Chapter 539: Legend Of The Double Assassins

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Su Xing actually did not want to join in such a feast, but he could not feel at ease about Bao Xiaoyu and still wanted to hear about their affairs. He glanced at Wu Xinjie and the others and nodded, “Then deference is no substitute for obedience.”

Heavenly Water Pavilion.

Those that came from the Han Clan were about a dozen. Other than one cultivator, the others were normal people. This made Su Xing feel very surprised. It was known that many cultivators longed for the Crystal Dragon Banquet but were unable to step forward. The reason was because the Eastern Sea’s depths were very deep, which was not something they were capable of walking into. 

Wu Xinjie saw that the Han Clan was rather influential and wealthy. The Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Great Families at their core were merchant aristocratic families. For example, the Han Clan often came to do business, so they had a foundation in the Crystal Dragon Palace. For the Crystal Dragon Palace to cultivate linked teleportation arrays was not strange. 

Han Qi was a Galaxy Middle Stage cultivator. Han Yu introduced his master as being from the Most High Path.

Most High Path?

Hearing this name, Su Xing’s brows wrinkled. Currently, he did not feel great about the Most High Path.

“Congratulations, Han Qi, your Spirit Slashing Sword has entered the Spirit Sealing List at ninety-eighth. Ha, ha, you truly bring honor to our ancestors.” Han Yu’s grandfather happily said. His expression was very good. Other than a Star Master that the Han Clan had produced, they had even put a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure onto the Spirit Sealing List. This truly was a once in a century fortune for the Han Clan.

“Do not mention it. Some cultivator brought out a Five Dragons Lantern and an Earth Book, pushing the Spirit Slashing Sword down to one hundredth.” Han Qi flatly drunk down his sorrows, his expression downcast.

The Han Clan’s people were slightly awkward.

“Nephew Han Yu, do you want uncle to give you the Spirit Slashing Sword for your Star Duels? So as to avoid others saying that our Han Clan is destitute, to not even have a magic weapon like this.” Han Qi narrowed his eyes. It was ambiguous whether these words were mockery or genuine.

Han Yu shook his head like a drumrattle. 

“This is?” Han Qi noticed Su Xing. Suddenly, his expression greatly changed. His entire person immediately shuddered, and he became submissive, instantly turning his dejection just now into a deferential salute to Su Xing.

The Han Clan was bewildered.

“Senior’s presence here truly makes me overwhelmed.” Han Qi said.

The Han Clan elders were smart enough to realize that to make Han Qi this respectful, their guest was a cultivator of profound cultivation. They changed their disapproval from just a moment ago into deference. Su Xing thought this was amusing, but he did not put on any air of arrogance. “No need to be so awkward.”

Han Qi laughed apologetically. A Supervoid Cultivator was much too mighty and powerful. Just being in proximity of him made him feel choked. The atmosphere was awkward for a time.

Su XIng knew that things would turn out like this, but he was thinking of Han Yu’s future. Thus, he invited everyone to sit down, and he softly asked: “Han Yu is participating in the Star Duels. You act as Han Yu’s elders. I wonder what you feel about this?”

“Heaven helps the worthy.”

“Right, we never imagined that the Han Clan could have a Star Master, this truly honors our ancestors.”

“Yes, yes.”

Su Xing clearly did not want this answer. Seeing these elders and family were each complacent, their clearly excited feelings showed they treated Han Yu as a tool to exploit.

Han Qi noticed Su Xing’s displeasure. He fake coughed and interrupted them: “The Star Duels are a matter that requires mutual consent, everything is arranged according to fate.”

“En, ai, to think that Han Yu’s father and mother perished, it is fortunate that the Heavens love him, thus he luckily survived.”

“The souls of the deceased can also be at peace.”

Everyone stowed their happy emotions for an instant to slip out sighs. Their sudden face-change impressed even Su Xing. He had never seen anyone able to instantly switch from great joy to deep sadness, and then to turn from deep sadness to bemoaning the state of the world, Wu Xinjie forced herself to not laugh. Bao Xiaoyu watched them with pursed lips. The little loli did not hide the loathing in her eyes at all.

