Chapter 409: Ten Slashes And Bailian

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The Female Tiger Gu Tong and the rest of the girls to the side were practically dumbfounded. “This Star Master unexpectedly is capable of contending against Shi Meng…” Stone General Shi Meng’s martial force was not necessarily very high, but relying on her defensive Innate Skill Petrification Skin and her Cloud Piercing Rock Splitting Boxing Technique, she still could hold an extreme advantage in facing a Star Master. In the past, the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion was met with the provocations of many Star Cultivators, and Shi Meng was but an enormous help against them.

Although they heard Single Horned Dragon Zou Ke say that Su Xing was formidable, they did not actually take this to heart at all. Now that they saw Su Xing was unexpectedly capable of locking Shi Meng in battle, they were shaken.

“The Birth Treasure Outline…Could he be that Purple Thunder Monster?” Xinyue thoughtfully said.

Inside the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion, they naturally heard plenty of information. Even with Gu Tong and the others not meticulously listening in, they still knew a lot. Among those people discussed the most were the Black Turtle Territory’s Great Saint Starkiller and the Azure Dragon Territory’s Purple Thunder Monster. The former counted as the Devil Star Palace’s second to none Star Master. The rumor was that he cultivated a Transforming Star of Annihilation Devil Cultivation Method. He possessed a top-notch martial force Star General and was the pride of the Black Turtle Territory. Meanwhile, the latter was even more bizarre…He unexpectedly contracted the Majestic Star Lin Chong who had never signed a contract in a thousand years, and he had once made the Azure Dragon Territory’s Alliance of Ten engage him in a chase to kill. In the end, he even brought about the name of Purple Thunder Saint.

This was odd enough to come from a book.

Lin Chong never signed a contract for a thousand years mostly because of her Battle Doctrine Innate Skill. To be clear, this Innate Skill’s growth was extremely frightening, capable of contending against Star Generals in martial arts. Lin Chong did not seek out a master so as to avoid making this sort of Innate Skill turn into a Star Master disaster that harmed the Sisters. However, no one could speak of a clear reason why she would now contract the Purple Thunder Monster.

But if Su Xing truly had the Battle Doctrine Innate Skill, then everything displayed before them was reasonable.

“That should not be. Star Masters can only contract two stars. He already has Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds. Since he is so confident in contracting Tangtang, then he should not have a contract with her. If he is truly the Purple Thunder Monster, then Lin Chong should be right beside him.” Gu Tong analyzed.

“Yes.” Xingyue nodded.

“However, this man is so strong.” Li Bailian twisted her hips.

“Bailian, now is not the time to be in heat.” Gu Tong bluntly said.

“Hee, hee, it looks like Su Xing has paid the first bridal price. Shi Meng is about to be beaten.” Li Bailian was charming.

“Hmph. Xinyue, in a moment, you will go test him.” Gu Tong seriously said. “You definitely have to grasp clearly just what this man’s origins are. This Old Lady certainly does not wish to turn Tangtang over to a weird uncle of unclear background.”

Xinyue nodded, an expression of, “Leave it to me.”

“Mama.” Tangtang bit her fingertip, unable to bear this.

“There is no need to worry, Mama will help you judge him.” Gu Tong consoled her.

In the restaurant’s plaza, the figures of Su Xing and Shi Meng intersected. Both sides did not give the other any chance to stop for breath.

The powerful battle aura was surging like the ocean. The air of the entire plaza sunk into a terrible, stifled state.

Striking with swiftness, under this kind of unusual atmosphere, the battle between the two surprisingly evolved into a battle of speed. Shi Meng’s Petrification Skin possessed powerful defense, but whenever Su Xing attacked, her Innate Skill was unable to demonstrate too great a use.

An indistinct figure moved at high speed, the wind pressure rolling with a roar. Streams of air ripped apart the ground, and the ground showed the intensity of a kind of battle.


