Chapter 284: Farewell Hua Rong

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Multi-colored light illuminated the sky, spraying down a red cloud. A luan1 bird unfolded its wings in midair, its whole body covered in glittering and transparent feathers. Its plumage was like burning fire, and its blade-like wings seemingly ripped apart the sky. Its beautiful as muslin body was seemingly a star embedded in the sky, the bird’s crest graceful.

The luan bird let out a graceful birdsong.

A sharp arrow shot up through the sky, skyrocketing, carrying a sky shattering power. The red luan bird spat out a ray of scarlet light. Its wings flapped, producing a burning wind, fiercely colliding head on. The arrow exploded midway, scattering the flames into fireworks. Before it had cooled, the red luan’s crest once again sent out a ray of light.

This red luan was known as the “Heavenly Hero Red Luan.”2 Inside the Fairyland, that was one of the very best of the luans, phoenixes and such. Few people dared to provoke it, but now, an extraordinarily heroic girl nevertheless dared to anger her.

That girl had long hair flowing like water. She was dressed in a graceful milk-white long skirt and leather armor. Her body’s beauty was like a swallow, her skill and vigor mixing around the Heavenly Hero Red Luan through every sort of obstacle. Occasionally, she lifted her head, her expression exceptionally arrogant and cool. She was the Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Rong.  

Taking several steps, Hua Wanyue used a large tree as a stepping stool, leaping high. The Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow had been pulled into a full moon. A light arrow concentrated, the bowstring snapped, and the arrow was launched.

It pierced into the Heavenly Hero Red Luan bird’s body.

Sparks filled the whole sky and scattered through the world. The red luan was infuriated. Its wings rose, and this time was even more excessive. Several thousand rays of red light soared from the Heavenly Hero Red Luan’s wings, just like a blossoming firework. It fell down, and an enormous halo appeared at the same time around Hua Wanyue’s body.

Hua Wanyue slowed in midair, somersaulted, then thanks to her super powerful reaction, weaved through the fireworks filling the sky.

Dance Through The Willows!!!

Hua Wanyue soared, this time not waiting to descend, directly drawing the bow and loosing arrows in midair. The arrow became willow padding that filled the skies and counterattacked the red luan’s smoke and fire head on. The two gorgeous colors of scarlet and blue exploded in midair.

But Hua Wanyue had far underestimated the level of threat the Heavenly Hero Red Luan bird posed. The red luan’s glittering red light rays blinded her. It swooped down, a streak of raging flames cut out against the sky dropped directly towards Hua Wanyue.

It passed in the blink of an eye.

There completely was no warning at all.

Hua Wanyue shot two arrows in succession yet could not stop the Heavenly Hero Red Luan’s charge. The Hero Star rolled backwards. The Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow disappeared, her wrist shook, and a translucent ruby short spear appeared that swept.

Hua Wanyue had been called Maiden Mountain’s “Arrow Spear Double Absolute.”3 Besides her outstanding bow and arrow skills, her close combat short spear fighting was also distinguished. Retreating backwards, the short spear unloaded the Heavenly Hero Red Luan’s might. During a lean, there was an ear-piercing whoosh in the air. A vigorous figure already appeared above the Heavenly Hero Red Luan. This silhouette flipped and descended. The spear was translucent as blood, slashed from up to down, fiercely stabbing.

Dark Rank Spear Technique.

Blood Dance!4


A frightening power abruptly erupted. The short spear’s blood light instantly seemed to be imbued into the red luan. Light and darkness circulated. In the end, Hua Wanyue was not a true Star General, and her Dark Rank Spear Technique was far from comparison to her arrow arts. The Heavenly Hero Red Luan’s wings flapped, and a smack sent her flying.

Hua Wanyue panted, her line of sight fuzzy, her consciousness somewhat unclear.

A crimson light rose.

Hua Wanyue instinctively withdrew. The Heavenly Hero Red Luan bird did not end its pursuit to kill her, its killing intent endlessly flitting by. Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Rong appeared very feeble. Escape was basically uncertain, and instantly, she was forced before a waterfall.

