Chapter 282: Restraints

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Chai Ling was delighted. Smothering Wu Xinjie into a dead end on the chessboard, she finally won a match.

Wu Xinjie smiled, “Chai Ling, you have made progress very quickly.”

“It was not that This Palace’s progress was quick, but that your mind was disturbed!” The Little Whirlwind Chai Ling seemed to smile yet not. Ever since Su Xing and Tang Lianxin entered Evil Smiting Hall together, in the several days afterward she had still been fine, but as the days went by, Wu Xinjie was a bit ill at ease.

Actually, not only her, but the other beauties inside the Immortal’s Abode were also somewhat worried. Solitary Star Tang Lianxin was only eighty-eighth. It was reasonable to say that her Star Beast would not be very strong, that its capture would use no more than a few days, but now five days had passed without seeing any sign of them. No wonder all of the girls would be anxious, yet Lin Yingmei was still cold as ice and frost, her expression showing absolute trust that made Shi Yuan and the others very admiring.

“Sister Xinjie, what did you and Big Brother speak about at the very end. Why did you not come out for such a long time.” An Suwen asked.

Wu Xinjie then explained the Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing’s Divine Calculation “Gold, jade and red everywhere.”

“Can they actually encounter Jade Armed Craftsman Jin Dajian?” Yan Yizhen wrinkled her brow.

“The Divine Mathematician’s Divine Calculation should be correct. Probably, they will use some time.” Wu Xinjie said.

An Suwen understood. If it was like this, spending several days would actually be worth it. If they had the Jade Craftsman’s jade refining Innate Skill, they could greatly relieve the burden on Su Xing. After all, regardless of the way it was put, a single Star Master bearing the burden of upgrading the Star Weapons of seven Star Generals was too outrageous.

“Come to think of it, it was thanks to the Earthly Skilful Star that the previous Wu Song could advance to Nine Star.” Wu Xinjie directed her gaze to Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou’s cool and elegant pupils concealed her inner feelings very well: “Your Servant will not impose.”

Wu Xinjie smiled. “Not that. If they truly encountered the Earthly Skilful Star, perhaps we will have to trouble Siyou for you to help put in a word.”

Wu Siyou was silent for a long while, and then she nodded.

This nod made Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling hang her mouth open in astonishment. Wu Song unexpectedly would help a Star Master? This Su Xing really was too sly.

“If Su Xing can sign a contract with the Earthly Skilful Star in Evil Smiting Hall, that would be good.” Shi Yuan currently was with Gongsun Huang teasing the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit, speaking hopefully.

“How can it be so simple. Ever since the Earthly Skilful Star was spurned by Liangshan Continent, the successive generations of Earthly Skilful Star’s have been very disgusted by the idea of signing contracts and were unwilling to help Star Masters. Xinjie is only thinking that if Young Lord could have the chance to strike up good relations like he did with the White Stripe in the Waves, that would be good.” Wu Xinjie faintly smiled.

Chai Ling seemed to smile yet not: “You have this much confidence that that man can do it?”

Wu Xinjie’s smile truly was very confident. These sisters before her in the Void Immortal’s Abode were the evidence she was confident in. Chai Ling pondered and also softly laughed. That Su Xing indeed was unordinary. Come to think of it, which one of these Star Generals in front of her inside the Immortal’s Abode was not difficult to sign a contract with. Did not even she herself ingest a Together To Hell with him?

“Little Huang, can you talk about why you would sign a Kiss Contract with Su Xing?” Shi Yuan looked at the Little Huang currently feeding the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit, suddenly asking out of curiosity.

All of the girls turned their gazed, curious.

Among the sisters that Su Xing had signed a contract with, which of them did not pass through life and death, which of them was not passionate to the depths. It was just that they heard Wu Siyou once say the events that led to Gongsun Huang and Su Xing signing a contract were very simple. There was nothing poignant, there no world-shaking life or death, but after Su Xing returned, they kissed. Even if the two had only known each other for a few days, this honestly was somewhat dull, dull as water.

If there really was some matter, probably that would be the two times she helped at Grindstone Mountain and at Stone Tablet City.

This time, Wu Siyou showed an interested expression as she looked at Gongsun Huang. After all, the “Loli Elder Sister” in front of her was but the Star General most powerful in magic energy. If she acted, Wu Siyou would be terrified.

Gongsun Huang blinked, tilting her head to the side in thought.

