Chapter 41: Water and Land Assembly

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Ten days elapsed in the snap of the fingers.

The Heavenly River City’s Water and Land Assembly that was taking place today created a colorful1 and festive 2 atmosphere.

The Rippling Wave Kingdom’s national power was not as great as the Great Liang Dynasty’s that could, at its peak, subdue its neighboring barbarian tribes. However, because the Blooming Water Sword Sect was based around Heavenly River City, the famed title as one of the Azure Dragon’s Four Great Sword Sects earned the Rippling Wave Kingdom its share of the spotlight.

Su Xing sat in the second floor of a restaurant, watching the bustling activities happening below on the street leading to Rippling Wave Kingdom’s imperial palace. Next to him were two beautiful ladies sitting on either side of him. One had an imposing heroic spirit, the other a certain charm in her motions; Ling Yingmei and Wu Xinjie did not enter the Star Nest, for idling in the Star Nest during an event as lively as the Water and Land Assembly was just far too boring.

After the incident in the ancient tomb, Su Xing pondered and understood. Everyone in Liangshan Continent believed that Star Masters could not contract with two Star Generals. As for the two beauties at his side, it did not occur to them either that two Star Generals could attend to the same master at the same time.

Various talents and specialists entered the main gate successively one after the other. Some wore gorgeous clothing, striding forward with an impressive appearance; some were covered in dust from traveling, seemingly awake yet not awake as they toured the outside front rows. Of course there was no shortage of those sitting straight atop mats, having been crowded by others into a clump supporting the front rows; besides these professionals and specialists that came to celebrate the Water and Land Assembly, Rippling Wave Kingdom’s overbearing Armored Golden Cavalry displayed their beautiful attire, and the bejeweled, beautiful ladies were also very eye-catching.

Su Xing’s Star Energy had already stepped in among the ranks of Nebula Cultivators. This Star Energy was bounds ahead of the Stardust Stage, and in no time at all, it condensed within his two pupils. Soon after, he could see an indistinct and hazy aura surrounding people’s bodies. These barbarian talents that rushed over did not enter this vision. They could only be counted as fledgling Star Cultivators, and even the number of Stardust Stage Cultivators could be counted with fingers.

“Comparing this with the Great Liang Dynasty’s “Purple Aura East Approaches,”3 the Rippling Wave Kingdom’s ‘Water and Land Assembly’ isn’t anything grand or imposing at all.” Wu Xinjie said, disappointed.

“The Great Liang is the number one dynasty, how could these two be compared.” Su Xing shook his head. Over the past few days, Su Xing crammed on Liangshan Continent’s history, and he knew what the Purple Aura East Approaches was.

Su Xing looked around the second floor and noticed that most of the people here were Star Cultivators, and every one leisurely watched the assembly procession. As far as Star Cultivators were concerned, what truly attracted them to the Water and Land Assembly was the Blooming Water Divine Thunder, and this mundane event could only count as the little extra bit of fun and leisure.

The discussions inside the restaurant were enthusiastic, yet at this time, a group of people stepped onto this floor, and all the sound from chatting immediately turned quiet.

The ones who came were five men and two women, wearing primarily white robes embroidered with aqua blue lining along the edges, carrying an aqua blue colored saber on their backs. Walking the road, they gave an imposing appearance, and upon their robes was emblazoned a Blooming Water Sword insignia. Impressively, these were disciples of the Blooming Water Sword Sect.

The one that caught everyone’s interest was one of the girls. In total contrast to the white and blue robes, she wore a simple and elegant long gown. Around her waist was tied a tassel skirt and her expression was delicate and pleasant. She stood at the side of a man, whose indifferent appearance was incongruous to hers, and upon seeing Su Xing’s table, he showed some bewilderment in his eyes.

From her attire and demeanor, it was easy for people to think of Star Generals.

The people of the Blooming Water Sword Sect swept their gaze over the place and sat in empty seats.

“The Water and Land Assembly this time around is very lively. It seems Senior Brother Zhong Lin4 will not have few opponents.”

“What are you saying, Junior Brother. How could these cultivators be Senior Brother Zhong Lin’s opponents.”

