Chapter 286: The “Little Marquis of Wen” Lü Fang

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Golden light painted across the whole sky, bubbling with golden lotuses all over. Auspicious clouds gathered, and propitious vapors extended far away.

A nebula swiftly moved forth, and the cloud had three girls upon it.

A qilin bellowed in the horizon ahead. The golden cloud rolled about. Even if they were separated by more than a thousand li, they still could feel a tremendous presence oppress them, but the girl on the cloud dressed in a blue and white palace dress that was like a painting paid no heed. All of her attention was completely concerned with that horizon.

“For Elder Sister Qingci to go select Lu Junyi honestly is greatly outside of Jingzhi’s expectations.” The Living Goddess of Lightning Jingzhi watched the terrifying imposing air in front. She secretly swallowed down her saliva, gazing at Qingci very confused. Any way it was put, Lu Junyi was much harder to deal with compared to Hua Rong. This was a Fierce Star that did not sign a contract in a thousand years. After this Star General number one in martial force had been provoked by the previous Wu Song, perhaps she would be even more unwilling to sign a Star Duel Covenant.

Qingci was very calm. She really did not neglect Hero Star Hua Rong. Compared to Lu Junyi, Hua Rong was somewhat even better, but Qingci once saw Hua Rong in the Vermilion Bird Territory. At that time, Hua Rong had already declined her. Now, finding her once more perhaps would not have any other results. Qingci had an even more ingenious thought: “Hua Rong going to attack that Heavenly Hero Red Luan as she is right now certainly is not an opponent. From Your Servant’s understanding, she definitely will be defeated.”

“Then why does Elder Sister still go care about her?” Wang Jingzhi was even more bewildered.

Qingci shook her head: “Hua Rong’s temper is proud. Only with a defeat can her guard collapse…Your Servant has already made someone go protect Hua Rong. When she is defeated, that time will not be too late.”

Wang Jingzhi exclaimed: “Elder Sister truly is mindful.”

Qingci bitterly smiled. She had no other choice.

“That Lu Junyi perhaps also may not follow Elder Sister like this.” The Living Goddess of Lightning shook her head, not at all optimistic about Qingci’s other decision.

“The current Lu Junyi is very out of the ordinary. Her Star Weapon is reportedly already Four Star. If she can obtain her ‘qilin,’ then it can be said this generation’s Jade Qilin may be able to surpass the previous Wu Song in martial brilliance.” Qingci gave a mellow laugh.

“Ah? Four Star!!” The Living Goddess of Lightning nearly popped her eyeballs out. The Four Star of the Star Generals’ strongest Heavenly Star, would she not be able to overcome any obstacles. This was too excessive. “She unexpectedly has Four Star? What a powerful Elder Sister! How does Sister Qingci know?”

“It was Little Sister Qiongyu who informed Your Servant.” Qingci slightly smiled.

Wang Jingzhi was taken aback. Soon after, she was at ease, mumbling to herself: “No wonder she could advance to Four Star. The Jade Armed Craftsman must have helped her.” The Living Goddess of Lightning was not foolish, suddenly recalling that if they had a relationship Jin Dajian, then them going to Jade Qilin Lu Junyi now would be selling out on goodwill. Doing so to each foster a good relationship was something only to be expected. After all, whatever the case, the stronger the Jade Qilin was, the better for them. Thinking of this, Wang Jingzhi admired Qingci.

“Right, Elder Sister just said you sent someone to protect her. Could it be there are others who follow Elder Sister?” Wang Jingzhi saw that the Black Whirlwind Li Kui that followed like a shadow had not left at all, which was somewhat odd.

“En.” Qingci declined to comment further, saying only: “That is also a straightforward Little Sister. Your Servant is confident that Little Sister Wanyue will recognize her.”

“Yaaa, where have this Elder Sister’s thoughts gone off to?”

A youthful woman sauntered out. The short hair neatly on the back of her head was bound into several pig tails. She had yellow pupils, and the corner of her mouth slightly curled, a self-conceited attitude. She had quite a masculine air, her style of dress very sexy.

How did she dress? There was:

On her head was a cap with a feather, golden rings and jade ornaments; on her body was a Hundred Flowers Robe, a brocade with an embroidered design. Her armor was laid with thousand of fire dragon scales, her belt was wrapped with a cornelian, and her hand held a vermilion Sky Piercer.1 Underneath her armor, she had completely scarlet clothes and red armor.

