Chapter 53: Bashful Like Yingmei ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Become an outlaw?

Su Xing knew the Water Margin1 was a very famous work, but it did not occur to him that Liangshan Continent would also have this. Su Xing confusedly asked that this becoming an outlaw was not going and becoming a thief, right?

Actually, it was completely the opposite of what Su Xing was thinking. The so-called “become an outlaw” was a special existence among the Star Masters that could be understood as the secret hideout2 of cultivation. Star Masters that cultivated in such a place as a secret hideout could halve their efforts while doubling their results, otherwise, for what reason would Star Masters make people jealous. And was it not just because they held exceptional advantages; not only did did they have the deadly Stars as fierce fighters, even their cultivation was in this way faster than a normal person’s.

However, this becoming an outlaw was not that easy to handle. And that would have been nonsense, for Liangshan Continent never had such an inexpensive advantage. According to what Wu Xinjie said: Becoming an outlaw first of all required going to the Divination Star Platform3 to hear about permission to become an “outlaw.” The Outlaw Writ4 was also known as the “Token of Becoming an Outlaw”5 or “Liangshan Outlaw Certificate.”6 So long as one possessed this token, the unique gifts accompanying the Star Master could then start an unrivaled cultivation in their own secret training grounds.

Regarding the currently drifting7 Su Xing, this was definitely very moving. It was just that the Divination Star Platform was in the Great Liang Dynasty, and furthermore, this Outlaw Writ was not so easy to obtain. Relying on the Nebula Stage was still very dangerous; generally speaking, the majority of Star Masters all entered Galaxy Cultivation before they voluntarily became outlaws.

“But Young Master, you are different. You have this servant and Wu Yong, these two Star Generals. You have an even greater advantage than other Star Masters.” Lin Yingmei said as such. Thinking it over, this matter was not very worrisome, and he still wanted to consider it a bit further. The main headache plaguing Su Xing currently was the Blooming Water Divine Thunder, though. The Liangshan Continent Five Elements Astonishing Thunder just in his hand was actually useless, making things somewhat gloomy.

Returning to An Suwen’s residence in Heavenly Water City, the Efficacious Star spotted the three, her face carrying a great, big smile: “Just the young master and you two returning safely is good enough.”

Su Xing brought out a few medical ingredients. Handing them over to An Suwen: “I’ve truly troubled you here. Please accept these.”

An Suwen shook her head in refusal: “Suwen often receives Sister Xinjie’s consideration. Sister’s young master, how could Suwen receive this.”

“An Suwen, you should just take them. Only you, the Divine Physician, can refine these items, anyways.” Wu Xinjie immediately encouraged her.

An Suwen hesitated for a moment, her face slightly red, then sweetly accepted the materials. “Then Suwen shall be rude.” These medical ingredients included once called “Bitter Water Ginseng,”8 one called “Frost Leaf,”9 for she just happened to lack these two materials.

Returning to his bedroom, Su Xing had just toiled for a day. Lying atop the bed, he snored as he fell into a deep sleep.

Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie stood at the bedside, observing their Young Master’s sleeping form. The Knowledge Star crouched, giggling: “Young Master truly does not have any caution. That sleeping posture makes Xinjie love it so.”

Lin Yingmei furrowed her brow. Over the past few days, Wu Xinjie already on more than one occasion wanted to lay in the same bed as Su Xing.10 The Knowledge Star was honestly a bit presumptuous: “The Young Master is currently at the Early Stage. Wu Yong, if you mess around, this servant definitely will not forgive you.”

“Pardon me, Little Sis Yingmei, but what does this ‘mess around’ refer to?” Wu Xinjie gave a lascivious glance.

Lin Yingmei groaned.

“However, Xinjie noticed the Young Master and that Immortal Hero Princess were somewhat different in some places.” Wu Xinjie said.

Lin Yingmei exposed her bewilderment.

“Heh heh, thinking of deceiving my, the Knowledge Star’s, eye is definitely not that simple. That Immortal Hero Princess both loves and hates our Young Master.”11

“Really?” Lin Yingmei revealed her disbelief.

“I’m afraid that when they were slaying the dragon, something interesting happened.” Wu Xinjie stifled a smile. She fixed her gaze onto Su Xing’s face, her charming eyes like silk. Using her white fingers to gently caress him, she said to herself: “And what would that something be? Young Master!”

Lin Yingmei definitely did not have the Knowledge Star’s passion for gossip. At night, she not only took charge of the Young Master’s safety, she also guarded against this female wolf. The magnificent Knowledge Star unexpectedly always thought of seducing the Young Master, actually depressing the Panther Head greatly.

“Today, the Young Master made a narrow escape.12 Wu Yong, your tomfoolery does not bewilder this servant.” Lin Yingmei said stubbornly.

“I know that. I, the Resourceful Star, am definitely not a fool.” Wu Xinjie twitched her mouth.

Lin Yingmei lay down in her clothes on Su Xing’s right side, and Wu Xinjie at this moment also lay on his left. Originally, the Star Maidens could enter the Star Nest to cultivate, for it held many benefits towards increasing Star Energy. However, Lin Yingmei needed to protect Su Xing’s safety, and Wu Xinjie held no interest towards Star Energy. At night, they just slept on either side of him, and over many days, these three already grew accustomed to it.13

However, only when Lin Yingmei laid down did she discover the situation was slightly unsuitable. Because this was the first sleep he had upon a bed, Su Xing had already stripped off all his outerwear, leaving on only a pair of shorts. Right now, because he was too exhausted, he slept like a dead pig, basically unable to sense the two beauties at his side attending to him.

