Chapter 410: Orange Jasmine

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“Obediently go to sleep…” Li Bailian licked Su Xing’s earlobe. Her finger gently slid across, her expression flirtatious, but her words had an enchanting power. Combined with the Moodless Wine, it could display its use even better.

When she saw Su Xing’s eyes blur and lose focus, Li Bailian showed a complacent expression.

“A good wine.”

Su Xing suddenly opened his eyes, praising in satisfaction.

“You are unaffected?” Li Bailian froze. Let alone that her “Moodless” was only Yellow Rank, if it was ingested, a Star Cultivator was guaranteed to not wake for half a day. Even if Su Xing’s cultivation was Supercluster Stage, he would need several hours.

But from when Su Xing drank until now when he opened his eyes, not even a candlewick of time had passed. Even Female Tiger Gu Tong doubted whether or not Li Bailian had thrown.

“That’s really too bad. Your Servant long has already stopped fearing losing his mind.” Su Xing smiled.

Li Bailian covered her mouth in extreme shock.

“The next bridal price shall be This Great Sage’s.” Sky Soaring Great Sage Li Gun impatiently walked out.

Su Xing looked at her wearing a skintight black jumpsuit. Her figure was graceful, her eyes bright and lively, an unordinary air of experience.

“What did you think of?” Su Xing asked her.

“Will you not see for yourself?” The girl sharply glared at him.

He shone the Birth Treasure Outline at her.

Star Position: Walking Star1

Star Name: Li Gun2

Nickname: Sky Soaring Great Sage3

Name: Li Shuangfei4

Rank: Sixty-fifth

Star Weapon: Southern Barbarian Sword5 (Two Star), Autumn Wind Shield6 (One Star), Dead Leaves Darts7 (Three Star)

Star Beast: Sky Soaring Carp8

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Fifth Stage

Innate Skill: Keenness9

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Special Move: Autumn Wind Sweeps Dead Leaves10

Dark Rank Special Move: Fingers Linked To Heart11

Current Status: No Contractor (can be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

“Sky Soaring Great Sage?” Su Xing lifted his head and caught sight of Li Shuangfei smirking. In merely the blink of an eye, suddenly, Walking Star Sky Soaring Great Sage’s presence completely vanished.

Right before she disappeared, she seemed to easily take away time and space.

Su Xing smelled an ice-cold metallic scent.

Carrying a derisive commitment.

A buzzing noise hummed…”Can you dodge This Great Sage’s flying darts?”

A black flying dart arrived at the tip of his nose. Su Xing’s eyes still were searching for the master that fired this needle. It appeared that he completely did not treat the opponent’s attack as the same thing. Until this Dead Leaves Flying Dart’s tip practically touched his skin, only then did Su Xing slightly lean to the side.


The sound of air tearing apart.

Without any warning, another Dead Leaves Flying Darts attacked. This time, the difference was that the corner of Su Xing’s eye only just glanced it when suddenly, that flying dart oddly accelerated en route, which was practically inconceivable.

Su Xing felt a pinprick of pain at the tip of his nose. He felt the slight moisture of blood; he had not evaded.

The Sky Soaring Great Sage Li Shuangfei appeared a hundred meters away still wearing a smile.

“So long as you can dodge This Great Sage’s ten flying darts, This Great Sage shall acknowledge you.”

“After ten slashes is ten flying darts. Truly, you have no creativity.” Su Xing shook his head.

“Is that so?” Li Shuangfei’s hands each gripped five Dead Leaves Flying Darts. Slightly smiling, she leapt backwards throwing them out.

The ten Dead Leaves Flying Darts suddenly shot out like screaming lightning, drawing an extraordinarily gorgeous trajectory.

The speed was quick enough to make a person forget to breathe.

The ten Dead Leaves Flying Darts disappeared from Su Xing’s eyes, and even their similarly ice-cold presences disappeared. As if they had severed their connection to space, he unexpectedly could not seize any sign of them.

“Dear Husband, careful!” Hu Sanniang warned.

Su Xing’s Divine Intent was unleashed, and then he felt a stinging pain.


Ten flying darts already encircled Su Xing from ten directions. The flying darts drew a mysterious arc that vaguely trapped him within.

Dark Rank Technique – Fingers Linked To Heart!


Su Xing immediately sensed the strong points of Li Shuangfei’s attack.

This was apparently endless but was no more than the speed of a breath.

The Fingers Linked To Heart already shot over.


