Chapter 39: The Immortal Hero Princess

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Honestly speaking, Su Xing was also startled by the courage that exploded out of Lin Yingmei. He originally was still anxious about Lin Yingmei and her body’s condition, but that seemed somewhat unnecessary. Lin Yingmei was only slightly pale and a little exhausted, however, it seemed that the Majestic Star’s potential was truly unfathomable.

Seeing that Gong Caiwei’s expression could not be identified as gloomy or clear, Su Xing spared not another thought on her. If they really wanted to fight, come whatever, he would fight whatever. Even if she had a trump card, with Su Xing’s Profound Star Barrier, he did not fear her.

The unexpected thing was that Gong Caiwei walked over wearing a smile offering extreme praises to Lin Yingmei, apparently not jealous towards Su Xing for having two Star Generals. Only the heavens knew if she was foolish and naive to cause mischief or if there was some other reason, but Su Xing welcomed this with a smiling face. However, Gong Caiwei then threw out a sentence that completely baffled Su Xing.

“Young master Su Xing, this Gong does not know how you feel about acquiring the Blooming Water Divine Thunder this time around?”

“Blooming Water Divine Thunder?” Su Xing remained unmoved: “Yours truly has Star Energy only at the Stardust Late Stage. If I can make a breakthrough within these ten days, then I’ll go observe if I can. If I cannot break through, then I’ll just go see the Water and Land Assembly.”

“This Gong wants to invite young master Su Xing to go to the Flower Dragon Cave together, how about it?” Gong Caiwei’s expression was very sincere.

Su Xing had not given a reply when Gong Caiwei interrupted him: “If young master agrees, then this Gong will assist the young master to break through the Stardust Stage and enter the Nebula Stage.”

“Your reason!” Su Xing spat out these two words. The heavens above did not rain down pies, even he knew this fact.

“Going through this ancient tomb, seeing the young master has made this Gong become truly fond of you, does that count as a reason?” Gong Caiwei said sweetly.1

“Although I know you really like me, this is an insufficient reason. After all, your one-sided infatuation is not enough to make me trust you.” Su Xing rebuffed her. Wu Xinjie laughed with a “Pfft!” Her own master was actually very shameless.

“This Gong is serious. Does young master Su Xing want to obtain the true Blooming Water Divine Thunder?”

“The true Blooming Water Divine Thunder?” Su Xing did not understand. There were fake copies of the Divine Thunder?

“Correct. What everyone gathers in the Flower Dragon Cave is just an ordinary Blooming Water Thunder, a far cry from Divine Thunder. Even the ones produced by refinement techniques that can turn out a Blooming Water Divine Thunder are just barely ordinary. Otherwise, so many years have passed and we have never heard about any cultivator that could successfully obtain amazing powers from the Blooming Water Divine Thunder; the reason for that is this.”

“Why did you tell me this?”

Gong Caiwei lightly smiled: “This Gong already said so, I need young master Su Xing. Hidden within the Flower Dragon Cave is a certain paradise. Lain down is an ancient ‘Heavenly Star Forbiddance,’ it requires two Star Masters’ Star Crests joined together to open, so this Gong requires a Star Master.”

Heavenly Star Forbiddance!

Su Xing was slightly moved. This was Liangshan Continent’s most famous and profound type of forbiddance art. This type of forbiddance art was extremely simple to break since it only needed a Star Crest to open, but this sort of protective formation was also the most terrifying. It appeared as if only a few Star Cultivators working together could breach it, which was an attractive option since Star Masters only appeared when the Star Duels started. In addition, even if they did appear, they were often hostile elements. To reach a mutual understanding to cooperate in breaking the protective formation was not that easy, though. Often, when these forbiddances are discovered, it would make most Star Cultivators hateful and indignant, so this sort of protective formation was both safe and absolutely dangerous.

However, oftentimes the forbidden grounds of the Heavenly Star Forbiddance made cultivators both crazy and regretful because those laying down this type of forbiddance were generally Transforming Star of Annihilation rank masters.2  The items inside were absolutely rare treasures and the like.

For instance, the Little Kun Wu Three Stars Protective Formation of three months ago that needed three Star Generals to open not only had an Astral Gemstone and those ancient, bizarre dragons, but Su Xing was also able to find the Astral Treasure Profound Star Barrier there.

“Are you sure?”

“How could this Gong’s information be wrong.3 Just as you have the Resourceful Star that can solve a myriad riddles, this Gong has the Resourceful Strategist that is also capable in these matters.”

