Chapter 344: The “Jade Qilin” Lu Xiao

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“This is so infuriating.” Huangfu Tianyi gnashed his teeth as he quickly escaped towards the eastern side of the Central Celestial.

Face Jiao Ruoxue followed closely behind, that mask still indifferent in expression, however, the girl’s body techniques were already not as vigorous as they were on that arena. From head to foot, she exuded a heaviness.

Suddenly stopping, Huangfu Tianyi waved his hand, and a Dark Yin Fire Thunder then immediately smashed the surrounding buildings to smithereens.

Jiao Ruoxue’s gaze was expressionless, as if she was not at ease.

“Truly infuriating.” The more Huangfu Tianyi thought about it, the more his heart was about to go mad. The materials he gathered by exploiting the Feast of All Souls to hold a martial arts contest had unexpectedly been taken as a dowry. This made the normally “shamelessness is glory” Huangfu Tianyi felt a great humiliation. “That man, only by absolutely destroying that man’s asshole can this hate be quenched.”

“We can still kill him right now.” Jiao Ruoxue coolly said.

“Cough.” Huangfu Tianyi fake coughed, “Let it be for the time being. That man unexpectedly has the Skilful Star. For now, we still are not his opponent, and those women by his side are somewhat not simple.”

Jiao Ruoxue did not reply.

However, from another perspective, using half of the materials to break away from a Star Duel was worth the price. Just now, his opponent completely could have killed him and taken his things, and no one would have cried foul. Arena regulations? What a joke, the rules of the Star Duels did not spare anything. “Hm, hm, however, we cannot forget this so easily. I would not be Huangfu Tianyi if I were to run away like this with my tail between my legs.” Huangfu Tianyi rubbed his chin, muttering. “He must have come for the sake of the Senior Monk’s disciple selection. This actually is an opportunity.”

“What do you feel, Ruoxue, care to make a bet?” Huangfu Tianyi turned his head.

That Buddhist mask had an indescribable, imaginary solemnity. Jiao Ruoxue answered: “So long as holds a plan to absolutely destroy everything, then bet.”

“Absolutely destroy everything? Wu…Jiao Ruoxue really speaks so directly.” Huangfu Tianyi awkwardly laughed.

“Boundless Sun Ebony Essence,1 White Heavy Jade…”2 Su Xing looked at the things he obtained from Huangfu Tianyi’s Astral Bag. Each item was considerably valuable, and the Boundless Sun Ebony Essence and White Heavy Jade among them could be used to as upgrade materials for Yan Yizhen and the rest.

“This transaction was really worthwhile.” Su Xing exclaimed. Although it was a bit shameless that this Huangfu Tianyi would use a Star General to make money, it was actually profitable for these things.

To use this method to gather Star Weapon materials, he could be considered a character to not underestimate.

“Why did you not kill him just now? Since this is a Star Duel of Star Masters, those Buddha Kingdom cultivators would looked on without lifting a finger.” Xiao’er leisurely appreciated the flower lanterns of the temple fair, as she seemingly replied without a care.

“It doesn’t make a difference.” Su Xing shrugged. He had never viewed Huangfu Tianyi as an opponent. While killing perhaps could be very beneficial, Su Xing had his own considerations. Just as Huangfu Tianyi said, Su Xing’s objective was for Buddha West Approaches’ disciple successorship. Killing him would contrarily leave a very bad reputation, and that Buddha West Approaches naturally would lose all hope.

“Too much self-confidence is certainly bad.” Xiao’er smiled.

Su Xing held the same feeling.

After the brief episode of the arena ended, everyone passed through a monastery. Seeing the swirling incense, the rarely talkative Tang Lianxin proposed giving Su Xing an incense prayer. Her attentiveness actually made Su Xing somewhat touched. All of the girls were not surprised. Even more amazing to see was each of them praying with incense, pious and as they prayed. In that instant, the hall had an unprecedented serenity.

Monks, cultivators and people of all ages were stunned by this gorgeous and stunning scene. Those unaware would have thought that some dandy was out traveling.

