Chapter 434: These Feelings Are Endless

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Innate Skill, Unrivalled.

The tyrannical air of Total Annihilation.

Guan Ying, her name became that of a god of war. Each slash was fully Matchless, and the Guan Ying still entering the Eight Stage of the Matchless realm erupted at this moment. The Black Turtle Hall’s seawater evaporated, converted into a sudden downpour by the Great Blade. The Boatman’s flames, Shi Jinglun’s staff, Zhang Yuqi’s All Rivers Reach Seas, Ruan Jin’er’s Green Duckweed Kill, everything became two words – paper shreds.

Guan Ying’s Total Annihilation exploded using her absolutely overwhelming power. The instant she slashed, even if there were a thousand soldiers in front of her, there would only be one. Using her absolutely unrivalled power, her matchless spirit sweeping through. This was Guan Sheng’s Total Annihilation.

The Dark Technique of the Brave Star, head of the Five Tiger Generals.

Under Five Star state, Total Annihilation was even more insufferably arrogant.

Guan Ying at this moment had innumerable phantoms, each charging at all of the Star Generals.

In spite of so many Sisters using so many Dark Techniques, all of the Star Generals present were not at the peak of martial force. Even the strongest Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun was just a bit lacking. When the Dark Technique of the Five Tigers’ head emerged, it was unstoppable.

Before the blade-light scattered, a blood-light condensed.

Shi Jinglun’s Yellow Dragon was cut in two. Great Blade directly slashed Nine Tattooed Dragons’ chest. No matter what, Shi Jinglun was undoubtedly dead. The Blue Waves Underworld Quail came in front of her to block the blade, to innocently use its body as a shield. This sea ape was split in two, yet it greatly alleviated the surplus might of the Great Blade. Nine Tattooed Dragons stumbled and raised an Earthly Fiend Astral Treasure. Only then did she escape this calamity, only to actually still be sent flying by a slash.

The strongest Shi Jinglun was like this, not to mention the others.

Ruan Jin’er’s Green Duckweed shattered before Guan Sheng’s tyrannical qi. The blade-qi shot out, directly breaking upon the Sword Star who coughed up blood. If it was not for the slight distance she and Ruan Mei’er had with Guan Ying. If she was at close range, they would have fell over dead.

The Boatman Zhang Feiyu and Hu Niangzi that were almost within reach were swept by the blade.

Their clothes were disintegrated by the blade-qi, leaving them completely naked. Hu Niangzi faced but was incapable of withstanding the blade-light. In despair, she glanced at Su Xing, yet she found that the latter was not in her line of sight.

Blood flashed.

Su Xing used the Chaotic Tail Escape, hugging Hu Niangzi against his chest, his Flying Swords turning into a shield to block everything.

Hu Niangzi’s eyes that were tranquil as a lake showed shock. She had never thought that Su Xing would rescue her, and she was very conflicted.

Guan Ying’s silhouette dispersed.

Not good.

Su Xing lifted his head.

The Devil Star Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade slashed towards Zhang Feiyu. Fire Tree Silver Flower disappeared, and seeing Zhang Feiyu about to be wiped out, “Elder Sister.” Zhang Yuqi instinctively called out. White Stripe in the Waves even more quickly swam before her.

She opened her palm, and the White Water Mirror Heart’s white light radiated.

A barrier blocked the great blade’s edge.

Within a breath.

The barrier shattered.

Zhang Yuqi’s face lost its color.

The Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade cut into Zhang Yuqi’s body. The Devil Star on the weapon chewed on the young girl, and her eyes widened.

“Little Sister!!”

Zhang Feiyu cried out in grief.

Just at this moment, a ray of blood-light quickly appeared in front of Zhang Yuqi and snatched her away from under the great blade.

Su Xing once again used the Chaotic Tail Escape to save Zhang Yuqi at the critical moment.

The hungry great blade was unwilling to relent. About to chop squarely through them, Su Xing used the Acala Wisdom King Vajra Body Technique, bloomed the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower and manifested golden lotus flowers in the sea. The great blade fell, and the lotus flowers withered one after another. Su Xing was struck in the abdomen by the blade. Fortunately, the Acala Wisdom King Vajra Body Technique reinforced his physical body. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower once again turned big, and this slash was stopped by Buddhist light. It entered only half an inch, but even so, the murderous air still made Su Xing suffer unbearably.

“Vajra Evil Smiting Palm!”

Su Xing thrust out his palm.

A giant Vajra Buddhist palm slapped Guan Ying’s body, finally blocking this slash.

However, Guan Ying’s Total Annihilation was far from finished. Gu Tong, Zou Ke, Sun Xinyue and Li Shuangfei were caught in it.

The four girls’ Dark Techniques were broken, but they did not change expressions.

A yellow Earth Book gradually opened, manifesting yellow light and earth qi, forming a barrier.

The already terminating Total Annihilation merely struck several cracks into the Earth Book’s defense, finally fizzling out.