“Then you sure are fortunate.” Su Xing still had some doubts.

Gong Caiwei objected: “The Blooming Water Divine Thunder will attract many Star Masters. If young master Su Xing declines, this Gong only has to find another person. The reason why this Gong decided to help the young master is only because this Gong believes if she has young master Su Xing’s assistance, then obtaining the Blooming Water Divine Thunder is even more certain. After all, the Star Master that made the Knowledge Star yield and another Heavenly Star pledge her life to follow is definitely not a nobody.”

Su Xing began to think. He did not have a reason to be opposed, and this Gong Caiwei said everything with such palpitating eagerness, refusing would be far too foolish.4 “With such a great opportunity, declining simply won’t do.”

Gong Caiwei tossed something.

A porcelain bottle flew into Su Xing’s palm.

“This is a bottle of ‘Seven Lives Cloud Gathering Powder,’ this Gong believes that with young master Su Xing’s natural talent, you will easily enter the Nebula Stage within ten days.” Gong Caiwei then also gave Su Xing two copies of “Thousand Miles Incantation Transmittance Talisman” to use as practice. These talismans already had Gong Caiwei’s Divine Intent carved into them, so Su Xing could communicate with Gong Caiwei anytime and anywhere using the talismans.5

Su Xing sighed gloomily. This beauty truly was lavish; it seemed her background was not simple.

“This Gong will come again on the day of the Water and Land Assembly.”

When Gong Caiwei finished saying that, she once again donned another face veil and turned to leave, her pure, untainted and spotless skirt waving. It was almost as if she did not care for them, for her arrival was sudden, as was her exit.

“Caiwei, you won’t explore any more of this ancient tomb?” Su Xing impulsively shouted.

“Since we already found General Tianwei’s actual body, this Gong has not any more interest.” Gong Caiwei said lightly.

“This…” Su Xing stared blankly.

She seemed to know what Su Xing wanted to say, for Gong Caiwei’s teasing voice spoke a few final words.

“This Gong has no interest in the dead’s belongings and shall leave this all to you, young master. Think of it as this Gong caring about young master and giving you a small remuneration. Young master Su Xing, please complete a plan for capturing the true Blooming Water Divine Thunder…”

And like that, Gong Caiwei took the Leader Star Zhu Wu and cleanly departed from the ancient tomb. This sort of out of expectations situation was rather stunning.

Just what did this woman that loves to call herself “this Gong” come here to do that she would not even value the Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor?

“Young Master, that person is an Immortal Hero Princess,6 of course she would not value these things. Hee hee, it will do if Young Master just does not think about her.” Wu Xinjie laughed mischievously.

Immortal Hero Princess

Su Xing and Ling Yingmei showed their curiosity at the same time.

Wu Xinjie covered her mouth: “Regardless of whether it’s at the Azure Dragon Territory or the Vermillion Bird Territory, they’re still famous Star Cultivators.”

“Azure Dragon Territory, Vermillion Bird Territory?” Su Xing blinked his eyes.

Wu Xinjie explained that these were unique descriptions that Star Cultivators would mention.

Their origins could be traced back to Maiden Mountain.

If asked about what thing was the most famous in Liangshan Continent, the answer would be the boundless Great Liang Dynasty, and it really was not the “Four Great Sword Sects.” That is correct, for regardless of where one was in Liangshan Continent, it could be seen at any place, just like the heaven raising pillar of the Maiden Mountain that was the common understanding of all people. That pillar was like a god descended, and everyone worshiped it.

Starting from ancient prehistory people, found the idea of using the heaven reaching pillar of Maiden Mountain as a center, and the four corners all had their own unique developments.

Star Cultivators gathered in the east, with auspicious winds and timely rains. Large and small cities spread everywhere, innumerable and highly prosperous;

Immense mountains spanned the south, covering ten thousand li. all manners of demons and races, mythical and mundane gathered there, innumerable and highly dangerous;

The Wind Singing Blue Sea lay to the west, a magic cloud gathering covered the sky, Jade Wave Island, an artistic paradise that flourished timeless, and on some days dragons fought with tigers.

The North’s longitudes and latitudes were filled with wide expanses of both fertile and barren lands. In ten thousand li not a single person. In a thousand li birds flew out of sight. Its end was invisible.