This instant, the Shi Meng at the center tasted an unbelievable shock at the tip of her tongue. Although she had already completed her preparations, knowing that this Star Master was very strong, she did not expect he would show this degree.

For the first time, Shi Meng’s confidence appeared to waver.

Very quickly, Shi Meng already could not keep up with Su Xing’s tempo. Her Petrification Skin that possessed powerful defensive strength also had a fatal flaw – it would encumber her speed. As a battle dragged on, this type of consequence was increasingly obvious.

A series of gaps that appeared informed Shi Meng that she necessarily was in a final fight.

“Hè.” Shi Meng shouted, making herself recover an imposing aura. Regardless of what she did, the first thing was that she had to maintain her confidence. If her confidence disappeared, then she definitely would lose. She suddenly leapt, her body drawing an arc that pounced down on Su Xing.

Su Xing’s Light Smoke Dance Steps were graceful to the finest stage, his every movement displaying a sort of comfortable ease.

Purple Thunder manifested as a net.

A rumbling crushing sound rolled the Purple Thunder Net into pieces.

Shi Meng was suddenly in front of him, her second punch attacking – Rock Breaking Sky Shocking!!

The air seemed to be linked with rumbling thunder, ripping apart people’s eardrums.

If he could dodge, Su Xing naturally would not foolishly receive this. He long already anticipated her punch, and Su Xing slid backwards, snapping out a Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

The Rock Breaking Sky Shocking directly broke apart the Purple Thunder.

At this moment, Shi Meng suddenly changed. The tip of her foot kicked at Su Xing’s chin.

Su Xing was sharp-sighted and deft. During his slide, he quickly ducked in, raising his chin to scrape by Shi Meng’s kick, and his right hand suddenly grabbed Shi Meng’s ankle.

Shi Meng was astonished.

Su Xing did not give her any chance to react. With a great lunge, he fiercely swung down by means of his powerful strength. Shi Meng’s stone body seemed to become a shot put ball that acted as Su Xing’s throwing items. Instantly, she shot over with a whistle.

The extremely high speed brought an extremely large kinetic energy that was thrown out.

When she was about to smash into the building, suddenly, a silhouette quickly scuttled over, and with a light grab, as if hugging the moon, she pushed Shi Meng’s extreme weight back.

Shi Meng stood up, cutting a sorry figure. She looked at Su Xing, her teeth tightly grit.

With the second use of her Rock Breaking Sky Shocking, according to their arrangements, Shi Meng could only concede defeat.

“Phew, fortunately Elder Sister learned a rescue move…”1 Xinyue wiped away her sweat, heaving a sigh.

Su Xing looked at her hand that appeared considerably out of the ordinary. It appeared that she was also a formidable martial general.

“Can you tell Your Servant, from where did Your Distinguished Self learn martial arts?”

Xinyue walked over. Su Xing looked at her open tube top, which was very bold.

“This is all thanks to my wife teaching me right.” Su Xing did not hide anything.

“Wife?” Xinyue thoughtfully stroked her chin. “Your Servant is somewhat curious about your wife, to unexpectedly be able to instruct someone on contending against us Star Generals. Could she be the previous Wu Song?” Xinyue smiled.

Su Xing shrugged his shoulders, declining to comment.

“What’s the next trial?” Su Xing asked.

“Hero, do you not want to rest? How about if Bailian pours you a cup of Love Wine?” Li Bailian cast a flirty glance.

Su Xing warmly smiled at her.

“No need, I don’t want to waste too much time.”

“Good, allow Your Servant for the second trial.” Xinyue stroked the air, and a long saber appeared in her hand.

Su Xing opened the Birth Treasure Outline.

Star Position: Number Star2

Star Name: Sun Xin3

Nickname: Little Yuchi4

True Name: Sun Xinyue5

Rank: One-hundredth

Star Weapon: Grazing Deer Full Moon Saber6 (Three Star)

Star Beast: Grazing Deer7

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Fourth Stage

Innate Skill: Poison And Disease Immunity8

Five Elements: Wood

Yellow Rank Special Move: Glancing Back One Slash9

Dark Rank Special Move: Moon Gazing One Sigh10

Current Status: No Contractor (can be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

“Go easy.” Xinyue smiled.