The Heaven Tearing Flying Sword promptly emerged and revolved in his surroundings, becoming shields. The Dead Leaves Flying Darts shot onto the swords and gave rise to an oppressive pounding. Sparks sprayed everywhere in the air. His Divine Intent linked Flying Swords only made Su Xing feel nearly unable to endure.

“Such incredible Flying Swords, to unexpectedly be capable of resisting even This Great Sage’s Fingers Linked To Heart?” The golden Flying Swords formed a dragon shape, emitting a swift and severe spirit that made Li Shuangfei endlessly astonished. Her Fingers Linked To Heart basically could not be contested by normal Flying Swords and sword arrays.

“Shall we continue?” Su Xing raised his eyebrows.

“This Great Sage speaks and keeps her promises…” Li Shuangfei slightly smiled. Her whole body relaxed as she drew near Su Xing. She appeared to have already conceded, but she had only taken two steps when she suddenly became a shadow, sneak attacking Su Xing. A shadow-like short sword was already in her hand, and her voice was chilly: “But This Great Saint also likes to break her word…”


The Flying Swords came together.

Su Xing struck with his palm, directly sending the Li Shuangfei who had revolted flying.

Su Xing smiled at her.

“Fortunately, I’ve never believed in a woman’s promises…particularly ones like yours.”

Li Shuangfei’s face paled. With sword and shield in hand, she gnashed her teeth, “Dammit!”

The Shi Meng spectating the battle blinked her eyes. She asked Gu Tong: “What now? Everything a Star General can do is already unable to stop him.”

Gu Tong was torn. From the very beginning, the Female Tiger did not believe in Star Masters. Rather than produce these trials to probe Su Xing’s strength, it was better to say they wanted to deliberately make things difficult for Su Xing, to make him back out of the situation or perhaps expose his true face. Although Bai Yutang’s Innate Skill Wine Brewing was very good, how could Female Tiger have faith in a Star Master who had contracted Gongsun Huang would waste this valuable quota on the Rat Star.

But things were completely outside of their expectations. The martial arts and moral character Su Xing displayed appeared impeccable. If Gu Tong became hostile, she would contrarily hurt Tangtang’s heart.

“Actually, Your Servant feels it is fine to believe in him. So long as he can sign a contract.” Sun Xinyue smiled. “If he truly wished to exploit Tangtang, there would be no need to go through so much effort.” Pausing, Little Yuchi looked to the relaxed and refined Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds at the side: “Even if you do not believe in this Star Master, so long as Gongsun Sheng says it, the ranked fourth Elder Sister Leisure Star is worthy of our faith.”

“Reasonable.” Shi Meng agreed.

Gu Tong struggled.

“Since Mistress is so reluctant to part with Tangtang, you might as well follow this man. You are Tangtang’s Mama, anyways, and he is Tangtang’s Papa. Hee, you two are a pair.” Li Bailian giggled into her sleeve.

“This idea is not bad.” Sun Xinyue nodded in agreement.

Gu Tong’s face reddened as she glared at them. “As if This Old Lady would follow a Star Master.”

“Then what about Tangtang?”

“Ai, it seems This Old Lady can turn Tangtang over to him.” Gu Tong gazed at Gongsun Huang. She could only make this decision.

Sky Soaring Great Sage Li Shuangfei very quickly was defeated. It really was not that her martial arts skills were not up to par, rather, Su Xing’s Flying Swords were troublesome. In a direct confrontation, she could not take the advantage. Such a deadlock was not a solution. Sky Soaring Great Sage might as well just not waste any more time.

The fifth bridal price was Zou Ke, however, having tangled with Su Xing once before in Evil Smiting Hall, the Single Horned Dragon inherently did not have any intentions to fight further. Let alone that they used a rotation of battles against Su Xing, this was not a genuine Star Duel It was always not too brilliant to go up herself, but she still stepped up without any persuasion.

However, Zou Ke clearly did not have the mind to battle, merely to test the waters.

Thus, the final bridal price was Gu Tong.

“Yin Star Female Tiger Gu Dasao, Your Servant asks you to forgive his rudeness.” Su Xing looked at the Birth Treasure Outline. The data for Yin Star Gu Tong was completely within his eyes. Her identity was actually within Su Xing’s expectations. Just her lady shopkeeper temperament and maternal love was enough for Su Xing to be able to guess her.

