Chapter 349: The Trial

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Senior Monk Extreme Happiness saw Su Xing was contemplative and thought that Su Xing was considering the matter of offending him earlier. He could not help but become somewhat complacent. “Benefactor has now changed his ideas. The Happiness Together Courtyard welcomes you at any time.”

“Oh, I shall consider it.” Su Xing shrugged his shoulders.

The surrounding monks were immediately startled, staring somewhat incredulously at Su Xing. This man surprisingly declined the compassion of one of Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors? Although the Happiness Together Courtyard did not necessarily have a good reputation in the Buddha Kingdom, they possessed one of the Six Ancestors. Any of the sects would have shown some face, but seeing Su Xing’s cultivation was Galaxy Late Stage with three stunning beauties on his left and right, his personality proud, even a dumb person could guess what Su Xing’s status was.

The eyes of the monks were endlessly complex, each bursting with Buddhist verse as if to calm the extreme anger in their hearts, viewing Su Xing as incessantly laughable.

Senior Monk looked at Su Xing with eyes full of hatred. He did not say anything, his expression still polite and amiable.

“Senior Monk Extreme Happiness, who is that Benefactor that brought beauties with him? To unexpectedly make the Senior Monk Extreme Happiness so extremely unhappy.” A coarse voice burst into raucous laughter that rang in the ears, somewhat inharmonious with those quiet Buddhists.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ stern and grave face immediately was like the first melt of winter snow upon hearing this voice, warmly smiling.

“Buddha Aratha,1 Senior Monk lets you see a smile.”

The man who walked directly over was of a stocky build, his kasaya open at the chest, a style of dress that departed from convention, but he emitted a boldness from head to toe. That boldness seemed to be able to rush into the skies and shake the four seas.

Su Xing looked with Seeing Clearly and was secretly shocked. His cultivation was Supervoid Middle Stage.

Although his cultivation was higher than Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ by just a realm, his air of dominance nevertheless was considerably greater, as if he stood atop the Heavens and tread over the earth. This Buddha was imposing, his diction carrying a slight pressure.

“He is of the Dharma Sect, a Chief of the Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestors.” Wu Xinjie surreptitiously said.

Su Xing grunted, taking guard. The Dharma Sect was one of Buddha Kingdom’s alternative sects of Buddhism. They did not stick to convention, cultivation a sort of wild and unconstrained sort of dharma. Furthermore, they were extremely domineering. This dominance was very famous in the Azure Dragon Territory. The Dharma Sect had a very chilling saying – “I am Buddha, and Buddha is me.” The sect’s style thus was visible.

The Happiness Chan cultivated by the Happiness Together Courtyard had always been gentle and reserved, and add on that Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ beauty that reached the point of being disgusting, Su Xing naturally did not feel this Supervoid Early Stage had any intimidation. On the other hand, this Buddha Aratha of the Dharma Sect was fierce beyond normal. Immersed in “Vajra Dharma Characteristics” for several dozen years, his imposing aura naturally could not be compared.

Su Xing activated the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique, secretly alleviating this pressure.

Buddha Aratha’s eyes showed surprise, and his smile was increasingly ruminating.

“This man is somewhat capable. It seems he is not merely a pretty boy. How about it, do you have interest in entering my Dharma Sect?” Aratha walked over, speaking right in his face.

“A true Buddha has always only made people yearn for that, with no need to be like Ancestral Master.” Su Xing calmly replied.

The others gaped and were tongue-tied.

That Aratha laughed heartily, disagreeing, “This Ancestor has even been declined? This man’s ken is certainly high, however, what you said was not bad.” The other monks were saying Amitabha. The previous incident of the Happiness Together Courtyard was merely so, but Su Xing thought this man was formidable. His appearance was rough, yet beneath the surface, he was more exquisite than an embroidery needle. The man obviously knew that Su Xing would refuse, yet he still stepped forward to ask. It seemed he deliberately gave this Happiness Together Courtyard a helping hand.

