Chapter 281: People Walking Different Paths Cannot Make Plans Together

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The demon fire covering the sky was too late to run rampant. The black qi rays were just like those violently surging sea waves and unexpectedly dashed the will-o-the-wisps into pieces. Its might unexpectedly had been suppressed, as if it had been extinguished with a bowl of cold water.

Killer Star Li Longkui hefted her double axes, striding forward like a demon. Her wheat-colored skin has burn marks from the demon fire, making her look even more violent.

Mu Duiying raised raised Frost Moon Ruinous Light and was actually going to attack. When Su Xing saw, he shouted: “Mu Duiying, you quickly leave Evil Smiting Hall!” This woman truly was suicidal. She was an Earthly Star assassin with sneak attacks that would not work, and she unexpectedly wanted to directly contend against Black Whirlwind Li Kui. Even among the one hundred and eight generals, the Black Whirlwind was a Fiend Star in name and reality. Some Heavenly Stars would not necessarily dare provoke her.

“When you leave, This Lady will leave!” Mu Duiying stubbornly twitched her lips

The Guardian Star at this time cast a glance at the calm gentle Qingci, her figure becoming an indistinct shadow. She might as well think of killing Li Kui’s Star Master to solve all their problems.

The way of thinking was good, but Li Longkui swung the Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter to cut at her.

The gloom blossomed, and Li Longkui’s body split off countless phantoms. The axe-light screamed like a demon, the evil wind demonically howling. Mu Duiying emerged from her invisibility, her double sabers intercepting each, barely blocking. This Guardian Star honestly was dedicated. She obviously knew she basically could not possibly be the Killer Star’s opponent, yet she still was unwilling to concede defeat. Only because of a vague promise, Su Xing honestly was somewhat in admiration.

Compared to the previously completely arrogant Jade Armed Craftman Jin Qiongyu, Su Xing would rather sign a contract with her.

The panther hissed.

Yin Room Black Panther pounced towards Qingci. The stunning girl still wore that small smile that was the most moving in the mundane world, ignoring this.


The black panther screeched, for a Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter slashed away at it. Li Longkui was worthy of being called the Black Whirlwind. She had scuttled in front of Qingci in the blink of an eye, one kick sending the Yin Room Black Panther flying. The Star Beast that had just been contracted did not even have the chance to be nurtured and had been sent flying with a single kick.

Mu Duiying’s heart hurt incomparably, shouting as she rushed forth.

Su Xing inwardly shook his head, advancing on the attack behind her, “Mu Duiying, why are you so stubborn. Quickly leave, there is no need for you to die for me in this place!”

Mu Duiying rolled her eyes at Su Xing, her expression seemingly saying – in your dreams, This Lady would not die for you in the name of love at all.

Li Longkui violently shouted, the double axes criss crossed. The weapon’s collision gave rise to a severe spark. The tyrannical power directly shook Mu Duiying back.

The quiet Qingci all of a sudden changed expression. She saw twelve blue-green Flying Swords wrapped in a gale slash at her. Qingci’s hand moved. The corners of her skirt fluttered, her hair danced, and the Prostrate Snake Ruler changed shape into a dragon form that wrapped around her body, blocking the Flying Swords. Qingci’s expression changed as she gazed at Su Xing.

With practically no hesitation, Su Xing’s foot suddenly stepped hard. The ground instantly broke apart, and the enormous opposite reaction spread smoke and dust everywhere. In the cloud of dust, a figure speedily flit by.

A shout.

Hearing Mu Duiying’s shout beside his ear, Su Xing changed direction to rush in front of Li Longkui. The tall woman was just like an iron tower, her face hanging a cold, murderous feeling. Su Xing’s body leaned, his wrist flipped, and then the Intertwined Branch Sword stabbed with all his strength.

The short sword’s edge was wrapped in a revolving gale. It appeared unexpectedly with a twisting tornado. The whistling of air ripping apart made them unable to help but cover their ears, and this attack of Su Xing’s used much of his strength.

The Intertwined Branch Sword was the Divine Sword of the Thousand Years Contract. Its sharpness was obvious, and it was Divine Sword among Su Xing’s small number of weapons other than his Flying Swords that could contend against a Star Weapon.

Li Longkui’s expression was very disdainful. Her body floated, and she instantly retreated several zhang unexpectedly, as if she completely could not bear the space’s restrictions as she showed an odd air. Su Xing’s lone sword only futilely pierced empty air. Afterwards, Killer Star Li Kui then seized the chance to pounce forth, her double axes slashing.

