Chapter 25: The Falling Deviance Star

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Xun Huo already held a sense of fear towards that strange artifact Su Xing carried, but how could he have expected that Su Xing would also have an even stranger escape technique. By the time he realized this, Su Xing had already emerged behind him, with Silver Blade’s barrel pressed against Xun Huo’s head,1 continuously releasing Star Energy.

If this was any other artifact, then Xun Huo’s Star Energy Barrier might have given him a chance. But Su Xing’s handgun was something unheard of across the entire Liangshan Continent. When its bullets left its barrel, its power was comparable to a Nebula Stage Artifact, and when coupled with its rapid fire capability at such a close range, even a Nebula Early Stage cultivator would have a hard time. Needless to say, Xun Huo was only at Stardust Late Stage.

Only able to utter a pitiful cry, a silvery lead slug burrowed through Xun Huo’s head, mashing brain then breaking through and emerging from his forehead.

Every poor soul that died under Xun Huo’s hand had the same expression, one of unimaginable shock. Xun Huo fell, breathing his last.

Meanwhile, the Red-Haired Demon Liu Qing’er was an unstoppable force with her Blaze Refining Saber overcoming all obstacles, hitting Lin Yingmei back again and again, each blow harder to ward off. The Majestic Star was already reduced to using her instincts to barely defend against Liu Qing’er’s frenzied onslaught, the demonic flame upon the blade unceasingly injuring her.

“Lin Chong, could it be you won’t resort to using your Huangjie Spear Arts?”2 Liu Qing’er shouted, sweeping her Blaze Refining Saber, its fire swirling around and becoming a bloody light.

Lin Yingmei gave a grunt and struck a blow directly at her foe.

“Or should I say, you haven’t even comprehended it at all?!” The Devance Star smiled coldly. The Blaze Refining Saber turned a bright red, faintly revealing a dark color. “Then let this little sister send you to Maiden Mountain!”

She rushed forward, imposing, with her blade raised.

Lin Yingmei retreated, staggering, leaving herself wide open.

Liu Qing’er did not hesitate to bring her sword down, but at this moment, her entire body stopped and seemed to have been held in place. It felt as if her soul had been ripped out of her, inducing a great pain, a bloody mist spraying violently from her throat.

“Young Master!!” Liu Qing’er was aghast, turning her head in time to behold the scene of Su Xing ending Xun Huo with his gun.

Her mind was suddenly shattered!

Star Maiden and Star Master prospered together, and they languished together. After signing the Star Duel Covenant, even if the Star General was dissatisfied or angry with her master, she could only obey. During battle, she would use all of her strength to work together with her master. Liu Qing’er knew that her own master’s cultivation was one rank above Su Xing’s, that Su Xing was already having a difficult time and was clearly tired.. Liu Qing’er thought that even if her master let her down, she could still get by if she killed Lin Chong.

She didn’t think at all that in just a short amount of time, Xun Huo would be the one done in.

The moment her contractor died, Liu Qing’er’s life energy suffered significant injury. Even with her heart shaken by horror, she thought she could sort things out after killing Lin Chong. If this were any other opponent, then maybe there could be a chance, but in front of her was Lin Chong, the Majestic Star “Panther Head” Lin Chong, an absolutely terrific fighter.

When her contract was broken, the time Liu Qing’er spent out of focus exposed a fatal opening in her combat effectiveness. Lin Yingmei did not think, her body moving out of pure instinct, surging forward with a step of her foot.

The Arctic Star Spear sent forth a stunning and beautiful white line, and Liu Qing’er, still in shock, raised her Blaze Refining Saber.

Cold silver light and blazing fireworks locked together in a struggle where time seemed to cease its flow.3

Liu Qing’er opened her eyes wide, watching as the icy cold spear edge broke through her Blaze Refining Saber’s block, and then run through her heart. “Lin Chong, I’m jealous that you have such a master!” Liu Qing’er clutched the spear’s handle, revealing her envious expression. The flames of the Blaze Refining Saber began to extinguish.

“You’d better serve him well!”

“It goes without saying!” said the crouching Lin Yingmei, looking up at Liu Qing’er.

“Eh, still, it’s a shame you haven’t yet learned your Huangjie Spear Arts.” Liu Qing’er suddenly gasped, grasping her Blaze Refining Saber.

Lin Yingmei brought herself to one knee and suddenly pulled out her spear. The Arctic Star Spear was soaked in the Deviance Star’s blood, its cold light even more clear than before.

Liu Qing’er had all the strength pulled out of her as well. Finally, she stared blankly at Xun Huo, or was it Su Xing. Finally, she heaved a sigh, and her body turned into a fiery star that scattered across the land.

