Chapter 288: If You Turn Against Me, Then I Will Turn Against You

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The Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang laughed. The Disaster Of Blood Light  became hundreds of blood demons that wrapped around Su Xing’s arms and legs. Lü Fang seized the chance to raise the Vermilion Colored Blood and slash downwards. Su Xing remain composed. He coldly chuckled, and the Purple Cloud on his body immediately shot out, becoming like sharp swords. The Purple Cloud True Star was the Earth Book’s paramount Star Magic. The intertwined blood demons immediately were torn apart. At the same time, Langya slashed, his five fingers flicked, and he fired Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

This ability could be said to be his signature.

Lü Fang turned pale from fright. She leaned her body and flung the Sky Piercer to block Langya, and then she contended against the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

Just at this time, out of the corner of Lü Fang’s eye, she felt a slight golden light flit by. The Little Marquis of Wen froze. She turned her head around and saw that the man in front of her opened both his hands. Twelve golden Flying Swords sprayed out from his body. This sword’s golden scales twinkled, its tip pressing, with a vaguely visible golden dragon hissing. A sort of powerful imposing air made Lü Fang’s limbs ice-cold.

The twelve Heaven Tearing Metal Swords nourished in his body for so long finally could count as being somewhat energetic. Su Xing lightly pointed his finger.

Heaven Tearing whistled as they flew out.

Golden light linked together, ripping out a whistle.

How could the Aid Star Little Marquis of Wen at this time react in time. The twelve golden swords pierced through her body. The girl screamed, but this Aid Star’s Innate Skill “Outburst” activated at the critical moment. Her whole body’s Star Energy greatly swelled, and she strongly blocked Heaven Tearing’s unbridled qi flame. When Langya slashed, Lü Fang firmly glared at Su Xing, to engrave this man into her memory. “You stinking man, Your Servant is not finished with you!!”

Disgraceful, ah, disgraceful, thought the Little Marquis of Wen who had been trampled on by a Heaven Star. Now, even a Galaxy Middle Stage Star Master could defeat her.


Not knowing just who she was cursing, the Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang’s silhouette seemingly rippled.

The Wood Sword Langya and the Metal Sword Heaven Tearing pounced upon empty space. The Aid Star Little Marquis of Wen had already escaped from Evil Smiting Hall.

Su Xing’s fingers moved, and the Heaven Tearing dragon roared in the air before looping back inside his body.

Langya returned to his front. With the Flying Swords made from the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo nourished inside his body, Heaven Tearing’s recovery speed was also optimistic.

Just as Su Xing was thinking.

All of a sudden, an air-shattering sound shook.

A light-like arrow shot directly at him. Su Xing tilted his head, and he avoided the arrow.

“Are you plotting against your husband’s life?”1 Su Xing unconsciously said.

Hero Star Hua Rong and Efficacious Star Divine Physician walked out, “What did you say!” Hua Wanyue’s tone was offended. Apparently, she did not like being made fun of wantonly.

Su Xing shrugged his shoulders and asked An Suwen why they returned.

Hua Wanyue could not see a trace of the Little Marquis of Wen and looked somewhat shocked at Su Xing. “She fled the Evil Smiting Hall?”


“You unexpectedly can defeat a Star General?” Hua Wanyue looked at Su Xing with a somewhat odd expression. In her impression, although the Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang was not a dominating character in martial force, she still could not be easily looked down on. On one hand, how could average Star Generals provoke the Sky Piercer battle techniques. She originally thought that Su Xing was merely Galaxy Middle Stage. This sort of cultivation could only count as second rate at this point in the Star Duels. Let alone defeating the Little Marquis of Wen, being closed in on, he would have been ravaged.

“Of course I can’t beat you if I bumped into you, but average martial force Star Generals are still doable.” Fortunately, he had Lin Chong’s “Battle Doctrine” and often fought with Star Generals, the so-called product of his environment. In the Star Duels against Star Generals, any way it was put, Su Xing had some confidence in himself, to say nothing of his two Immemorial Sword Chants. Compared to the Black Whirlwind, the Little Marquis of Wen that could only be rude was behind by several streets, naturally not worth a mention.