Xiao’er did not burn incense. Seeing these Little Sisters so solemn, she also had a sort of impulse to join in. The girl restrained this urge, turned her head to Su Xing and smiled: “You honestly are a lucky man, to be able to unexpectedly make the Little Sisters care for you so much? Just what sort of person are you?”3

Even Su Xing’s heart grew very tender.

Seeing Su Xing’s soul was seemingly entangled, Xiao’er mumbled herself: “It is probably precisely because of this that they would be so.”

Leaving the shrine after praying, night had gradually deepened. The Ganges River of the Feast of All Souls released fireworks, and everyone detoured to a remote path. They directly ascended a hilltop to gaze at those distant seven-floor pagodas seemingly propping up the Heavens. Amidst the gorgeous fireworks, the pagodas were illuminated in bright and dazzling colors.

“Right, just then, Yan Qing’s Star Beast was the Yin Yang Carp, correct?” Xiao’er suddenly recalled this matter.

“En.” Su Xing did not hide anything.

Xiao’er’s gaze showed an eager splendor, “If it truly is this Star Beast, not only are the Yin Yang Carps very difficult to find, they are very difficult to capture. Xiao’er never expected you unexpectedly would help the Skilful Star capture this sort of Star Beast. No wonder Little Yi would fall in love with you.”


“It seems you will be a dangerous foe.” Xiao’er smiled. Suddenly, the temperature all around wildly dropped, and a bone-chilling cold awe-inspiringly burst forth, freezing the surrounding flowers and grass.


At practically the same time Xiao’er’s killing intent appeared.

Wu Siyou, Lin Yingmei, Yan Yizhen and the rest simultaneously assumed battle stances. It seemed they had been somewhat not too convinced by this seemingly carefree Elder Sister.

Su Xing actually was his usual calm.

“You only feel that just now? You’re somewhat slow.”

“And you are no better. Since you know Xiao’er’s identity and even strolled through the Feast of All Souls with Xiao’er, you are also very slow.” Her killing intent subsided, and Xiao’er giggled.

“Little Sister Siyou, you have made Xiao’er very hurt. When we first originally rescued Su Xing, you even hated him to the bone. Never expected, oh, never expected that, Siyou, you would even truly treat Xiao’er without the least bit of sentiment.”

Xiao’er’s words made Wu Siyou somewhat embarrassed. Wu Siyou’s face was slightly red, and she feigned indifference: “Your Servant merely does what she should.”

“Truly, Xiao’er wonders where this man is good.” Xiao’er very much powerlessly grabbed her hair.

“If you further insult Young Master, then we will make a move.” Lin Yingmei’s tone sunk, the Arctic Star Serpent Spear shuddered along with its master’s feelings, freezing the grass and wood.

“Xiao’er, what do you think?” Su Xing asked.

“Rest assured, if Xiao’er truly wished to kill you, then Xiao’er would long have already made her move when you and Majestic Star Lin Chong originally signed your contract.” Xiao’er put both hands behind her back, carefreely speaking. “After all, to be able to make the Lin Chong sign her first contract in a thousand years, such a Star Master is the most dangerous thing wherever he appears.”

Su Xing nodded, very much in agreement with her words.

“Little Yi, fight a bout with Xiao’er.” Suddenly, Xiao’er calmly extended a finger at Skilful Star Yan Yizhen, faintly saying: “Just use the same rules as the platform just now, however, you had best use the Yin Yang Carps.”

Everyone was taken aback.

Yan Yizhen’s expression was somewhat confused.

But she was not given any leeway, for Xiao’er had disappeared from where she was.

And a clenched fist was already before her eyes.

“If you lose, Xiao’er will honestly consider becoming enemies with you.”

A Star Crest flickered on Xiao’er’s white and pure forehead, her hair parting along the center. Yan Yizhen did not hesitate, sending forth two punches.

Fleeting speed.

Xiao’er already punched from the right. Bringing a severe wind as she struck downwards, she went straight for Yan Yizhen’s face.

This strike was like a thunderclap, fast as lightning.