The red luan bird raised its wings, uttered a fully derisive bird cry, and its red qi poured directly down from its wings in torrents. Hua Wanyue put up a defensive formation. A chain-like light exploded, the numerous red light sealing every inch of space around her without warning at all. Gazing from afar, its unexpectedly was an enormous cage of red light. A powerful force burst forth. Under such terrifying power, even Hua Wanyue was unable to avoid receiving its effect. Her beautiful slightly went rigid, her face showed a slight paleness. The chain-like light suddenly already descended above her!

A clear lakeside somewhere in the Fairyland Spirit Platform

An Immortal Deer with its whole body emanating a hazy clear qi lowered its head to currently drink the Immortal Dew. This Immortal Deer appeared different from the rest. It possessed a slender body, skin with green leaf-like patterns and flower marks, as well as a Spirit Qi that made people amazed. When it lowered its head to drink, two azure pupils still were alert in scanning its surroundings. The two curved antlers above its head distributed a shocking beauty.

A look would make people feel content in their hearts.

This was the Fortune Spirit Deer,5 also known as Good Fortune, An Suwen’s Star Beast.

The Good Fortune was currently cautiously drinking, and then a bolt of purple thunder suddenly flew out from within the forest, shooting towards it.

This Good Fortune’s reactions were extremely quick and nimble. Startled, that faintly discernible mist circulated like smoke around its whole body. The clouds rolled, and then it turned its head and bolted.

An elegant youth blocked the Good Fortune’s escape route, having calmly waited for a long time. Spotting the Good Fortune goaded towards him, he shouted, and the sword-light on twelve green Flying Swords formed a strong current, as if it was a fence that obstructed the Fortune Spirit Deer’s escape route.

The Good Fortune once again turned its head. This time, it rushed into the brush to its side, clear light dragging out a gorgeous trail. Its speed suddenly accelerated, and its four hooves6 seemed to fly. A phantom figure instantly blended together with the forest, its presence completely disappearing.

The youth did not pursue at all, and he only stored the swords, muttering to himself: “If only Suwen can succeed this time.” The youth was Su Xing. Having searched in the Fairyland for several days, they finally managed to find the “Good Fortune.”

At first glance, this Immortal Deer was harmless. Su Xing had prepared for instant success, but how could he have foreseen this Good Fortune would be considerably hard to find and also hard to capture – it was not like other Star Beasts where he could forcibly subjugate it. He had to rely on the the humane influence of a physician’s healing touch to capture it. An Suwen said any injuries would disappear, and previous Efficacious Stars also had ease in capturing Star Beasts, frequently associating with the Good Fortune. Showing meticulous care, in three months, she definitely could influence them.

Su Xing had experience using force to capture Star Beasts, but to speak of this influence, Su Xing honestly was helpless. He could only prod it every time to rush before An Suwen. The rest was up to An Suwen.

If they truly could not achieve it, they could only find another Star Beast as a replacement.

An Suwen wanted to influence the Good Fortune Deer, and Su Xing could not easily appear personally. Crouching at the riverside, he tidied himself by looking at the reflection in the water. He lifted his head and saw that the time of day was late. He leisurely sat on a rock to take a short break, awaiting An Suwen’s news.

He lowered his head by the lakeside to take a few gulps of water. Just as Su Xing was about to leave, he rose and suddenly at this time heard an enormous bang. Glancing, a beautiful figure dropped from upstream, falling into the water and lifting a splash.

Closely following was a giant luan bird flying over. The raging flames the bird summoned as it cried covered the lakewater.

The girl trembled as she stood up, her hands drawing a bow, but her eyes were exceptionally stubborn and unwilling to concede defeat. Water rolled down along her forehead, making her appear quite disturbing.

Hua Rong!!

Su Xing was astonished.