What was the relationship between these two?

Seeing the Happiness Together Courtyard’s Senior Monk Extreme Happiness have a gentle face. The manliness of the Dharma Sect’s Aratha was bold and powerful, simply distinct. Su Xing harbored the sinister thought that these two were a “top and bottom”2 combination.

“Azure Dragon Territory Cultivators love to speak so pleasantly. He tries vainly to obtain a piece of the Holy Monk’s dharma. Truly laughable.”

A disciple of the Happiness Together Courtyard could not help but mock him.

“Could it be that there are better and lesser dharma?” Su Xing asked back.

That Happiness Together Courtyard disciple was stunned. His mouth hung open, unsure of how to respond.

Wu Xinjie stifled a smile. Her Young Lord was but one who dared to spit at a statue of Buddha.

“Do not be rude.” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness chided, putting his hands together in apology.

“Benefactor Su Xing.”

Suddenly at this moment, they heard a shout.

“Benefactor Su Xing, Old Monk truly has had difficulty searching for you.”

A doddering old man somewhat happily walked over.

“Uh…Chan Master Leaf?” Su Xing seemed to remember this name.

“Old Monk Withered Leaf.” Chan Master Withered Leaf laughed.

Su Xing suddenly had a very ill feeling of foreboding.

“So it is Chan Master Withered Leaf of the Shala Celestial. What now, you recognize this Benefactor. Could he be a disciple that the Great Master has taught? No wonder he is this way.” Aratha laughed aloud.

The others were very gratified to think of this.

“Ashamed, ashamed. Old Monk received Benefactor’s instruction, Old Monk is so ashamed of his own inferiority.” Chan Master Withered Leaf promptly said.


Each and every one of the monks were dumb as wooden chickens.

“Chan Master Withered Leaf must be joking.” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness sneered.

“Benefactor certainly has comprehended the true essence of Buddha’s truth body. This was personally witnessed by millions of the Shala Celestial’s disciples, Old Monk is ashamed.”

“Hey, hey, hey, this Benefactor is not the same one who spat at an image of Buddha, is he?”

Aratha was stunned.

Chan Master Withered Leaf nodded.3


Su Xing very much wanted to kick this old monk into the River Ganges. It was not clear whether this Chan Master Withered Leaf intentionally wanted Su Xing’s lecture or if he sincerely respected Su Xing’s act of spitting, or perhaps he had some other objective, but to say this undoubtedly pushed Su Xing straight into the spotlight. This had to be a joke. Let alone that what Su Xing said at that time was clear and logical without a gap, regardless of what he said, he did spit at a statue of Buddha. Those monks of higher realms were enough. Seeing the surroundings were some monks too stupefied to cultivate, certainly, they took Su Xing to be the man who blasphemed against Buddha.

“So it turned out to be you, Benefactor, admirable, admirable.”

“Poor Monk actually cannot compare.”

Aratha laughed wildly and Senior Monk Extreme Happiness smiled insincerely.

Su Xing could not shrink back. The gentleman is satisfied and composed,4 and his blunder had actually made him appear somewhat impractical.

Su Xing’s name very quickly sounded throughout the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, however, the Holy Monk was beginning at this time. Everyone actually was very calm, only discussing several sentences. Su Xing did not have any interest tangling with them over words. Understanding the circumstances of their sects, he no longer cared that much.

Not long after, the Buddhist aura of the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda flashed across several tens of thousands of zhang.

A dignified Buddhist light sprinkled down, and everyone ceased their noise and conversations. From the Six Ancestors up top to the commonfolk at the bottom, each and every person showed stances of worship. Multi-colored lotus flowers bubbled forth in space, their strange scent lingering, covering the entire aerial range of several hundred li. The multi-colored lotus flowers glowed, and between them, a picturesque sight appeared, with heavenly goddesses scattering flowers, with the bliss of colored glass.