“Senior cares so much for Little Yu’s Star Duels, this truly is Little Yu’s fortune.” Han Qi respectfully said. The beautiful ladies next to Su Xing made Han Qi somewhat skeptical about whether they were Star Generals or not, but Su Xing’s cultivation was already Supervoid. The number of Supervoid Star Masters in Liangshan Continent could be counted on fingers, and Han Qi knew this. He did not treat Su Xing as a Star Master, but he did regard him as some adept that had taken a fancy to Little Yu.

“But for Little Brother Yu to participate in the Star Duels, this is but certain to be great misfortune with little luck.” Wu Xinjie softly said.

“Since he is participating in the Star Duels, this is foreordained.”

“Well said.”

“Have you not thought of annulling the contract?”

“How can this be…” Han Yu’s grandfather and other relatives were somewhat unsightly.

“And why not?” Su Xing did not understand. It was plainly obvious that Han Yu participating in the Star Duels was certain death. Wasn’t annulling their contract splendid, and besides, Han Yu was so little, he honestly was not suited for joining the Star Duels.


Everyone was speechless.

“What Star Master would annul their contract, is this not cowardice? The Han Clan will be the subject of ridicule.” Han Qi wiped his sweat.

“Xiaoyu, what do you think?” Wu Xinjie directly turned the question over to Bao Xiaoyu. “Do you have any interest in following us?”

Bao Xiaoyu lowered her head in silence.

“Senior may care for Little Yu, but participating in the Star Duels only to get cold feet truly is a great fear, however, our Han Clan cannot be underestimated at all. We came to this Treasure Banquet with the idea to strengthen Xiaoyu’s Star Weapon.” Han Qi hastily said tactfully. He did not want to ruin a relationship with Su Xing. “Let alone these Star Duels, everything follows their causes. We naturally should not meddle, so as to avoid Chao Gai’s attention.”

“We better drink for now. Waiter, order.” An old man shouted loudly.

“No need.” Su Xing shook his head. He was not in the mood at all to drink. Discussing at the table, he saw that the Han Clan had no regard for Han Yu’s life or death. They thought only of exploiting his identity as a Star Master, and he inwardly shook his head. In the end, Bao Xiaoyu said nothing either. Since she had already decided, Su Xing could not easily say anything about that. He found an excuse to dismiss himself.

In front of the restaurant’s door.

“Su Xing.”

Bao Xiaoyu had chased after him.

“Little Yu was reborn through Xiaoyu’s contract. If Xiaoyu annuls the contract, Little Yu will die.” She explained, not wanting to be seen as a Star General that hurt people.

“I know.”

Su Xing and the others turned around and smiled. “Xiaoyu, if you need anything, come find me anytime.” Saying this, he gave her a Thousand Li Sound Transmission Talisman and other protective talismans. “If you have truly decided on this, in the future Seven Stars Assembly, let’s ascend Maiden Mountain together.”

Bao Xiaoyu was taken aback. SHe opened her small mouth, losing her normal ferocity. She pouted and grunted. 

“Xiaoyu will consider it.”

“Then good, Little Yi really wants to see you.” Su Xing smiled.

Bao Xiaoyu’s returned to the Heavenly Water Pavilion with a heavy load on her mind. The Han Clan right now was currently discussing spiritedly behind Su Xing’s back. Having seen him go far away, they immediately changed faces.

“Is a Supervoid Cultivator amazing? It sounds like he actually is.”

“Little Yu, you must not be fooled. A Star Master’s status is very important. If you annul your contract, how can you face your parents’ deaths.”

“Yes, the Star Duels are inherently deadly. How can you ever achieve anything by cowering at the slightest thing, let alone that the Star Duels can leave a mark for generations to come. How many people have begged for a chance like this.”

“En, our Han Clan can be mighty in the future.”

Bao Xiaoyu only felt loathing when she heard these words. Just as she was about to open her mouth to curse them, suddenly, a playful voice stole the initiative. “Oh, the Han Clan indeed has a devotion to that inspires reverence.”

“To leave a mark for generations in the Star Duels? Dangniu feels that this is only to let the Han Grandfather write down a single line, however, to exploit such a small child, are you not afraid of meeting retribution.”

The Han Clans’ faces changed, but seeing that pair of sisters, their tempers instantly were suppressed.

The newcomers were twins. Each frown and every smile, every single movement was akin to being in a mirror, however, one’s temperament was gentle and quiet while the other was fiery. The Han Clan was very familiar with them, the Sikong Sisters of one of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Great Families.

Sikong Chuhe and Sikong Dangniu.

