Chapter 285: The “Hero Star” Hua Wanyue

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The sea of fire spread across the skies, burning this corner of the quiet Fairyland Spirit Platform beyond recognition. Scattered and smashed, the raging flames linked together into one. Suddenly, the flames wildly danced, and twelve green sword qi whooshed to slash the blaze to pieces. A man and woman appeared. Su Xing hugged Hua Wanyue, rapidly scuttling out of the sea of flames. Seeing the conflagration in front of him, he wrinkled his brow. Although Evil Smiting Hall was an uninhabited fairyland, so as to not arouse the alarm of other areas, his Divine Intent moved. That Divine Intent was like a substantial sea wave that rolled layer upon layer and extinguished the flames as they rolled by.

The Hua Wanyue on his chest let out an indistinct groan. Su Xing lowered his head to look. He could have done without looking, but the moment he looked, he nearly had a nosebleed. Hua Wanyue wore a milk colored long skirt. Although she had white armor as protection, the moment it touched water, they immediately revealed what lay underneath. Her skin stuck to the cloth, exposing a tender, even clearly visible, perky tube top.

And the woman’s face was beautiful, though pale and wan. The dew in her hair truly was like dew on a lotus flower.

Su Xing drew in a breath. In his impressions, that sole time he caught sight of Hero Star Hua Rong, the girl carried herself tall, proud yet firm. She had a kind of manifest superiority over the the mundane world. Now, the second time he saw her, he immediately saw that feeble face of Hua Rong’s. This honestly was too quick.

Su Xing swept away the distracting thoughts in his mind. He set the girl down on the grass. Seeing her clothes muddied, her body in disarray, that was called enticing. Hua Wanyue’s pupils were hazy, and she moaned miserably. It seemed her situation was not good at all.

Su Xing wanted to help change her clothes, but he thought about it and decided to forget about it.

From within the forest came a worried rustling. An Suwen urgently rushed out, “Big Brother, you are unhurt.” Originally, An Suwen had been communicating sentiments with the Good Fortune when there was a sudden change. She spotted a red luan conceal the skies, and An Suwen had been awestruck by those gorgeous wings of the red luan bird. Her heart thought that this Star Beast of the Hero Star was honestly beautiful. At this time, she suddenly saw that this red luan frantically launched an attack.

The moment An Suwen saw, she immediately felt an ill sense of foreboding. Good Fortune had been shocked into fleeing, and the Efficacious Star was too late to pacify it. Thus, she made a beeline for camp.

Seeing the devastated lakeside, her heart sunk, but the moment she saw Su Xing safe and sound, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Suwen, you came at just the right time.” Su Xing also sighed in relief.

“Ah!!! She is…” When An Suwen saw the reclining and sensual absolute beauty, she was startled. She looked at her Big Brother with a gaze brimming with an odd feeling.

“Don’t misunderstand. I don’t know how that luan bird injured Hua Rong, but I just happened to save her. I didn’t help her change clothes.” Su Xing smiled and said.

“Hua Rong?!” An Suwen was shocked again. “Could it be she is Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Rong?”

Su Xing nodded.

An Suwen felt disbelief in her heart as she looked at the Hua Rong in front of her. Among the Sisters, the Hero Star was classified as a peak Star General. Her mastery over her bow abilities was unrivalled in the world. An Suwen never expected they would meet under this sort of circumstance. She looked at Su Xing, inwardly thinking that she truly could not fathom her Big Brother, unexpectedly saving even the Hero Star.

An Suwen did not say much more. Seeing Hua Rong was extremely weak, she first used Spiritual Aura Distribution to recover her vitality. Then, she stuck the Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles into Hua Rong’s body, fully using a Dark Rank Magic – Life Returning Magic Hands.

Green light twinkled, and life force was revived. The originally ruined area also flourished with life again. Hua Rong’s pale complexion then finally regained some color. Hua Rong’s moans also gradually grew faint.

The Efficacious Star An Suwen saw that Hua Rong’s whole body was thoroughly drenched and quite indecent. She then pulled apart her clothes to help her change.