“This kind of bridal gift is too conventional, can I exchange it?” Su Xing honestly did not want to fight her.

“This will not do at all.” Sun Xinyue’s shoulders drew back. Her top slid down, revealing tube top bound only with bandages, her jutting twin peaks attracting the eyes.

“How do we settle this.” Su Xing asked.

“Receive my ten slashes.”

“Ten slashes?” Su Xing nodded.

“Are you ready?!!” Sun Xinyue was considerably lady-like in demeanor. Her index finger seized the saber’s hilt as she asked with a slight smile.

“Come on, I’ll just treat you as a sparring partner.” Su Xing scratched his head.

“To be able to make a Star General act as a sparring partner, you certainly are a fortunate man.” Sun Xinyue smiled and said. If she knew that Su Xing had Lin Chong, Wu Song, Yan Qing and other top-notch Star Generals for training, perhaps she would not be able make such a smile.


A scarlet light ray flew out of her blade. It drew a beautiful arc in the air as she directly slashed towards Su Xing.

Su Xing’s fist clenched. With Heaven Tearing in hand, one slash easily slashed apart the saber-light following these rays, shattering the saber-light.

Number Star Little Yuchi Sun Xinyue’s words came at the same time.

“The second slash!”

The saber’s tip emerged, an imposing aura apparent, forcing Su Xing into being only able to retreat. The flowing red saber-light touched Su Xing’s arm, and immediately, a deep wound appeared.


Su Xing retreated and defended, critically evading the sharp control of Sun Xinyue’s blade!

If this retreat was not timely, perhaps this instant, he would have already been seriously wounded.

Such powerful saber technique!

Su Xing resisted the urge to call out the Flying Swords. He had the thought to know Sun Xinyue’s power, fearlessly forging onwards on his own.

“The third slash!” Sun Xinyue’s indifferent voice floated over, with a slightly pressured tone.

In time that was no longer than the blink of an eye, Sun Xinyue’s third slash came right along the return swing of the second slash. The attack style of maximum speed made Su Xing somewhat surprised. Saber-light, cold iron, and a saber-qi in a completely indescribable state already approached Su Xing’s front. He was completely without any way to make evasive maneuvers, and it the saber ruthlessly slammed into him.


A crisp metallic resonance made Sun Xinyue’s attack fall on nothing.

A muffled harrumph.

The plaza immediately was crushed apart. A figure somersaulted out like a spinning top, unclear how many time it spun along the way. Wherever it passed, the wind and waves vigorously flew, rock fragments shooting everywhere.

“Earth Spikes!”

Su Xing formed a hand seal.

Countless enormous stone cones pierced out of the path he had retreated along like sharp blades, suddenly forming a long jungle of spikes.

Sun Xinyue originally wanted to obtain instant success. She did not expect these Earth Spikes, drawing out her blade to shatter them.

“Fourth slash!”

The fourth slash was completely fruitless. Su Xing was like flowing water, leisurely falling back, directly making this fourth slash strike nothing. He drew a beautiful trajectory, descending back onto the plaza.

Heaven Tearing simultaneously counterattacked.

The sword-light transformed into a biting dragon.

Su Xing still was steadfast in body. His face did not show the slightest bit of nervousness because of the instantaneous fierce battle, but the sleeves of his upper garment were already completely shredded, revealing the jade-like sparkling arms and a few bloody sword wounds that lay underneath, the wounds still leaking blood.


Sun Xinyue caught it. She clearly knew the might of Su Xing’s Heaven Tearing Swords, for she immediately prepared a defense to receive it.

But immediately afterwards.

Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder!!!!

A purple thunder drew down like rain, enveloping Sun Xinyue within. Su Xing pointed his hand, and the twelve Flying Swords did not hold back in their attack. Twelve rays of sword-light suddenly fired, mixing with the blood-red saber-qi.


