Chapter 287: Matchless Blood Demon

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“Elder Sister, properly taste the tragedy of us Earthly Star Sisters!”

Lü Fang was furious. Her thin braids fluttered, and the Sky Piercer slashed down at Hua Wanyue without any hesitation. The Hua Wanyue that was an arrow at the end of its path basically could not execute any defensive movements. Just at this time, a man stood between them, his hand hefting a golden Buddhist sword to block.

“You damned man, you truly are annoying. You wish to play hero in front of Your Servant?”

Seeing that Su Xing acted, Lü Fang showed surprise. Hua Wanyue also felt surprised. Across all of Liangshan, the number of Star Masters that dared contend against a Star General in martial force perhaps could be counted with fingers.

Upon seeing that golden Buddhist sword, Lü Fang’s killing intent was even more concentrated, and she even sneered.

“The Vajra Evil Smiting Sword! Your Servant just knew that the words of a despicable and shameless Star Master were for show. Secretly, you killed my Sister.”

Su Xing slightly sighed, for there was nothing to explain.

“Suwen, take Hua Wanyue and go. I’ll stall her here!”

An Suwen nodded and immediately supported Hua Wanyue.

“I do not wish to owe you any more favors!” Hua Wanyue’s complexion was somewhat unsightly.

“Elder Sister, do not be stubborn. Big Brother only means well for you!” An Suwen promptly said. How could Hua Wanyue bear An Suwen’s strength.

Aid Star Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang laughed, no longer concerned with Hua Wanyue. She originally wanted to kill Su Xing, “You truly are overconfident, unexpectedly thinking of contending against Your Servant. This is even better. Your Servant will play with you then.”

“Careful that you don’t play your life away.” Su Xing showed an absolute gentleman’s smile.


Lü Fang smiled despite her anger.

Striding forward, past a distance of several zhang, the Vermilion Colored Blood slashed heavy as Mount Tai. The air was cut apart with a hua-la.

The light of the twelve Langya formed a Sword Array that successively attacked, yet it was unable to persist for long before being struck apart by the Sky Piercer. Immediately afterwards, the girl slashed head-on.

“Accept death!!”

A chilly cutting edge cut apart the air, and a cold light dazzled.


Su Xing did not hesitate at all to raise the Vajra Evil Smiting Sword to clash head directly.

The sword blade sunk. Su Xing nearly bent back, for Lü Fang’s power was far stronger than he imagined. As expected of Lü Bu-like character.

In their first exchange, the skin of Su Xing’s hand immediately split, and the Vajra Evil Smiting Sword nearly flew out of his hands. This damned Lü Fang’s strength was unexpectedly so valiant. Originally, being able to trade blows with Li Kui already made Su Xing somewhat self-confident. How could he have anticipated that Lü Fang would once again exceed his expectations. It was just that in regards to pure power, he really was not inferior, but in this aspect, there was factor that Su Xing had not yet recovered a portion of his strength.

To have battled with the Black Whirlwind Li Longkui and then battling with Aid Star Little Marquis of Wen not long after, ordinary Star Masters basically could not persist.

Lü Fang’s dull yellow pupils showed astonishment, not expecting Su Xing to be able to block her first attack. The girl felt humiliated. She angrily shouted, swept both hands, a slash like wind.

The Vermilion Colored Blood’s power directly jolted Su Xing back. His figure fell over backwards and slid, stopping only after several meters.

Footfalls like lightning rolled forth.

Su Xing had barely caught his breath when an ice-cold blood-light already flit below his eyelids. Lü Bu raised the Sky Piercer and rushed forth, with an abundance of stamping apart mountains and rivers.

“Do not be impudent in front of Your Servant!”

The Sky Piercer cut out a blood-light that instantly attacked.

This was the Little Marquis of Wen’s Yellow Rank Special Move.

Blood Kill!

Su Xing grit his teeth. Both his hands gripped the Sword, his whole body’s strength concentrated into his wrists. He stepped forward without the least bit of fear. Their first exchange shook their eardrums with the sound of resounding clangs of metal. The light of Blood Kill attacked Su Xing’s body, and a kind severing feeling was apparently about to tear Su Xing’s body apart. Su Xing fully exerted his Star Energy, the Boulder Armor created with Purple Cloud True Star disintegrated, unexpectedly cut to pieces.