“Heh heh, they’d better know themselves!”

This group of Blooming Water fledglings discussed among themselves unbridled, not putting the surrounding cultivators in their gazes; the rest of the people did not even utter a word. Heavenly River City was the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s domain, and even the Blooming Water Divine Thunder was the Sword Sect’s sole technique. No one dared to offend these Blooming Water Sword Sect disciples, and that man that took the lead was obviously a Star Master, making provoking them even less likely. Anyone would know that if a sword sect turned out a Star Master, that person would be treated as an emperor.  

However, if no one dared to speak, then no one would care.

“Fellow student Zhonglin is quite mighty, bringing out a Star General along like this, amazing, amazing!”

A square-faced, sturdy giant of a man laughed out loud, wearing a flax colored chang pao. He was muscular, and sitting at his table were several men and women dressed the same way as he, each and every one of their expressions were calm.

“So it’s Fellow Wu!5 Could it be the Heavenly River Sword School is also hammering out a plan to obtain the Blooming Water Divine Thunder?” Zhonglin drank his tea, disdaining the opposite party.

“Heh heh, can’t I play with it?” Cultivator Wu magnanimously laughed, but the gloom in his eyes was more fierce than anyone else’s, “Chen Zhonglin,6 this Wu advises you to not go to Flower Dragon Cave for your own good. Even if you are considered the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s favorite disciple, it is difficult to keep you safe. If you perish within, then the gains cannot outweigh the losses.”

“Fellow Wu, consider your words a bit further.” Chen Zhonglin said unhurriedly, and thereupon extended a finger. The beverage in the drink became a liquid arrow and shot out.

Cultivator Wu coldly smiled. With a flick of his fingers, a water ball similarly shot forward.

The two water attacks collided and merged together, the Star Cultivators’ Star Energies secretly battling within that water sphere.

Cultivator Wu was soon somewhat straining, and mobilizing his strength, the intertwined water balls loudly exploded.

Chen Zhonglin maintained his unhurried countenance, and Wu Cultivator laughed: “Truly worthy of being called Blooming Water Sword Sect’s number one student. As if contracting with a Star General wasn’t enough, in only three short years, your cultivation has stepped into the Nebula Late Stage. This Wu is in admiration.”

Nebula Late Stage?

The rest of the cultivators in the restaurant let out a breath of cold air.

Su Xing was engrossed by the two great schools’ battle arts, and seeing the other cultivator’s shocked expressions, he was slightly puzzled. Only Nebula Late Stage? This sort of cultivation was considered something special?

“Young Master, for the sake of upholding the contract, only Star Cultivators present after the Star Duels begin can sign contracts.” Wu Xinjie quietly explained: “This is only the third year of the Star Duels, so cultivating to Nebula Late Stage is considered very impressive. It seems what he said is correct, that this Chen Zhonglin is a specially groomed Star Master.”

Su Xing clearly understood. Put this way, the he who stepped into Nebula Stage in only three months would be viewed by others as a monster.

The Blooming Water Sword Sect and the Heavenly River Sword School’s secret feud arose when they acted and responded against one another7. These two groups strong hate is considered to stretch far into the past. The Blooming Water Sword Sect is situated in the Heavenly Mountains, which as it turned out, was an area that once belonged to the Heavenly River Sword School. After the sudden advent of the Blooming Water Sword Sect, the Heavenly River Sword School had no choice but to bow and give way, moving the the school to the lower reaches of the Heavenly River; recently, the Heavenly River Sword School turned out a genius level cultivator, who reportedly graduated to Galaxy Stage cultivation within a short ten years. In twenty years, he was already about to break through to the Supercluster Stage, enjoying fame within the Azure Dragon territory, and the Heavenly River Sword School’s inner circle wanted to retake their precious land.

From their discussion, Su Xing understood that entering the Flower Dragon Cave to obtain the Blooming Water Divine Thunder was yet another crisis because only Nebula Stage Cultivators could enter. Whatever cultivators were doing inside, the people outside were incapable of intervening. Under this sort of unrestricted environment, the greedy hearts of people were easily stirred. As a result, entering the Flower Dragon Cave under the pretense of obtaining the Thunder, murdering and plundering would definitely occur.