“You damned man, do not touch Me!” Hua Wanyue’s consciousness was faint, yet she still instinctively seized An Suwen’s hand, unconsciously cursing.

“Elder Sister. It is Little Sister Efficacious Star.” An Suwen gently comforted.

“Efficacious Star?” Hua Wanyue’s mind was hazy. Her grip lost its strength, and her hand loosensed.

An Suwen took off Hua Wanyue’s clothes. She had just exposed the girl’s glossy snow-white shoulders when she suddenly thought of something. An Suwen turned her head and smiled: “Big Brother, can you first step away for a bit? Elder Sister Hua Rong is very shy.”

Su Xing was taken aback, recovered his senses, and awkwardly laughed. He nodded and stepped to the side.

At the same time, he pensively flipped his wrist, revealing the Birth Treasure Outline, sending out rays of light.

Tadpole-like golden characters rippled into existence.

Star Position: Hero Star

Star Name: Hua Rong

Nickname: Little Li Guang

True Name: Hua Wanyue

Rank: Ninth

Star Weapon: Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow (Three Star)/Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear1 (Two Star)

Star Beast: ???? (? Rank)

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Ninth Stage

Innate Skill: Arrow Arts

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Special Move: Dance Through The Willows (Arrow)/Whistle2 (Spear)

Dark Rank Special Move: Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow (Arrow)/Blood Dance3 (Spear)

Current Status: No Contractor/Weak (can be conquered)

Detailed Materials:…

“So amazing!!” Seeing the data in the Birth Treasure Outline, Su Xing felt his whole body was very cold. Two Yellow Ranks, two Dark Ranks, two Star Weapons; this Little Li Guang Hua Rong was the Spear Arrow Double Absolutes, which was practically somewhat abnormal.

Recalling that randomly appearing God Killing Arrow when he faced Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity, Su Xing still had lingering fears even now. It seemed this Hua Rong was very talented, and she someday would be a frightening opponent. The other Star Masters perhaps would rather kill this sort of person as soon as possible, yet he himself uncharacteristically went to save her. Perhaps he would be perceived as a monster by other people.

Her current status of being without a contractor and capable of being conquered was very enticing. Su Xing was secretly pondering whether or not he should take the chance to capture Hua Rong. This idea was fleeting, and Su Xing thought no further of it. He disdained doing this sort of matter that took advantage of others.

“Big Brother, done.” An Suwen abruptly said.

Su Xing put away the Treasure Outline and walked over.

The Efficacious Star’s medical arts were excellent. Not only did Hua Wanyue recover her complexion, she was also awake. She opened those stunning eyes. Silent, she coldly eyed Su Xing. Su Xing did not harbor any suspicions. Were it not because Hua Wanyue’s strength being greatly depleted, temporarily losing her fighting ability, she definitely would have sent an arrow his way as a warning.

“Hua Wanyue?” Su Xing broke the silent atmosphere.

Hua Wanyue stared at Su Xing. Her thin eyes were cold as ice. Looking at Su Xing and An Suwen, her brow creased. In a weak tone, she said: “What are you planning.”

“What?” Su Xing was confused.

Hua Wanyue sneered, her expression careful: “You are a Star Master, why would you want to save Me. What are you conspiring?”

“Do you feel I should be conspiring something against you?” Su Xing thoughtfully said.

“Elder Sister, do not misunderstand. Elder Brother is not conspiring at all.” An Suwen promptly said. “It was only Elder Sister’s clothes. Big Brother was afraid of sullying Elder Sister,4 so he had Little Sister change them.”

Hearing An Suwen’s words, the doubt and wariness in Hua Wanyue’s hearts were not at all removed. Although she was silent, her eyes nevertheless clearly emanated suspicion. How could she, Hua Wanyue, believe that a Star Master would go save a Star General, let alone, she was very clear how great an enticement she was to other Star Masters. As the Star General ranked ninth, the Star Energies of the top ten Star Generals were exceptionally powerful. Killing her to obtain recovery absolutely would tempt anyone, let alone that he was also a Star Master.