A figure flew out backwards.

Astonishingly, it was Little Yuchi Sun Xinyue.

The girl’s tube top already was scratched to tatters by the sword-qi, revealing the erotic scene of those deep red dots that lay within, but Sun Xinyue completely did not care as she raised her arms. Now that she carefully scrutinized her front, her face suddenly showed a mocking smile. This smile gradually widened, finally turning into upwards facing howling laughter.

“Ha, haha, hahahaha…”

All of the girl were suddenly flabbergasted by what just happened.

Gu Tong did not foresee that Su Xing could take the advantage in close combat contending against Xinyue, even injuring her. Any way it was put, Sun Xinyue was the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion’s most brilliant. Completely ignoring Sun Xinyue’s swift and severe saber qi, in such a short instant, he made a complete attack plan. From being spun around to the finishing blow, no more than an instant had passed. Su Xing has surprisingly made Number Star Sun Xinyue suffer hardship.

These tricks stunned them.

“Oh, Elder Sister Xinyue’s chest is about to be exposed.” Shi Meng gasped.

Gu Tong wanted to remind her, but Sun Xinyue’s “Fifth slash!” immediately executed after her mad laugh.

An even more powerful baleful aura leaked out from the Grazing Deer Full Moon Saber. The atmosphere seemed to fall to the freezing point, and those red rays were even more shocking.

“Sixth saber!” Sun Xinyue coldly shouted, suddenly disappearing.

A scarlet light once again hooked around.


Su Xing blocked. This time when he raised his hand, the Heaven Tearing Flying Swords appeared and became a shield.

There was metallic clanging, the two successively clashing.

The intense killing intent was seemingly substantive. That pair of cold eyes seemed to pierce into Su Xing’s chest.

The instant they passed one another, Sun Xinyue suddenly shouted. “Seventh slash – Glancing Back One Slash!!”

Su Xing’s retinas were left with the image of a red saber!

Soundlessly, a powerful to the extreme force already was before him.

Cold light glinted in her eyes. The Flying Swords abruptly raised a defense in front. Su Xing surprisingly could not even evade. The Star Energy surrounding his body madly circulated, clearly showing that he wanted to directly take this on.


The moment that power connected…Instantly, two immense forces suddenly made a brief confrontation upon Su Xing’s arms.

The saber-light erupted, and an explosive sound crashed. The cold blade was like a viper roaming over his body. The strength his body had accumulated bit by bit was instantly blown away without a trace. His footsteps staggered, and his entire person already was pushed back several paces. In front of him, the hard ground immediately was left with deep foot trails.

His figure wobbled. Su Xing established his footing with great difficulty, his complexion already extremely astonished, his eyes endlessly flickering. With a muffled groan, a clear line of blood already quickly flowed out the corner of his mouth.

“Impossible!! Xinyue’s point blank range Glancing Back One Slash was unable to stop him?” Gu Tong choked.

On Su Xing’s back, cold sweat and blood intersected.

Without allowing him rest, Sun Xinyue’s eighth slash already continued the attack.

A dazzling red like a Japanese rose blossomed.

Saber-light then seemed to become a phantom. The instant her blade slashed, countless red hurricanes rose steeply, engulfing him at the center. If it was anyone else, they inevitably would have been torn apart to the extreme by this sudden and violent storm. Even if they did not die, they would be necessarily crippled.

Even Su Xing was a bit distressed within this red storm.


There was an intense explosion.

“Earth Book Ability.”

At the instant Su Xing attacked, the saber-wind that devastated the ground instantly disappeared without a trace. Not only this, all of the shards and dust that had been stirred up were simultaneously pressed onto the ground by a formless power. The entire space suddenly recovered clarity.

Sun Xinyue was stunned. Looking at the fist at her stomach, she suddenly retreated several steps.

While her body was still in the air, Sun Xinyue stalled. With a great shout, she spat out a ragged breath. Her fingers clenched her saber, her ninth slash already hacking downwards.