“Little Huang felt His Highness Su Xing was decreed by fate.” Gongsun Huang’s answer made the girls taken aback. They had never expected that the Gongsun Huang ordinarily more silent than Tang Lianxin would say words like “decreed by fate.”

“If you say it like that…This Young Lady also feels that Su Xing is very dear.” Shi Yuan raised a hand in approval.

“Is this not to be expected. You are his women, naturally you would feel he is dear to you.” Chai Ling was not surprised.

Wu Xinjie asked: “Chai Ling, then why did you ingest that thing with Young Lord?”

“This Palace already said before, that is because the Noble Star has never had one that obtained a Star Beast.”

“Is it only because of a Star Beast, Chai Ling, that you would so delighted to kiss Young Lord?” Wu Xinjie mocked.


Lin Yingmei and the other girls showed astnoishment.

Chai Ling’s cheeks were slightly red, and she glared: “If one knew him for a long time, he indeed is somewhat not too ordinary…almost like…” Muttering, Chai Ling’s brow creased: “There was once a feeling that he had crashed his way through their heart…”

Seeing all of the girls were at a loss, Chai Ling did not explain. She lowered her eyes, gazed at the chessboard and sank into self-contemplation.

The Void Immortal’s Abode was absolutely silent.

Originally, she did not feel this way. Passing through Gongsun Huang’s reminder, only then did she feel that Su Xing being able to sign contracts really was not a random variable. Perhaps it truly was was like Chao Gai said, that he had pried into a Heavenly Mystery.

“Can it be that Young Lord came from Maiden Mountain to rescue us sisters from the Star Duels?” Shi Yuan faintly said.

If it was before, Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie definitely would laugh aloud, but now, she actually did not have a retort. Even Chai Ling was was pondering. If they thought carefully, they would feel a disbelief as if Su Xing seemingly had once entered through the depths of their hearts a very long time ago.

“And returning to our main topic, our lost memories, what are our pasts?” Wu Xinjie pensively said, her voice just like it was coming from a distant world, faint and indeterminate.

No one could answer, and everyone was still in contemplation.

After a long while of silence passed, Lin Yingmei looked round at everyone, opening her mouth to interrupt this very still silence: “Your Servant wonders if Young Master has encountered the Earthly Skilful Star now? That Divine Mathematician’s Divine Calculation sounds not too good.”

“It will be fine. The Earthly Skilful Star is not a threat at all.” Wu Xinjie still consoled them.

Not long after, the space broke open.

Su Xing and Tang Lianxin appeared.

“Young Master (Young Lord) (Big Brother) (Your Highness) (Master)…”

The beauties practically called out at the same time.

Su Xing was taken aback, made somewhat unable to react by this scene. He laughed. “What’s the matter with you girls? It seems there’s something on your mind.”

“The Sisters were thinking of Young Lord just now.” Wu Xinjie ambiguously winked.

Su Xing scratched his hair, forcing a laugh.

“Has Elder Sister Tang Lianxin’s Star Beast been obtained? You used so much time.” Shi Yuan said.

Tang Lianxin beckoned with her hand. A golden flame-like burning dreamy butterfly spread its wings and flew out. This butterfly flew a circle around the Immortal’s Abode, and then it immediately attached itself to Tang Lianxin’s back, seemingly combining into one with Tang Lianxin. Tang Lianxin’s back thus “grew” butterfly wings of golden light. Her entire body was enveloped within the light of the sun, making the Gold Coin Spotted Leopard appear very dignified.

All of the girls showed expressions of amazement.

“This must be Little Sister Tang Lianxin’s Supreme Grade Star Beast, the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly?” An Suwen smiled.

Tang Lianxin nodded.

“Although it’s very cool, This Young Lady will still love my Little Qi1 very dearly.” Shi Yuan stroked the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit’s fur, tenderly kissing it.

“Little Qi?” Su Xing was stunned.

“Yes, this is the name I gave the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit. Since the White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi assisted, This Young Lady calls her rabbit Little Qi.” Shi Yuan chuckled. Clearly, she was still somewhat brooding over the fact that that sort of thing she did with Su Xing was exposed live in front of her.

“Young Master, your vitality is not too good!” Lin Yingmei walked over, her brow wrinkled.

A grave expression also flashed across Yan Yizhen’s face: “Master, what did you encounter inside?”

Once the happiness passed, they noticed Su Xing’s face was pale. Upon closer inspection, his energy was spent, his Star Energy greatly exhausted.

“Nothing at all, I only ran into the Earthly Skilful Star.” Su Xing gave them a comforting smile.