Behind her came slight movement. Mu Duiying suddenly emerged from behind her with a “Dark Attack.” Due to one arm nearly being severed, only one saber criss crossed over Li Longkui’s body, but the woman appeared to be like a puppet, not feeling this in the least. Whirling around even faster than lightning, one axe nearly erased Mu Duiying’s neck as it brushed by, scaring the girl into a cold sweat. But when the second axe approached, Mu Duiying completely was without the chance to runaway.

Again, there was the sound of clanging.

“Su Xing!!”

The Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter cut onto the Heavenly Silkworm Silver Snow Armor. The axeblade’s power seemingly wanted to shatter his internal organs. With a bang, this high quality defensive Astral Treasure shattered into pieces. Li Longkui showed a surprised expression, not expecting that a Star Master would offer his life for a Star General.

But as for this incapable of moving Killer Star’s slaughter, Li Longkui violently shouted, even more frenzied.

“Hè.” Su Xing then swept across, but Li Longkui was just like a phantom. Although Su Xing this time determined her path, Li Longkui’s speed was already incapable of being described with words.

It seemed that apparently tall stature’s speed was abnormally quick.

Su Xing followed the figure and attacked before Li Longkui’s eyes.

The two people fully unfolded a war of offense attack in the midst of extreme speed. The first to be incapable of persisting would fall. It was practically impossible to make out the figures of the two battling sides. There were only indistinct figures moving about in space.

Explosive sound endlessly came out of the air. At all times, they could even see wind and shadows intertwine suddenly. Occasionally, there was a power mighty as heaven, and occasionally, they were awesome as demons. The entire mine was filled with dust and smoke. The wind pressure of the battle rolled up the gold and jade everywhere in the mine. Su Xing was incapable of persisting, and the twelve Langya and twelve Heaven Tearing simultaneously assisted in battle. Green and gold light relieved the Killer Star’s pressure.

When Mu Duiying saw she already was incapable of helping Su Xing, and that she was also unable to kill the Qingci protected by a Purple Rose Astral Treasure, her heart was sullen to death. At this time, she saw the situation of Tang Lianxin and Jin Qiongyu.

The two girls were currently fighting over Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly, each of their Star Weapons attack back and forth, basically too busy to distract.

Mu Duiying dragged her heavy body and sunk into the night.

“Elder Sister, why will you not follow Elder Brother?!”

“Why would Your Servant want to follow a man. Hmph, you even just fought over Your Servant’s Star Beast just now. Truly, you are dreaming.”

“Elder Sister only needs to interact with Elder Brother for a long time, and then you will not regret it.” Tang Lianxin at this time still was thinking of convince Jin Qiongyu.

Jin Qiongyu was impatient: “Stop speaking nonsense. Your Servant gave him a chance, and since he was unwilling to give up on you, then it is you die and I live.”

“Why must you be like this…” Tang Lianxin was disappointed and frustrated.

“People walking different paths cannot make plans together!” Jin Qiongyu shouted, the Dragon Carving Phoenix Engraving Hammer and Nail slamming together with wind and thunder. “Your Servant will not help a Star Master slaughter my own sisters.

Tang Lianxin was stunned and exclaimed.

“Ah?!” A line of blood suddenly splashed out from Jin Qiongyu’s neck. The girl screamed, and her body became a phantom that dispersed, then dodging.


The Mu Duiying that could not dispatch Jin Qiongyu in a single strike cut again.

“What is there still for Elder Sister to discuss with her, Su Xing and Li Kui are fighting.” Mu Duiying shouted.

Tang Lianxin spun around and immediately raised the Evil Smiting Writ.

“Asking for death!!”

Li Longkui saw that a Star Master unexpectedly wanted to contend directly against her, and she immediately sneered.

Su Xing naturally knew this Star General was abnormal. Even a Supervoid Cultivator did not dare let her get close. However, Su Xing had Lin Chong’s “Battle Doctrine” in addition to a long time spent steeling himself for battle against a Star General. To delay several dozen seconds for Tang Lianxin was not out of the question.

Twenty Flying Swords formed a Sword Array, interlocking with each other.

Li Longkui was impatient, the Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter slashing out thousands of black lights that shook apart the Flying Sword formation, and then she dodged and slashed.

Su Xing’s right hand was encircled with purple clouds, the True Star Purple Cloud concentrating. He suddenly slapped, and Li Longkui was too late to defend. The purple cloud apparently engraved her skin, the power like wildly flowing current, a bursting purple qi that seemed to flow backwards, very swiftly.

The average cultivator would be seriously hurt if not killed should they be struck by Su Xing’s slap.

But this Li Longkui basically seemed unharmed, the double axes swinging towards Su Xing’s neck.