The heavenly phoenix flew, the green luan immortal bird spread its wings, the virtuous gold dragon in the ground rolled, and the auspicious purple clouds were misty.5 The tall mountains of spirit, the old pines gnarled like horns, above was a red-crowned crane clutching a lingzhi mushroom in its beak. Amidst the thunder, sarira was suspended high, shining gloriously. A golden body clapped its hands together, chanting loudly, the voice resounding. The chants of others disappeared, and they gasped in amazement.

Even the Azure Dragon Territory cultivators could not help but want to prostrate themselves in worship, with even some of the cultivators converting to Buddhism this moment on. Of course, this was a story for later.

The sutra rose, resounding through the world.

All of the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda opened.

The inside also similarly emitted a blissful feeling, as if there was endless enticement, yet also crammed full of every sort of demon and monster.

Su Xing knew that the Holy Monk’s selection for a disciple to inherit his robe and bowl had truly begun.

“Young Master (Young Lord), careful.” Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie warned, full of gentleness.

“You girls, too. It seems that Senior Monk Extreme Happiness harbors evil intentions. Block them.” Su Xing said.

“We know.”


Su Xing glanced at Wu Siyou, and the latter nodded.

Glancing at Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ sneering gaze and at the jealousy of others somewhat taking joy in his misfortune, Su Xing coldly smiled. He then walked with Wu Siyou through the gate. Enveloped in the Buddhist light, Su Xing immediately felt the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed begin to stir, already with the signs of blossoming.

This Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda was worthy of being called Buddhism’s holy place, but entering inside had this sort of efficacy.

Su Xing opened his eyes. It was not like he had imagined. What appeared before him was an extremely normal place, like an ordinary temple. He could not tell any differences. The scent of burning incense lingered and frescoes hung. In no more than a moment, the room already had more than several hundred monks and cultivators.

In the room sat a novice monk only striking his wooden fish.6 He had not shed his childishness.

However, to be able to cultivate in the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, how could they underestimate him.

“Pardon me, what is this place?”

An Azure Dragon Territory cultivator in black clothes asked.

“This is the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda’s first layer. Buddha West Approaches is on the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda’s highest level. Whosoever has the Buddhist mind can ascend the levels.” The novice monk said as he struck the wooden fish, his voice neither fast nor slow. “Buddha says, the one able to ascend the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda is a person with connection, able to hear the Holy Monk’s dharma, receive his robe and bowl.”

“This simple?”

The novice monk said nothing more, only earnestly striking the wooden fish.

Hearing these words, everyone immediately erupted into fired up cheers.

A group of monks immediately rushed for the level above.

Very quickly, several hundred people had left. The majority of people wanted to be the quickest to ascend, however, there were still several dozen people who did not move at all. These were all people of high comprehension of meditative methods. It seemed they had apparently obtained the Dao, but some were strange. They meditated in place, reading sutras.

Su Xing felt this scene was very odd.

“Lord Husband, we also ought quickly go.” Wu Siyou quietly said.

“Don’t go for now.” Su Xing pulled Wu Siyou’s hand.


“Let’s sit quietly first then see. Since this is the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, it certainly won’t be this simple.” Su Xing used Sound Transmission: “It seems some monks in this place have not moved. Perhaps they know something, so we’ll first watch.”

Wu Siyou looked. Indeed, this was somewhat strange, and thinking for a moment, she then sat cross-legged with Su Xing in meditation.That novice monk for the first time opened his eyes. Surreptitiously, he glanced at Su Xing, pragmatically silent.

The sound of the wooden fish had a rhythmic striking.

The room seemed to be crammed full of dharma, endlessly lingering in his ear. Su Xing did not conflict with this chanting, but he meticulously listened to these Buddhist minds, reforming the meditative mind.

One minute?

One day?

A month or a year?

As if an endless century had passed, finally, there were several monks that were unable to hold back stopping their chanting, walking towards the upper level.

Su Xing was immersed in his daydreams, completely forgetting time. The Star Maidens in the Star Nest could not help but yawn and fall asleep.

