Chapter 390: Ten Feet Of Blue’s Watery Grief

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Guilt Star Short-lived Second Brother Ruan Xiaowu grinned evilly. The Alligator Dragon Sea Swallowing Claws once again brandished water dragons, a function of her Water Control Innate Skill. Ruan Ping’er played with the flow of the river in the palm of her hand. To Su Xing, this did not constitute a threat, yet it could waste his Star Energy.

“A Star Master like yourself, Elder Sister will like.” Ruan Ping’er cruelly grinned.

The river made Su Xing trapped on all sides, putting him in a somewhat impossible situation. His opponent was a top-notch naval Magic Energy Heavenly Star, and this place was her home turf. For a time, Su Xing for a time was at wit’s end attempting to capture Ruan Ping’er to be a mistress.

Ruan Ping’er was currently deluding herself about how to entertain this “feast for the eyes,” when suddenly, she felt a chilly wind come from behind her.

The Short-lived Second Brother glanced out the corner of her eye and spotted a figure in a black cloak currently moving towards her in a high speed attack.

That speed was very quick.

A scorching baleful aura gravely arrived before her.

Ruan Ping’er’s claws went to block.

Cold light criss-crossed, moving back and forth. The black-clothed person was nimble beyond imagination. Ruan Ping’er caught the smell of danger and familiarity…a Star General?

A soft bellow broke free from the cloaked person’s lips. Ruan Ping’er saw a pair of golden pupils raise a storm.

The black-cloaked Star General charged for the kill on Ruan Ping’er in a spurt of energy.

Ruan Ping’er’s claws warded off the blow. Countless water blades slashed in an exchange. Ruan Ping’er suddenly discovered the Star General in front of her was very weak. Although her speed and agility were somewhat surprising, her attack power was mediocre.

Ruan Ping’er completely could hold her own, so much so that she could use Star Magic to be even more sure of victory.

I can kill her?

“As expected, you have a Star General…” Short-lived Second Brother Ruan Ping’er evilly laughed: “It would be better to yield to me!!”

The dull gold light slashed, blocked by the long already prepared Alligator Dragon Sea Swallowing Claws, but Ruan Ping’er was not at all relaxed at this time. She did not know whether or not her provocation had aroused her opponent’s desire for battle, for the cloaked Star General made several fierce chops in succession. The gold-light and water-light clashed restlessly. Another short blade suddenly attacked from another angle.

Ruan Ping’er intercepted it.

The opponent’s fierce and explosive oppression made Ruan Ping’er continuously step back. Double sabers and double claws ferociously slashed at each other, the crisp shockwaves linking together into one.

Ruan Ping’er let out an evil laugh that feigned relaxation, but her expression betrayed her disguise.

Her opponent’s attacks were increasingly fierce, increasingly emotional. Ruan Ping’er already was somewhat unable to bear with it.

Heavenly Star Martial General?

A water wall revolved around.

“What are you doing not showing yourself, could it be you are very ugly? Hee-hee.” Ruan Ping’er asked as she retreated.

The cloaked Star General’s double sabers easily ripped apart the water screen. Her figure was mist-like, her body techniques somewhat unfathomable.

The double sabers criss-crossed and stabbed, freezing Guilt Star Short-lived Second Brother’s evil grin. The blade’s tip directly stabbed into her lung. Ruan Ping’er’s expression changed, pulling out the blade’s tip with great difficulty. Her Star Magic escaped, and she unexpectedly dove into the ocean depths.

“Water Flooding Dragon King Temple!!”1

Ruan Ping’er was abruptly angry. The island quaked, and a turbulent flood soared into the sky, engulfing the entire island.

The cloaked Star General did not hesitate at all to rush towards Su Xing.

Su Xing was currently spectating the drama. The pair’s surprising battle made him leak cold sweat. Originally, he had wanted to help Ruan Ping’er, however, for he who had only just fought a bout to go help honestly was finding trouble. Su Xing just waited for his chance to be the hero that rescued the beauty. Doing so would resolve the misunderstanding between them, and going with her to the Black Turtle Sea would be more convenient.

That cloaked mysterious person was strong. Although it appeared her strength was less than desirable, carrying a trace of weakness, her double saber arts, flaring aura of death and dream-like dance steps made Su Xing, an expert in battle against Star Generals, immediately discern that the martial arts of the person before him were considerably formidable.

Ruan Ping’er was perhaps misfortunate against this.

Not outside of expectations, Ruan Ping’er’s advantage was not maintained for long. She was beat back, and just when Su Xing thought of being the hero that rescued the beauty, he suddenly saw first the Guilt Star Short-lived Second Brother unexpectedly use her Dark Rank Star Magic.

The island sunk, and the flood swallowed the sky. Countless sea dragons fell over each other in a terrifying surge. That aggression was incomparably terrifying.

