Chapter 32: The “Leader Star” Zhu Wu

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The young girl waved her hand, and a blue light suddenly appeared. Her hand now held a sword the entirety of which sparkled, a snowy and austere double-edged sword.

“First Snow Meets Sunshine!”

The young girl shouted, her stance completely graceful, her movements and pace like those of a swimming dragon. Weaving about within the five cultivators’ encirclement, her blade’s edge sent frost and snow into the sky. The tip of her blade was swift, and several artifacts were taken down under that sword.

The girl’s white clothes gently floated as her sword assumed a ceremonial stance.

A cold light pierced through the snow.

One cultivator had just taken out an artifact, but his neck was sliced by that blade, the wound was frozen over so quickly and thoroughly that not a single drop of blood was spilled.

“It’s Snow Soul Sword Arts!”

Sir Paper Fan became frightened, hastily raising his treasure fan. From the middle of the fan, a green light launched towards the young girl.

The girl threw out her palm, suddenly shooting out a cold light. Fog struck the fan, and absolutely shattering it, she followed up by rapidly advancing, clutching her icy sword, the chilling and merciless light of which seemed to bring the sword to life. She forced the group of cultivators to focus solely on defending again and again. Witnessing the brilliance of her swordplay, Lin Yingmei could not help but gain newfound respect for the sword and its user.

“What kind of person is she?” Su Xing was astonished. He could sense from her a hazy Astral Energy.

Wu Xinjie recited a chant, and her pupils glowed, sending her gaze towards the girl.

This was the Knowledge Star’s Huangjie Technique, “Think Then Act.” It was able to clearly see the power level1 and condition of the target. No Star General could escape her discerning eye.

“She’s a Star Master!” Wu Xinjie said, covering her mouth. “And that sword technique’s might is not at all low.”

Unexpectedly, the one that was killing five Star Cultivators in a frenzy with a single artifact double-edged sword was only a single Star Master.

Within the blink of an eye, three Star Cultivators had already perished beneath the girl’s sword technique. From start to finish, she didn’t even use any other techniques or artifacts.

“Ah!!” A Nebula Early Stage Cultivator became incontinent from fear, turning his body and fleeing.

The girl’s eyes were cold. Putting together two fingers, a cold light appeared.

The fleeing cultivator screamed as he was run through, falling to the ground.

The only one remaining was the Nebula Middle Stage, fan-waving young man, “What are you, really?” He was dripping with cold sweat. He could not believe that five cultivators working together were not a match for her.

“Hurry and run.” With long sword pointed straight at him, the young girl gave a chilling laugh.

“Don’t look down on this one!” Sir Paper Fan shouted, waving his green fan wildly, the green light in the middle of the fan suddenly became wild. “Cool breeze play a song, green dragon roar and dance! Break!”

There was the distinct sound of a dragon roar, and the green light abruptly swirled in midair. It condensed into the shape of a dragon, a green dragon writhing about.

“Green Dragon Treasure Fan?! No wonder you’re so arrogant!”

The young woman raised her brows, revealing a trace of surprise.

For better or for worse, the paper fan wielding noble’s son had finally reached Nebula Middle Stage. He naturally could not tolerate being looked down upon. He made use of all of his power, and the green dragon in the middle of the fan bared its fangs.

A magnificent light abruptly appeared, and a graceful figure emerged beside the young girl.

It was at this time that the green dragon rushed towards the girl and circled around her, activating an array next to the girl, but the green dragon itself was also arrogant.

“A Star Master!!!” Sir Paper Fan noticed the person that emerged beside the girl. He laughed greedily: “It seems this young master has hit the jackpot.”

Mobilizing and urging on all of his power, the green dragon abruptly increased in size dramatically.

The young lady raised her sword and combined it with a spell, resisting with all her power.

“Young Master?” Wu Xinjie said.

Su Xing knew it was time to attack, and his figure flashed. Like a sharp sword, he suddenly shot forward.

Sir Paper Fan’s Divine Intent immediately detected Su Xing; this was no surprise considering his Nebula Middle Stage Cultivation. He rapidly made hand seals and a spell shot towards Su Xing. “A Stardust Cultivator dares to sneak attack this one.” Sir Paper Fan’s Green Dragon Fan did not rest as he was about to use his other hand to grab an artifact.

But at this time, his hand halted its movements.

A spearhead covered in a cold light passed through his stomach without pause.

“Arctic Star Spear??”

Sir Paper Fan sluggishly lowered his head and saw this spear edge.