Star Position: Yin Star12

Star Name: Gu Dasao13

Nickname: Female Tiger

True Name: Gu Tong

Rank: One hundred and first

Star Weapon: Male And Female Tigerhead Hairpin14 (Three Star)

Star Beast: Tiger On The Shoulder15

Realm: Thousand Militaries Fifth Stage

Innate Skill: Voice16

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Special Move: Lioness From Hedong Roars17

Dark Rank Special Move: Tathagata’s Proper Sound18

The others laughed into their sleeves, very curious as to what kind of testing method their Mistress could use. Her martial force definitely could not do, however, to make Su Xing listen to the Female Tiger’s Lioness From Hedong Roars actually was not bad.

Gu Tong could not possibly be so ill-mannered. She turned around and entered the restaurant: “Enter!!”

Su Xing followed her in. Above the door, he noticed a Black Wind Slashing Ring Saber.

Isn’t this Green Eyed Tiger Li Yun’s Star Weapon? Seems like she was unlucky.

Entering the restaurant, Su Xing looked around. The decorations were exceptionally imposing. The floor and furnishings were all spotless. It seemed that Gu Dasao’s operations were busy.

“Mistress, just what are you going to compete in?”

“Xinyue, you go and bring those ‘restaurant guarding treasures’ from the wine cellar.” Gu Tong ordered.

“Tong’er? Could it be that you are…” The girls were taken aback.

“Today, This Old Lady throws caution to the wind.” Gu Tong sternly said.

Su Xing probably could guess what Gu Tong wanted to play with.

Not long after, Sun Xinyue brought over four sealed wine jugs. An intoxicating smell wafted over, and the air seemed to ferment, making a person feel as if their bones had gone soft.

Just smelling the wine made people drool.

Seeing Su Xing’s astonished appearance, Gu Tong was considerably proud.

“This wine’s name is Orange Jasmine.”19

“Orange Jasmine?” Su Xing exclaimed. Liangshan Continent had the legendary Five Great Excellent Wines. These fine wines were not the same as ordinary wines. They were brewed from every sort of material, fermenting for other a hundred years. They were fermented to a sort of realm that panaceas could not compare to. Even Star Cultivators could not resist.

Su Xing knew that the pinnacle of the Five Great Excellent Wines was known as “Drunk Thousand Years.”20 A drop could make a bowl of clean water turn into wine, a jug could ferment a river. However, this Drunk Thousand Years was exceedingly rare. Supervoid Cultivators found it difficult to find and taste, and the Orange Jasmine was one of the Five Great Excellent Wines. Although it was not like the Drunk Thousand Years, Su Xing knew that its alcohol content was extremely high. Normal people could only drink a small mouthful and be drunk for several hours afterwards. Star Cultivators with better capacity for alcohol would need to lie down after drinking a bowl.

“You wouldn’t happen to be thinking of making me drink wine, right?” Su Xing said.

“We shall compete with wine. Whoever can fully drink two jugs first. However, This Old Lady shall warn you beforehand, this Orange Jasmine was specially brewed by us Sisters. It is absolute in Liangshan. Even Emperor Liang could not possibly taste it. So long as you become drunk – after wine, spit out the truth, you hear This Old Lady?” Gu Tong gazed steadily at Su Xing.

“Is it this incredible?” Su Xing knew what Gu Tong was planning. On one side, she was testing his capacity for alcohol, and on the other, she wanted to make him clearly state his own thinking under a state of extreme intoxication.

A gentleman is open and poised, and Su Xing naturally did not have anything to worry about.

“Do you dare?”

“You are screwed. Mistress is but astonishing in alcohol capacity.”

“It is best to not compete with this.”

The others kindly persuaded.

“Perfect, how can I not taste Liangshan’s finest Excellent Wine, this trip would be in vain.” Su Xing greatly smiled. With one hand, he grabbed a wine jug, opened the seal, and deeply sniffed. He only felt his body nearly go numb.

“Straightforward.” Gu Tong’s eyes carried a smile. She grabbed a jug, chugging a mouthful.

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  1. 地走星
  2. 李袞
  3. 飛天大聖
  4. 李雙飛
  5. 南蠻劍
  6. 秋風盾
  7. 落葉鏢
  8. 飛天鯉
  9. 靈敏
  10. 秋風掃落葉
  11. 十指連心
  12. 地陰星
  13. 顧大嫂
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  16. 聲音
  17. 河東獅吼
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  19. 七里香
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