Hua Wanyue stared at Su Xing, finding she truly could not fathom him. She slightly shook her head, no longer wasting her thoughts.

“Your favor this time, Hua Rong engraves to memory. I am sure we will meet again someday.” Hua Wanyue lowered her heavy pace and was determined to leave. An Suwen looked helplessly at Su Xing, completely lacking options.

Su Xing smiled: “Hua Wanyue, can you help me with something?”

Hua Wanyue turned her head and cast a cautious glance, not replying.

“It’s like this, Little Sister Suwen wants to capture the Star Beast Good Fortune, but we’ve wasted too much time. I want to have you help us. Treat it as remuneration, and I’ll help you catch the red luan, how’s that?” Su Xing calmly said.

An Suwen and Hua Wanyue were very surprised.

“Good Fortune? As far as I know, this beast is incapable of being harmed in the slightest. It can only be slowly consoled and influenced in order to be captured. I only understand archery, what can I help with?” Hua Wanyue asked.

“Big Brother?” An Suwen was confused.

“I just thought of a way. It can save Little Sister time.” Su Xing smiled.

“What way do you have?” Hua Wanyue was bewildered.

“Of course it’s to have Hua Wanyue play a reverse role. With Wanyue’s arrow arts, we definitely can do it.” Su Xing unconsciously called Hua Wanyue, “Wanyue.” Hua Wanyue’s brows rose. Her attention already attracted by Su Xing’s plan, she could only wrinkle her brows towards this address.

“How do we do this.”

Su Xing compliantly explained. In actuality, the method he conceived was very simple yet very surprising somewhat. As everyone knew, the Good Fortune was influenced by the humaneness of a person. Previous Efficacious Stars captured it only after several months’ time of close contact with the Good Fortune before it finally was subdued. In addition, so long as there were any injurious deeds, the Efficacious Star basically could not recruit the Good Fortune beast.

Since when did subdue necessarily mean “familiarity breeds closeness?” Su Xing took a different approach, and then he thought to have Hua Wanyue act as a hunter to go hunt for the Good Fortune, and to have An Suwen act as the comforter to pacify the startled Good Fortune beast. Of course, to have Hua Wanyue deliberately use the arrows from time to time to make grazing injuries. As long as it could make the Good Fortune beast fall into a sort of panicked state, that would be fine.

An Suwen would then use her healing, which certainly could be twice the work with half the effort.

When Su Xing finished speaking his thoughts, the two girls were dumb as wooden chickens.

“How about it? Won’t this plan work?” Su Xing asked when he saw they said nothing.

An Suwen nodded, her eyes filled with happiness: “Big Brother, this plan is truly very wonderful.”

“En, indeed you can capture the Good Fortune even more quickly.” Hua Wanyue had no choice but to admit that the thoughts of the man in front of her were very meticulous. To use the double tricks of “hunt and soothe” to go capture the Star Beast was the plan he thought of.

Previous Star Generals would not necessarily not think of this method, but they were without a hunter that could control her arrow arts to the summit like Hero Star Hua Rong. Secondly, there was no lack of time to completely not use to worry about.

“I will help you this time.” Hua Wanyue nodded.

“Good, treat it as thanks. I’ll help Hua Wanyue capture that luan.” Su Xing was blunt.

Hua Wanyue coldly said: “Unnecessary. This time, I owe you. I can settle the Heavenly Hero Red Luan.”

“I already said, you don’t owe me. I saved you only because you saved me. Business settled. Hua Wanyue, you said so yourself that you don’t want to owe others favors, and I don’t want to either. If you don’t agree, then we don’t need to trouble you with Suwen’s Star Beast.” Su Xing shook his head.

Hua Wanyue did not foresee Su Xing would speak so resolutely.

An Suwen took the opportunity to say: “Actually, Big Brother also likes Elder Sister. He does not hold any evil intentions towards Elder Sister at all. Elder Sister, please agree.”

Hua Wanyue’s mouth gaped speechless. Was she allowed to decline? If she did not help An Suwen quickly obtain her Star Beast, then Hua Wanyue herself would feel very apologetic, “Do you truly wish to help Me? Could it be you do not know the consequences?”

