Chapter 27: The “Efficacious Star” An Suwen

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Three months later.

Rippling Wave Kingdom, at the Heavenly River outside Heavenly Water City, a ferry slowly approached the dock.

A young man wearing a simple but elegant gown stood at the bow of the vessel, gazing at Heavenly River City’s pavilions, which were ubiquitous. He mumbled: “So this is Heavenly Water City?”

The ferry’s fisherman laughed after he heard the youth’s words: “You came at just the right time, dear guest. Heavenly Water City is about to convene the Water and Land Assembly, so dear guest is fortunate enough to witness this event.”

“Could you explain a bit more about this Water and Land Assembly?” the young man asked, curious.

The fishermen did love to speak: “This Water and Land Assembly is an event that the Rippling Wave Kingdom holds but every fifty years. His Majesty will invite all manners of supernatural beings, pray at the Dragon Flower Terrace for blessings and good weather, for peace and prosperity. It is said that if Heaven above hears his prayers, then they will drop the amazing Water Thunder1 in response to His Majesty’s request…”

“Huh, that’s new, I didn’t know about the Blooming Water Divine Thunder at all.”

Hearing about this talk of the divine, from the side suddenly came an arrogant voice.

The young man unconsciously glanced and saw a 24-25 year old youth. He was immaculate, almost scholarly, and he seemed to know some inside details of the Water and Land Assembly. Upon hearing the fisherman’s words, he couldn’t help but snort.

“Blooming Water Divine Thunder? On the contrary, I’ve heard about the Blooming Water Sect. I don’t know how these two things are related.” The fisherman asked, slightly embarrassed.

The expression upon the youth’s face was cheerless, ignoring the fisherman. After the ferry reached the shore, he haughtily and calmly left.

The plainly and elegantly dressed young man also disembarked from the ferry, taking a thoughtful look at that youth.

“Young Master, do you wish to inquire a bit more about this Blooming Water Divine Thunder?” from within the sea of his mind came a cute and pretty voice.

“Sounds like it’s something dangerous. Forget about it, let’s first find that friend the Efficacious Star that you spoke of.” The young man shook his head.

He was Su Xing, of course.

Traveling land and sea, he endured a continuous hell for three months before finally arriving at Rippling Wave Kingdom from the Thousand Mounts Kingdom.

Heavenly Water City is Rippling Wave Kingdom’s state capital, and it was on another level of splendor compared to Grand Border City. With towering buildings and temples as far as the eye could see, there was also a greater number of Star Cultivators.

After entering the main entrance, Su Xing sensed at least 30 Star Cultivators.

The Health Cottage!2

Su Xing raised his head to look at the plaque, with its forceful3 and powerful grass script,4 there was no mistake that this was the place.

“Dear customer, are you here for a checkup or to pick up medicine?”  The shop assistant within the store welcomed him with a smile.

“I’m here for your shopkeeper.”5 Su Xing said.

“I don’t know your name, dear customer?”

“Just say Xinjie is looking for her.”

“Please wait a moment.”

Su Xing sat on a chair, idly sizing up the cottage. It was clean, bright, and the air carried with it the faint fragrance of grass. A shop assistant and a doctor were kept steadily busy filling prescriptions and checking patients, respectively. Everything looked to be in good order. If it wasn’t for Wu Xinjie telling him that this place’s boss was Liangshan’s 56th seat Efficacious Star, Divine Physician An Daoquan, Su Xing definitely would not have believed it.

A short while later, the assistant came back out. “Dear customer, inside, please!”

Su Xing was brought into a room, “The shopkeeper is currently refining medicine. Please wait first, Dear customer.”6

When the shop assistant left, a phantom left from Su Xing’s body, and thus a beautiful girl emerged.

“It really is boring inside the Star Nest.”

Wu Xinjie patted her face.

Su Xing rolled his eyes at her, “Wasn’t it you who went into the Star Nest yourself?”

“Young Master, it couldn’t be helped.” Wu Xinjie grieved: “This place is not as remote as the Song Clan Village. Many Star Cultivators come here, and if Young Master and I stayed together, in the case we roused suspicion, then much trouble will be brought to Young Master.”

Knowing how considerate she was, Su Xing smiled. However, speaking of the Song Clan Village, he remembered something.

“Since your real name is called ‘Wu Xinjie,’ how are you a member of the Song Clan Village?”

“Ah, this?” Wu Xinjie eyeballs turned, and giving a sly smile: “That’s because the Song Clan Village thought Young Master and I were together.”