Responding to Sun Xinyue with a cold snort, Su Xing raised one hand. The Heaven Tearing Flying Swords formed a golden dragon that immediately transformed within the earth, turning seemingly into a cage that pounced towards Sun Xinyue.

“Tenth slash, Moon Gazing…” Sun Xinyue rushed out of Heaven Tearing’s encirclement. THe final slash was the strongest and about to emerge.

But how could Su Xing give her the chance.

Letting a Ten Thousand Techniques Realm Martial General use her Dark Rank, Su Xing feared that he would lose half his life. Although he could win against her, he did not think he would be cutting such a sorry figure. Su Xing’s thinking was incomparably fast. Although those red blade-lights were certainly terrifying, they were not at all invulnerable. After all, Sun Xinyue was only an Earthly Star Martial General, far from being able to contend against Lin Chong. In the end, there was a limit.

Enduring the saber-qi, after another dozen wounds deep enough to show bone appear on his body, Su Xing took the risk to pierce through Sun Xinyue’s killing intent. He neatly leaned forward, and raising his head, the the girl’s naked breasts jiggled before him.

As if Su Xing did not see her erotic sight, he wielded a very vigorous punch towards Sun Xinyue.

“Don’t be too naive!” The Star Energy in Sun Xinyue’s left hand was hoisted like killing intent.

Blood spattered everywhere.

But Sun Xinyue had greatly underestimated Su Xing’s fortitude. In the reflections of this Earthly Star Martial General, any way it was put, Su Xing was merely a Star Master. Using her own Star Energy, she could make this man shrink back.

Then, another use of Moon Gazing One Sigh would obtain victory.

This was the gap in her reflective pondering.

Su Xing suddenly turned around, his body techniques wonderfully passing before Sun Xinyue’s eyes. Disappearing from her sight, the girl was greatly astonished, and at this time, Su Xing already grabbed with both his hands at the same time.

So soft.

Su Xing’s hands grabbed onto a clump of soft meat.

Lowering his head to look, only then did he notice that he had grabbed onto a very startling place.

“Ah.” Little Yuchi Sun Xinyue let out an ecstatic moan, amorous and mellow. Her pale face suddenly fluttered with red clouds. The tenth slash already was slashing from behind her without any ceremony.

Su Xing’s hands relaxed, and he immediately retreated, very easily evading this slash.

Sun Xinyue still wanted to slash again.

“The tenth slash has already passed.” Su Xing pointed a finger, and the Flying Swords revolved.

Sun Xinyue stopped her steps. Her left hand covered her explosive chest, her right hand gripped her saber. In her eyes was slight bashfulness. Harrumphing, she stowed her blade.


The others rushed up, their expressions oddly staring at Sun Xinyue.

Sun Xinyue nodded. She did not mention a word about that embarrassing event, merely saying: “He has enough shameless capabilities to protect Tangtang.”

Hearing this evaluation, Su Xing very awkwardly smiled.

“All’s fair in war…”

“Papa, drink Worry-free Without A Care.”

A tender voice came over. Tangtang already ran to Su Xing’s front, her little hand carefully offering Dreamless.

The Su Xing whose body was incredibly aching all over bubbled forth with warmth in his heart. Taking a drink, he pet her head: “Tangtang, Papa is about to come marr…Uh…Carry you away.”

“En, Mama only wants the best for Tangtang.” Bai Yutang lowered her voice.

Su Xing smiled as he pet her. Bai Yutang was very enraptured, like a kitten, very much in pleasure.

“Who’s next to receive Your Servant’s bridal payment?” Su Xing asked.

Gu Tong and the others looked at each other in dismay.

Now that Shi Meng and Sun Xinyue had consecutively challenged him and returned without any achievement, this made Gu Tong shocked yet also vaguely a bit interested and vexed.

“Zou Ke, are you going to fight with him?” Gu Tong asked the martial general of the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion.

“No need for me.” Zou Ke shook her head. It appeared she did not have any desire for Su Xing’s bridal price.