“Little Brother Little Yu, have you never thought of killing these elders?” Sikong Dangniu chuckled.

“The Sikong Little Sister need not be so derisive. A Purple Thunder Monster has appeared in these Star Duels, you two are perhaps the unfortunate ones.” Han Qi calmly said.

“Speaking of the Purple Thunder Monster, there is something I wanted to ask you all.” Sikong Chuhe calmly said.

“What is that?”

“Do you know who that man was just now, Han Qi?” Sikong Chuhe’s eyes narrowed.


Sikong Chuhe coldly grinned, “You had best inform your Most High Path elders.”

Star Position: Savage Star

Star Name: Bao Xu

Nickname: God of Death

True Name: Bao Xiaoyu

Rank: Sixtieth

Star Weapon: Blood Drinking Demon Killing Sword (Four Star)

Star Beast: Bloodthirsty Colt1

Realm: Thousand Militaries Ninth Stage

Innate Skill: Frenzy2

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Special Move: Long River Of Blood Drinking

Dark Rank Special Move: Bloodthirst

Earth Rank Special Move: Sword Slaughtering Blue Skies3

Current Status: Contractor (Han Yu)

Detailed Materials: …

Su Xing walked in an alley to avoid the prying ears of others. He flipped through the Birth Treasure Outline. This was information he had received from observing Bao Xiaoyu just now, “They surprisingly already have their Earth Rank Technique.” Su Xing was stunned. Subsequently, he laughed in spite of himself. It seemed that he had underestimated God of Death Bao Xiaoyu. To comprehend Earth Rank was not strange amidst the fetters of life and death, but her realm being close to Ten Thousand Techniques was somewhat low. Against a martial generals, things were still not hopeful.

“Young Lord, what do we do?” Wu Xinjie asked. “Xinjie is very fond of Little Sister Xiaoyu.”

“What do you say?” Su Xing asked back.

“Since they are participating in the Star Duels, they have an understanding of life and death. Your Servant feels that they have already prepared themselves.” Lin Yingmei said. These words were a bit heartless, but that was the way things were.

“En, as you say.”

Su Xing nodded and said nothing more.

And that was another Astral Bag.

Shi Yuan nonchalantly walked by, stealing the Astral Bag without anyone knowing any better. It had been a very long time since the Thief Star had this kind of feeling. Seeing that sea of people, the Thief Star’s instincts instantly were aroused. Shi Yuan pretended to eye one of the Ten Great Sects or perhaps an outwardly frivolous young boss. On one side, she gratified herself by stealing from right under their noses, and on the other, she avenged her previous grievances. Hm, hm, who let these idiot cultivators face Su Xing with their eyes closed.  

Even a Supercluster Ancestor was unable to perceive Shi Yuan’s superb hand techniques. Before she knew it, she had several dozen Astral Bags.

Shi Yuan was currently scoping her next target when suddenly, a red-haired man wearing red robes entered her field of view. En, he appeared very wealthy and noble yet not frivolous at all apparently, but there was a woman currently walking together with that man. That woman seemed to be some Lingdong Countess. Shi Yuan had heard Wu Xinjie mention her before, that she was somewhat hostile to Su Xing. Never mind, in short, they were the enemy.

Shi Yuan’s eyes narrowed, and she leisurely walked over.

“Elder Brother Futu, you must help me take revenge.” Lingdong Countess Ye Lingxi shook Ye Futu’s arms persistently like a spoiled child.

“That Su Xing, correct? The man that Little Sister Hanyan actually fancies?” Ye Futu thoughtfully asked.

“Yes, hm, hm, he truly is loathsome to death, to unexpectedly trick me.” The humiliation of that day was still bright on her mind. Ye Lingxi truly itched to flay Su Xing’s flesh from his bones, but she was unable to defeat him. She could only stifle it in her heart, pushing nails into that scarecrow everyday. For this Treasure Banquet, Ye Futu suddenly returned, which made the entire Ye Clan overjoyed. Not only did Ye Futu’s cultivation skyrocket to Supercluster Late Stage peak, he even had good fortune. This made Ye Lingxi spot her hope.

Thus, upon coming to the Treasure Banquet, she wound herself around Ye Futu to make him avenge her – she thought that Zhao Hanyan’s man definitely would appear at this Treasure Banquet.