However, even if this was the case, the footsteps of people chasing their hopes could not be stopped.

As the problems between the two groups intensified, just when it seemed they were about to fight, it was at this time that an extremely bored voice interrupted them.

“If you want to fight, then fight, you bitches.8 Let other people have something to laugh about.”

The girl in the simple and elegant long gown had eyes that held an impatient intention.

“The young lady is angry over nothing. This Wu is only properly reminding your man.” Cultivator Wu said.

“Again, bitch. Do you or don’t you believe this young lady will pluck out your tongue? Nebula Late Stage is amazing?” The young girl was upset.

Cultivator Wu’s face was green, for he truly did not dare move a hand against a Star General.

“Fellow Zhonglin, I bid you farewell!”

He rose, cupped his fist and left in one smooth motion.

“Yao’er,9 what is worth getting angry over these mediocre people for? Come, drink a cup of rice wine.” A smile rose upon Chen Zhonglin’s face. Gazing at his Star General, the surrounding Star Cultivators’ eyes showed envy.  


The young girl insipidly grabbed the cup that was passed over, and tilting her head back, downed everything.

Experiencing such an episode, Chen Zhonglin had also lost his interest, so he and his companions all left the restaurant together. Looking at the time, the Water and Land Assembly was about over. The rest of the cultivators also left one by one, eagerly preparing for the Flower Dragon Cave.

Su Xing saw nothing noteworthy and also descended, going to the weapon refinement shop to take the bullets he commissioned earlier. En route, recalling that simple and elegant girl, Su Xing asked Wu Xinjie curiously: “Xinjie, which Star General was that?”

“Xinjie feared usage of her technique would be sensed, so it wasn’t used. However, her Star Energy isn’t high, so she is most probably an Earthly Star.” Wu Xinjie guessed.

Su Xing nodded his head.

“Young Master still isn’t satisfied with just Xinjie and Yingmei?” Wu Xinjie teased.

Su Xing did not have these intentions. Of the 108 Stars of the Liangshan Maiden, any Star Maiden made him feel very curious.

Arriving at the workshop, the cultivators here were not as numerous as last time. The majority had all gone to the Water and Land Assembly, and the remaining few thought it best to clean their treasures. Su Xing entered the weapon refinement shop.

The refining weaponsmith was just busy forging a weapon, and when he saw Su Xing enter, he passed a box over to him without saying another word.

Placed inside, neat and tidy, were twenty-five dark golden conical bullet heads, traces of a refined red color vaguely leaked out. Feeling it in his hands, Su Xing immediately felt something was off. The temperature of the bullets was rather high, a heat that seemed to want to burst out from the body.

“Young Master, just throwing out these sorts of warheads is a bit pitiful.”

“Who said I’d be throwing these.” Su Xing fed the twenty-five “Thunder Fire Bullets” into his magazines, secretly nervous from the bottom of his heart, for he did not know if these were actually usable.

“Young Master, allow this servant to test the Young Master’s new artifact!” Lin Yingmei volunteered.

“Pay some attention.” Su Xing nodded.

Arriving at an empty space, he had Lin Yingmei go out a hundred meters.

Su Xing raised his gun.

Lin Yingmei brought out the Arctic Star Spear, and without so much as a word, she rushed fiercely.

Su Xing pressed the trigger.

A scorching hot sensation, almost like a bundle of flame, directly sprouted out of the barrel. Thunder rumbled and tore through the air. Even though she was standing not too far behind, Wu Xinjie could feel the heat that was generated.

Lin Yingmei’s eyes stared, raising her long spear and sweeping it at the attacking bullets.

SFX: Rumble!

The air gave rise to an explosion that unexpectedly pushed Lin Yingmei back directly.

The Knowledge Star’s jaw dropped, flabbergasted.

Author’s Note:

My apologies, there was something today that couldn’t be done on time. Adding on new plot elements requires planning a synopsis. Tonight, there will be another chapter. Next week, I’ll work hard to put the chapters I owe up.  

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