Su Xing shouted, his Star Energy at this instant suddenly was like a demon that had been released from its cage, roaring and baring its fangs. Li Longkui’s expression shivered, and suddenly, purple light exploded. The Killer Star’s black whirlwind shattered into fragments that filled the skies and turned into a black night.

Li Longkui retreated several steps, showing astonishment. Immediately, she was furious!

The Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter let out a ghostly howl.

Just at this moment, a hairpin glinting with Starlight flew at her, again beating Li Longkui into a retreat.

“Elder Brother!!” Tang Lianxin nodded.

When Su Xing saw that she had obtained the Star Beast Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly, he delayed no longer. This kind of Fiend Star basically was not someone he could confront.


Su Xing finally profoundly glanced at that magnificent beauty, Qingci. Immediately, his figure dispersed along with Tang Lianxin’s, both of them leaving Evil Smiting Hall.


The moment Mu Duiying saw this, she and the Yin Room Black Panther also left.

The Li Longkui that slashed wildly at empty air was somewhat resentful. Seeing Jin Qiongyu, she raised a cruel killing intent.

“Longkui!” Qingci called out at this moment.

Li Longkui sobered up from her frenzy. She retracted the Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter, coldly walking to Qingci’s side.

Qingci was still pensive about the matter just a moment ago. Tang Lianxin’s master honestly gave her a big surprise. She had never thought an ordinary Star Master could contend against Black Whirlwind Li Longkui without being quickly dispatched…only those that had inherited a Star General’s combat Innate Skill were capable of doing this, and in the one hundred and eight, there were only a few Little Sisters that had this type of Innate Skill. The most formidable drill master whose fame was unsurpassed was Lin Chong’s “Battle Doctrine.” That was generally recognized as an Innate Skill that would allow one to someday fight on an equal level with Star Generals.

Qingci thought to herself, abruptly recalling that palm strike Su Xing used that filled the skies with purple thunder. This purple thunder was somewhat famous…could it be he was the Purple Thunder Monster? Qingci was stunned by her own thoughts. Connecting it to Tang Lianxin, that legendary Purple Thunder Monster indeed had many Sisters following him.

Ascend Maiden Mountain to end the cycle of the Star Duels?

A mysterious smile flit across the corner of Qingci’s mouth.

People walking different paths could not necessarily not make plans together.

“What are you doing!”

An abrupt shout interrupted Qingci’s thoughts. Raising her head to look, she discovered Li Longkui was looking at Jin Qiongyu. Immediately, she stopped her.

“Little Sister Qiongyu, you must be willing to sign a contract with Your Servant.” Qingci sincerely took a step forward, slightly smiling.

The Jade Armed Craftsman Jin Qiongyu sneered: “Do not address Your Servant as Little Sister. Your Servant is not familiar with you Star Masters, Your Servant will not exert herself for you Star Masters, do not be deluded.”

“It seems that although Maiden Mountain’s one hundred and eight sisters fight each other, there is still a trace of sisterly camaraderie.” Qingci sighed.

Skilful Star Jin Qiongyu wrinkled her brow. The Qingci in front of her was somewhat mysterious, however, she did not wish to speak anymore. Just as she was about to leave.

She suddenly heard Qingci laugh.

“If Little Sister still wants to decline like this, Your Servant has no choice.”

Green light radiated.


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  1. …Hoh? Was the Living Goddess of Lightning(104th Inferior Star Wang Dinglu/Jingzhi) there too?

    Su Xing seriously is a beast! Taking on the Killer Star like that was insane! And he did it while protecting Mu Duiying! Still, fighting OP bosses several ranks above him is par the course for by now…

    But, going by what she saw…Qingci finally connected the dots about our boy Su Xing…

    1. Probably more towards the end of the story when the finalists are mostly the same power level.

  2. “Your Servant will not help a Star Master slaughter my own sisters.”

    This truly made me not know whether to laugh or cry. Su Xing’s doctrine is pretty much in line with her own yet, because of some unfortunate circumstances and inopportune interruption (aka Qingci), she won’t be joining him when he needs her so much. Man, this is frustrating, but I guess not everything can go according to plan, even in power fantasy cultivation novels.

    That said, I’m also impressed by the fact that Qingci herself is less omniscient than I first thought. I totally thought she already knew about Su Xing and what he was trying to do thanks to her poem back in the Vermillion Bird Territory about “ending the millennium long joke”, but it seems she was talking about herself. Narcissist much xD

    Spoilers it’s also such a pity that Mu Duiying won’t contract Su Xing as well (according to Schwarze, at least). She w as perfect for the team and hehad already grown on Su Xing despite her idiocy, lol.

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