Seeing Su Xing indeed did not have other intentions, Hua Wanyue’s thoughts were even more blank. This was the first time she had encountered this sort of situation. Associating that final sight of the man in front of her staking everything to battle firmly before her, Hua Wanyue actually felt she could believe in him once, but the Little Li Guang’s mouth still made clear her position.

“The Star Duels are naturally you die and I live. There absolutely is not a second possibility. If you do not kill Me now, then someday, you will regret it.

These frank words made An Suwen silent.

Su Xing broke into laughter. “I naturally know this. Hua Wanyue, you don’t need to make this sort of absolute expression. You saved my life once. Me saving you is only by rights, and don’t think you own me anything!”

Hua Wanyue’s absolutely calm face showed some astonishment. She never expected Su Xing would say this, treating the favor of saving someone’s life as nothing.

“When did I ever save you…” Hua Wanyue suddenly remembered: “Are you speaking of that time with the Birth Treasure Outline? That time was because of Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling that I would act. Do not think you owe me anything for that.”

“Originally, when I was being pursued by the Roc Demon King, you also saved me.” Su Xing smiled.

Hua Wanyue’s brow knit together even tighter.

“Alright, don’t think too much about it. In the future, if you want to kill me, I naturally will not show you mercy. For now, let’s peacefully get along.” Su Xing said.

Hua Wanyue gazed at him for a moment, honestly somewhat unable to see through the man in front of her. She grunted, then wringed clean her hair of the water.

Seeing Hua Wanyue currently unable to withstand a single blow, An Suwen asked with concern: “Elder Sister, do you want to leave Evil Smiting Hall first?”

“I cannot leave for now.” Hua Wanyue saw her Little Sister Efficacious Star, and her cold tone held back considerably.

An Suwen then recalled that a Star General that had entered Evil Smiting Hall three days earlier was not allowed to leave. Perhaps if she obtained a Star Beast she could, otherwise, they were unable to use Evil Smiting Hall. Thus, this was why Evil Smiting Hall was said to be most dangerous for Star Generals. After all, as far as not being able to escape was concerned, in case they had been locked onto for the last three days, it would be very difficult to flee. “Besides, I do not wish to leave.” Hua Wanyue faintly smiled. Even if she was this weak, her imposing air still made people revere her.

“It’s because of the Star Beast, that red luan?” Su Xing somewhat could not understand what Hua Wanyue was planning. “You haven’t signed a contract, isn’t single-handedly going to capture that luan a bit too difficult?”

“I have my own plans.” Hua Wanyue did not want to talk anymore. She propped up her body and rose with difficulty. An Suwen tried to help her, but Hua Wanyue decline. The Hero Star expressionlessly stared at Su Xing: “If you do not want to kill Me right now? Then I shall take my leave.”

“Elder Sister, your body right now is very weak. If you catch the eyes of other people, you will be in grave trouble.” An Suwen promptly warned.

“Yes. Suwen is the Efficacious Star Divine Physician. She will be of great help to rapidly recovering your energy.” Su Xing nodded and spread out his hands: “I do not have any evil intentions towards you, don’t hesitate to relax.”

“I shall engrave your kindness into my mind, but that is unnecessary.” Hua Wanyue clearly was very resolute.

An Suwen looked anxiously at Su Xing. Su Xing was helpless and allowed her to leave.

Just when Hua Wanyue stepped into the forest, suddenly, there were whizzes.

Although Hua Wanyue was very feeble, her reactions were nevertheless quick. Retreating and dodging, that speartip flashed past and flit by. The Hero Star basically was incapable of blocking. Staggering backwards, she was about to fall over, yet she fell onto a burning hot chest. Her body immediately felt a manly Yang Fire burn.

Su Xing embraced her as he carried her away.

Hua Wanyue silently struggled. At this time, they spotted a figure walk out of the forest.

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  1.  紅玉裂星短槍
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