“Allow This Great Sage then. This Great Sage’s flying darts are not to be trifled with.” Sky Soaring Great Sage Li Gun11 giggled.

Just as she was about to step forward, someone was even faster by a step.

“Hero, this time, allow Bailian to come attend to you.”

Li Bailian licked her lips. An ash-colored robe outlined her very enticing curves. She twisted her serpentine waist, and she had an elegant countenance as she walked to Su Xing’s front, “My Daughter12 is Bailian. This is the first time Bailian has tested a Star Master, truly fascinating. The appearance of a man like you is very compatible with Bailian’s tastes. You can do…Bailian just does not know how your other aspects are…”

Saying this, she took out a wine bottle of bubbling white qi.

The air emitted a disgusting smell.

“Bailian shall not make things difficult for Little Handsome.13 So long as you drink this White Bones Wine, that will be all.”

Bailian giggled.

Su Xing wrinkled his brow, flipping out the Birth Treasure Outline.

Star Position: Slave Star14

Star Name: Li Li15

Nickname: Life Taking Judge16

True Name: Li Bailian

Rank: Ninety-sixth

Star Weapon: Cold Night Desolate Kill17 (Three Star)

Star Beast: Ksitigarbha Butterfly18

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques First Stage

Innate Skill: Poison Wine

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Special Move: Moodless19

Dark Rank Special Move: Three Strikes White Bones Wine20

Current Status: No Contractor (can be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

“To have me drink the Life Taking Judge’s Dark Rank Wine, am I on death row?” Su Xing stared at her.

“Then what will you do? But Bailian can only make some Poison Wine.” Li Bailian said, vexed.

“Then you shall drink Moodless, how about it?” Li Bailian then smiled: “This wine will confuse your awareness, make you feel ill at ease. If your willpower is even slightly off, you will faint, losing consciousness. If you can maintain it, you will counted as having passed.”

“A trial on willpower?” Su Xing thought. This seemed to be his greatest expertise.

To be able to blossom the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, reach the peak of the Heart Like Mirror, this little Moodless naturally did not count as anything.


Li Bailian’s wine bottle shook, and the wine was already odorless.

“Will you actually drink?” Gu Tong was suddenly somewhat nervous.

“What? If you want, we can not do this trial?” Su Xing leisurely said.

“…Drink then, hmph.”

Su Xing grabbed the wine bottle. Sniffing it, it indeed was odorless. It did not seem poisoned, however, Su Xing’s body had An Suwen’s Detoxification Pearl. Even if there was actually something toxic, by relying on the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower’s karmaic strength, he could dissolve it without a problem.

Su Xing did not hesitate anymore, downing everything in one gulp.

The wine glugged into his throat.

In a split second, a clarity flowed through his whole body’s meridians, his limbs and bones, and his organs.


His heart resolutely pumped, and the blood vessels in his body opened and shut. An indescribable feeling immediately bubbled forth. This was truly a bit frightening. Su Xing hastily circulated the Soul Technique to clear this fantastical attack inside his body.

His body nevertheless was somewhat unsteady.

A warm and soft body hugged him from behind.

“This Moodless is but very powerful.” Li Bailian charmingly whispered, her chest rubbing against and tightly pressed into his back, just like a serpent.

Gu Tong and the others were speechless.

What time was it now, for her to still be flirting.

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  1. 水中撈月, lit. scoop the moon out of the water, IDK if this was the intended meaning.
  2. 地數星
  3. 孫新
  4. 小尉遲
  5. 孫新月
  6. 刈鹿望月刀
  7. 刈鹿
  8. 毒病免疫
  9. 回眸一斬
  10. 望月一嘆
  11. 飛天大聖李袞
  12. 小女, humble form of self-address
  13. 小帥哥
  14. 地奴星
  15. 李立
  16. 催命判官
  17. 冷夜蕭殺
  18. 地藏蝶
  19. 無心
  20. 三打白骨酒


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