Just as Su Xing wanted to ride a Flying Sword to escape, the cloaked person all of a sudden surprisingly rushed over. “You came at the perfect time.” Su Xing grunted and slashed with a Flying Sword. The opponent paused and was wounded by the sword qi. What made Su Xing surprised was that the newcomer did not react. She was neither angry nor did she make any other expression.

A soft arm extended, contrarily full of kindly intentions.

Su Xing was taken aback, and then he grabbed hold. “Come with This Wife!” A somewhat tender voice called out.

The counterpart pulled Su Xing and skyrocketed.

The countless water dragons ceaselessly eroded Lone Dragon mount. This girl’s body techniques were extremely agile, like a butterfly flitting through flowers. Each and every time she dodged, if it were Su Xing, he would unavoidable have to squander much energy in order to resist. How could he ever be as fairy-like as she.

Star General?

As if they were high in the clouds, in the blink of an eye, the young girl brought Su Xing to an even higher mountain. Looking back to Lone Dragon Mound, the big island had already been swallowed and submerged by the sea dragons.

So violent.

Su Xing shuddered.

“I will not let you go.” Ruan Ping’er ground her teeth in denial. She jumped into the ocean depths, escaping far away.

Only when her presence completely disappeared did the young girl finally retract her chilliness.

Up until now, Su Xing still did not understand just what the hell was going on? Why did it seem like the two of them were fighting over him?

“You are?” Su Xing asked.

His counterpart extended a hand and waved. The cloak was peeled away, and if what Su Xing expected was a beauty, what he did not expect was an absolute beauty.

The girl’s body was dressed in an ocean blue. Her top only wore a bodice, revealing her underbelly and navel. Her bamboo-shoot-shaped2 breasts were very plump, and he could vaguely glimpse a very deep cleavage. The water-blue shoulder pads were lined with red pearls, and her lower body wore a skirt armored in the front and was longer in the back. The corners of her skirt had silk weaving, as if they were aquatic grasses gently waving, which made the girl appear considerably alluring. Her legs were slender and fair, and transparent boots extended up to her thighs.

The attire bluer than the sea that was over her whole body highlighted the girl’s wonderful curves, as if she was a mermaid who had emerged from the sea, full of a dreamy sensation.

Her beautiful long hair extended like a waterfall. The young girl’s pupils were an amber gold. Like caged smoke, it was unclear what was real and what was false.  

Her dull cherry lips, her absolutely beautiful mien, skin that surpasses snow made Su Xing unable to help but exclaim in admiration.

“Are you a man or not?!”

Her voice was the sound of nature. The young girl’s expression was very cold yet also somewhat irascible.

“Of course I am, one who can support Heaven and Earth!” Su Xing patted his chest.

“If you are a man, then you will never cower, correct?!”

Su Xing could hear her somewhat odd tone. The girl was slightly deep as the sea, but he still nodded.

He had never been one to cower.

“Very good!”

The woman attentively gazed at Su Xing, her long eyebrows considerably arousing.

What was this little beauty thinking of doing?

Su Xing did not dare be careless, inwardly on guard.

The young girl walked close to him. Suddenly, her hands clasped Su Xing’s cheeks. She stood on tiptoe and kissed Su Xing’s lips.

The girls soft lips immediately transmitted a feeling warmer than water. Su Xing’s whole body seemed to be enveloped in seawater. His blood boiled, and his head suddenly ached, as if there was a blade carving upon it.


This is?????

Su Xing’s heart was greatly astonished. Nevertheless, his lips were being tyrannically deep kissed by the girl. Su Xing instinctively wanted to push her away when suddenly he glanced a tear of grief leak from the corner of the girl’s eye, stirring his heart.

The Star Crest on the girl’s forehead flashed with a blue light. Su Xing immediately sensed that his ocean of consciousness again increase in size, gaining another Star Nest.

They had signed a Star Duel Covenant!!!

The kiss ended.

A shade of red appeared on the girl’s pale cheeks. Following their contract, both sides were reborn.

Su Xing had yet to return to his senses. Su Xing contracting eight Star Generals was unprecedented since ancient times in Liangshan Continent. Perhaps no one could be more familiar with the sensation of signing a Star Duel Covenant than Su Xing was. But even so, the first encounter with such a powerful kiss made the Su Xing who signed the contract completely stupefied.

He had never thought about this sort of situation before. He did not even know what Star General this girl even was.

“Who are you?” Su Xing moistened his lips and organized his thoughts.

He was just attacked by the Guilt Star just now? He had even wanted to develop a relationship with Guilt Star Ruan Xiaowu to go to the Black Turtle Sea, and then…He formed a contract with the ocean blue illusory girl in front of him?

