Chapter 348: Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda

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“Precisely.” Great Master Shen Hui nodded. “The Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp is one of Buddhism’s secret treasures. Poor Monk hears that Buddha West Approaches refined it when he saw at a bottleneck entering Supervoid Late Stage, the convergence of myriad dharma and meditative methods. By obtaining this treasure, reportedly, it can allow any Buddhist cultivator to achieve instant success.”

“It is that good?” Xie Chang’an said in shock.

“Is Your Highness not currently complaining about slow progress cultivating that ‘Eight Divisions Heavenly Dragon Ghosts And Gods Sutra?’1 If the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp truly is so miraculous, it actually can give Your Highness leaps and bounds.” Huyan Zhuo seemingly smiled as she looked at Great Master Shen Hui.  

Great Master Shen Hui, “Poor Monk has come to Buddha Kingdom this time on one hand to obtain the Holy Monk’s dharma, and secondly, out of consideration for Your Highness. Poor Monk actually does not require something like the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp. If Your Highness uses it, you inevitably can seize a role in the Star Duels.”

With Great Master Shen Hui’s cultivation, he naturally felt something like the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp was beneath him. Xie Chang’an showed a moved expression. Changing his prior frivolity, he cupped his fist: “Then Chang’an shall first thank Great Master.”

“Ha, ha, Your Highness need not be so proprietous. Against these myriad Buddhist sects, Your Highness must be worried.” Great Master Shen Hui laughed.


“With Your Servant Double Clubs present, there is no need to inconvenience Great Master with this distraction.” Huyan Zhuo firmly said.

“En. Let us go take a look.”

Magnificent. It truly was too magnificent.

Su Xing gazed up at that pagoda too high to reach, with a sort of feeling of insignificance. That solemn and stately feeling had a formless dignity carved into people’s hearts, making them not dare to give rise to profane thoughts.

“This Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda is this spectacular. And how does that Maiden Mountain compare, I actually very much look forward to it.” Su Xing chuckled. Maiden Mountain was the Heaven raising pillar. Reportedly, wherever you were in Liangshan Continent, you could see Maiden Mountain just by raising your head. Now, this Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda would not usurp Maiden Mountain in the slightest yet was such a spectacular sight. Truly, it was unknown just what was inside that Maiden Mountain.

“Buddhism said something about saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven floor pagoda. Seems this is not just in name, but also in reality.” An Suwen said.

Su Xing and the others were very much in agreement.

Hesitating a moment around the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, Su Xing’s Daoist practice would probably be somewhat of an eyesore. When he approached those Buddhists, the monks were not very vigilant of his presence. They were somewhat displeased, or lukewarmly wanting to pass on their teachings, which made Su Xing not know whether to laugh or cry.

Seeing as they could not gather any useful information, Su Xing sought out a place that did not attract people’s attention.

Up next was the Knowledge Star’s turn to shine.

Wu Xinjie took out the Heaven Concealing Star Feather Fan. The feathers moved, activating “Wind From Empty Cave,” bringing everything in the surrounding environment into her ears. The conversations of millions of people entered her ear, however, under Wu Xinjie’s thoughts, only a few useful pieces of information was left in her mind.

On the hill to the south, there were monks quarreling. At the north, there were a Buddhist monk and a Buddhist nun meditating and chanting. To the east, countless Azure Dragon Cultivators that had come to see the spectacle whispered and joked about something. In the west,the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors were there.

Wu Xinjie shut her eyes, her brows wrinkling tightly.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes. The feather fan shook, interrupting Wind From Empty Cave.

“Xinjie, what’s the matter?” Su Xing helped Wu Xinjie wipe her forehead of cold sweat, surprised.

“So powerful.”

Wu Xinjie gasped for breath.

“Elder Sister, what did you hear?”

Lin Yingmei was taken aback.

“Xinjie’s Wind From Empty Cave, which is incorporeal and natureless, was unexpectedly detected by those old monks.” Wu Xinjie squeezed out a smile. “Worthy of being called characters the level of Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors.”