Yan Yizhen’s arms blocked, but just at this moment, the corner of Xiao’er’s mouth smiled. She unimaginably instantly changed her attack tempo, sweeping with her left leg. This attack that was practically beyond the imagination of an ordinary person instantly made Yan Yizhen slightly surprised.

Instantly blocking and retreating, just as Yan Yizhen was about to make the next follow up boxing technique, suddenly, she instinctively sensed danger.


Yan Yizhen’s hands parted, as if she was ripping apart a ball of air. Xiao’er’s boxing technique was more exquisite than she imagined, immediately changing her attack path in a fleeting instant.

Furthermore, this was a double fist strike that boomed towards Yan Yizhen’s stomach. Following a backwards flip, her right leg then directly kicked the maid’s chin.

“Bang.” There was a muffled sound. Yan Yizhen instinctively avoided this move, both her palms grasped and bore the impact of this kick. The strength was strong enough to make the SKilful Star’s hands go numb and push her back several steps. If this sort of force had kicked her frail chin, that would be certainly somewhat difficult.

“Swallowflash Samsara.”

The maid’s skirt swayed. An indistinct shadow flew out, and the maid already stuck close to Xiao’er’s side. Afterwards, there was a downpour-like beating.

Their exchange of blows was no more than in the blink of an eye.

They boxed back and forth, afterimages emerging.

Lin Yingmei and the rest directed inquisitive gazes at Su Xing. Su Xing shook his head, and they understood. Although they did not go cheer, they did not dare be careless, staying guard about the surroundings as they monitored each and every one of Xiao’er’s movements.

Xiao’er was suppressed by Yan Yizhen’s Swallowflash Samsara, with only the power to ward off blows.

“Interesting.” Xiao’er suddenly exclaimed.

A golden light glinted out of nowhere.

Forcing back Yan Yizhen.

Xiao’er exhaled.

Yan Yizhen’s Yin Yang Pisces Fists was but a Three Star Destined Weapon. Xiao’er was bare-handed and still she was somewhat difficult, but the girl was not dismayed, even showing an eager expression of excitement.

“With the Yin Yang Carps, Little Yi, you ought to have the strongest Realm out of all of us Star Generals. Do not make Xiao’er disappointed.”

Yan Yizhen’s fists waved, and the Yin Yang Pisces gloves disappeared.Seeing that Xiao’er did not have any hostility, the Skilful Star did not wish to take advantage on a Star Weapon.

An intimidating aura burned like fire.

“This Elder Sister is so incredible.” An Suwen was shocked. In the Efficacious Star’s eyes, for Xiao’er to not use a Star Weapon and unexpectedly be able to fight evenly with Yan Yizhen, although she was at a slight disadvantage, it was not seemingly so difficult.

“She is not the strongest of the martial force Star Generals among the one hundred eight Star Maidens for no reason.” Wu Xinjie thoughtfully smiled, “Her Star Beast mounted combat is absolute, and even if she unarmed without Star Weapon, to speak of it, she is still a master to the Skilful Star.”

“Who is she?” Gongsun Huang asked.

All of the girls were shocked by the little loli’s innocent question. “Little Huang, do you not know?”

“En.” Gongsun Huang shook her head. She sat on Su Xing’s shoulder as always. She did not hear Wu Siyou and the others speak of Xiao’er’s identity.

However, the extraordinarily outstanding as an Immortal Leisure Star had always never minded the sisters.

“Young Lord?”

Wu Xinjie looked at Su Xing.

Just as Su Xing could see, he turned his head and said: “She indeed is very powerful. Shall we hook her in?”

“A good idea.” Wu Xinjie was extremely approving.

“She is?” Gongsun Huang blinked.

“Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Junyi…” Su Xing repled. Thinking back then, the Strength Star Lu Xiao was the first Star General they encountered that was not a foe. This was precisely why her impression made Su Xing somewhat doubtful of the so-called life and death in the Star Duels.

Xiao’er as a person actually was very much to Su Xing’s liking. Considering that she someday would be recognized as a powerful foe, Su Xing pondered whether or not to turn the Strength Star Jade Qilin into his eighth Star General?

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