In the middle of the sky, a Crimson Star then emitted a light that was just like daylight, illuminating the earth. A red mist4 shot straight into Su Xing’s body, and the rest of the blue stars looked as if they lost their support. A beautiful arc was drawn across the sky, falling into a magnificent pillar in a place far away — Maiden Mountain!

The Deviance Star had fallen.

When that red light fell into Su Xing’s body, Su Xing’s entire body felt as if it was aflame. A vigorous Star Energy expanded within his body, and Su Xing felt endless discomfort. This feeling was more profound than when he was practicing the Chaotic Tail Escape Technique.

The sound of marching boots suddenly erupted from a nearby street.

The Grand Border City that was caught in a battle between Star Cultivators had been appallingly destroyed. The outside of the city had been almost completely flattened, and Prince Gou Zi’s palace had been engulfed in bright red flames.

“Avenge Prince Gou Zi!”

“Capture the assassin!”

Thousands of officers and men issued orders in a thundering voice that forced its way in every single direction.

“We need to leave quickly!” Wu Xinjie explained, propping Su Xing up by the arm.5

Lin Yingmei nodded, both hands clenching her spear, collecting the very last bit of her Star Energy, the Arctic Star Spear stabbed heavily into the ground by the young girl.


The earth was cut wide open into a trench tens of meters deep, cutting off the soldiers’ path.

The three quickly retreated.

—In a cave ten kilometers away from Grand Border City.—

Su Xing was cross-legged, mixing this new Star Energy and letting its violence enter his meridians. The Star Energy inside his body was also slightly more vigorous. The burning sensation became hotter, and Su Xing was already dripping with cold sweat. Receiving the burns and making hand seals, when suddenly, dozens of red lights flew from his fingertips and condensed before Su Xing’s eyes, slowly fusing. When the fire finally faded, a gleaming demonic blade floated suspended before him.

Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber!

Su Xing carved his Divine Intent into it, and the Blaze Refining Saber issued a rich ringing noise. Its links shaking, Su Xing leisurely swung it about for a bit before storing it inside his Astral Bag.

Wu Xinjie witnessed the entire spectacle and couldn’t help but give a small sigh: “The Deviance Star reaped what she sowed.”6

Su Xing was silent.

After the last battle, the three were very exhausted, especially Lin Yingmei who took a “Star Breaker Golden Pill” after having her Star Energy extracted and was now extremely weak. Leaning against the wall without even an ounce of strength, it was only when she saw that Su Xing experienced no major problems that she slowly closed her eyes to rest.

Although it was a bitter fight, the harvest of their victory was extremely fruitful.

Su Xing always wanted to obtain an Astral Bag that could store everything at once, and now he had three. There were also the Nebula Rank Artifacts, such as Xun Tian Daoist’s “Dragon Binding Whisk,”7 Wen He’s “Thunder Cry Sword,” Elder Xiu’s “Firebolt Sword,” and Xun Huo’s “Magical Fire Fragrant Handkerchief.” The rest of the pills, herbs, energy stones, and talismans were innumerable and in all sorts of varieties.

But the biggest surprise was the Deviance Star Liu Qing’er’s Destined Weapon comparable to an Astral Treasure, the “Blaze Refining Saber.” Wu Xinjie said that after a Star General falls, that Destined Weapon would belong to the victor. If he continuously refined the Blaze Refining Saber, as time passed, the technique of the Deviance Star would become his.

Fortunately, because Liu Qing’er had learned the Huangjie Sword Arts, Su Xing could also use it immediately. On the other hand he still wanted the next step of the art, but the “Crimson Heart Demon Flame” was needed to refine the Blaze Refining Saber, and this didn’t look to be an easy task.

“Wu Xinjie, take whatever you want; this here is your share.”Su Xing looked blankly at the Knowledge Star. “Although you set us up, seeing as how you helped at the very end for my sake, let’s be clear between the two of us. From here, we go our own ways.”8

“If you want to go to war now, I’ll oblige you!” Su Xing declared heavily.

Upon hearing these ruthless words, the Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie reluctantly bit her lips, full of resentment.9

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  1. And here drama takes precedence over military tactics. A trained soldier would know to never press their weapon against someone, much less enter and NOT shoot at point blank range.
  2. This is why I changed Liu Qing’er’s Phoenix Step Arts to Huangjie Sword Arts.
  4. Almost like steam.
  5. When did you escape?
  6. Look who’s talking.
  7. See Chapter 16.
  8. Seriously, you’d throw away a valuable addition to your team? Well, I suppose she did try to take advantage of Lin Yingmei’s capture…
  9. Aww, baby gonna cry?


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