Chapter 269: Yingmei’s Inseparable Love

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The Star Duels’ Third Phase – Evil Smiting Hall.

All Star Generals raised an Evil Smiting Writ to enter inside the Evil Smiting Hall. They would search for a Star Beast and capture it, unable to leave for a certain amount of time. Due to the Star Beast and Star General being one in body, using the Evil Smiting Writ to capture them was not at all as challenging as Liangshan’s Seventh and Eighth Rank Demon Beasts. According to all of the Star General’s differences, all Star Beasts were not completely the same.

The rules were this simple.

But there was an aspect that was not simple. Star Masters that wanted to enter along with their Star General had to channel their own Star Energy together. By doing so, the Star Master could only enter Evil Smiting Hall with one Star General. This did not count as anything. Since time immemorial for the Star Duels, Star Masters only had one Star General. Young masters that contracted two Star Generals could only accompany one inside. This was for the sake of fairness in the Evil Smiting Hall, otherwise, Star Masters that had contracted two Star Generals could seize the chance to be unbridled in the Evil Smiting Hall. The other Star Generals and Star Masters could only but flee without a trace.

This was also saying that Su Xing with his seven beautiful ladies and the Little Whirlwind – he had become the first Star Master in Liangshan’s history to enter eight times and exit eight times.

“I do not need to squander Elder Brother’s time.” The first time the somewhat inharmonious Tang Lianxin opened her mouth made all of the girls knowingly smile.

“Right, I don’t need any Star Beast.” The Thief Star Shi Yuan agreed.

“Neither does Suwen need to.” An Suwen also said.

They were all Spirit Energy type Star Generals. Admittedly, while it was true Star Beasts were important, they nevertheless really could not insist on such a thing, not when Su Xing’s time right now was not plentiful. The girls did not want to make Su Xing work excessively hard for their affairs.

Su Xing shook his head: “Since even Chai Ling is willing to take risks for the sake of a Star Beast, don’t you speak any further like this.”

“Yes, Little Sisters. If you decline a Star Beast, we Elder Sisters will not want them either.” Wu Xinjie charmingly blinked. The first-rate Heavenly Star Generals Skilful Star Little Yi, Majestic Star Lin Yingmei and Leisure Star Gongsun Huang expressed each of their feelings.

“But if it’s this way, Su Xing will have to come and go from the Evil Smiting Hall eight time.” Shi Yuan wrinkled her brow, somewhat worried.

“Since you are willing to believe in me, it’s only eight times. Even if it was eighteen times, I would go do it.” Su Xing’s expression was tender, making them feel at ease.

“En, Maiden Mountain is overbearing, and the Little Sister certainly cannot shrink back.” Wu Xinjie cautiously warned.

The three girls Shi Yuan, An Suwen and Tang Lianxin were silent.

“An Earthly Star’s Star Beast is not difficult, even for This Palace. You are finished planning?” The corner of Little Whirlwind Chai Ling’s mouth wryly smiled. Were it not for the Noble Star having seen gales and billows, handling matters without alarm, other people seeing a Star Master help seven Star Generals capture Star Beasts really would have shocked them to death.

“Since I promised you, I will help you achieve it.” Su Xing was calm.

“This is perfect.”

“Then which one of you shall enter first?” The Wu Siyou who had been continuously leaned against a pillar to the side and silent flatly spoke.

“This, has already been planned.” Wu Xinjie looked around at the sisters: “We shall use ranking this time, from lowest to highest. The degree of difficulty for Star Beasts is also like this. This way can also greatly save time.”

Everyone did not object.

“Little Whirlwind Chai Ling, there is no problem for you to act as the final one?” Wu Xinjie asked.

“Oh. This Palace does not have issue. Anyways, if your man does not help you finish capturing your Star Beasts, he probably will be inattentive with This Palace’s affairs as well.” Chai Ling thoughtfully smiled.

“I’m also very professional and virtuous, ok?” Su Xing shrugged his shoulders.

Chai Ling lightly snorted, as if she was laughing yet not.

Wu Xinjie turned her head to look at Wu Siyou: “At that time for Chai Ling’s Star Beast, we will have to trouble you, Siyou.”


Wu Siyou nodded.

Everything was decided like this.

That same evening, with the bright moon over the sky.