Thus, one day, a certain almighty would use the Maiden Mountain to demarcate these four developmentally different areas into “Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, Black Turtle, and White Tiger,” these four territories.7

The Maiden Mountain Star Duels mostly all fell within the Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird Territories, and Su Xing was now currently in the Vermillion Bird Territory.

Also, the Immortal Hero Princess that Wu Xinjie spoke of was an amazing person. She was the most precious daughter of Prince Feng Wu8, having acted as a Star Master from childhood, practicing sword arts at the Heavenly Ice Sacred Temple with the “Queen Consort of Ice.” Relying on her innate talent, her mastery of fencing was outstanding. Even several Star Generals would not necessarily be a foe to her.

Because Gong Caiwei’s sword techniques were outstanding, much like a handsome and strong god descended. Every movement was filled with a terrifying heroic spirit, so the rest came to call her the “Immortal Hero Princess.”

Her might could clearly be seen.

“Gong Caiwei’s father is Liangshan Continent’s premier dynasty–the Great Liang Dynasty’s prince, studying at the Heavenly Ice Sacred Palace. This sort of background can be said to be growing up with a gold spoon in her mouth. Wind blows when she wants it, rain falls when she wants it. She’s definitely not his daughter in name only.” Wu Xinjie giggled.

Su Xing was mute.

It did not occur to him that Gong Caiwei’s influence was this powerful. No wonder she did not care for artifacts such as the Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor in the least. If this sort of woman truly became an enemy, this would not be an ordinary problem.

“I fear many Star Generals will pursue this sort of Star Cultivator.” Lin Yingmei voiced her misgivings.

“Correct, Little Sister Yingmei. There is also a legend regarding the Immortal Hero Princess. Once you hear it, you definitely will feel it is fascinating.” Wu Xinjie said mysteriously.

“What legend?”

“Legend has it the very first year that Star Duels began, the ranked fourth Leisure Star, Dragon in the Clouds, Gongsun Sheng and the Immortal Hero Princess signed a contract!”

“What, the Leisure Star offered her services?” Lin Yingmei was moved. “Is that true?” She still could not believe it.

Maiden Mountain’s number one in magic energy, the Leisure Star, Dragon in the Clouds, mastered excellent magics. Even if Lin Yingmei were to take excessive precautions, if she were to go against this sort of magic arts Star General, she believed she had no way surefire way of escaping unscathed.

“Then why the Leader Star?” Su Xing was hoarse.

“This is where it gets strange.” Wu Xinjie shrugged her shoulders, “That definitely is the fierce warrior that’s number one in magic. If she signed a contract with the Immortal Hero Princess brilliant in sword arts, this combination, heh heh…”

Even the Knowledge Star felt afraid.

“We cannot have contempt for her!” Lin Yingmei said.

“Perhaps we really shouldn’t underestimate Gong Caiwei!” Su Xing muttered.

Su Xing shook his head, not thinking any further. Fortunately, Gong Caiwei had a measure of self-confidence bordering on arrogance. In front of Maiden Mountain, she was not considered an opponent. Otherwise, an enemy that had a background and identity as luxurious as hers would have been a major headache. Su Xing reached out and closed his hand, holding the Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor in his hand. Even if she said she did not value the items of the dead, Su Xing could not be bothered about such a sentiment.

Inspecting the Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor, he found it was not very heavy. Besides a few ugly dents left behind by Tracing Snow, the item itself was mostly intact.9 Feeling it in his hands, he could feel both the tenacity of it as well as the aforementioned vestiges of destructive magic power.

“Young Master, there’s something else over there!” Lin Yingmei suddenly said when she saw the Demon Corpse’s remains.

Su Xing and Wu Xinjie turned their gazes and saw on the ground was a grey pearl rich in ghost qi.

“A Ghost Soul Pearl?!”

Wu Xinjie shouted.

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  1. Su Xing would have to be absolutely stupid to not notice the gap in her behavior.
  2. Highest rank attainable.
  3. I’m starting to sense a trend here…
  4. She made an offer he could not refuse 😀
  5. This description is rather misleading, for it implies communication across great distance. In later chapters, the limitations and actual usage are revealed, and this most definitely is not a cellphone.
  6. 英仙郡主 I was tempted to translate this as “Perseus Princess,” but I decided for a literal translation instead.
  7. 蒼龍,真凰,玄冥,白虎 I took great liberties in translating these since the raws did not necessarily correspond with the traditional Four Symbols.
  8. 風武親王
  9. So much for invincible…


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