Su Xing gave her a thumbs up. He actually passed Greencorn Mountain and had been shaken by that sea of multitudinous bamboo. The Peace and Happiness Bamboo’s song was handsome, disturbing his mind. To find one stalk of Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo by accident was finding a needle in a haystack.

“We were luckier, it being unexpectedly still left there.” Shi Yuan stuck out her tongue. As the Thief Star, her eyes naturally were keener. To conceal the Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo’s Suppressing Evil Golden Marks from her eyes still was not too possible: “Pity is only this one stalk.”

It was unknown how many cultivators wanting to get rich quick explored Greencorn Mountain’s grounds long ago. To be able to find one stalk was counted as lucky. Su Xing felt the bamboo. This Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo was approximately more than a thousand years in age. Using it to forge the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword’s Wood Element Sword already was considerably suitable. The sole regret was that this stalk of Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo probably could only forge approximately five or six of the flying swords.

However, Su Xing’s Metal Element Swords sustained great damage to their spiritual powers at Five Poison Mountain and required a period of nurturing. With the Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo, that actually could solve the desperate situation.

“It seems we can only go to Heavenly Gem Valley for another stalk.” Wu Xinjie muttered. Otiginally, she did not plan to go to Heavenly Gem Valley because that place had a Great Sect hidden from the world, highly dangerous, and now with Maiden Mountain already coming to their door, this was an extreme emergency. Hesitation was intolerable.

Su Xing deeply held the same feelings. To contend against that Maiden Mountain, his current sole possibility outside of having Lin Yingmei and the rest upgrade their Star Weapons was too forge the Immemorial Sword Chant as soon as possible. Confronting Chao Gai at that time, they stood a chance of having battle.

“Right, I have something, too. What do you feel we can do?” Su Xing hesitated, then released a black light.

An ugly and malevolent monster whose whole body was completely clad in black qi appeared in the Immortal’s Abode.

Upon seeing it, the beauties all withdrew several steps, revealing expressions of revulsion.

It was the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon.

Hearing An Suwen’s introduction, Wu Xinjie wrinkled her brow: “The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon! Unexpectedly, it was this sort of fiendish creature.” The Ten Thousand Year Gu originally was a unique fearful creature, and this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon was even more disastrous. Collecting a hundred Gu and ten thousand poisons into a body, it could be said to be the poison of the world. What was different from a Ten Thousand Year Gu was that this type of Gu Demon could grow. It was just that the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s growth condition was very hair-raising, devouring living souls and Essence Blood.

Hearing this condition, Su Xing had the mind to destroy it. To have him use living people as living souls to feed the Gu Demon was something he absolutely could not possibly do. Even if he could go do so, perhaps given Lin Yingmei’s personality, she would be disgusted by it.

“Apparently, I stole something useless.” Su Xing was speechless.

“This actually is not necessarily true.” An Suwen softly said: “We can still use every sort of poison grass and poison stone. It can also grow if we feed it unique treasures. Suwen knows a few things this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon can eat.”

This finally let Su Xing have slight comfort.

“This isn’t bad as This Young Lady actually cannot refine it into a puppet, hee-hee.” Shi Yuan giggled. Her Mo Attack Mechanism Records already had great success. Transforming this sort of Demon Beast into a puppet was not difficult.

“A puppet is somewhat wasteful.” Wu Xinjie said.

Afterward, they discussed some things. The important point was to help advance Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen’s Star Weapons to Three Star, and there also the Far West Buddha Kingdom to see whether or not they could find something to help Su Xing bloom the Dhyana Mind Lotus Flower. Seeing them so intimate, Wu Siyou felt herself an outsider.

“Then what time do you plan to go to Evil Smiting Hall? After a month, there is not enough to forge the Wood Element Flying Sword and to go to the Buddha Kingdom.” Wu Siyou said.

“Meet at the Purple Rose Immortal’s Abode after two months!”

“En, Your Servant still has other matters. We shall talk more at that time.” Wu Siyou profoundly glanced at Su Xing, “At that time, Your Servant certainly does not want see a sister absent from Su Xing’s side.”