“To be able to become friends with Hua Wanyue, what consequences could there be?” Su Xing asked back, smiling very happily.

Hua Wanyue’s face was slightly red. This was the first time she had been described this directly as a friend by a man.

“Then, good. I shall oblige you. However you treat Me, then I shall treat you however.”

Hua Wanyue’s words very much would let someone’s imagination roam. Someday, whether you treat me as an enemy or friend, then I will treat you as an enemy or friend accordingly. Her original idea was to leave some leeway. However, to Su Xing’s ears, it was that sort of “if you turn against me, then I will turn against you” idea.

“Then, I love you. Do you love me?” Su Xing’s careful considerations emerged again.

An Suwen was at a loss.

Hua Wanyue softly snorted, disdainful.

Su Xing invited a snub. He laughed in embarrassment, and An Suwen snuck in a laugh.

The Good Fortune leisurely drank water, its eyes alert of its surroundings.

A rustle broke the air suddenly, like a bowstring snapping.

An arrow brushed past in front of the Good Fortune’s eyes. This Immortal Deer received a fright, and it immediately kicked off and hopped away, rapidly fleeing. In the forest, it quickly skipped, but that arrow practically was like bone cellulitis. Everytime, it grazed past the Good Fortune, blocking the Good Fortune’s escape route, but everytime, it just exactly allowed the Good Fortune to escape.

If there was an astute hunter present, they would immediately discern that the arrow’s shooter was not at all thinking of killing this Star Beast. Those frightfully accurate arrow arts completely did not miss their target, feigning a confused situation, deliberately using the arrows to force the Good Fortune seemingly to a planned escaped route.

Arrows whistled.

The Good Fortune’s deer antlers released a dazzling clear light that advanced towards the arrows, but it basically could not obstruct the arrow’s penetration.

There was a cry, for the arrow stuck into the Good Fortune’s lower leg. The Immortal Deer collapsed onto the ground with a thud. The Good Fortune beast possessed self-healing abilities, but this arrow was concentrated with Star Energy, not scattering when the wound was created. For the time being, the Good Fortune could only whine.

Gradually, the Good Fortune ceased its cries, and its eyes were somewhat despairing.

Just at this time, a gentle girl dressed in blue clothes gingerly stepped out. When she saw the fallen Good Fortune, she cried out. Her eyes showed pain from her heart. Upon seeing this girl, the Good Fortune blinked its large eyes and cried out several times, its voice exceptionally warm.

“Suwen will help you!” An Suwen’s eyes had reluctance. Her forehead’s Star Crest twinkled, and her hand comforted the Good Fortune’s wound. The Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles stuck in, and her hand rippled with a green aura brimming with life.

On a tree several hundred meters away.

Standing upon it was a man and a woman. The man had a soldierly stature while the woman was heroic and valiant. At first glance, they seemed to be a pair of companion Immortals. The girl put away her bow, her arm gracefully hanging down. Those beautiful flower-like eyes were full of elegance.

“Su Xing, you truly are a cruel man!” Hua Wanyue watched that Good Fortune cry, somewhat with pity and regret. She looked at the man next to her, saying: “For you to plot as such against Little Sister Suwen’s Star Beast, what do you feel Little Sister would think?”

Su Xing rolled his eyes at her, “Never thought Hua Wanyue would have such a melancholy face.”


“However, Suwen truly is forgiving…” Su Xing watched the An Suwen currently soothing the Good Fortune. In the girl’s eyes was a motherly tenderness that made Su Xing touched. As the Efficacious Star, she had to be very reluctant to see her own Star Beast suffer such hardship

“As long as you know. It truly is your fortune to have a Little Sister like this.” Hua Wanyue said.

Su Xing laughed and nodded approvingly.

Hua Wanyue glanced at Su Xing, understanding this guy was somewhat unfathomable, and she no longer said anything more.

In the grove far away, a blue light fluttered out of the trees. Suddenly, the Good Fortune’s body flashed with a Star Crest that also enveloped An Suwen.

When Su Xing saw, he knew.

Finally, the Star Beast Good Fortune had been captured.

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