Chapter 323: Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield

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On the other side of the rain, that outstanding Frost Fair Blade distantly pointed at his chest, the unparalleled tyranny seemed to want to cut him into two halves.

Guan Ying did not lie. The second was absolutely unordinary. The blade qi on her body was just like a blossoming lotus flower.

In the downpour, in his line of sight, the lotus flower petal blade qi carved out a beautiful scene within the rainwater.

Both gorgeous and dangerous.

Evil Smiting Hall rumbled into a surging frenzy.

Su Xing shouted, and his whole body burned with purple True Qi.

In the downpour, a glaring purple light then rushed out.

A light that pressed towards the great blade.

Seeing that Su Xing used purple qi to cover himself, Guan Ying did not show any mercy at all. The intimidating air of the Frost Fair Blade in her hand did not diminish in the slightest. Directly pushing aside the ice-cold line, the rainwater seemed to be drawn apart.

Purple Cloud True Star mixed with the rainwater and poured out. Bursting open with a scorching temperature in the torrential rain, Guan Ying’s blade slashed.

The blade qi was still swift and severe enough to make anyone despair.

There was an enormous boom.

This slash seemingly completely shattered all of the rain within a range of a hundred meters, an imposing aura that honestly made people feel powerless.

A silhouette leisurely dodged by a hair’s breadth. All of a sudden rushing right in front of her, Su Xing’s cleverness far exceeded Guan Ying’s expectations.

This man’s fighting ability was not ordinary in sword cultivation or martial cultivation, and Guan Ying inwardly entertained thoughts of praise.

Guan Ying’s second slash naturally would not be that superficial. The Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade’s blade qi wound around, suddenly ascending.

At the instant he attacked at close range, the purple qi akin to a weapon that Su Xing concentrated all his power into suddenly broke free of his body and simultaneously pounced forth.

The purple cloud was scathing, its magic everywhere.

Guan Ying’s eyes nevertheless still retained a glaring light. Under a situation faster than anyone could react, she raised what was in her hand, and the blade qi did not hesitate at all to slash and destroy the purple clouds in the air.

The Purple Cloud True Star filling the skies seemed fierce, yet they could not withstand Guan Ying’s strike.

Scattered smoke and ash.

But a silhouette suddenly drew closer. Su Xing’s leg kicked towards Guan Ying’s chin, a direct strike of power that inclined upwards. Guan Ying held the great blade out horizontally, blocking this powerful kick, severely jolting the armor over whole body.

Blade qi broke apart, and Guan Ying even took a half-step back.


…Perhaps no one would have believed it, that Brave Star Great Blade Guan YIng, a first-rate martial general unexpectedly would be forced back a half-step under a Star Master’s attack. Although it was only a half-step, from Su Xing’s perspective, it nevertheless was a big step.

“Just who are you?”

Guan Ying’s tone was grave.

“Has the second slash ended?” Su Xing said.

“Could it be that this person has Lin Chong’s Innate Skill?” Guan Ying’s tone was ruminating. She smiled, “The third slash has already begun!!”


That silent rainwater in Su Xing’s surroundings all of a sudden madly surged and rolled. The blade qi blossomed like a lotus flower, transforming into endless fragments that wound about Su Xing.

The rain was struck to pieces.

Great Saint Starkiller was delighted.

He thought he could see the opponent’s death.

But the rain withdrew. Although Su Xing was bruised to nearly kneeling, he was still alive.

“How can this be?”

A cool and elegant woman had already appeared in front of Su Xing. She currently embraced Su Xing, and from the jade on her forehead was released a barrier that enshrouded them, dissolving Guan Ying’s finishing blow that was tyrannical to the point of despair.

So incredible. As expected, Guan Ying was abnormal to death.

Wu Siyou was fighting against this sort of person?

Su Xing thought in a daze. Guan Ying’s third blade honestly was too far outside his expectations. By means of the heavy rain’s cover, the already at the end of his rope Su Xing basically had no way to sense it. If it was not for someone saving him, perhaps it would have been dangerous just now.

“Lord Husband, it is better to leave this to Your Servant.”