His body slightly lowered, and the Vajra Evil Smiting Sword hacked at the girl’s legs.

Knowing that the Vajra Evil Smiting Sword could not manifest for too long, Su Xing wanted to settle things quickly.

Lü Fang jumped to evade, and then the twelve Langya sliced from behind. Lü Fang slashed without even turning her head. The Vermilion Colored Blood cracked open a line of blood-colored light that struck back the Langya’s sneak attack. A chill came from behind, and Lü Fang disdainfully smirked.

The Vajra Evil Smiting Sword slashed down from overhead.

The swordblade’s edge flit across Lü Fang’s cheek. Her hair unexpectedly had been severed by the weapon’s sword qi. This man fought actually fought without the slightest bit of discrimination towards the fairer sex. It seemed he was not that stupid?!

Lü Fang sneered. Although she did not need any pity from the enemy, immediately afterwards, Lü Fang sliced back with a speed that would not lose out to thunder. Su Xing only felt his eyes dazzle. Fortunately, that he steeled himself through previous battled with so many Star Generals was not just talk. Su Xing also was somewhat accustomed to battles against Star Generals. If it was any other Star Cultivation, they would already be cut into at this time. Lin Yingmei’s “Battle Doctrine” immediately made itself clear.

Su Xing lowered his figure, raised his head. He caught up with the Little Marquis of Wen’s battle rhythm, forcibly making this slash of Lü Fang stick close past his forehead. Because of the blade against his forehead, the edge cut open a thin line of blood. Su Xing seized this chance and immediately stabbed.

The swordtip directly stabbed through, executing a lightning-like attack.

There was an intense clanging noise.

The Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang stood the Sky Piercer up, blocking this sudden stab. Regardless of how fast Su Xing was, before the martial force a Star General exerted, especially before a martial force Star General, he had that little wee bit of feeling powerless.

He saw Lü Fang was like a stone carving, steadily planted into the ground, not withdrawing in the slightest, allowing the original chance to stab to pass. The Su Xing that once again used Great Wisdom King Cleave to attack was caught unprepared and could only dispel this way of thinking.

He saw Lü Fang’s gloomy expression.

“What? Has Your Servant greatly surprised you?” Su Xing faintly smiled, withdrawing to a certain distance, not losing to the Little Marquis of Wen in imposing aura.

“Hm, hm, hm.” Lü Fang continuously laughed coldly. “You are a swindler, as expected, a damned swindler.”

“Very good, very good!” Lü Fang smiled despite her anger. Both her hands gripped the Sky Piercer. “To be able to reach this stage. Extremely good!” The Little Marquis of Wen’s whole body burst with an angry qi. She pressed onwards with earth-shattering power, unexpectedly forcing Su Xing back several paces again, nearly destabilizing him. Even someone like Su Xing nearly fell over.

“To make you die under the Disaster of Blood Light, truly is Your Servant’s humiliation!” Lü Fang laughed out loud.

Just at this moment, Su Xing saw that Vermilion Colored Blood in the girl’s hand flash with thousands of rays of blood-light.

Hua Wanyue was helped several hundred meters away by An Suwen. The sounds of battle behind them were increasingly inaudible. Hero Star Hua Rong recovered a bit of her strength, one hand stopping their advance. She looked at the Efficacious Star, her expression surprised yet also puzzled: “Why are you so confident in him?”

“What is Elder Sister saying?” An Suwen did not understand.

“So do you not worry that man will be killed by the Little Marquis of Wen?” Hua Wanyue’s eyes narrowed at the depths of the forest, her tone unfathomable.

“Suwen naturally worries about Big Brother, but Suwen also believes in Big Brother.” An Suwen calmly answered. Having gone through such a long time together, the Efficacious Star was fully aware that Su Xing’s personality was absolutely not that sort of bold but not astute. Since Su Xing dared to act, nothing would happen. Even if indeed he was not that Little Marquis of Wen’s opponent, Su Xing still had the Jade Pendant protecting him.

