Chapter 240: Heavenly Gem Valley

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“Master, do not forget about Chao Gai!”

Yan Yizhen reminded him from inside the Star Nest. Su Xing very quickly calmed down.

That Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai had put down grand words, that if Su Xing contracted another Star, she would confer upon him a calamity. The current second calamity Meditative Mind Lotus Seed would then be complicated.

“What is there to be afraid of. If she wants to do something, then I’ll keep her company. If I’m afraid of just this, then I cannot call myself your man!” Su Xing’s reply was biting cold.

Yan Yizhen made a rare smile, seemingly tacitly agreeing.


Solitary Star Tang Lianxin looked somewhat confused at Su Xing staring blankly.

“Cough.” Su Xing dry coughed: “Is Little Sister Lianxin willing to be together with me? But it will be very dangerous.” From Tang Lianxin’s perspective, things like danger would be like floating clouds that could be overlooked.

Tang Lianxin affirmed, not at all opposed, “But Lianxin and Master…”

“Isn’t this a trial? Watch Big Brother honorably marry you back, that’s even better.” Su Xing laughed aloud.

Tang Lianxin somewhat perspired.

“Disciple, have you finished speaking?” Ju Yueke smiled with squinted eyes as she looked at Su Xing. She believed Su Xing would not decline the good opportunity of becoming a Star Master. Although the Star Duels were very dangerous, matters like signing a contract with a Star General were chance, not requested.

“Yes, but Disciple wonders what trial is required.”

“Lianxin’s condition is to be able to pass the ‘Four Styles Solitary Path,’1 and this is also precisely the trial previous disciples of This School have gone through.” Ju Yueke slowly said.

Four Styles Solitary Path?

This was actually the first time Su Xing heard of it.

The Four Styles School had the four Spirit Peaks “Heavenly Fire,”2 “Water Moon,” “Wind Violent,” and “Thunder Roll.” Each peak had a Spirit revolving around that could be rated as a unique spectacle.

This Four Styles Solitary Path was beneath the Four Spirit Peaks, an immemorial ley line possessing the same four scenes. The environment was considerably nasty, extremely dangerous. Those able to tread past the Four Styles Solitary Road were of outstanding skill, possessing excellent comprehension of the Four Spirits. But it was a pity the Four Styles School was in decline. This Four Styles Solitary Path was very rarely experienced.

Tang Lianxin’s condition actually made the Four Styles School up and down reignite its passion.

Su Xing listened. So it turned out to be only walking a Four Styles Path. He was very curious and naturally would not decline.

Ju Yueke gave Su Xing an “Arctic Star Pendant.”3 This treasure could resist extreme cold and was a top Earthly Fiend Astral Treasure. “This treasure will be lent for your use. If you can sign a contract with your Senior Sister, then Master shall gift it to you.”

Su Xing naturally thanked her. As for the Four Styles Solitary Path, he actually did not put it in his eyes.

Thereafter, Ju Yueke explained the time of the trial was half a month afterwards. In the interim, Tang Lianxin would follow Ju Yueke left and right, on one hand dispelling the covetous intentions of other people, and on the other to seize the chance to seek advice on the ways of tool refinement from the Earthly Star. Su Xing was helpless and could only temporarily set aside the idea of forging the Wood Element Sword. He returned to the Immortal’s Abode and discussed the matter of Tang Lianxin with the beauties. Although contracting a Star would have a calamity, they did not mind.

Wu Xinjie even made a grand speech that he might as well contract all sisters that resisted Maiden Mountain, which made Su Xing blush in shame.

Half a month’s time was not too long, not too short.

Su Xing took advantage of this time and did not want to be idle, deciding to first go on a trip to Heavenly Gem Valley to bring the remaining stalk of Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo to his hands. At that time, refining the Wood Element Sword together would count as satisfactory.

The Azure Dragon Territory’s southwest area had a lonely valley, surrounded in green mist year round.

This valley’s name was Heavenly Gem. It was a rarely seen Spirit Valley rich in spiritual influences. Even compared to the Most High Path’s Three Clarities Field, they were about the same, and it was the Azure Dragon Territory’s sole place where people knew there was still Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo. However, such a precious land actually never had people dare explore it. The reason was because of this Heavenly Gem Valley’s Gem And Evil Leisurer.4

Inside the Azure Dragon Territory, average Scattered Star Cultivators mostly would not have heard of the name of the Gem Demonic Scatterer. However, to those Founder level cultivators of the Ten Great Sects, this figure was known to everybody. Furthermore, they were somewhat afraid.