Wu Xinjie said in astonishment: “The Earthly Skilful Star. Young Lord, you actually encountered her?”

“En, when we searching for the hint you gave, Xinjie, we encountered the Earthly Skilful Star Jin Qiongyu who was also seeking the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly.”


Seeing there were a few expectant expressions, Su Xing bitterly smiled.

“Not only did Elder Brother and I encounter Jin Dajian, we even encountered Qingci, who also thought of signing a contract with her.” Tang Lianxin said.


“I’ll talk.” Su Xing then summarized the events that occurred.

Hearing that Qingci possessed a Birth Treasure Outline, contracted the Black Whirlwind Li Kui and was even full of self-confidence in contracting Jin Qiongyu, even the most indifferent Wu Siyou narrowed her eyes, showing a slightly ruminating expression.

“She unexpectedly had a Birth Treasure Outline. Truly unimaginable.” The Birth Treasure Outline altogether had four copies in the Four Territories. Besides the most mysterious White Tiger Territory of no interest to anyone, there were three. Su Xing obtained the Azure Dragon Territory’s Birth Treasure Outline, the Vermilion Bird Territory’s was stolen by Wang Dingliu, and they never heard that the Black Turtle Territory’s had been seized by any Qingci. If this was the case, the most likely possibility was only that she came from the White Tiger Territory or that she obtained it from Wang Dingliu.

If it was taken from Wang Dingliu, that would have been fine, but it was the White Tiger Territory that Wu Xinjie felt was dangerous.

“That Qingci was somewhat strange. She wasn’t like the average Star Master.” Su Xing muttered.

“Young Lord, what did you notice?”

Su Xing thought for a moment then shook his head. When he fought against Li Kui, besides using an Astral Treasure to protect herself, Qingci always was very unusual. She had Supercluster Stage cultivation, yet she did not use a Flying Sword or any other abilities of a Star Master. He did not know if she was too arrogant and disdained to act or if she had some other plan. In brief, watching with folded arms was somewhat odd. If she had acted, Su Xing basically would have had no way to contend against the Black Whirlwind’s ferocity.

“Next, Big Brother must first recover some strength. Go to Evil Smiting Hall tomorrow.” An Suwen said.

Su Xing saw that he had been worn down to exhaustion by Li Kui, and he nodded. He indeed had to recover his energy.

“Big Brother, Suwen will go to your room and help you do a massage.” An Suwen’s face was red.

“Then, thank you, Little Sister.” Su Xing pulled her hand, greeting all of the girls.

When they left the Immortal’s Abode, the girls curiously stood in a circle to observe the Star Beast Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly.

“Qingci, Qingci…” Wu Xinjie muttered to herself, her brows tightly locked. “If only things were not as Xinjie thinks…Ai…”

Evil Smiting Hall.

Qingci stood on a green mountain looking into the boundless fantasy land of mountains.

There was a flash of light.

Wang Jingzhi appeared beside here, “Has Little Sister Jade Armed Craftsman agreed?”

Qingci softly nodded.

“Oh, perfect. This is the perfect time for you to find the next sister.” Wang Jingzhi laughed.

“Hua Rong and Lu Junyi have met with difficulties in capturing their Star Beasts…Elder Sister, who shall we help. This is a golden opportunity bestowed by Heaven to have them accompany us. It’s a pity we can only go help one. Sister Qingci, choose who…Jingzhi will guess it should be Hua Rong, then. After all, Hua Rong will be somewhat easier to persuade, and her Star Beast is relatively easy…”

Qingci was lost in thought…

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        1. How do you know that she doesn’t have such a power ? 😉 Besides, her identity is the biggest factor in convincing other Star Generals to enter contracts with her, but that’s a huge spoiler.

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    She made her first appearance there though.

    She helped Su Xing at Stone Tablet City during the Ghost Cavalry King Boss fight right befure Contracting Yizhen, and then again at White Deer Highlands against Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal right after the Birth Treasure Outline ended.

    2. [Sister Xinjie, choose who…Jingzhi will guess it should be Hua Rong, then. After all, Hua Rong will be somewhat easier to persuade, and her Star Beast is relatively easy…”]

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    1. Three, from what I understand.
      Well… it is technically four, but the fourth is a secret.

      Qingci ‘Contracted’:
      – The Heavenly Killer Star Li Longkui.
      – The Earthly Inferior Star Wang Dingliu.
      – The Earthly Skillful Star Jin Qiongyu.

      Just to be vlear. The Star Duels have FOUR Contract types, but only three have been described.
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