“They are Supervoid Stage after all, Liangshan Continent’s most supreme cultivation. Don’t be careless.” Su Xing said in concern.

“En, Xinjie understands.”

Not long after, Shi Yuan returned and exchanged information with Wu Xinjie. As expected, what Chao Gai said was true. The millions of Buddhists had come to Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda for the Chan technique. Besides them, even Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors and others had appeared. Other than for the Buddha’s dharma and the successorship, apparently that Five Dragons Colored Glass lamp was the object these Ancestral Masters would definitely strive for.

Reportedly, this Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp indeed was of great benefit for cultivators of Buddhist cultivation methods. Among the Immemorial Spirit Treasures was a Purple Smoke Confusing Sky Lantern that could also advance cultivation. Furthermore, the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp also was the same, however, what was different from what Chao Gai said was that this Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp was not something the Buddha personally refined. Originally, this Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp was a ruined item, but because of Holy Monk Four Noble Truths’ magic energy that created measureless achievements, it transformed into a secret treasure. It was even rumored this Five Dragons Colored Glass lamp even concealed a sort of Buddhist Immemorial Cultivation Method and such. In brief, it was purported to be very divine.

Originally, this Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp always was the pagoda guarding lamp of the Seven Floors Stupa Pagoda. No matter how magical it was, not a single one of the Buddhists dared to protest. It was just that hearing about the Holy Monk’s selection for a disciple to inherit his robe and alms bowl, that he would bring out the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp was what actually startled the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors.  

Hearing this information, everyone was somewhat excited.

“If this is the case, Suwen recalls Jiang Shuishui’s original verse is related to this.” An Suwen suddenly said.

“Pluck out Bodhi to suppress Far West, Nine-tiered Lotus Leaf Platform calls for Shaqing; the Five Dragons Colored Glass releases light, the mundane immeasurably comprehends Buddha’s mind.”2

This Five Dragons Colored Glass released light perhaps referred to the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp.

Everyone thought, nodding in agreement.

Su Xing’s Meditative Mind Lotus Flower having the general appearance of blooming generally made Su Xing’s beauties greatly eased. However, Shi Yuan’s next information made their hearts tighten.

“Buddha’s selection of a disciple seems to be very troublesome.” Shi Yuan looked miserable.


“It seems you have to enter the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda.” Shi Yuan explained: “Because so many people came, This Young Lady heard the first choice must have Buddhism’s growth capacity. Probably, if you aren’t a Buddhist disciple, you cannot go. Many of the Azure Dragon Territory cultivators are very dissatisfied.” Shi Yuan said.

Su Xing was speechless.

Although this could be said to be reasonable, he could not actually go be some monk just for the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, right?

I’m going to beat Chao Gai to death, Su Xing could not do this.

“There is no need to worry. Since Chao Gai has dared to leak this information, she proves there will be no restrictions.” Wu Xinjie surmised.

“But with so many people, how will he choose?” Shi Yuan could not guess.

“Buddhism’s capacity for growth refers to wisdom. Lord Husband has been planted with the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed with Chao Gai. He should count as having wisdom, so there ought not to be a problem.” Wu Siyou slowly said.

The Harm Star’s words made everyone suddenly understand.

“Then we cannot go together with His Highness?” Gongsun Huang shook her tiny head.

Among the people present, only Wu Siyou counted as having final wisdom. The other Star Maidens were somewhat skeptical of Buddhism, and to think of another way right now was already too late. Could it be they were to let Su Xing and Wu Siyou go together?

“You all can just enter my Star Nest.” Su Xing smiled.

A sudden epiphany.

“Then what about Sister Xinjie and Sister Yingmei?” An Suwen quietly asked.

Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei were stared at by the other Sisters. For a time, there was extreme blushing in shame. Because they had lost their Primordial Yin, their Star Nests with Su Xing also naturally disappeared. As such, Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei had no way to enter Su Xing’s Star Nest anymore.

“What a lucky break that This Young Lady didn’t take care of Su Xing earlier.” Shi Yuan patted her chest in secret joy.