“Lord Husband, Lord Husband…”

Suddenly, he heard a soft voice calling him.

Su XIng slowly opened his eyes, spotting Wu Siyou’s almost within reach.

Wu Siyou breathed a sigh of relief.

“Lord Husband, we ought to leave.”

“Oh?” Su Xing looked, and then he noticed that the other monks had already stopped chanting. In addition, the room was left with only twenty or so people, a very considerable decrease from the previous several hundred.

Those monks all looked strangely at Su Xing, their gazes neither sorrowful nor joyful. Compared to the younger monks Su Xing knew from before, they seemed unable to be compared.

Su Xing returned their politeness.

“Everyone has waited a long while. Please follow me.” The novice monk ceased striking the wooden fish and put his hands together.

Everyone likewise returned his gesture.

Su Xing still did not understand what had happened. Only after Wu Siyou explained did he realize that his guess was correct, as expected. The first checkpoint appeared to be going upstairs at will, but in fact, this tested the Buddha nature and patience of everyone. The novice monk striking the wooden fish was also immersed in dharma. Before the dharma ended, how could they leave as they wished? The others were enticed by the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, how could they care for this detail, thus they ascended.

Although some monks sort of comprehended this, in the end, they were unable to remain calm and also ascended.

However, the exit that awaited them was merely the outside of the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda.

Without a doubt, they had been eliminated.

Su Xing was inwardly speechless. This Buddha West Approaches had a fully justified reputation, as expected. The trials of the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda truly were somewhat excessive. Just this first level was very profound. If it was not for Su Xing forgetting time by comprehending the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed, perhaps he also would have grown impatient. Just that Buddhist chanting lingering in the air was fatal to many cultivators not favorable to Buddhism.

“Interesting, interesting.” Su Xing said to himself, even more somewhat expectant.

Upon entering the second floor, the scene changed again.

As far as they eye could, there unexpectedly was a blissful world. Su Xing looked and discovered the people he come with were all gone. Even Wu Siyou had disappeared without a trace. It seemed that each floor of the Seven Floor Stuap Pagoda was truly an individual world. Obviously, they had entered together, nevertheless, each had their own world. Furthermore this world seemed to be vast and boundless.

Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

How should he cross this level?

Thinking for a long time, Su Xing did not understand. He might as well not think further. It was a Buddhist mystery anyways.

Su Xing on his riding sword searched for the exit to the third level in this Void Paradise. Suddenly, at this moment, a white dove flew over from the horizon.

This was the first time Su Xing had seen a living thing. Immediately, he chased, but when that white dove saw Su Xing, it did not flee. On the contrary, it very urgently and madly slammed into Su Xing’s chest.

“Save me, Sire, I can assist Sire.” The white dove flapped its wings and spoke in human tonge.

“How will you repay me.” Su Xing thought this was interesting. Suddenly, he thought of something, “Can you bring me to the third floor?”

Just as the white dove was about to reply, a powerful aggression came from the horizon. A seemingly earth-shattering figure rolled over; that was a giant, golden-winged hawk.

“This hawk wants to eat me, I implore Sire to save me.” The white dove trembled and hid into Su Xing’s chest.

“Where do you think you can run to,” The golden hawk shouted, the golden wind its wings created scratching painfully against Su Xing’s skin.

“Let me go, if you miss me, you can still catch the next one, but I have only this one life.” The white dove pitifully said.

The golden hawk said: “How could I not understand the logic of what you say, but I am starved to death right now. If I do not eat you, I have no way of living. It is not easy for everyone to stay alive in this world, and if I was not so close to my own end, I would not have chased so relentlessly.”

“Sire, please save me.” The white dove said.

The golden hawk said: “Sire, please be compassionate. If you save this dove’s life, could it be you have the heart to watch This Old Hawk starve to death?”

When Su Xing heard these words, he suddenly understood the situation that had happened this time.

Was this not the old story of how Buddha carved his own flesh for the hawk?


He would not have me carve my own flesh, right????