“How could I.” Su Xing laughed aloud.

“There will only be more, never less.” Wu Xinjie’s teasing words made the beauties knowingly smile.

When Wu Siyou was about to leave the Immortal’s Abode, Su Xing suddenly remembered something and chased after her.

“Wifey, wait!”

“En?” Wu Siyou sat upon the White and Black Unicorn Tiger, turning her head.

“You hold on to this…” Su Xing took out a multi-colored sparkling mirror.

“This is the Shifting Light Mirror? You did not return this to Holy Mother Qi Xia?” Wu Siyou furrowed her brow.

“En, she gave it to us as a gift.” Su Xing said: “If you ever miss me…heh, heh, or if something happens, just take out this mirror then.”

“This mirror is useless in Your Servant’s hands.” Wu Siyou shook her head.

“Just take it, think of it as a memento.” Su Xing would not allow her to decline.

Wu Siyou hesitated a bit. She nodded, then accepted it.

“You be careful yourself. Maiden Mountain’s newcomer is not to be disregarded…however, you contracted this many sisters, so it is no wonder Maiden Mountain would make a big fuss.” Wu Siyou curled the corner of her mouth.

“Many thanks for Wifey’s concern.” Su Xing chuckled.

Wu Siyou’s brows knit together. She suddenly discovered a very problem. When did this man call her this smoothly.

“You had best fend for yourself.”

“Siyou, when can you call out Lord Husband again, even Hubby will do.” Su Xing was boundlessly regretful.

“Su Xing, do you want your Servant to kill you that much!” Wu Siyou grit her silvery teeth. Calling this man Lord Husband probably the stupidest thing she had ever done.

“Husband for a day, a husband for life! Wifey, you say if this is true or not.”

Wu Siyou grunted, speedily escaping away on the White and Black Unicorn Tiger with a pat. Su Xing smiled, actually somewhat hating to part with her.

Shaking his head, he returned to the Immortal’s Abode. Su Xing exchanged some words with all of the girls, and afterwards, he returned to the bamboo house to find Tang Lianxin to refine the Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo.

Inside the bamboo house, Su Xing searched for a long time and did not see Tang Lianxin’s figure, which made him somewhat puzzled.

Ordinarily, Tang Lianxin delved into the arts of tool refinement, but she never left more than half a step.

Just as he thought this, a white light came from the sky. Su Xing stared and saw it was Ju Yueke and Tang Lianxin. Tang Lianxin wore a palace dress, had her hair stuck into a cloud bun. Changing into a young girl’s adornments, this made Su Xing somewhat astonished. He did not dare be neglectful as he advanced upwards.

“Su Xing, where did you go these past few days?” Ju Yueke’s tone was somewhat severe.

“Disciple currently was in seclusion for tool refinement. What instruction does Master have?” Su Xing asked. When the majority of Four Styles School disciples reached a certain realm, they would all enter seclusion to feel about tool refinement. This was not odd at all.

Ju Yueke nodded: “Not bad, it seems your progress is very great.”

“Master, this is…” Su Xing looked at Tang Lianxin showing confusion.

Ju Yueke smiled: “Your Senior Brother…or Senior Sister, I should say, Tang Lianxin!”

Su Xing feigned shock, and afterwards showed embarrassment: “Then has Your Servant not slept together with Senior Sister for a very long time.”

Tang Lianxin’s brows drew together several times with difficulty.

Ju Yueke fake coughed, “Enter the house, then talk.”

The bamboo house, a wisp of tea’s fragrance.

Ju Yueke first inquired Su Xing’s most recent progress in tool refinement and was pleasantly surprised to find out Su Xing already was about to refine the Heavenly Water Heart Flame to the Transforming Realm.

“Su Xing, Master wants to ask you a question.”

“Master, please speak?”

“You must know of the Star Duels?!”