He never expected to encounter Hero Star Little Li Guang in this place. This seemingly heroic goddess once used the “Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow” to give Su Xing a very difficult to erase impression. One time, she killed Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity. Another time, she beat back Demon King Roc. Of these two, in which incident did she not have a problem. In Su Xing’s perception, that Little Li Guang Hua Rong apparently could not be stumped by anything.

At this time, seeing her in such a mess and so weak yet still think of drawing her bow, when Su Xing spotted this, he did not hesitate at all to rush forward. Any way it was put, Hua Rong had helped him twice. Watching her die and not save her was not his style.

The river water boiled, and the grasses dried up.

The red luan bird used all of its strength in this attack. Red light sprayed down like arrows, the tips linked together. Creatures leapt away, and the Fairyland that originally was supposed to be peaceful was now quaking.

If this continued, Hua Rong would undoubtedly die.

Hua Wanyue panted, her eyes somewhat unreconciled.

Just at this moment, twelve oddly shaped Flying Swords appeared before her eyes. These swords emitted a powerful spiritual power. Green light hovered as they formed with a whoosh into a sword-wall that blocked the bird’s attack.

Hua Wanyue’s pupils contracted. Turning her head around to look, she saw a man standing in front of her, protecting her. Hua Wanyue’s heart was greatly in disbelief. Why would a Star Master come protect her??

There was no time to clearly think. Su Xing struck hand seals. Practically without thinking, Purple Cloud True Star simultaneously bubbled forth and became a defensive armor protecting his body. Then, he launched Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. Purple light blinded their eyes, and a purple claw wildly danced, forming quite a spectacular Purple Thunder Shield.

At the same time, the completely unceremoniously rushing Flying Swords followed his pointing. The twelve Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo Langya Swords madly shot forth like a swarm of bees; in the blink of an eye, two dazzling green lights exploded in the air. Two enormous green swords several zhang long appeared, their cold lights glistening.

Su Xing’s eyes flashed with an odd light. Silently opening his mouth, he blurted out an incantation for the Flying Swords. The giant swords glowed brighter in the air, falling one after the other as they softly cried, aggressively slashing at the red luan bird of scarlet light.   

“Bang, bang,” there were two enormous noises.

The Langya swords violently struck against the red luan’s scarlet light. Green light and red light interwove, encircling the red luan in a wild flurry.

The red luan attacked with an infuriated cry, spraying out a bolt of scarlet light towards the feeble Hua Wanyue.

Su Xing hugged Hua Wanyue and leapt to the side, evading the attack.

If it was before, Hua Wanyue would definitely have killed this man that dared to get intimate with her, but now that she already was somewhat barely able to support herself, plainly knowing this man was embracing her, Hua Wanyue had no way to oppose. She basically did not have the strength to go argue. Originally, she had the conviction to go all out and persist, but following being saved by Su Xing, it seemed as if she had found safe harbor. That conviction instantly scattered like smoke. The Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow disappeared, and the Hero Star’s sight went dark. She lost consciousness, and the last sight she remembered was of that man in front of her fighting with the red luan.

The Heavenly Hero Red Luan bird went along with the Hero Star’s loss of consciousness. It cried, spread its wings, and countless fireworks poured down from the heavens like a torrent.

Su Xing inwardly cursed, and the twelve Langya immediately formed a sword-shield around his body.

A sea of fire instantly descended.

A dense bombardment pounded the entire area.

The Fairyland Spirit Platform had been shaken violently by tremors, burning into a sea of flame.

The red luan bird suffered significant exhaustion battling the Hero Star. After spitting out this blaze, it raised its wings, cried, and flew straight into the clouds. The fiery figure instantly disappeared into the sky, not caring whether the target had lived or died.7

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  1.  鸞
  2. 天英紅鸞
  3. 箭槍雙絕
  4. 血舞
  5. 福靈鹿
  6. In the raws, but I’m pretty sure deers don’t have hooves.
  7. The title of this chapter may have a double meaning. In Chinese, 再見 is literally “goodbye,” but given the context of the chapter, it could also mean “Seeing Hua Rong Once Again.


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