It made people feel she was very angry.

This halberd was known as “Vermilion Colored Blood,”2 an awe-inspiring divine weapon that would leave gods and demons terror-stricken.

This newcomer.

The fifty-fourth ranked Aid Star Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang.3

“You are the Aid Star Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang?!” Hua Wanyue’s tone sunk.

“Elder Sister Hua Rong, you appear not too comfortable. Your Servant has accepted Master’s orders to come protect Elder Sister, and Your Servant must ask you not refuse.” Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang erected the Sky Piercer “Vermilion Colored Blood,” faintly grinning.

“It appears she indeed is very ambitious.” Hua Wanyue was pensive.

“Then, Elder Sister, Your Servant asks that you follow Fang’er.”4 Lü Fang invited, smiling confidently.

Su Xing at this time wrinkled his brow, feeling that things were somewhat odd. Although he knew that the flames could attract other Star Masters or Star Generals over, he did not think it would be unexpectedly this quick. It was as if this was already planned. Su Xing opened the Birth Treasure Outline.


A row of golden characters appeared.

Star Position: Aid Star

Star Name: Lü Fang5

Nickname: Little Marquis of Wen

True Name: Lü Fang6

Rank: Fifty-fourth

Star Weapon: Vermilion Colored Blood (Three Star)

Star Beast: ??? (? Rank)

Realm: Thousand Militaries Ninth Stage

Innate Skill: Outburst7

Five Elements: Gold

Yellow Rank Special Move: Blood Kill8

Dark Rank Special Move: Disaster Of Blood Light9

Current Status: Uprising (cannot be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

“Uprising again??” Su Xing was baffled. Could it be this was a special contract type??

“The Birth Treasure Outline??” Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang suddenly spotted Su Xing, and the corner of her mouth curled even higher. That pair of dull yellow pupils flashed with a tyrannical light. She looked Su Xing up and down, and then she also saw the An Suwen beside Su Xing. When she saw it was the Efficacious Star Divine Physician completely without out any martial force, she gave a big smile: “It is too interesting for a Galaxy Middle Stage Star Master that contracted the Efficacious Star to be able to obtain the Birth Treasure Outline.”

Su Xing’s expression sunk, for he smelt a familiar scent.

“Star Masters should die!” Aid Star Little Marquis of Wen raised the Sky Piercer, her smile turning from one of interest into indifference. “This Birth Treasure Outline is definitely not something Galaxy Middle Stage cultivators like you can possess. Hand it over to Your Servant, and Your Servant shall spare you!!”

“What if I refuse.” Su Xing beckoned with his hand, and the twelve Langya fluttered around his whole body, baring their fangs.

“Refuse? Heh, heh.” Lü Fang seemed to have anticipated this.

“Stop, they just saved Me. Lü Fang, stop!”

The atmosphere was one of mutual hostility, about to snap at any moment.

Hua Wanyue shouted all of a sudden. Although she was weak, her yell was still courageous.

The Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang was shaken. Immediately, she smiled disdainfully: “What joke is Elder Sister saying. This man is a Star Master, why would he save Elder Sister. Even if he did save Elder Sister, he definitely has other motives.” No one could blame her for believing this. If it was any other Star General, they also would not believe that a Star Master could still remain indifferent in their ambitions upon seeing one of the ten top-ranked Heavenly Stars.

To genuinely be unmoved, if they were not stupid, then they harbored evil intentions.

Seeing Su Xing was no more than Galaxy Middle Stage and surprisingly in possession of the Divine Item, Birth Treasure Outline, Lü Fang naturally felt that the heart of the man in front of her was sly. Even Hua Wanyue also briefly contemplated this way of thinking, but the Hero Star drew a line between what she liked and hated. She disdained this sort of vulgar and base psychology. She coldly blocked in front of Su Xing: “Regardless, that he saved Your Servant is fact!”

Hua Wanyue was very resolute. She knew that with the situation that Su Xing was currently in, confronting a Star General bode ill for them, let alone that the Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang inherited the Sky Piercer’s martial force which was not at all very low. Even if Su Xing had superb Flying Swords, he completely lacked any hope of success.

If they actually battled, Su Xing escaping was inevitable, and Hua Wanyue did not wish to implicate him.

