Chapter 26: A Pair of Beauties Under One Master

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Wu Xinjie wanted to speak, but suddenly, Lin Yingmei, who was to the side, collapsed onto the floor.

Su Xing came over to help her, rushing hastily to Lin Yingmei’s side, extending his hand. The young girl’s debilitated state was graver than they thought.

“What’s happening?” Su Xing asked Wu Xinjie this perplexing question.

Wu Xinjie frowned, explaining: “The effects of the ‘Star Breaker Golden Pill’ are probably kicking in.”

“Just what the hell did you give to Yingmei?” Star Breaker Golden Pill? Upon hearing this name, Su Xing had an ill sense of foreboding.

The Star Breaker Golden Pill is considered one of Liangshan Continent’s secret medicines. It enables any Star Cultivator to gain a sudden overflow of Star Energy. This type of overflow wasn’t simply a replenishment of Star Energy, and it could raise Star Energy to the highest point that it could be called a lethal weapon to turn the tide. There was a price, of course. Even though it would not really destroy every meridian like Wu Xinjie said it would, overexertion would definitely lead to the user being very weak for quite some time.

“Young master, you needn’t worry. If you let Yingmei go to the Star Nest1 recuperate, she should recover in ten days.” Wu Xinjie comforted Su Xing.

“And where is this Star Nest.” Su Xing frowned.

Wu Xinjie stared blankly for a second. Then blinking her eyes, she giggled: “Young master, could it be that Yingmei hasn’t even informed you of this at all?”

Su Xing shook his head.

“This is definitely the Majestic Star’s style.” Wu Xinjie tried to stifle a laugh.

Apparently, this “Star Nest” was produced when a Star Cultivator and a Star Maiden contracted with one another, and it was akin to a sort of “astral” space. This sort of space was opened by each other’s Astral Crests, and the Star Generals that sign contracts are able to retreat to the Star Nest to recover. Because Star Generals are unable to cultivate Star Energy, they therefore enter the Star Nest to share the Star Energy of their Master in order to grow their own. And this is one reason why Star Generals sign Star Duel Covenants with Star Masters.2

Only by doing so can the Earthly Fiends’ Star Energy exceed the most powerful Heavenly Spirits.

“So it turns out there was something like this.” Su Xing opened his mouth to speak.

The Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie thought this was obvious: “It’s perfectly normal. Signing the Star Duel Covenant doesn’t only mean that every other Star General is an enemy. It’s those cultivators that are the biggest threat. Ordering a Star General into the Star Nest is a great way to hide people from prying eyes. It hides their identity, otherwise, you’d die a hundred time before even reaching Maiden Mountain.”

Su Xing thought this way as well. If Star Generals so obviously stayed at their master’s side, even blind people could see who they were, and they would suffer innumerable deaths by that time. But as for Lin Chong, telling her to stay in the Star Nest would perhaps be a sort of humiliation.

Wu Xinjie also took the moment to inform Su Xing the method of how to open the Star Nest.

It was actually very simple. Su Xing pointed his hand at Lin Yingmei’s forehead, and the Astral Crest on the young girl’s forehead began to emit light. Lin Yingmei cracked open her eyes slightly.

“Yingmei, so that you can get better, go cultivate in the Star Nest for the time being.” Su Xing.

Lin Yingmei softly voiced her assent, and then she closed her eyes once more.

The pair’s Astral Crests began to shine together, and suddenly, Lin Yingmei’s figure disappeared into thin air, as if she was a ghost.

Su Xing got a strange feeling, as if another soul had invaded him, and his mind seemed as if it got another power.

“However, Yingmei’s weakness is great, and she can’t bear her injuries. Young master, if you want to restore her quickly, Xinjie has a divine physician friend that could perhaps have some recipes. Xinjie can take Young Master there.” Wu Xinjie said shadily.

As if Su Xing could not hear the true meaning behind her words.

“I’m very thankful for everything you’ve done, however, we should still part ways here.” Su Xing’s attitude was resolute. Traveling the road together with a person that would mastermind a trap to hurt their own, even if she redeemed herself slightly from this failing towards the end, Su Xing wasn’t that eager to shoot himself in the foot.

Only the heavens knew what sort of tricks this resourceful Knowledge Star would play.

“But, why?” Wu Xinjie could not understand.3

“Why, you say?” Su Xing asked back.

Recalling their encounter at Grand Border City, Wu Xinjie quietly sighed. “Even if Xinjie could give Young Master the very best soul techniques, the greatest and most powerful talismans and artifacts, would Young Master’s heart still not move?”

