Chapter 289: The Red Luan’s Stirring Heart

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Su Xing and Hua Wanyue walked towards An Suwen, and they saw that the Good Fortune beast was currently docile as it nestled against the girl’s body. Those clear eyes twinkled with a peculiar light. Its whole body emitted a clear light that was like a faint mirage, making An Suwen appear somewhat exceedingly refined. Perhaps it was because the Good Fortune suffered unprecedented circumstances this time that after it became An Suwen’s Star Beast, this Immortal Deer seemed even more psychic, its power clearly stronger than before.

Hua Wanyue looked at Su Xing and continuously grinned coldly, not expecting that a lucky success would make the Divine Physician’s Star Beast even more powerful.

“Next is to help you.” Su Xing nodded his head as he extended his hand to pet the Good Fortune.

This Star Beast was very gentle. Feeling the clear light all over its body would give one a peaceful feeling from the heart.

“You were serious?” Hua Wanyue’s brows rose, showing a cautious expression.

“If a gentleman says it, it shall be done as fast as a horse spurred once.”1 Su Xing answered with finality.

“You must know that the Star Beast I want to find is the Heavenly Hero Red Luan bird…” Hua Wanyue cautiously said.

“Of course I know, and I even had the fortune to see it.” Su Xing smiled and said.

Hua Wanyue still wanted to say something, but Su Xing interrupted her: “If we aren’t enemies, then helping you is naturally understandable. Maybe someday I’ll even have to count on your arrow arts, Hua Rong.”

Hua Wanyue contemplated for a time, as if she was considering the advantages and disadvantages of this matter, but she thought back and forth, only finding this was pure benefit with little harm to herself. Originally, for Hua Wanyue to capture the Red Luan on her own would be very difficult. Without outside force suppressing the red luan, however more brilliant she was with her arrow arts, she basically could not display them. Now, with Su Xing acting to help her in addition to the Efficacious Star An Daoquan’s exceptional medical arts, to capture the Red Luan bird indeed had a very big chance.

Hua Wanyue did not wish to be overly careful. Moreover, she indeed very much wanted to obtain the Red Luan. “Then good, I shall cooperate with you.”

“Happy to cooperate.” Su Xing extended his hand.

Hua Wanyue was somewhat puzzled. She hesitated, and then she also extended a hand, clasping his.

Atop an ancient tree in the Fairyland Spirit Platform, the Red Luan currently lied down asleep in a tree. Its transparent vermilion wings sparkled, clear and gorgeous. Those feathers’ flowing red light enveloped the tree, making it appear exceptionally enchanting.

“Big Brother, be more alert.” An Suwen softly reminded.

Su Xing nodded. His hand rose, and the twenty-four Heaven Tearing and Langya Flying Swords spurted forth with a whoosh. The two lights of gold and green reflected each other and lingered. The Flying Swords revolved. Su Xing shot a glance, and then he formed a hand seal. Purple clouds shot into the sky, becoming an enormous hand that grabbed at the Red Luan. It was at the same time that the twenty-four Flying Swords like divine orders, slashing with whooshes.

The Red Luan opened its eyes, shrieking a bird cry.

Scarlet light burned the skies and shot out.

Suddenly, there was an explosion.

Su Xing leaned. He took several steps forward and raised the Intertwined Branch Sword to attack.

Several dozen li away, atop a similar tree.

Hua Wanyue stood facing the wind, the corners of her skirt flapping. Her slim curves were clearly visible. Hua Wanyue pulled the bow into a full moon, nocked an arrow, and passed Star Energy through the bowstring into the arrow. Those elegant pupils were steady as water, completely without ripples.

The faraway explosion and sounds of battle were increasingly fierce. Faintly, she could see the giant Red Luan continuously flap its wings, red light flowing out of its feathers, like a galaxy hanging upside down, as if everything was falling down. A figure quickly moved to and fro within the scarlet light, endlessly launching attacks on the Red Luan. Occasionally, it forced to the limit by the Red Luan yet it still was unwilling to surrender. Around his body were twenty-four powerful Flying Swords dancing about.

The Red Luan began to suppress all around it. Each time its wings flapped, it would make that youth show little panic. Sometimes, he would be cut by that scarlet light and left with ghastly wounds, but everything was incapable of obstructing the youth’s attacks on the Red Luan, as if he would never stop.

Hua Wanyue was completely silent.

A vexed expression appeared in her bright eyes – she, the Hero Star, believed that no one in Liangshan could make her stirred. Originally, even acquaintances that she had good relations with came to seek her out to participate in the Star Duels together. She had not the slightest bit of interest, and the reason was very simple. Hua Wanyue had never needed manipulation and was unwilling to be anyone’s battle puppet.