“We can decide that when the time comes. If we really cannot, then Yingmei and I can only await Young Lord outside.” Wu Xinjie was without a choice.

Lin Yingmei was even more silent.

Seeing as how more and more people were coming, other than Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei, the other beauties immediately entered Su Xing’s Star Nest. Only then did Su Xing and the three girls together follow the others towards the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda.

The deeper they penetrated into the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, the more sparse the Daoist cultivators were, and the more numerous the Buddhist disciples. Seeing every kind of kasaya, Chan robe and Yellow Brows made Su Xing’s eye’s dazzled. Some of those bald heads honestly were even brighter than light bulbs.

These were all Buddha Kingdom Sects, very disdainful of Azure Dragon Territory cultivators, a feeling like that of a lamb entering into a wolf pack. However, with regards to other people, Su Xing and the three girls slowly walked in, their airs of dominance reserved yet exposed, ignoring everywhere, as if they were walking an uninhabited area.  

The Buddha Kingdom’s majority of monks all cultivated their Chan techniques silently. There was no way they would be as restless as someone like a cultivator from the Azure Dragon Territory.

But even so, Su Xing’s group was particularly eye-catching, which made many monks uncomfortable. Fuck, did this man come to provoke them? He obviously knew that the Buddha Kingdom was formless and not empty. Even parading around stunning beauties, honestly, he angered gods and men alike.

Su Xing’s Heart Like Mirror had long already reached its realm, and he did not mind their despicable and irate gazes. Su Xing looked around and suddenly noticed a place where a large number of beautiful women were gathered. Staying around beauties was always better than being with this heap of monks, and Su Xing did not hesitate to walk over.

Those women wore silk long gowns. Although they had the adornments of Buddhist nuns, in fact, their long hair were like waterfalls. Their physiques were wonderful and beautiful, somewhat incongruous with Buddhists, and it was unknown which temple they were from.

These women watched Su Xing, each and every one of them alluring. They cast flirtatious glances at him, activating Charm Magic.

Although these women were pretty, compared to Lin Yingmei and the others, they appeared heavily made up and gaudy, excessively tacky. Su Xing did not have interest in them. He took the initiative to chat with his beauties. When those women saw, they immediately felt inferior and averted their gazes, no longer daring to present themselves.

“It is you!!”

Suddenly, a chilly shout interrupted Su Xing’s flirtations with Wu Siyou and the others.

Lifting their gazes, oh, my, it was unexpectedly an acquaintance.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness.

“Benefactor truly does have a connection with us.” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness put on a fake smile.

When Su Xing looked, he saw that Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ surroundings had a hundred disciples, each handsome enough to make people feel inferior. They wore the Chan clothes of the Happiness Together Courtyard’s elite disciples, their gazes giddy yet not losing dignity.

Taking another look at those women smile charmingly and flirt with those Happiness Together Disciples, how could Su Xing not have understood why that would be.


No wonder so many beautiful women were here. As it turned out, the Happiness Together Courtyard were all in this place.3

The Happiness Together Courtyard cultivated Happiness Chan, possessing many Dual Cultivation cauldrons. Su Xing had heard of them, and seeing them today, they were ill-reputed, as expected.

“Ever since Great Master hurried away, Your Servant had thought Great Master said there was no connection.” Su Xing mocked.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness were indefinitely gloomy. Suddenly, he noticed that only three beauties were at Su Xing’s side, with the other five not present. Inwardly sparking his curiosity, Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ eyes flashed a sly glint.

“This monk has designs on us.” Shi Yuan said from inside the Star Nest.

Su Xing chuckled.

Perhaps this monk would not think those beauties were all Star Generals, all presently resting in the Star Nest. However, being locked onto by the Happiness Together Courtyard of Happiness Chan honestly was an annoying thing. It seemed that he perhaps had to root out this disaster first?

Being hated by a Supervoid Cultivator was not that comfortable.

Su Xing thought.

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  1. 八部天龍鬼神品經
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