Though the event was long-winded, the Total Annihilation slash’s speed was no more than the blink of an eye.

In an instant, Guan Ying had broken all of the Dark Techniques and counterattacked.

Still, in an instant, the Zhang Yuqi, Hu Niangzi, Gu Tong and others that should have inevitably died under the great blade were instead saved by Su Xing using pain that exceeded the normal person’s imagination and powers that totally averted disaster.

Even Shi Jinglun and Ruan Jin’er felt disbelief.

Her imposing aura faded.

Guan Ying stood in the main hall.

In her surroundings, already not an inch of undisturbed earth could be found.

Su Xing looked at Zhang Yuqi whose eyes had lost focus. He hastily fed her a pill, using Medical Arts to heal her wounds. Living King Yama also rushed over urgently to help use her Water Healing.

“Thanks.” Su Xing expressed his gratitude to Ruan Mei’er.

Ruan Mei’er’s expression was indefinitely bewildered. She nodded her head, not saying anything.

“Little Sister!” Zhang Feiyu held Zhang Yuqi. Seeing her Little Sister had lost the color in her face, the corners of her eyes grew moist. She wanted utter a few curses that would have been censored, yet the words became choked up in her throat. She was without her violence, acting only with the concern of an Elder Sister.

The storm-like aggression disappeared.

The Black Turtle Hall was calm without a noise, with only the sound of gently running water.

Su Xing covered Hu Niangzi’s voluptuous body with a cloak.

“Dear Husband, why did you save Niangzi?” Hu Niangzi bit her lip. She stared painfully at his wound.

“Even if you have something like the Star Nest, I still loathe this word, ‘death’…” Su Xing smiled as he held back Hu Niangzi.

Hu Niangzi’s heart heaved a long sigh.

Slightly shaking his head, Su Xing stared at Guan Ying.

At this time, Guan Ying’s familiar dignified smile was practically obscured. The black qi was pervasive, leaving only an endless darkness. Inside, there seemed to be hidden a pain an outside was incapable of touching

Even the blue flames on the Black Turtle Seal beside Guan Ying had been broken down by the Brave Star’s intimidating aura.


Su Xing’s heart jumped. Total Annihilation had not only swept away all of the Star Generals, it had even brought Guan Ying even closer to the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill. The Brave Star practically only needed to reach out to touch it.

Under the Dark Technique, all of the Star Generals were practically wounded.

Of course, under Five Tiger Generals chief Guan Ying’s Five Star Destined Weapon, this sort of situation already counted as the fortune within a disaster.

And to use a Star Master’s status to contend against Guan Ying, Su Xing did not even need to think. However more confident he could be, he knew he would merely be attempting the impossible.

Now, the sole things that could face Guan Ying were only the Five Dragons Lantern and the Four Symbols Seal. Su Xing originally planned to use these as trump cards to face Maiden Mountain’s trials, so his heart wavered uncertainly.

“Why would you do such a thing.” Guan Ying finally spoke, her voice very soft yet very clear.

“What’d you say?” Su Xing rapidly brainstormed. Seeing Guan YIng not move, this was perfect for giving the other Star Generals time to recover their strength.

“Between you and these Star Generals, there is no cause, no reason. In the future, they will be your obstacles. Why would you want to save them.” Guan Ying lifted her gaze, her black eyes abstruse.

“Obstacles? Is this how you would describe your Sisters?” Su Xing laughed in mockery.

Guan Ying was silent.

“I wonder, when you originally wielded your weapon, Guan Ying, did you ever sense the Devil Star on your blade?” Su Xing was serious.

“Just allow This General to experience if your righteousness is weakness…or strength…”

Her voice was drawn-out, not caring in the slightest about the Great Good Fortune Pill that was in her reach. Guan Ying lifted her weapon, galloped like a stallion and disappeared from Su Xing’s eyes.

Then she reappeared.

And her great blade was falling towards Su Xing’s cranium.

But along the way, this was stopped by a red rope.

“Allow Niangzi to keep you company.” A red rope was in Hu Niangzi’s hand, wrapping around Guan Ying, and her eyes burned with a scorching flame among the ocean waves.

These Feelings Are Endless Lasso

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  1. 1. Note: SuvXing only has strength that equals, at best, a mid tier Earthly Star.
    He’s only ever fought to buy time against a Heavenly Star.

    Not once could he even scratch one.

    That said, he was a BOSS for saving everyone like he did… getting ripped up as usual.

    2. Niangzi has a 2nd Star Weapon too?

    1. Yeah it seems like it, and perhaps it is like Little Yi, needing to be moved emotionally in order to be used?

  2. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Yeah, without pulling out all the stops I wouldn’t have believed it either if he could do more than run from a Guan Ying wielding a 5 star weapon. Would have cheapened her status and rank if he could.

  3. Tbh this last scene feels like it could be the perfect setup to have every or most Star Generals here on his side and maybe even contract them, but that’d be too good to be true. I really like Shi Jinglun and Ruan Mei’er’s ability is mad awesome.

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