“Elder Sister, stand aside!” Lü Fang was annoyed: “Could it be that Elder SIster has also been bewitched by this man? Star Masters are the enemies of all of us Sisters. They must die. Hmph, besides that Birth Treasure Outline, Your Servant also wants to play.”

“You truly wish to act?” Hua Wanyue’s eyes narrowed as she coldly spoke.

“Hmph, Elder Sister is this weak and is still bluffing? Tsk, tsk, it seems the Hero Star is no more than an idiot that can be deceived by a man.” Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang chuckled, speaking with hardly any misgivings.

“Do not be too unbridled.” An Suwen could not tolerate any more, shouting: “Big Brother does not wish to become enemies with you!”

“It seems that the Efficacious Star also is an idiot that has been deceived.” Lü Fang’s eyelids jumped. She suddenly showed excitement, eagerly smiling: “Just let Your Servant deliver justice on the behalf of Heaven this time!”

When her words fell, Lü Fang swayed, raising the Sky Piercer Vermilion Colored Blood to slash downwards.

A figure blocked in front of her. Hua Wanyue raised the Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear. With a heavy clang ringing down, Hua Wanyue nearly fell to a knee. The Sky Piercer’s heavy power made the skin of Hua Wanyue’s hands tear, nearly spraying out blood. If it was the normal Hero Star confronting Lü Fang, she would have more than enough to spare, but the Hua Rong in a weakened state basically was not an opponent. Let alone that this was Aid Star Little Marquis of Wen, even An Suwen could easily stab her to death.

Lü Fang shouted loudly, the red light of the Vermilion Colored Blood sending Hua Wanyue flying, again falling into Su Xing’s arms.

“You!” Hua Wanyue had been hugged by Su Xing several times. Her eyes were somewhat indignant, but she knew that her counterpart only wished to help her. Thus, she said nothing.

“Elder Sister Hero Star, you seem so weak. Heh, heh, to defeat the Elder Sister ranked number nine, the feeling truly is superb,” Lü Fang said in enjoyment, the corner of her mouth rising higher and higher.

This sort of feeling was probably that of a dragon swimming in the river happening across a prawn.

The Hero Star was not angry, but she sneered: “I truly disdain to associate with this kind of Little Sister!”

“Hmph, what is Elder Sister so confident for.” The Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang’s tone sunk again, very dissatisfied: “Don’t all of you incredible Heavenly Stars always never look upon us Earthly Star Sisters? Is that not so? You must be thinking, ‘Aiya, they all are a flock who know not the immensity of Heaven and Earth. Little Sisters that seek their own death, you are not an opponent no matter how you upgrade or how hard you try,’ right? Elder Sister Hua Rong!”

Lü Fang’s sneer made them stirred.

“I have never thought this way. I look upon all the Sisters as companions.” Hua Wanyue coldly said, but a slightly hard to perceive sorrow appeared in her tone.

“You speak so pleasantly, then why must you obstruct Little Sister?” Lü Fang said.

“He saved Me. How can I watch with folded arms.” Hua Wanyue said.

“Big talk, ridiculous big talk. If Elder Sister is determined to be swindled by a man, then do not blame Your Servant for her ruthlessness.” Lü Fang’s hands raised the Vermilion Colored Blood, her killing intent glimpsed: “Lü Fang also wants to make Elder Sister Hero Star taste the feeling of us Earthly Star Sisters being oppressed by the Heavenly Star Elder Sisters…” Her pupils showed a fighting intent that would make people feel shocked. Her imposing air could not be looked directly into, and when Su Xing finished hearing her words, he was in admiration.

“Come then!”

Hua Wanyue faintly said.

“Courting death!”

Lü Fang indignantly shouted, the braids on the back of her head flying. The Sky Piercer unleashed an insufferably arrogant drive.

Hua Wanyue was incomparably calm, even not executing any sort of defensive movements.


A man stood straight between them.

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  1. 畫桿方天戟, this is a special type of halberd, the same type that Lü Bu used, specifically the “Evened Heavenly Stroking Halberd.”
  2. 朱顏血, this is also the name of an apparently famous and notorious series of Chinese adult novels with dark storylines.
  3. 地佐星小溫侯呂方 In the Water Margin, Lü Fang was someone who emulated Lü Bu.
  4. 芳兒
  5. 呂方
  6. 呂芳, a homophone of 呂方
  7.  爆發
  8.  血殺
  9.  血光之災


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      Each realm has Early, Middle, and Late stages.

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