At a place on one of Fire Eastern Island’s Spirit Peaks, a youth sat at the summit’s platform, bathing in the moonlight, emitting and absorbing the starlight. Twelve wholly jadeite Flying Swords flew round his body, their blue light clear, their clear qi dense. The clear light had the efficacy to fix attention, making the lonesome Spirit Peak and the ice-cold moonlight brim with vitality.

In front of the youth, there was a remarkably beautiful fairy sitting cross-legged. This woman’s countenance was untainted by dust, her yellow robes fluttering with an Earthly Spirit Yellow Qi revolving around her body, but completely lacking expression, she was missing human emotion and had a hardness; the yellow light flashed, shrouding her and the man within. The green and yellow luster then intertwined. They mixed into one whole, growing and multiplying without end, as if it was evolving Prehistoric life force. The Spirit Bamboo and leaves around the man’s whole body completely fell, and the woman’s qi seemed to surge, winding around the bamboo and ringing.

This man was precisely Su Xing, and the beauty sitting in front of him was the True Spirit the Earth Book created, Empress Tu.

The auras of the two mixed. At this time Su Xing was currently injecting his own Divine Intent into Empress Tu’s, cultivating that most profound mystery of Liangshan – External Incarnation Arts. By doing so, Empress Tu could exist as Su Xing’s doppelganger, able to travel Liangshan unrestricted. This way, if he were to encounter trouble in the future, collecting materials for Star Weapon upgrades also could be twice the work with half the effort.

However, to make Empress Tu mix and become a genuine True Spirit Incarnation was extremely difficult. Just the most basic Divine Intent mixing was a vast undertaking, requiring things be taken step by step, with absolutely no rushing.

A long time afterwards, Empress Tu opened her eyes, a streak of light flitting across them.

“That girl has always”

Immediately afterwards, the body turned to dust, vanishing into thin air.

Su Xing took a deep breath, putting away the Earth Book.

He rose and walked several steps. Su Xing caught sight of a girl standing on a cliff ahead, facing the wind. Her clothes floated and stuck against her gentle and beautiful body. Underneath the moonlight, those icy eyes seemed even more clear than snow, more splendid than frost. The misty running water’s radiance made her appear arrogant, exceedingly.

Lin Yingmei!

Su Xing could not help but smile. Cultivating External Incarnation required absolute silence. Divine Intent could not be disturbed, and Lin Yingmei continuously quietly stood guard nearby, quiet as if she could freeze the air.


Lin Yingmei snapped out of her train of thought, “Young Master!”

“Never thought it’s already been this long?” Su Xing walked to her side, gazing at the bright moonlight, sighing.

“That time, Young Master truly was completely ignorant of the Star Duels.” Lin Yingmei lightly smiled. Recalling when they originally signed their contract, the two discussed the Star Duels at a nighttime bonfire just like this. At that time, Su Xing unexpectedly did not know about even Star Masters and such. At that time, Lin Yingmei only felt the man before her eyes truly was honestly very unreliable, but still she unswervingly protected him. Now, a year had passed in the blink of an eye.

Su Xing not only was very reliable, he was also very excessive. Those at his side also went from she alone to six sisters serving him, even having relations with Thousand Year Star Generals the likes of Wu Siyou and Chai Ling.

She was silent for a moment, and then she spoke. “Young Master, Your Servant wishes to go alone to capture her Star Beast!”

“Could it be I look so useless?” Su Xing feigned a hurt expression.

Lin Yingmei gently shook her head: “No, what Lianxin said was very true. As the Majestic Star, Your Servant ought not trouble Young Master. For this sort of matter, even Your Servant alone can achieve it. There are still many sisters that have not signed a contract. If they can do so, then Yingmei can do so, too.”

Su Xing was not one bit surprised Lin Yingmei would say this. His face wore a light smile as he walked over, putting a hand on the girl’s shoulder, seemingly delicate yet more heavy than Mount Tai.

The Majestic Star was stunned as she looked at Su Xing’s hand, her face slightly red.

“Yingmei, do you want to give up on Your Star Beast?” Su Xing looked straight at the girl.

Even the Majestic Star who was wholly courageous somewhat guiltily looked away, not replying.