Su Xing at this time pierced through his opponent’s throat with Silver Blade.2 Sir Paper Fan’s eyes dimmed, suddenly hatefully releasing his last breath.

When he died, the green dragon suddenly vanished into thin air, and the treasure fan’s light also sputtered out. Su Xing took the opportunity to graciously receive the man’s purse.3

Lin Chong withdrew her Arctic Star Spear, and Wu Xinjie also rushed to Su Xing’s side.

Su Xing pensively sized up this Star Master, completely curious about the Star General by her side.

That Star Maiden’s build was very tall, her entire body was clad in a gorgeous temple robe, her eyes seemingly on fire, her legs tall and lean. Especially eye-catching was the small five-color banner fluttering about her body.

“Five Elements Weather Banner, so it’s actually the Leader Star, the Resourceful Strategist Zhu Wu!” Wu Xinjie giggled.

Apparently, this was the Leader Star, the Resourceful Strategist. It can be said that in Liangshan, together with the Resourceful Star Wu Yong, they could be considered within the same department.

Su Xing thought to himself.

“So you, too, are a Star General!”

The white clothed girl’s eyes looked like they were smiling yet they were not. Her gaze was directed at the two beauties beside Su Xing, trying to deduce who were the Star Maidens. She did not think that both would be Star Generals.

“Want to fight?”

She faintly asked, raising her frosty sword.

The Leader Star Zhu Wu…

“Do you want to fight?”

Su Xing smiled.

The young lady withdrew the Frost Sword.

The Leader Star Resourceful Strategist’s face remained expressionless, however, at this time, she suddenly pointed her fingers, and the Five Elements Weather Banner faded away.

Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie quickly brought up their guard.

However, the Leader Star really was not attacking Su Xing. At a corner, a concealed cultivator saw he was surrounded by five small, floating flags; the array lifted him up off his feet.

The cultivator’s face was filled with fear. The spell released a burst of thundering light, and the cultivator suddenly expired.

Su Xing was slightly frightened from the bottom of his heart, and the Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie was also slightly impressed. Only Lin Yingmei’s eyes remained unmoved, like a mountain, staring attentively at the Leader Star’s each and every move.

“Zhu Sha!”4 The young girl said softly.

Actually known as Zhu Sha, the Leader Star nodded her head, and recalled the Five Elements Weather Banner.

“Little Sister Leader Star’s spell is unexpectedly just as the rumors say.” Wu Xinjie said in admiration.

Although the Leader Star Resourceful Strategist could be considered a support type, in Maiden Mountain, no one could hold a hand to her spells. Even a few military stars probably could not be her opponent, causing the Knowledge Star to envy her.

“This sister doesn’t know which Star you are?” Zhu Sha’s voice was as unyielding as a boulder, carefully watching Wu Xinjie.

“Take a guess, little sister.” Wu Xinjie refused to oblige.

“You seem to be a Heavenly Star.” Zhu Sha refused to think any further.

Wu Xinjie’s invitation was met with disinterest.

Then, the white clothed girl’s gaze turned from Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei to Su Xing. She lightly smiled, her words not particularly relenting: “The young master coming out this late at night isn’t a coincidence, is it? Could it be that you intentionally prepared to come play the hero for little girls to see.”

Su Xing laughed. “I’m called Su Xing. It seems the young lady has forgotten, and this time wasn’t strangers coming together by chance. Didn’t you absolutely refuse to speak your esteemed name?”

“Gong Caiwei!”5

The young girl smiled.

“The Western mountains have ferns,6  the beauty remains steadfast. The Western mountains lack ferns, the beauty refuses to return. A good name.” Su Xing praised.

“Young master need not speak with such polite words. Caiwei only wishes to ask the young master a question.” Gong Caiwei said profoundly: “The ancient tomb’s mechanism, the young master has deciphered it.”

“Caiwei, your esteemed self has apparently also deciphered it.” Su Xing smiled.

Su Xing and Gong Caiwei gazed into each other’s eyes.

Abruptly, it felt as if all of their daggers were drawn, as the atmosphere became heavy, like a powder keg ready to blow.

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  1. Xinjie, what does the scouter say about her – nah, I’ll stop there.
  2. Remember, it is a handgun with a bayonet.
  3. After all, dead men don’t need money.
  4. 硃砂
  5. 宮采薇, and finally, a name!
  6. This is a pun on her name as both the phrase “西山有薇” and her name contain “薇.”


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