The things able to make the Hero Star moved did not exist at all.

But a destabilization had now appeared in this sort of frame of mind. Ever since that man called Su Xing saved her, he gave her an extremely exceptional feeling. Obviously, he was a Star Master, yet he completely lacked the attitude a Star Master ought to have.

Avarice, bloodthirst, recklessness, attacks by any means, nothing of the sort manifested on his person.

Regardless of whether this was an act or his natural inclination, at least he indeed made Hua Wanyue feel bewildered, especially here and now. Su Xing was reflected in Hua Wanyue’s pupils. He was currently staking all of his power to pester the Red Luan, clearly in a precarious position. For that firm expression, Hua Wanyue had that instant of a stirred heart.

Hua Wanyue locked the bow and arrow onto Su Xing, her expression cold as ice. So long as she was willing, just by relaxing a finger, the Hero Star had absolute confidence that she could use the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow to erase this man that disturbed her mind completely from the world…With just a gentle release…The girl’s breathing was somewhat indistinct. After several breaths, the arrow already was a completely white light. The Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Rong was silent for a long time, her arms becoming a horizontal line. In that moment, the wind flowing around Hua Wanyue’s whole body immediately stilled.

Hua Wanyue’s eyes flashed with a chill.

The bowstring cried, the arrow whistled, launching an attack, and there was a wild wind.


A powerful hurricane shook the air surrounding Hua Wanyue’s whole body crashed around.

The arrow carved out a trail that disappeared before her eyes.

When it appeared in front of Su Xing, the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow stuck into the Red Luan’s belly with a bang.

There was red light just like shattered glass.

The luan bird screamed.

Hua Wanyue no longer hesitated, immediately using several trees as springboards to fly over.

“Life Returning Magic Hands!”

An Suwen’s white fingers danced. The Good Fortune nearby raised its antlers, and an indestructible life force surrounded Su Xing’s whole body that resisted the Red Luan’s crimson light. Su Xing shouted, and the Flying Swords simultaneously attacked. The red light of the Red Luan’s whole body was like a barrier that blocked the Flying Swords’ attack. At the same time, its graceful crest angrily shot a ray of light at Su Xing. This damned man honestly was too “inseparable.”

“Big Brother, look out.” An Suwen cried out.

The Red Luan shook out a tidal wave that sent Su Xing flying, several dozen crimson lights like poison snakes biting at him.

A soft body caught Su Xing in midair. This soft feeling made Su Xing nearly reluctant to leave.

It was none other than Hua Wanyue’s chest.

“Leave this to Your Servant.” Hua Wanyue saw the Red Luan unexpectedly had been exhausted to the limit by Su Xing. She was very surprised and unwilling to let Su Xing finish the whole thing for her.

Su Xing descended onto a tree, raised his head and just happened to spot Hua Wanyue’s graceful heroic beauty.

The sound of air shattering echoed continuously.

Hua Wanyue drew the bow and fired an arrow, an arrow like a flashing meteor that tore apart the scarlet light.

The Red Luan flapped its wings.

A crimson-colored storm engulfed the surrounding mountain forest. Its whole body emitted light as if it was a dazzling sun.


Hua Wanyue’s eyes were burning. This time, she pulled the bow and fired an arrow with a suddenly different imposing air.

Her whole body’s energy seemed to burn inside the arrow.

An arrow was launched.

Unexpectedly, the arrow produced luan bird phantoms, and one of them intermingled directly into the red luan’s abdomen.

There was a loud boom.

A phoenix cry trailed off.

A blinding light glittered in the sky.

Su Xing opened his eyes and saw Hua Wanyyue was falling like a kite with its string cut. He caught the girl upon his chest with both hands. Seeing her do her utmost, he was somewhat startled.

“I have exhausted my abilities. With this, you and I are even.”

Hua Wanyue said in a soft voice.

Su Xing nodded, not saying a word.

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  1.  君子一言快馬一鞭


  1. [A vexed expression appeared in her bright eyes – she, the Hero Star, believed that no one in Liangshan could make her stirred.]

    A common sentiment that nearly every Star General that has gotten to know Su Xing has thought or said.

    Even the Deviance Star, Liu Qing was quite envious of Lin Yingmei for being with Su Xing right before she died.

    Qingci was right though. If she were alone, Wany ut e would likely have been unable to get her Star Beast on her own, to say nothing of almost beaten captured by Lü Fang.

    …Speaking of, I wonder if she’ll let Qingci know about what happened.

  2. At this point su Xing should be called the husband star Master, either the maidens he come across love him or hate him. And we already know that from hate to love there is only a thin Line.

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