“Elder Brother, you must help Little Sister settle this grudge”

“This was your own fault, who let you make that bet.” Ye Futu shook his head, not at all willing to involve himself in this kind of love affair. However, for Zhao Hanyan to have a man she took to her liking was actually very surprising.

“Elder Brother Fuyu, were you not very fond of ZHao Hanyan in the past? What if you defeat him? This can prove that the Ling Yan Princess’ eyesight truly is blund.” Ye Lingxi threw a tantrum.

Ye Futu smiled. “Fine then. We shall see later.”

“Big Brother, you must keep your promise.”

As brother and sister strolled, a fragrant wind blew by.

Ye Lingxi was still talking and smiling. After taking several steps, Ye Futu suddenly halted his pace and spun around in shock. Immediately, his warm expression sunk. This turnaround startled Ye Lingxi. She had never seen her Elder Brother with such a terrifying expression.


Ye Futu shouted.

A white shadow quickly flashed by in front of Ye Lingxi’s stupefied expression.

“Elder Brother!!”

“You go back first, Elder Brother has some matters to take care of.” Ye Futu regained his warmth and slightly smiled.


Shi Yuan grasped the Astral Bag in her hand, shocked. The bag was embroidered with a flower pattern inlaid with Astral Stones. Among them, there was even an array that made Shi Yuan temporarily unable to see what was inside the bag, but seeing the level of magnificence of the Astral Bag, it was clearly very precious.

“This Young Lady will go back and have Elder Sister Lianxin break the array.” Just as Shi Yuan planned this, an ice-cold chill suddenly came from behind her.

Thief Star Flea On A Drum did not even need to think. She activated Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding and vanished into the crowd. Not a single cultivator noticed this strange disappearing act.

“Stealth magic, not bad?”

Shi Yuan heard a seeming laugh, shocking her. She turned her head to look. That graceful, white and silver armored young girl with long hair had unexpectedly detected her. “Whoa, that is truly interesting. It has been a very long time since This Young Lady encountered this challenging feeling.”

“Let This Young Lady see just how long you can keep up.” Shi Yuan muttered to herself. She had heard the Crystal Dragon Palace did not permit fighting anyways, so Shi Yuan was not afraid. She suddenly accelerated, and her figure dispersed. Her body techniques immediately were a whirlwind. In practically the moment of a single breath, she had shaken loose the white shadow behind her.

The girl snorted. Her footwork was extremely swift, her body techniques nimble. Traveling all over the Crystal Dragon Palace, one flash movement scuttled into a side alleyway. Letting out an astonished voice. In terms of speed and stealth, Hao Bingxin naturally could not compare to the Thief Star’s Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding, but the Wood Dog of Well’s lion-like sense of smell had its own special traits. 

The girl’s sense of balance was superb. Even when flying through the most narrow alleys, she could tread as if on solid ground. Absolutely silent, she rounded the corner only to suddenly find a person.

She faced an aggressive locomotive, and the pedestrians were frightened stiff.

Hao Bingxin moved, climbing onto the walls. Like a white steed flitting by, she squeezed through the narrowest gaps between the crowd.

Her counterparts were instantly paralyzed, their gaze full of fright and disbelief.

Hao Bingxin let out a soft chuckle, but she paid them no mind. She leisurely danced, her Divine Intent expanding, suddenly becoming a genuine lion that caught the scent of its prey. Out of the corner of the eye, she already vaguely saw the shadow of a demoness’ long hair.4

“Truly weak.” Shi Yuan chuckled. “Was she so easily thrown off my trail? That truly is uninteresting.” Shi Yuan turned her head back and noticed she could not see the woman pursuing her. She could not detect her suspicious target, This could only mean that that poor soul was already lost somewhere.

“Maybe I should slow down for her.” Shi Yuan muttered. She slowed her pace and deactivated her stealth. Just at this moment, a figure of ice and snow already cut off the path in front of her. That woman dragged a weapon concealed in white snow as she expressionlessly stared at Shi Yuan. 

That happened to be the Hao Bingxin that Shi Yuan thought she broke away from.

“Oh-ho, are you an Elder Sister?” Shi Yuan’s brows rose, eager to test herself: “Does she think she can stop me just by obstructing the street?” The Thief Star thought this was ridiculous. Just as she was puzzled, she suddenly saw her opponent raise her hand. That ice and snow covered weapon was pointed directly at her. 