Su Xing stared blankly, and he quickly understood what she meant. Actually, Wu Xinjie claimed to those Song Clan Villagers that she and he were together, but she claimed to Su Xing that she was one of the villagers, keeping both sides in the dark. “A classic use of asymmetric information!” Su Xing really admired Wu Xinjie’s thought process.

Still idling about with nothing to do, Su Xing walked before the bookshelf. On top were many books about herbs,  concerning Liangshan Continent’s pill techniques. Su Xing knew very little, so he curiously grabbed a copy of “A Treatise on the Essence of Solutions”,7 and with great relish, an aroma arose as he flipped through the book.

After reading for a bit, a curtain was pulled open. Su Xing set down the book that was in his hand, and he was a beautiful girl with a graceful figure enter.

“Sister Xinjie, long time no see.” The young girl’s voice was sweet and pleasant. Seeing Su Xing, she raised her brows: “About this young master, Sister Xinjie, did you just seduce him?”

“This is Xinjie’s Master.”5 Wu Xinjie giggled.

The young girl covered her mouth, her eyes revealing her obvious surprise: “Young master is very fortunate, I am An Suwen.”

“Su Xing.”

Su Xing looked at this beautiful Efficacious Star, with her shapely eyebrows and bright eyes. She was vividly adorable, and her face was very refined.

“Suwen, have you still not found a contractor?”9 Wu Xinjie asked.

“Suwen can only save people; she can’t kill people.” An Suwen dismissed the question with a laugh: “Sister Xinjie didn’t bring the young master to simply visit Suwen, right?

“In fact, I have a companion that I want you to see.” Su Xing asked a question within his consciousness, and Lin Yingmei acknowledged with an “En.” Then a brilliant light filled the room.

Lin Yingmei also emerged into the room.

The way An Suwen stared with her large, round eyes was very cute. “Two…”

“Xinjie’s Master is a genius, right.” Wu Xinjie said proudly.

Lin Yingmei coldly snorted.

Su Xing made brief introductions, asking Lin Yingmei to fill An Suwen in on the situation. After cultivating within the Star Nest for three months, Lin Yingmei had been able to restore only three-tenths of her former Star Energy. At this rate, it would take at least seven months. Su Xing could wait, however, Lin Yingmei definitely could wait no longer.

“Sister Yingmei, using the Star Breaker Golden Pill has heavily injured your life energy. Though, it isn’t impossible to increase the speed of your recovery.” An Suwen read her pulse and announced her diagnosis.

“Are there any solutions?” Su Xing asked.

“The solution is very simple, it’s just that the next bit is…” An Suwen hesitated.

“Suwen, don’t be so dramatic. If it helps Yingmei recover more quickly, then Xinjie will owe you one.”

“Since Sister Xinjie put it that way, then fine.” An Suwen smiled helplessly.

Su Xing couldn’t figure out what she was going to do, and he only saw her tightly shut the big door to the room.10 Then, An Suwen held Lin Yingmei’s wrist, and she began to meditate. Su Xing saw her entire body emit a faint light that looked as though the Star General would rank up. A weak breath slowly spread throughout Lin Yingmei’s body, and Lin Yingmei began to improve rapidly.

“This is the Efficacious Star Divine Physician’s Huangjie Technique: Spiritual Aura Distribution!” Wu Xinjie said stealthily. “It can recover a target amount of Star Energy, and it can boost vitality.”

Su Xing nodded his head, this was really amazing.

“Hee, does Young Master wish to receive her from the bottom of your heart?” Wu Xinjie giggled.

“I am not that deranged yet.” Su Xing snapped.

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  1. 水雷 This is difficult to translate since this is actually a type of marine explosive. I’ve chosen Thunder because context in a later chapter suggests the object in question to be related to the lightning element rather than a god raining down explosions upon the world…
  2.  健康草堂
  3. 蒼勁有力的草體 This is describing the handwriting.
  4. This is a style of calligraphy
  5. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. Welcome to Waiting Room B.
  7. 解精微論
  8. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. I’ll bet she has an offer that cannot be refused…
  10. I’m assuming she does this because she would give away the fact she’s a yet to be contracted Star Maiden otherwise.


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Yet. Guessing Wu Xinjie will direct events so that he will contract more and increase his chances at surviving.

    1. Exactly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). In a few chapters, even he starts to wonder if he’s deranged after all.

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