Su Xing was speechless.

“Sire, please release that white dove, I must eat it today.”

It was reasonable to say that Su Xing should at this time learn that “If I do not enter hell, then who will enter hell,” or whatever that Siddhartha Gautama had once said. Then, he would carve flesh that was equivalent in size to that dove and complete this floor, but Su Xing knew that it was only after Buddha completely carved his flesh that he became Buddha, let alone…I am not so brainless to want to mutilate myself.

But if he did not do something, perhaps that would be inconsistent with Buddhism?

Considering some more, Su Xing then coldly chuckled.

“Forgive me, but I am also hungry. Since this dove has entered my embrace, it has connection with my stomach.” Su Xing pinched the white dove and placed it against his chest, and the white dove was completely flabbergasted.

The golden hawk was also dumbstruck.

This motherfucker was fighting for food.

“Are you serious?”

“That the weak are prey to the strong has been a truth since ancient times. Now that the white dove has entered my bosom, is there not fate?” Su Xing said: “You had better quickly go back. Do not disturb my peace in eating the dove.”

“Wuuuuuuuu.” The white dove wailed.

The golden hawk shrieked, “What an eloquent mouth. Today, This Hawk shall eat your full stomach.” The golden hawk shuddered and transformed into a ferocious, golden armored man.

“That suits me perfectly.”

Where there was cause, there was effect. Su Xing nodded.

With a boom, the golden hawk man launched an attack. Seeing his double talons were like blade, imposing and fierce, Su Xing did not dare underestimate him.

Before he finished speaking, the golden talons already attacked. When he lifted his head, his expression was keen, flashing a raging golden light.

The moment he blocked, sparks flew in every direction.

His arm immediately was scratched bloody.

The speed was so quick.

Su Xing called forth his Flying Swords, but this golden hawk was faster than Divine Intent, snatching the first step to attack. Su Xing put his hands together, releasing Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. Purple lotus flowers blossomed by the hundred. The golden hawk spread his wings, suddenly releasing golden light to directly destroy this Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

Not good, this is the Void Paradise. This golden hawk perhaps is somewhat difficult.

Su Xing’s eyes that were black as deep waters showed slight surprise. He basically did not expect this golden hawk to transform and have martial force and ferocity that did not lose out to a Star General. Even more unexpected was that this golden hawk’s attack was like a hurricane, which felt more or less the same as fighting a Star General. So long as Su Xing was slightly careless or unable to keep up with the golden hawk’s tempo, then the end would be a tragic death.

The golden hawk excelled in speed and used in the first moment its most expert attack style to suppress Su Xing.

A pinwheel-like attack continuously struck Su Xing’s body. The powerful strength gave rise to a contorted posture, releasing an ear-piercing “hua, hua” sound.

Under these consecutive attacks, Su Xing still maintained indifference on his face. His movements also exceeded the golden hawk’s imagination. The golden hawk suddenly revolted and was already quick, but Su Xing nevertheless adapted little by little. He began to resist part of the assault. Although he still completely lost the chance to counterattack, being continuously struck towards the void, he did not stop in the slightest.

“I will tear your flash.” The golden hawk’s talon ripped.

“You came at the perfect time.”

What Su Xing wanted was this opportunity. The Su Xing that had long been entangled in consecutive strikes suddenly changed defensive stances. His body like a spring, under such dire circumstances, he launched his counterattack. Dodging with a super fast lean, his arms and legs attacked like a downpour upon release, repeatedly landing on the golden armored body of the golden hawk, tearing apart his powerful golden armor defense.

How could he have ever seen such a frightening assault?

The golden hawk showed astonishment, his face already beginning to become stern, even somewhat unsightly. His eye even showed a grave light. His whole body tightly rolled up, and the Buddhist light and golden armor of his whole body wildly revolved. The deep golden light around him flashed and wrapped around him. No longer did he consider the possibility for counterattack, he could only hope to defend to his utmost until the moment Su Xing was powerless.