In actuality, An Suwen also had her own thoughts. Seeing Hua Wanyue not having signed a contract and also having been saved by Su Xing, and with him even going out of his way to fight a Star General for Hua Wanyue, if this continued, they certainly could leave behind a very good impression of her Big Brother in Hero Star Hua Rong’s mind. Afterwards, even if they could not sign a contract, it could not be said for certain she would not become one of the Sisters.

Just like Wu Siyou and Chai Ling.

For this point, how could An Suwen not know.

Hua Wanyue did not think that much. The facts were exactly as An Suwen anticipated. This manner of Su Xing’s definitely was outside of Hua Rong’s expectations. To be frank, she had never seen a Star Master like this. Of course, the Hero Star did not feel that counterpart had any schemes. The Hero Star had her own bottom line. This bottom line and Su Xing’s bottom line were basically the same – in the future Star Duels, Hua Wanyue would not be enemies with Su Xing and would she be willing to help him, but if the latter became hostile, she would not be polite.

With this criterion, Hua Wanyue actually did not fear Su Xing would have any designs on her.

At the very worst, if nothing else, it was to sign a contract. Thinking of this, Hua Wanyue’s heart abruptly stirred. She suddenly recalled her own experience with danger. Being extremely weak, she basically had no way to resist any Star Master that wanted to sign a contract with her. If she actually signed a contract in the Third Phase Evil Smiting Hall, to be frank, Hua Wanyue would have no choice but to accept her misfortune, but that man had not yet taken advantage of her.

Hua Wanyue immediately thought, that man has a Star General, so naturally he could not contract other Star Generals. That faint stirring in her heart promptly was buried.

If An Suwen knew Hua Wanyue’s thoughts, she definitely would shout out to inform the Hero Star of the fact Su Xing did not have limits on how many sisters he could contract. At that time, perhaps this stirring of hers would go out of hand, but An Suwen’s heart still somewhat worried for Su Xing. How could she have thought this much, and she missed the opportunity to have Su Xing leave behind an even more profound impression.

“With a Little Sister like you, that man ought to know contentment.” Hua Wanyue said.

“Elder Sister, let us first find a safe place and then talk.” An Suwen said.

“No! I do not wish to owe him!” Hua Wanyue shook her head, the Heaven Earth Sun Moon Bow in hand.

“But Elder Sister’s condition?” An Suwen hesitated.

“Little Sister Suwen, could it be you are willing to let your man face danger?” Hua Wanyue said calmly.

An Suwen shook her head.

“Then it is settled.” Hua Wanyue drew the bow into a full moon, and she faintly smiled.


Fireworks exploded everywhere.

Su Xing’s body leaked cold sweat. At a swift speed, Lü Fang wrist lowered, and the Sky Piercer drew a circle.

His attack was carried out in that instant!

Practically when the blood-light became a disaster, Su Xing immediately used the Vajra Evil Smiting Sword’s Great Wisdom King Cleave without any hesitation. An enormous golden light beam rushed forth. Lü Fang laughed aloud, for the blood-light had been weakened but not yet stopped.

Contending against Lü Fang’s Sky Piercer gave rise to an enormous attack, and even the earth shuddered. The air wildly rolled. Su Xing called forth Langya, the Flying Swords arranging themselves. His figure moved, the green light on the sword’s edge concentrated into a sharp sword-light, ripping apart the air.

The Flying Swords became an array, and a clear light descended.

The blood-light nevertheless was fierce and unequalled as before. Lü Fang instantly attacked. Regardless of speed, angle, power as well as willpower, she was impeccable perfection.

This slash was perfect without compare.

The crimson colored Sky Piercer’s countless blood-lights appeared like threads and trapped Su Xing’s hands and feet. He was incapable of budging. As if the gates of hell had opened, like liberated hungry ghosts, the blood-light became phantoms that attacked.

Su Xing was startled.

Lü Fang was delighted.

Shockingly, this was her new Dark Rank Technique.

Matchless Blood Demon!!1

Author’s Note:

Five chapters…

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