As expected, she was a Star General.

Hmph, then let’s play.

Shi Yuan did not concede defeat. The Four Star Hoodwinking Flying Claws appeared on her hands. She once again used Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding, adding even more speed. “This kind of style, I like.”

Against a girl whose path she lost track of, the corner of Hao Bingxin’s lips curled. She aimed her broadsword and swung.

Her sword-qi was like a beam of light, drawing a blinding line down the perfectly straight street.

She had fully believed she could strike her target and force her to stop, yet the sword-qi was uninterrupted. A wave rippled in the air, and the sword-qi finally burst.

“Where can you run?” Hao Bingxin laughed.

“Heh, heh, defeating This Young Lady is not as simple as you think.” Shi Yuan’s expression was immediately serious. She subconsciously scanned her surroundings. Evidently, her opponent’s senses were considerably formidable. Her stealth arts had been completely seen through. That sword-qi had quite a degree of power to have numbed the Hoodwinking Flying Claws.

This Elder Sister is somewhat powerful.

Consecutively releasing several sword-qi, the sword-qi were all caught by Shi Yuan’s claws without exception.

The two were increasingly near, neither willing to concede defeat.

Five hundred meters, two hundred meters, fifty meters, the girls were like black arcs of lightning with no signs of stopping. Hao Bingxin’s hand gripped her broadsword and stuck it into the ground, not planning to give way.

Her unruffled demeanor made Hao Bingxin feel confused, “If Bingxin lets you pass, then Bingxin will have no face.” The girl clicked her tongue in praise. She raised her broadsword, fully charged. She did not mind using a special move to strike down Shi Yuan.

Just when Shi Yuan was about to approach, suddenly, the Thief Star laughed.

When she actually made impact, Hao Bingxin sneered. Just as she was about to use her own strength to brandish her broadsword at the moment of collision, her sword-wind swept violently like a hurricane. She was about to cut down Shi Yuan, easily severing her torso.

It was how easily the slash sunk in that made Hao Bingxin feel shock.

Just in this moment of distraction, the figure of the approaching girl disintegrated like light.

This was an illusion??

Hao Bingxin regained her senses, flabbergasted. Shi Yuan had unbelievably passed through space to arrive behind her.

A talisman broke. Surprisingly, it was a Mirror Image Talisman.

“Dammit, Bingxin truly has lost face, to have unexpectedly been deceived.” Hao Bingxin grit her teeth, immediately pursuing.

The pair displayed a chase battle on the streets. This war’s direct consequences offended the cultivators here.

What sort of place was the Treasure Banquet? A country that could be said to have everything. Any random cultivator would have high cultivation, and seeing the pair’s chase was already disturbing their business, angry curses immediately flew from all directions.

“Hmph.” Hao Bingxin ignored them. At this moment, someone behind her threw a talisman.

She immediately half-leaned away. The talisman’s released sword-light brushed past her body.

“She really is persistent.” Shi Yuan was endlessly impressed. During the chase, she did not forget to pick a few dozen more Astral Bags along the way. Gradually, Shi Yuan began to feel tired.

Finally, the beautiful white figure was gone.

Before Shi Yuan could breathe a sigh of relief, she then saw in front of her the fire-red man suddenly complain endlessly – How is this fair, if I knew before, then This Young Lady would not have robbed you. Ye Futu’s gaze was ice cold. Deep red Flying Swords circled around, burning in the air.

Shi Yuan knew that she had stepped in some shit, but she did not want to concede defeat. She wanted to seek Su Xing for help, but she felt this was also embarrassing. Just as she was conflicted, she suddenly spied a cool and elegant figure and hastily ran over.

“Elder Sister Siyou.”

Wu Siyou was currently looking around leisurely. Compared to needing upgrade materials, Wu Siyou cared more for the strength of the other Star Masters. At this time, she heard a familiar call. Wu Siyou turned her head and noticed the panting Shi Yuan.

“What is the matter? Yuan’er.”

“Elder Sister, seeing you truly is great.” Shi Yuan hid behind Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou lifted her gaze and saw a man walk over. Not long after, an exquisite white-clothed woman also came. Wu Siyou’s fists clenched. Her tone was unhappy, for she believed this man had designs on Shi Yuan.