Wu Siyou’s words seemed to have a allure.

“Siyou, why don’t you escape?”

Su Xing sighed.

Wu Siyou fixed her gaze on Su Xing. Abruptly, she lowered her head and kissed his lips. Immediately, a light more brilliant than lightning entered his brain. Su Xing was stunned, feeling the kiss tender to the depths planted upon his lips.

This kiss stunned everyone!

Only Chai Ling slightly smiled.

A drunken red dyed Wu Siyou’s cheeks. She was seemingly intoxicated, her eyes hazy.

The downpour was incapable of sobering her.

Guan Ying did not make a move, only calmly watching Wu Siyou, as if she was waiting for an opponent.

Great Saint Starkiller was incredulous. Hastily, he flipped open the Birth Treasure Outline and was surprised and startled.

It was as if time unchanged since immemorial had been broken. The surging rainwater on Wu Siyou made her suddenly become incomparably tender the moment she stood. The Harm Star Pilgrim stroked the temperature on her lips, her expression seemingly drunk, her footsteps wobbly.

“Wu Song, you have found a man. This General acknowledges you.”

She turned around, a streak of sword qi breaking open.

“Thinking of leaving?”

Wu Siyou’s voice had a somewhat peculiar charm, as if she and the previous Harm Star were different people. If it could be said that the Wu Siyou before was cool and elegant, at this moment, she was alluring. The rainwater that fell on her snow-white clothes was evaporated by a scorching Star Energy. This feeling was very strange.

“You are drunk?”

Guan Ying turned her head.

“Just allow Your Servant to fight you.”

Wu Siyou hooked on a smile that confused all things. Suddenly, her legs stepped on rainwater, shaking up splashes.

The roaring was torn to shreds. Wu Siyou rushed over, as if she was a ferocious tiger. In the next instant, her hand clenched the double-ended sword. Her hands parted, and Noble Frost Demonic Lotus became two swords, one surpassing frost, one pitch-black as ink.

Double swords?

Guan Ying was stunned.

The Pilgrim and the swords already became a bolt of lightning, shooting directly towards Brave Star Guan Ying.

The Matchless Fifth Stage could make precise predictions about enemy attacks and could automatically create a way to resist, but this Realm was not at all unrivalled. At least in terms of Star Generals’ battle strength, sometimes, it required both sides to be facing death to bring about a change in the situation.

So fast…

Guan Ying’s pupils contracted.

The lovely Wu Siyou already drew closer. When Guan Ying thought that she could evade the first attack, Wu Siyou’s second sword already approached.

Oh, no.

The somewhat drunk attacks of Wu Siyou’s double swords became something incomprehensible and outside of common sense, unfathomable. The Matchless Fifth Stage Realm completely lost its use. Guan Ying could not perceive Wu Siyou’s attack pattern.

Danger, she smelled danger.

Her whole body hurt, and Guan Ying nearly knelt.

“Hey, just this is too much? Your Servant has not yet enjoyed herself.” Wu Siyou seemed very excited. Her eyes were extremely lovely, and that voice was even more alluring than a fox’s. Su Xing was flabbergasted.

“Hmph.” Guan Ying curled the corner of her mouth with difficulty. Wu Siyou’s change clearly exceeded her expectations, truly putting her into a sorry situation.

Too sorry a situation.

“It seems the legendary drunken Wu Song is indeed interesting.” Guan Ying snorted, her intimidating aura releasing. “Could it be a new Dark Rank Technique, or perhaps it is even an Earth Rank Technique?”

Guan Ying’s guess was not without reason.

“You dare insult Your Servant’s Lord Husband. Today Your Servant wants you to pay with your life!” Wu Siyou licked her lips, her whole body red as blood.

This honestly was too charming!

This made a Martial General as imposing as Guan Ying somewhat unsure about her completely opposite change.

Guan Ying noticed that if she herself continued like this, she basically would not have any chance of victory in battle.

Or put another way, straight to the point, this was the very first time Guan Ying had confronted Wu Song’s wild drunken state.

It really was very outlandish.