His complexion was still flat as before. Su Xing’s attack was continuous without end, and he softly chuckled. His body once again flipped in the air, already arriving behind the golden hawk.

So fast.

The golden hawk turned around in surprise. Su Xing borrowed the force of his spin, and kicking from top to bottom, his leg fiercely stamped against the golden hawk’s back.


An enormous noise sounded. The terrifying force instantly engulfed his whole body like a tide. He did not even have the chance to scream. His entire person already was a like a stone falling from the sky. Being firmly pressed by Su Xing, because the force was too strong, his entire body seemed to become twisted. That protective golden light enveloping him was in even worse shape, scattered and smashed.


The quiet Void Paradise gave rise to a powerful earthquake. Those golden sand Buddhalands and polo divine flowers fiercely exploded, just like they had been struck by the hammer of an ancient war god. They fiercely shot towards the sky, and seeing that rolling cloud of sand dust, it was like a surging sea.

Flipping light as a feather, Su Xing softly landed on the ground, not disturbing the slightest speck of dust. His whole body was relaxed, as if he had just finished a walk. He completely lacked a taxed appearance.

As if that intense assault just now was completely unrelated to him.

Breathing deeply, Su Xing clenched his fists. His hands somewhat hurt. He could not tell if this golden hawk was an illusion or if it was real, but it was somewhat excessively powerful.

“Dammit,” With a face wearing some fury, the golden hawk climbed up from the dust. His entire person was ice-cold, but for some unknown reason, he nevertheless completely lacked the intention to continue attacking.

He just quietly stood in front of Su Xing, those abyss-like eyes closely stared at Su Xing’s face.

But Su Xing clearly felt a formless aggression begin to settle. The air ceased its circulation, yet this golden hawk did not show any moves.

With a sneer, the golden hawk suddenly launched its attack.

Su Xing blocked, but suddenly before his eyes, the golden hawk man inconceivably disappeared,

“I will eat you.”

A terrifying voice came from behind him. Turning his head to look, a giant and bloody mouth bit at Su Xing.

“Ah, we’re about to be eaten.” The white dove wildly scuttled around Su Xing’s chest.

Su Xing was also greatly surprised. He was simply unable to believe that this golden hawk’s speed was so swift. Legends said that the giant roc that spreads its wings hated heaven to no end. This golden hawk appeared also to be so. Su Xing extended a hand and beckoned, his Flying Swords soaring out, but the golden hawk completely had no misgivings biting onto the Flying Swords. With the sound of tearing flesh, a wound deep enough to see bone was carved down from Su Xing’s shoulder.

Dammit. Su Xing did not know when the golden hawk transformed, but his two legs had already became two giant talons, the claws seizing the opportunity scratch deep wounds into him.

The pain made Su Xing draw in a breath and at the same time sense that the wives sleeping inside the Star Nest seemed also about to wake up.

“Don’t disturb my wives’ sleep.”

“Bang,” The air violently let out an enormous noise. Su Xing’s speed instantly rose to the limit. His entire body gave rise to afterimages, basically unable to see clearly.

The sound of whistling wind pierced the sky, so much so that it seemed about to cut apart space, rushing back up towards the golden hawk.

The golden hawk’s eyes were dazzled, completely not reacting.

Su Xing raised his hand, and the Flying Swords formed a giant blade. Although he was not clear on what the background of this golden hawk was, regardless of what was said, Su Xing knew he could not waste time, and he did not wish to cause the girls inside the Star Nest worry. At once, he no longer held back, seizing that painful instant to slightly use a range of the Chaotic Tail Escape that his body could still bear.

Su Xing’s speed honestly was too quick, astonishing the golden hawk.

He basically was too late to hear any sound. The golden hawk’s entire body had already been struck by an enormous force. That strength was great, the golden armor of his whole body incapable of completely stopping it. The bones in his body could even be heard groaning, and his entire body already shot far away like a cannonball.

Thus, he was incapable of rising anymore.

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