“When you steal something in the Crystal Dragon Palace, if you are discovered you will be expelled. Your little sister’s boldness is truly great. Of course, her hands are truly formidable as well.” Ye Futu faintly smiled.

Wu Siyou was taken aback. She lowered her head to looks at Shi Yuan.

Shi Yuan showed a sour face.

Wu Siyou did not know whether to laugh or cry. Before, Wu Siyou also hated this kind of thief, but she had a good relationship with Shi Yuan. In front of this man, reprimanding her was impossible. Let alone…Wu Siyou’s eyes narrowed. She already noticed her counterpart was a Star Master. Seeing the ice and snow girl’s presence was extraordinary, their status was clearly not low.

“Return it.” Wu Siyou disdainfully said.

Shi Yuan was unwilling, but she knew the Crystal Dragon Palace’s rules, “If he wants it back then fine This Young Lady will return it. Having been found out, This Young Lady doesn’t want it.” Shi Yuan said and threw the Astral Bag back.

Ye Futu caught the Astral Bag. He inspected and verified it.

At this time, seeing Wu Siyou’s breathtaking eyes, her silk-like hair, graceful figure, tempting curves and cool elegance, Ye Futu was slightly astonished. 

This woman was truly beautiful.

“Young Master?” Hao Bingxin stamped her foot in disdain.

“Wait a moment!” Ye Futu shouted.

Wu Siyou turned back, somewhat impatient.

“You stole something and think you can just walk away, could there be such a good thing in the world?” Ye Futu’s smile was very warm.

“What else do you want?”

“If you do not want to let your little sister be expelled by the Crystal Dragon Palace, then use your martial force to see who is stronger. If you win, then Your Servant shall let bygones be bygones. If you lose, then treat this as me voicing my grievances.” Ye Futu raised a seemingly innocuous proposal. It seemed reasonable and fair, with flawless reasoning, but how could Wu Siyou not understand this man’s intentions. Clearly, he was probing her status.

Perfect. Wu Siyou also wanted to know which Little Sister this man’s Star General was. On the surface, she said with an uninterested voice: “Fine.”

The Crystal Dragon Palace had a sparring area, a place used for cultivators to train.

So as not to attract attention, they chose a dueling field.

Ye Futu secretly gave Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin a look.

“Will this Little Sister Siyou not use a weapon?” Hao Bingxin brought out the Silver Snow Dragon Abyss Sword and laughed.

“Just use your skills.” WU Siyou was cold and detached.

Hao Bingxin was somewhat unhappily snorted. She felt that Wu Siyou was underestimating her. Without another word, she swung her broadsword and dashed over. From faraway, it seemed that a beam of light had lifted off the ground, instantly forming an attacking dragon, its powerful might hiding the heavens and covering the earth. It was considerably fitting for the devastating atmosphere. 

Before the person herself arrived, because the powerful hurricane that formed already blew the surrounding air into unsteadiness, even Shi Yuan was slightly unable to keep good footing.

“Carelessness will lead to suffering.” A cold voice echoed.

Did she use her strongest strike with her first attack? In Wu Siyou’s eyes, this was a bit surprising and a bit praiseworthy. Because she used her most powerful strength from the very beginning, it was difficult to avoid fatigue in the body. Thus, the majority of Star Generals would first choose to escalate steadily.

An Earthly Star Little Sister?

But against Wu Siyou, Hao Bingxin already settled on the idea to take the initiative. As before, she did not hesitate to wield her power at its strongest.

Although her energy appeared to radiate in all directions, at the moment of attack, it nevertheless already concentrated completely on the broadsword.

Her body followed her sword. Sword-light flashed, and her entire person was already like an arrow, a straight shot.

Dark Technique.

White Dragon Leaving Swordtip!!

However, with Wu Siyou’s realm, the Harm Star completely was unmoved.

Immediately after her attack drew close, Wu Siyou then moved her figure, suddenly raising a palm.

The distance between them seemed to not exist. Apparently when Wu Siyou’s palm was raised, a terrifying energy already arrived in front of Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin.

Ye Futu’s face immediately paled.

What sort of speed and power is this?

White Dragon Leaving Swordtip lifted Wu Siyou’s mantle, but it was evaded by the Harm Star Pilgrim’s nimble footwork.

Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin swung around. It was not apparent at what time she had waved the broadsword again, but after this, countless sword-qi swiftly spilled forth.