Su Xing did not reply, but his expression revealed that he acquiesced with her words.4

“Very well, then. Xinjie has only one very last request!” Wu Xinjie bit her lip, still holding out hope.

“What request is this?”

Wu Xinjie came closer, the tip of her nose almost sticking onto Su Xing’s face, the faint fragrance of Begonia flowers drifting into his nostrils.

“If Young Master could contract with two Star Generals at once, then would Young Master please contract with Xinjie?”

Su Xing nodded his head. Ignoring the fact that she was the Knowledge Star for now, since she tended to him for the past few days, he held a good impression of her.

Wu Xinjie gave a playful smile, suddenly closed her eyes, stood tiptoe and kissed Su Xing’s lips. It was like a bright flame, and the terror froze his body in place.

The young girl was as tempting as a lilac, as fragrant as an orchid, and also fierce. Su Xing felt his entire body go out of control. He had a sort of deja vu, feeling as though he were being sucked out of his body. His forehead shined, but the difference was that there wasn’t that type of distinct burning. Rather, it was like gently running water soothing his face.

Wu Xinjie opened her eyes, that pair of great, clear eyes showing surprise, embarrassment and excitement. The Knowledge Star’s kiss was full of heat, and the sensation lingered.

A few short dozens of seconds felt longer than a century.

Su Xing kept swallowing down his saliva, staring at Wu Xinjie looking completely surprised, especially at her forehead, with that gorgeous and dazzling crest, with its bright and vivid style.

The young girl was more surprised than even he, and she joyfully jumped and jumped, almost as if she was a child.

“What’s going on?” Su Xing still couldn’t believe this.

Wu Xinjie calmed down and licked her lips seductively, “Young Master, Xinjie can let you “ride” her like a horse in the future…”5

“Did we really sign a Star Duel Covenant?” Su Xing touched his forehead. He didn’t feel at all that the contract with Lin Yingmei was broken. In other words…?

“Congratulations to young master for obtaining more beauties.”6 Wu Xinjie blushed shyly.

Su Xing thought that only one Star Duel Covenant could be signed. It never occurred to him that he could sign a second one, but thinking again, this wasn’t actually a bad thing. From the bottom of his heart, he didn’t really want to become enemies with Wu Xinjie.

After signing this unexpected contract, Wu Xinjie’s downcast mood was swept away, and she was indescribably happy. As if she were moving house, she pulled out every single thing from inside her Astral Bag.7 Besides that “Heart Like Mirrors Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique,” there was a copy of the “Thirty-six Roads Hidden Star Technique” that described techniques to hide Star Energy. Since Wu Xinjie couldn’t cultivate this technique, she gave it to Su Xing. In addition, she had hundreds of low rank talismans, dozens of middle rank talismans, as well as a single high rank talisman.

The rest of the Crystal Spirit Jade wasn’t few in number either.

Seeing those “Splashing Fire,” “Wind Kill,” “Drawing Thunder,” “Earth Escape” and even a copy of the terrifying “Heavenly Calamity” talismans, Su Xing’s brow was filled with sweat. If he had actually raised a hand against Wu Xinjie just now, he would’ve had his fill with these talismans. As Star Generals are unable to use artifacts, these talismans just became Wu Xinjie’s life-savers, but Su Xing didn’t even want hers.

However, it can be said that even if she took third place, no one would know how she got those excellent items. In this regard, the Knowledge Star’s explanation: She doesn’t have overwhelming force, nor does she possess any powerful spells, so for the Young Master’s sake, she needed to prepare. After all she was the Knowledge Star, the Resourceful Star, Wu Yong. Being married to the Young Master meant her dowry could not be small.

Since they already signed the contract, Su Xing again recalled what Wu Xinjie said about her divine physician friend: “Can your friend really treat Lin Yingmei?”

“Of course.” Wu Xinjie giggled. “The Star Breaker Golden Pill was a recipe created by her.”

“She’s this incredible? Then is she a Star General, too?”

“‘Tis so. The “Efficacious Star,” Divine Physician An Daoquan!!” Wu Xinjie batted her eyes.

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  1. 星胎, for purposes of good taste, I will be using “nest.”
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  3. Is she going to go yandere?
  4. If at first you don’t succeed, bribe with an even greater hoard of treasure…See Chapter 20.
  5. The double meaning behind this is that Xinjie could work as hard as a horse for Su Xing, or she could help with some certain things…<3
  6. 左擁右抱
  7. For a reaction like this, you’d think she got married-oh wait, she kind of did.


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