“Star Generals that have signed a contract are required to enter together with a Star Cultivator. If I don’t go, you basically can’t go. Wu Sinjie already informed me about Evil Smiting Hall’s rules.”

“Are you afraid that I can’t capture your Star Beast?” Su Xing smiled and asked.

A negative answer.

“Then, you fear that becoming a complete Star General will bring me trouble.” Su Xing asked again.

This time, Lin Yingmei was silent.

“Chao Gai said that for complete Star Generals, that Maiden Mountain will make movements against Young Master. Your Servant is Young Master’s first Star General, if Your Servant renounces her Star Beast, it cannot be said for certain that…”

“Yingmei, I want to ask you a question?” Su Xing suddenly interrupted her.


Lin Yingmei blinked.

“Do you regret contracting with me for the Star Duels?” Su Xing gazed at Lin Yingmei very earnestly. Acting as the first girl to contract with him for the Star Duels and change their destinies, their original contract was clearly a freak accident, a curious coincidence.

“To be frank, the troubles I provoke seem to be big. Even Yingmei wants to give up on Star Beasts.” Su Xing bitterly smiled.

“Your Servant ought not make Young Master worried by saying words of giving up.” Lin Yingmei bit her lip.

“Your Young Master is not blaming you, but I truly want to ask you. If…I met you before we hadn’t signed a contract, would you have been willing to be together with me?” Su Xing embraced Lin Yingmei, seriously asking.

Lin Yingmei froze for a moment. She opened her mouth, yet no words came out.

“Seems Your Servant has not tried hard enough to make Yingmei give all her heart, cough, cough. I need to put in more effort for this.” Su Xing awkwardly laughed.

The corner of Lin Yingmei’s mouth slightly rose, showing a noble and pure smile.

In that instant, Su Xing only felt the entire world go quiet, all living things lose color.

The girl closed her eyes, stepped on tiptoe and wrap her arms around Su Xing’s neck. For the first time, she initiated a kiss on Su Xing.

Su Xing held her, touching their inseparable love as much as they wanted.

This was the Majestic Star’s answer.

Three Clarities Field.

Main Hall.

At this time, the atmosphere was a deathly stillness, the air silently making people suffocate. An elderly man sat in the position of head, quivering, but his eyes showed a fierce heat.

He was the current Headmaster of the Clear Void Most High Path – True Lord Dao Tian.1

“That Purple Thunder Monster wass unbridled with Lin Chong, and now with this Wu Song, he places no one in his eyes. Bullying This Sect, this hatred must be avenged!”

“We cannot forgive him!”

An old woman and a forty to fifty year old large man furiously said as they sat.

Below the hall were two youths, Xie Zhenyuan and Bing Qingxuan. Ever since Bing Qingxuan brought back the news of Xu Wangchuan’s death, the entire Most High Path was shaken.

The causes of death of two Supercluster Ancestral Masters and a Supervoid Cultivator were mostly linked to Wu Song. This hatred could topple mountains and overturn seas, but ever since Five Poisons Mountain, in addition to the appearance of Chao Gai, not a single Star Cultivator was willing now to go handle the Purple Thunder Monster or the Harm Star.

“Wu Song now has a Star Master. The current Star Duels’ variables are too great. Senior Brother Headmaster, it would be best to ask Ancestral Master Three Clairities for assistance. Otherwise, the Most High Path is about to be destroyed at the hands of these Fiend Stars.” The old woman shouted.

“Poor Daoist2 knows.” True Lord Dao Tian dignifiedly nodded his head. Afterwards, he ordered: “Open the sect’s magic circle, quietly await for the Ancestral Master to leave seclusion.”

“Qingxuan, Zhenyuan, tomorrow is Evil Smiting Hall. Poor Daoist will grant you protective Spirit Treasures. Remember at all costs to be extremely careful.” True Lord Dao Tian instructed: “Junior Brother, Junior Sister, you are to protect them for the time being.”

“We defer to Senior Brother’s command. Next time we see Wu Song, we must kill her. This Old Woman’s ‘Yellow Sword’ just happens to use a Star General’s blood in order to be raised!” The old woman sinisterly said.

Hearing of the Yellow Sword, a gloom flashed past Bing Qingxuan’s eyes that no one sensed.

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  1.  道天真君
  2.  貧道, a form of self-address


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