She had not felt this way before when he was wearing clothes, but this time, she shot glances at her own Young Master’s fine torso. A male’s masculine scent entered her nose, making Lin Yingmei’s heart restless, unexpectedly leaving her slightly at a loss of what to do.

From time to time, Lin Yingmei heard the sound of clothes. Taking a look, Wu Xinjie unexpectedly also threw off that garment she wore, exposing the tube top14 underneath, sensually revealing her snow white limbs. “Wu Yong, just what are you doing?” Lin Yingmei was stunned.

“Of course you need to undress when you sleep on the bed…Aiya, Xinjie knows what you’re worried about. Nothing will happen with the Young Master sleeping so deeply. Wait until after we have a secret hideout before we discuss this further. Xinjie has very much appropriate behavior, anyways…hee.” Saying that, Wu Xinjie let out a comfortable voice.

Fearing that a loud noise would disturb the Young Master’s rest, Lin Yingmei could only let her get away with it.

Lin Yingmei closed her eyes to rest, her Divine Intent not yet relaxed in the slightest, when suddenly, Su Xing turned over, half-embracing Lin Yingmei in his arms. The girl’s body went rigid, looking at the Young Master in shock.

Su Xing was still sleeping soundly, his mouth speaking odd sleep talk. “Caiwei, your figure is indeed very good…” Sure enough, it was the same as what Wu Xinjie said. Something happened to the Young Master and that Immortal Hero Princess inside the Flower Dragon Cave, and just as Lin Yingmei thought that, she suddenly felt her chest being attacked.

It was like the girl suffered an electric shock, almost wanting to just grab this hand and throw it out.

Seeing the dreaming Su Xing’s subconscious actions, she endured temporarily, but then, Lin Yingmei used both hands to grab Su Xing’s hand, wanting him to release her. Only Heaven knew what grand, shameless beyond belief dream her own Young Master was having, going so far as to embrace her sideways from behind.

His wide chest pressed up against Lin Yingmei’s back, giving her a very relaxed kind of peace of mind, but almost immediately, this sort of feeling was shattered by those perverted hands covering her breasts. Her face reddened to the point that it was about to drip water.

Wu Xinjie kept her eyes open a tiny crack. Smiling craftily, she used her hands to grab onto Su Xing’s and suddenly began to use them to knead what was in them.

“Ah…” came the sound of a shallow groan.15

“Young Master, cease this at once!” Lin Yingmei gasped for breath. Her body had gone soft, and her own pure and holy place momentarily allowed itself to be grasped.

It was at that time that Lin Yingmei heard a slight panting, and she immediately realized the Resourceful Star’s evil scheme. Her mind cleared itself in but a moment, and resentfully turning over and getting out of the bed: “Wu Yong!!!”

“It seems Little Sister also really hopes the Young Master will make her moist?” Wu Xinjie opened her eyes.

With a cold sound, the Arctic Star Spear flashed a chilling light.

Wu Xinjie stuck out her sweet tongue: “Little Sister, calm yourself.” Her body transformed and secretly entered the Star Nest, and Wu Xinjie’s sudden entrance into his mind made Su Xing’s head hurt. Opening his eyes with a groan, he saw Lin Yingmei standing resentfully in front of him, Arctic Spear in hand, the front piece of her jacket half open, revealing half of a sensual sight.

“There was a gnat just now.” Lin Yingmei covered her chest with her hand and stored her weapon.

Su Xing went “oh,” and asked: “You want to sleep on the bed?”16

Lin Yingmei’s face immediately blushed a deep red, and with righteous and proper words: “No, may Young Master have proper rest.”

Su Xing did not have any sort of energy, only feeling that Lin Yingmei’s bashful appearance was really interesting. Smiling, he then laid back down to sleep, and surprisingly turned over his body, leaving Lin Yingmei a wide space.

Lin Yingmei went blank for a moment before she slowly shifted over…

Author’s Note: Streaking next week. This really is too big of a shock.17

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  1. Also known as “Outlaws of the Marsh.”
  2. 洞府
  3. 卜星台
  4. 落草令
  5. 落草為寇令牌
  6. 臥草梁山佩
  7. 居無定所
  8. 苦水參
  9. 霜葉
  10. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  11. And it’s official. The Gong Caiwei flag has also been raised. Good luck to our hapless MC for finishing that route.
  12. 九死一生
  13. …Yet Su Xing has not made a move. I guess he really does not see them as romantic partners at this point 😛
  14. 抹胸 or breast tube top
  15.   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  16. You betcha, baby  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  17. IDK what this means since I don’t have any context.


  1. Why is Wu Xinjie being referred to as the Resourceful Star? Isn’t she supposed to be the Knowledge Star?

    1. All the Stars have two titles, their identity as a Star and a nickname. Wu Xinjie’s name as a Star is the “Knowledge Star” whereas her nickname is the “Resourceful Star.” Similarly, Lin Yingmei is known as “the Majestic Star” or “Panther Head.” It just happens that both of Wu Xinjie’s titles have the word “Star.” I hope this clears things up.

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