When she asked this, Su Xing’es eyes flashed a trace of astonishment as he glanced at Tang Lianxin. Although Tang Lianxin was still that aloof, she nevertheless showed a bit of self-remorse. Su Xing immediately realized what had happened. “En, who in Liangshan does not know of the Star Duels.”1

“Not bad, the Star Duels have one hundred eight Star Generals of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends. As long as one signs a Star Duel Covenant with a Star General, they then become a Star Master participating in the Star Duels. Not only can they share in the Star General’s capabilities and skills, in the Star Duels, the victor can even receive one wish. Ever since the ‘Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’2 turned out a Star Duel overlord, each of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Great Sects perhaps eyed this covetously. One one hand, they wish to rely on Star Cultivators to ascend Maiden Mountain in search for the path to longevity, and on the other, they want to embody strength!” Ju Yueke slowly said.

Su XIng was silent. The Purple Firmament Immortal Palace was one of the Azure Dragon Territory’s “Three Palaces.” After once turning out an overlord of the Star Duels, they then no longer published anything. In addition, the Azure Dragon Territory regarded the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace as a legendary existence, their reputation somewhat even more formidable than the Most High Path. In next year’s “Alliance of Ten Army,” the majority of people in the Azure Dragon Territory believed this Purple Firmament Immortal Palace could become one of the “Two Halls.” Even replacing the Most High Path and becoming the Azure Dragon Territory’s “Purple Firmament Immortal Path” was also not impossible.

“Actually, This School also wishes to nurture a Star Master, but no Star General took This School to her fancy.”


“Su Xing, do you wish to become a Star Master?” Ju Yueke asked.

Su Xing foresaw she would ask this, “But a Star General…”

“Heh, heh, your Senior Sister happens to be the Star General Solitary Star Gold Coin Spotted Leopard Tang Long!” Ju Yueke looked at Tang Lianxin and proudly said. Thinking of this, it was obvious. To have a top-notch tool refinement Star General learn under her tutelage, it simply would not do for her to not be proud. If she also knew Su Xing was the first Star Master in a thousand years to contract multiple Star Generals, perhaps she would go crazy.

Su Xing feigned amazement.

“How is it? The Solitary Star has now already promised to choose a contractor from This School to sign a Star Duel Covenant. Master feels your wits are pretty good, that you are certain to be able to fight in these Star Duels. Of course, This School up and down will lend you a helping hand. Although we are in a decline, the Four Styles School was previously a Nine Dragons Great Sect, after all. Heh, heh, participating in the Star Duels, we would not be that far off from those sects.

“Can Disciple chat with Senior Sister Lianxin?” Su Xing asked.

“It would be good for you to chat.” Ju Yueke nodded. “Afterwards, give Master a choice. The other four peaks certainly have the ambition to seize your Senior Sister, heh, heh.”

Su Xing invited Tang Lianxin to a corner, a question flashing through his eyes.

“Sorry, Big Brother, they discovered Lianxin…” Tang Lianxin apologetically replied.

Originally, ever since she recognized Su Xing as her Big Brother, Tang Lianxin was increasingly somewhat feminine, and finally, the indication had been discovered by someone. Afterwards, Ju Yueke verified this and realized Tang Lianxin was a woman dressed as a man. Originally, women dressed as men was nothing to fuss over, but what was shocking was that Tang Lianxin’s tool refinement achievements were too talented. Thinking further, Tang Lianxin’s identity was then exposed.

This exposing could be said to have alarmed the entire Four Styles School. Finally, under patient persuasion, Tang Lianxin perhaps had some sentiment after staying several years at the Four Styles School, carrying a voluntary attitude towards the Star Duels, she agreed to become the Star General of the Four Styles School. However, she had a precondition – that they must achieve her request.

Su Xing was furious.

Unexpectedly, some people had designs on his Little Sister. Truly, if he tolerated this, what would he not tolerate.3

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  1. Remember Chapter 2?
  2.  紫霄仙宮
  3. Roughly, this is a phrase expressing that there must be a bottom line, that people cannot indefinitely tolerate a certain matter, state, etc.


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