Chapter 29: The Girl With Clothes Purer Than Snow

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 From An Suwen came valuable information. The southern area of Heavenly Water City had an ancient tomb that was finally recently opened by a brave few to the public, and inside the tomb was a formidable obstacle. Reportedly, the burial site was concealing a certain mechanism. As long as the conditions of this mechanism were met, the mechanism would release and open. However, the most interesting thing was that there were not any sort of hints that pointed out the ancient tomb’s mechanism. This was rather rare, and furthermore, every single Star Cultivator that went to see the ancient tomb all left confounded, with no exception.

This piqued Su Xing’s and Wu Xinjie’s interest. The more puzzles there were, the more excited the two became.

Several dozen minutes later, Su Xing arrived there. Around the surroundings of the ancient tomb were gathered many cultivators locked in discussion. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, the Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie secretly entered into the Star Nest. Being inside the Star Nest was not really a problem since she could still feel what Su Xing was perceiving.

Su Xing discreetly examined these cultivators. It really was as An Suwen said. Most of their Star Energies were at the Nebula Stage, so it looks like they indeed came here for the Blooming Water Divine Thunder.

“There isn’t a single hint at all. It looks like this was made to make fun of people.”

“En, is our friend here also stumped?”

“Forget about it. Let’s leave, there’s nothing to see here.”

The cultivators in the courtyard each had their own expressions. Some were lost deep in thought, whereas others were shaking their heads as they thumbed through books. Some were even storming off in a huff. There was also an odd type of Star Cultivator among the cultivators gathered there. They weren’t thinking about the mechanism within the tomb, nor were they leaving the area. Each formed a small group, and their eyes were glued to the Star Cultivators that came to look at the tomb earlier, full of cunning.

This sort of situation couldn’t help but remind Su Xing of the Xun Tian Daoist and his group that they met at the Mountain Lake Monument.

It looks like they wanted to hunt Star Generals.

Su Xing laughed coldly from the bottom of his heart, but he also didn’t care too much about them.

The outside of the ancient tomb was rather ordinary without any sort of hint on a tombstone or the like while the inside was even rougher. In the tens of meters of this depressing space, there wasn’t the slightest trace that this place had ever been previously decorated. A pair of coffins were placed in the middle of the area, and each was built from fine iron. Without their lids, there was no way to know if they had already been looted, but the coffins were empty.

Apart from those, this ancient tomb didn’t have anything else special. If it weren’t for the two iron coffins placed here, nobody would have thought that this was a grave at all.

“Does this place truly have a mechanism?” Wu Xinjie was also very bewildered. This grave hadn’t a single hint, so people were forced to guess the requirements of this so-called mechanism. Wu Xinjie also has never seen such a demanding puzzle.

Su Xing carefully examined the iron coffins, devoting all of his attention to this.

“These iron coffins are definitely the clue to the mechanism.” Wu Xinjie guessed.

Su Xing voiced his agreement, and using his hand to touch the coffin, he spotted an unexpected rock and frowned. “The grave has only a pair of coffins within. Xinjie, what do you think this means?”

“Could it be that we must place two bodies inside?”

Su Xing’s brow was covered in sweat. The Knowledge Star’s method of thinking was really abstract.

“It seems that even Young Master is confounded. Young Master, do you wish to have a competition with Xinjie?” Wu Xinjie giggled. “Let us see which of us can disengage the ancient tomb’s mechanism first.”

“Does that mean you’ve already solved this?” Su Xing’s interested smile suddenly returned.

“This little girl still needs to rethink things.” Wu Xinjie replied.

Su Xing chuckled.

“Xinjie, then you’ve lost.”

“Eh?” Within his mind came the confused voice of Wu Xinjie. “Could it be Young Master has solved it?”

“En, I think I’ve got it.” Su Xing said, pensive.

“It can’t be!” Wu Xinjie was stunned. It hadn’t been long since they entered and the mechanism was already solved. This was far too fast. “Young Master, you are definitely deceiving Xinjie, aren’t you.”

“I’ll give you a hint.” Su Xing placed his hand on his chin, smiling strangely: “The iron coffins aren’t used to hold bodies!”

“These coffins aren’t for bodies!”