Gem And Evil Leisurer’s cultivation was Supercluster Late Stage, with a peerlessly excellent One Hundred Eighty Heaven And Earth Evil Suppressing Sword Chant, a power that shook all places. In addition, Heavenly Gem Valley also had several hundred thousand Heavenly Gem Divine Bamboo forming a “Evil Suppressing Great Array.” Even Supervoid Cultivators did not dare to easily charge into Heavenly Gem Valley.

On this day, in the skies above Heavenly Gem Valley nevertheless came an uninvited guest.

A burst of divine light flashed, and a swathe of red flame fast as lightning stopped in the air above Heavenly Gem Valley. This red flame dispersed, revealing a Fire Beacon Chariot, with a man and four women aboard. The man showed an attractive appearance, an extraordinary temperament. His eyes carried an astute expression. The four beautiful women each had touching good looks.

This man and four women without doubt were Su Xing, Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie, Shi Yuan and An Suwen, besides the Yan Yizhen and Gongsun Huang self-cultivating in the Star Nest.

Su Xing looked the place up and down and saw the green fog was impenetrable. “This is Heavenly Gem Valley. Truly, it is somewhat mysterious.”

“Certainly, we must be careful, Young Lord. That Gem And Evil Leisurer relies on the paradise of Heavenly Gem Valley to maintain good health. He is very long-lived. Ten years before, he had Supercluster Late Stage cultivation. Now, Xinjie wonders whether or not he has attained Supervoid cultivation.” Before this trip, Wu Xinjie somewhat understood Heavenly Gem Valley. Heavenly Gem Valley had a reclusive Great Sect, the “Heavenly Gem Valley Sect.” Once classified as an Ancient Nine Dragons Great Sect, it had the title “Jade Dragon.” It was a pity that it fell into decline later, for the Heavenly Gem Valley Sect was not that self-sufficient like the Four Styles School. Afterwards, the school fell a thousand zhang for this reason.

But the surviving people still could not be ignored.

Su Xing nodded.

“However, will he give the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo to us?” An Suwen was not without worry.

“Of course not.” Su Xing smiled. The Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo was Liangshan’s unique Spirit Bamboo, practically extinct. Even Supervoid Cultivators could not request for this kind of Spirit Bamboo. It seemed that Heavenly Gem Leisurer also would not be easy to speak to.

“Are we stealing it?” Lin Yingmei asked.

“Let’s see if we can negotiate first.” Su Xing looked pensively.

“Little Sister Yuan’er, at that time, we will rely on the Best Thief Under Heaven.” Wu Xinjie covered her mouth and giggled.

“Just wrap it on This Young Lady’s person.” Shi Yuan patted her chest. Most recently, she had comprehended her Dark Rank Move, “Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding,”5 and wanted to test it. Shi Yuan flashed and entered the Star Nest.

Su Xing at this time left the Fire Beacon Chariot. His foot stepped onto green clouds and floated in midair, just like the legendary Supervoid Cultivators. Once Su Xing contracted Gongsun Huang, he possessed her Innate Skill, Wandering The Clear Skies. For this reason, he could hover without flying swords.

Then, he brought out the Miraculous Bodhi Tree and afterwards flipped his hand to take out a, “Immortal Water Pill Dew.”6 This was a pill that An Suwen refined after relying on the Thousand Bells Immortals Dew for research. Its efficacy was the same as the Thousand Bells Immortals Dew, capable of instantly replenishing the Star Energy of Galaxy Stage; after Five Poisons Mountain, Su Xing’s more than a hundred flowers of Thousand Bells Immortals Dew was left with not even more than twenty, and he twenty Immortals Dews. An Suwen proved herself the Efficacious Star, just relying on the remaining more than ten flowers to refine nearly two hundred of the “Immortal Water Pill Dews.” It was just that these Immortal Water Pill Dews had a flaw, which was that the Star Energy that was instantly replenished could only persist a very short time before automatically dispersing. However, as far as the Su Xing who completely wasted his Star Energy every time was concerned, this actually was not a big deal.

Shaking the Miraculous Bodhi Tree twice, Su Xing’s Star Energy was empty. Without delay, he ate other Star Energy replenishment pills.

Afterwards, he saw a clear drizzle of divine light sprinkle downwards.

Like a cool breeze through the forest, the dense fog was immediately blown apart.

Su Xing stored the Miraculous Bodhi Tree and pretended to be an adept, not speaking.

A moment later, a world-shaking explosion erupted. The originally tranquil green fog surged violently. Then, two approximately a zhang thick pillars of wind soared into the sky from the sea of fog, wildly spinning in havoc. The nearby sea of fog instantly was cleared in an area of a hundred zhang, like an evil dragon emerging from the sea.