What third-rate director directed this third-rate act of a third-rate play.

A plot twist?

The climax?

The world-shaking pledge?

There was a total lack of it all. Just signing a contract like this, Su Xing felt this was very unreal.

“You can just call me Niangzi.”3 The girl’s voice was not warm at all.

But these words were spoken so ecstatically.


Calling herself Wife at first sight?

This really was a fourth-rate script.

She honestly was brazen, Su Xing secretly observed.

“Your name!” The young girl’s tone was harsh.

“Your Servant is Su Xing…You can call me Dear Husband.” Su Xing scratched his head. The other side had made him address her as Wife, any way it was put, he had to reciprocate for propriety, to show good faith.

To marry first and then cultivate feeling was also quite fresh.

“Dear Husband?” The girl was taken aback. A drunken red flew across her face. She stared at Su Xing and indignantly said: “Since you would like for me to call you Dear Husband, then I shall call you Dear Husband.”

Hey, why is it “I like.” It was obviously you yourself that first made the request, right? The Su Xing who was slightly treated as a shameless pervert was very bewildered.

“What Star General are you?” Su Xing merely treated this wife as foul-mouthed but upstanding.

“This Lady is the fifty-ninth ranked Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Sanniang!”4 The girl voluntarily introduced herself, turning around.

Hu Sanniang???

A Star General of Maiden Mountain’s Earthly Star Four Heavenly Kings?

Su Xing’s heart was jolted. The beautiful female general of the Water Margin. This made Su Xing feel like wringing his wrists and sigh that this beauty had been defiled by Wang Ying.

Su Xing flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline, and the golden light glowed.

Star Position: Bright Star5

Star Name: Hu Sanniang6

Nickname: Ten Feet of Blue7

True Name: Hu Niangzi8

Rank: Fifty-ninth

Star Weapon: Golden Wind and Morning Dew Double Sabers (Three Star)/These Feelings Are Endless Lasso (Not yet manifested)9

Star Beast: Blood Sweat Silver Hair Horse10

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Eighth Stage

Innate Skill: Light Smoke Dance Steps11

Five Elements: Water

Yellow Rank Special Move: Hate Transmission12

Dark Rank Special Move: Flying Star Magpie Dance13

Current Status: Su Xing (contractor)

Detailed Materials: …

“True Name, Hu Niangzi??” Su Xing gasped: “Your true name is Hu Niangzi?”

The Bright Star turned her head, showing a “is there a problem” expression?

Su Xing grumbled and shook his head. Fuck, her True Name is Hu Niangzi. Then I was truly showering her with unwanted affection just now. However, seeing that Hu Niangzi did not oppose, Su Xing would make the best after this mistake.

Su Xing had a question he was dying to ask.

“This Wife knows what you wish to ask…I signed a contract with you because I saw your cultivation…” A Supercluster Stage Star Master without a Star General would inevitably tempt many uncontracted Star Maidens, but Hu Sanniang nevertheless was not motivated by this. She wanted revenge, to find and exact revenge on Guan Sheng, but relying on herself alone, she absolutely could not win against Great Saint Starkiller and Great Blade Guan Sheng.

Because of this, she needed to find a powerful Star Master.

So, when she spotted Su Xing was Supercluster and without a Star General in accompaniment, Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi did not hesitate at all to snatch him from the Guilt Star’s hands. As for the Kiss Contract, Hu Niangzi wanted to make each of their Star Energies become even more powerful. So long as she could kill Guan Sheng, whatever the price, she would pay it, let alone this Kiss Contract.14

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  1. 水淹龍王廟
  2. As in the very top of the shoot which is bulbous.
  3. 娘子, this is a Chinese phrase for “wife,” which leads to a bit of confusion of Su Xing’s part.
  4. 地彗星一丈青扈三娘
  5. 地彗星
  6. 扈三娘
  7. 一丈青
  8. 扈娘子
  9. 玉露雙刀(三星)/此情綿綿套索(未出)
  10. 汗血銀鬢馬
  11. 輕煙舞步
  12. 傳恨
  13. 飛星鵲舞
  14.   A Kiss Contract devoid of any affection, filled only with hatred and the thirst for revenge.


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    1. “Lady” isn’t a wrong translation. In fact, it is one interpretation. However, 娘子 is actually used as a respectful form of “wife.” You have to look at context clues to derive the actual usage of the word. Su Xing asks Niangzi to call him “Dear Husband” because he literally thought she was calling herself “Wife” as a title instead of saying “Niangzi is my actual name.”

  2. Hu Niangzi was born under a lucky star… She’s inadvertently contracted Great Saint Starkiller’s true nemesis! Guan Sheng will feel conflicted (and little jealous I bet) when she sees Su Xing again…. She’s tasted that formidable man’s resolute and honorable nature after all.

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