At the same time, a cold voice sounded right next to his ear. Su Xing turned and looked, just in time to see a young girl gently stroking the head of the iron coffin. She looked engrossed, and the two seemed to have just run into each other.

That slender waist and elastic bust finally gave Su Xing a deep appreciation for the softness of a young woman’s delicate body. Su Xing unconsciously reached out to grab hold of the girl and pulled her.

The veil upon her face lightly floated, and Su Xing glimpsed her stunning and beautiful face as it flashed by.

The young lady’s reactions were incomparably fast. Flipping over her wrist, a magic as cold as ice burst forth from her palm. The biting cold from her chilling palm pushed away Su Xing’s hand, not letting him enjoy holding her soft and warm body within his arms.

The girl’s clothes were purer than snow, for they were utterly spotless.1 That pair of clear eyes carried with them an outstanding and extraordinary heroic spirit. Compared with Panther Head Lin Yingmei, she definitely didn’t lose out.

Even more splendid than frost, clearer than snow!

Using these eight words on her was simply impeccable.

“Are you alright!” The young girl’s eyes were wide, her voice clear and ringing.

Su Xing saw the layer of frost covering his palm, secretly speechless. This girl’s magic was very profound, as with a wave of her palm, his hand was nearly frozen. “Is that Cold Ice Palm??”

“Is that not a secret of the ‘Heavenly Ice Sacred Temple’?”

“Who is that woman?”

The rest of the Star Cultivators within the ancient tomb that saw this were frightened enough to stay a meter away, talking away quietly amongst themselves.

“At least the young lady had mercy.”2 Su Xing joked.

The girl was even colder than ice, her facial expression not showing the slightest bit of change. It would seem that she was as cold as ice, but the person herself had shown a contrary and easy-going demeanor. “Sorry to offend you, I was lost in my own thoughts.”

After saying this, the girl’s eyes carried a mysterious chill, with a deeper message directed at Su Xing.

Su Xing pretended to be clueless and smiled. “I don’t know this young lady’s name. My name is Su Xing!”

“This was a chance meeting, it’s not worth mentioning!”

The girl said indifferently. She turned her body, her white clothes flapping, her skirt waving. She was just like a fairy that scattered pixie dust. Su Xing couldn’t help but gasp in admiration.

“Young Master, did you take a fancy to her?” Wu Xinjie said sourly.

“Nonsense.” Su Xing shook his head. His days stuck in the barracks had long since put him past the stage of being sucked in by a woman’s beauty. It was just that this young girl’s temperament was too oppressive, inhuman even. It felt as if only the Wuxia novels he used to read could have this sort of person, so it was no wonder that Su Xing continued to stare at her for just a little bit longer.

“Young Master, is she a Star General?” Lin Yingmei asked, concerned.

“I felt something was off.” Su Xing couldn’t venture a guess. If this girl really was a Star General, then he really must be a bit deranged.

“It seems she and Young Master said the same thing just then.” Wu Xinjie said strangely. “Is this a coincidence?”

“We’ll know when it becomes night.” Su Xing said, “Let’s leave for now.”

Saying this, he left the grave without so much as another look around the ancient tomb. Wu Xinjie was stunned. Seeing Su Xing’s carefree manner, it seems as if he really did decipher the clue to this ancient tomb’s mechanism. The Knowledge Star was silent: it couldn’t be that terrible; she still has yet to even come up with anything.

Exiting the grave, the rest of the Star Cultivators in the surroundings were also discussing about the mysterious girl in white clothing just now.

As Su Xing watched the girl’s cold back, he also spotted a group of snooping Star Cultivators follow her up.

“Young Master, do you wish to be the hero that rescues the beauty??” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“Does she need me to save her?” Su Xing rolled his eyes. Thinking over it, he still decided to go take a look. It couldn’t be said for sure if he could find out just what this mysterious girl’s goal was.

Author’s Note:

Sorry, sorry. After the 1W2 update, I suddenly had no will to write. Now I’m back, and I was thinking about the outline. Next week, there will be 3 chapters everyday.

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  1. “纖塵不染” Untainted by even a speck of dust. She isn’t wearing cold weather gear; her appearance is even more immaculate than snow.
  2. 手下留情


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