Practically the instant the pillars of wind appeared, several hisses of varying lengths suddenly came from below. The hisses brimmed with a startled yet furious intent.

The green mist dispersed, and a massive and peaceful valley was faintly discernible before Su Xing.

And at this time, several rays of lights each a different color shot out of the light barrier, aggressively going straight for the place Su Xing was at.

Although Heavenly Gem Valley was in decline, the valley interior still had many cultivators seclude themselves here.

However, their cultivations were more or less Galaxy Stage.

“What advice has Sire called on Heavenly Gem Valley for?”

These cultivators originally had come wanting to hold the perpetrator accountable, but upon seeing Su Xing unexpectedly float without a sword, each and every one of them was immediately frightened stiff and were respectful.

In their eyes, Su Xing simply was unmistakably a Supervoid Cultivator.

“Is the Heavenly Gem Leisurer present? Your Servant is Yun Youzi, also a Scattered Cultivator. Having heard Heavenly Gem Valley’s reputation, Your Servant has come to pay a visit.” Su Xing’s expression did not change. Having fought against Supercluster cultivators several times, it was just like he had a Great Cultivator’s imposing air.

“We ask that Senior Yun wait a moment!” An old man did not dare be neglectful.

Su Xing nodded.

Again, a little later, a clear voice like thunder rolled over.

“Gem And Evil has propriety!”

Before the person arrived, his voice came first.

A green shadow dazzled. A hale and hearty and healthy old man appeared in front of Su Xing.

“Senior Gem And Evil!”

The Scattered Cultivators of Heavenly Gem Valley deferentially bowed their heads.

Su Xing slightly narrowed his eyes. There was a magnificent light, and Su Xing breathed a sigh of relief when he discerned that his cultivation was Supercluster Late Stage. If he truly was Supervoid Stage, that would not be easy to handle.

Gem And Evil Leisurer looked at Su Xing, a trace of amazement flashing through his eyes. He saw Su Xing’s appearance was in his twenties but had unexpectedly reached the one with the world of Supervoid Stage. This honestly was hard to believe. When did the Azure Dragon Territory turn out such a freak. He recalled that he basically could not use common sense on Supervoid Cultivators, so Gem And Evil Leisurer did not dwell too much upon this. As for Su Xing leaking Galaxy Early Stage cultivation, he felt this was only the counterpart meticulously suppressing his figure.

“What are you all doing distracted, why do you not hurry and invite Senior Yun into the valley!” Gem And Evil Leisurer slightly smiled.

Su Xing glanced at Lin Yingmei and the others, then followed Gem And Evil Leisurer into the valley.

Heavenly Gem Valley was not at all as verdant and lush as he had imagined. Su Xing saw a wide stretch of Heaven Gem Bamboo had fallen into a disordered heap, like it had been uprooted by a storm. It looked somewhat tragic. More than a hundred cultivators currently were nervously busy with magic circles and such. “Has Your valley recently run into some trouble?”

“Your Servant shall not hide from Senior Yun…”

“Just call me Fellow.” Seeing an old man call him Senior, Su Xing felt it was rather bizarre.

“Alright, Fellow Yun is somewhat unaware, but a few days ago, some Black Turtle Territory evildoers doggedly crashed their way through Heavenly Gem Valley’s Evil Suppressing Great Array. We traded blows several times that things would become like this.” Gem And Evil Leisurer replied.

“It seems Your valley has trouble.” Su Xing said.

“It is not worth mentioning.” Gem And Evil Leisurer seemed to be accustomed.

And neither did Su Xing say anything more.

Passing the outside of numerous Heavenly Gem Bamboo, a small mountain several thousand zhang tall appeared in front of them, and here at the center of this mountain, numerous pavilions and platforms of varying sizes were constructed everywhere. There were even some cultivators entering and leaving without stop upon them. It seemed that the activity attracted a few days ago actually was not that nondescript.

“Heavenly Gem Palace has long not had a Supervoid Cultivator honor it with his presence. Fellow, please!”

Heavenly Gem Leisurer invited.


Su Xing nodded and said.

Author’s Note:

My hand is frozen stiff, sigh, the previous two chapters should have been the third volume, but I forgot. The illicit material I wrote last time could not pass auditing. Without publishing or editing, a new volume cannot be added,,,

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  1. 四法寂道
  2. I’m pretty sure this used to be called Fire Cloud
  3.  寒星佩
  4.  琅邪散人, lit. Leisure Man of Gem and Evil
  5. 捕風潛影
  6. 仙水丹露


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