“Come on, let Your Servant see where the Brave Star’s soul of the warrior is!” Wu Siyou’s declaration did not have any intentions of fooling around.

Guan Ying curled the corner of her lips. Conceding defeat was not her personality!

The next second, both sides once again rushed forward.

Wu Siyou’s double swords randomly changed directions as she approached. Sometimes, they were plainly obvious in front of her, but when they drew close, they were then on her flanks. When Guan Ying defended against the side attacks, Wu Siyou’s chilly attack then appeared from behind. She appeared drunk, but her attacks nevertheless were actually incomparably sober.

Every launched attack would draw a long and hard arc in the air, and then directly stab forth with the force of a thousand catties like a spear.

Guan Ying even was disinclined to go guess the trajectory of the attacks. So long as she could place her great blade at the appropriate position, she definitely could wait until her attack. Guan Ying knew anyways that in confronting the drunken and completely in shambles Harm Star Pilgrim, guessing was an extremely laughable thing.

Afterwards, there was an exciting slam – one where force met with force, where crisp white blade edges knocked against each other – every time metal clashed, sparks flew. Even Guan Ying shuddered in recoil at the enormous reaction, but she did not have much time, for the next slam brought an even deeper and fiercer power drew closer, bursting open with even more dazzling fireworks.

Guan Ying was waiting. Despite her arm gradually turning numb from the impacts of the weapon in her hand, her mind still maintained an increasingly calm attitude, completely changing places with Wu Siyou. The Brave Star was very clear, and Wu Siyou’s odd battle state required enormous consumption of strength. It would end before long. Guan Ying was self-confident that she had the advantage in terms of Star Energy. As long as she patiently waited, she could rapidly take the upper hand. The rest was only a matter of time.

Waiting was the best offense.

For there was only this method of waiting for Wu Siyou to break free of this odd state and settle this battle herself.

A searing pain ran through her skin. Guan Ying already no longer thought about the injuries on her body, convinced they definitely were terrifying.

“Are you not counterattacking?” Wu Siyou’s attacks were increasingly swift beyond compare. Each strike already reached the stage of leaving afterimages. Guan Ying’s hardened armor burst forth everywhere under the double swords’ tips.

Guan Ying was infuriated, and the great blade did not leave any leeway.

“Extreme Realm!!”

Great Saint Starkiller saw Wu Siyou’s abnormal status and hastily flipped open the Birth Treasure Outline. When he saw the Realm upon the Birth Treasure Outline, Great Saint Starkiller was endlessly shocked.

Extreme Realm!!

The super Extreme Realm that surpassed Matchless!!

Although this was only First Stage, this was nevertheless sufficient to contend against a Four Star Destined Weapon.

How could this be happening???

The corner of Wu Siyou’s mouth rose with a sneer. Afterwards, with even fiercer stabs, she continued her assault, not even without half a thought of retreating. Her pupils burned with a glaring light. This was an expression Guan Ying had never seen before, both of longing and hatred, both bashful and indifferent.

Guan Ying was very clear, the longing came from that man named Su Xing, the hatred from her.

She neither feared nor dreaded it. Everything she felt had already been forgotten in the back of her head. The sole fear she could hear was only in those split-second heartbeats and the reckless sneers under sword slashes.

There was no way to win.

Guan Ying’s heart for the first time had a sort of powerless feeling of reversal. Even if she had a Four Star Destined Weapon, she did not have the self-confidence to save herself.

The specters were increasingly overlapped and then fading away en masse.

In the eyes of an observer, Wu Siyou’s seeming drunkenness was just like her walking before. Each step passed through Guan Ying’s attacks and defenses. The Brave Star could only cling to life.

Defeat was only a matter of time.

“What the hell is up with Siyou?” Su Xing felt the remaining warmth upon his lips, swallowing hard at Wu Siyou’s charm and allure.

The downpour was blown apart.

“Could it be that you still do not realize it?” Chai Ling gave a seeming smile. “This is your and Wu Siyou’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.”

“Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill – “ Su Xing was stunned.

That was precisely it.

Chai Ling nodded and grinned.

“Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield!!!”1

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  1.  醉臥沙場君莫笑


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