Wu Siyou basically did not retain any thoughts of evasion. Her sole movement was to gently concentrate power into her palm.


Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin’s assault was like a storm that struck upon Wu Siyou’s body.

The actual pursuit was actually to launch her attack at the moment there was judgment and commands that made her brain unable to react. The instantaneous movement of this assault speed was beyond description. 

At the split second she drew near her target, that impact was enough to shred powerful defenses. Furthermore, at the moment of approach, Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin lifetime of battle experience was fully displayed. Shi Yuan was a bit dumbstruck to watch, for the Little SIster in front of her was more formidable than she imagined.

Ye Futu did not expect this situation would occur. They had only just begun, with Hao Bingxin using full power, yet her opponent was still indifferent.

Suddenly, there was a chill.

An ice-cold frost like a dagger whistled as it stabbed.

Wu Siyou’s palm pushed while her other hand parried the swordtip. Her palms fluttered like butterflies.

Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin was astonished. The skin over her whole body immediately rose in goosebumps. A bone-chilling cold drilled inter her body, and her reaction gradually slowed. She immediately retreated, already assuming a defensive stance, but to her surprise, Wu Siyou did not move a single inch.

“This…” Seeing the perfectly untouched Wu Siyou, Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin did not dare believe her eyes. Although her attack was very fierce, but by using the Extreme Realm that was above her, Wu Siyou evaded the power of each strike with more than enough room to spare.

The Silver Snow Dragon Abyss Sword had ice and snow covering it that greatly obstructed the Destined Star Weapon’s power. Hao Bingxin could only believe this now.

“Your Servant warned you to use full power.”

What insane talk.

Hao Bingxin was indignant.

Wu Siyou was expressionless. She brandished her palm, and the power in her palm instantly unfolded like a ribbon, soundless, as if it was a gentle drizzle. Devastating cold light immediately covered the skies. The entire hall seemed to suddenly plunge into a cold winter, giving people an indescribable sense of oppression.

Following this, just when Hao Bingxin was staring straight ahead, that glaring cold light was like a giant net that covered towards Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin. Hao Bingxin surprisingly lost even her reactions.

She stared as the palm struck.

Time instantly slowed. In no more than an instant, things surprisingly seemed to have stopped moving.

Fast…She really is too fast…By the time Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin returned to her senses from the inconceivable scene in front of her, Wu Siyou seemed to have not moved at all. Her deep and starry eyes were like a night sky, glimmering with a breathtaking mystery.


Blood stained her whiteness red.

Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin’s heart was thoroughly cold. This proud lion spat blood and was knocked flying.

“Bingxin.” Ye Futu’s heart constricted.

“Elder Sister Siyou is amazing.” Shi Yuan was thrilled.

“This is not over yet.” Hao Bingxin panted and used her broadsword to prop herself up. The Magnificent Star’s expression was resolute as a lion, full of spirit.

Wu Siyou was silent.

Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin’s hand trembled. The broadsword shed its ice and snow. Although this concealment material could make others unable to see the Star Weapon’s details, it hindered the weapon’s usage. Hao Bingxin’s hands gripped that abnormally large sword, seemingly a small mountain.

Shi Yuan was speechless.

Isn’t this sword a bit too big.

“Four Star Silver Snow Dragon Abyss Sword. So you are Magnificent Star Hao Siwen.” Wu Siyou nodded.


Hao Bingxin raised the broadsword. This time, she had a completely serious expression.

Wu Siyou’s eyes carried a bit of praise. The corner of her lips curled. Suddenly, her cloak rose, and the Harm Star abruptly revolted. The two of them each were at close range, but Wu Siyou’s speed was nevertheless swifty beyond reason.

Hao Bingxin dodged away, swinging her broadsword.

Wu Siyou already leapt into the air, but her movements were super fast. Her legs had stopped for no more than a few seconds, no more than a few seconds on the ground.6 She clearly knew that if this continued, she would be cut by the broadswords. In midair, she stopped for a moment, as if she was faster than time, and cut back at Hao Bingxin. 

The Magnificent Star was already prepared. She stepped back and spun the broadsword around.

Her apparently petite body truly possessed amazing strength. The girl was like a windmill as she swung the broadsword.

Sword-wind severed several strands of Wu Siyou’s hair. The Harm Star’s left leg simultaneously swept, and a powerful wind force rolled over.

Hao Bingxin once again blocked, but the astral wind was so powerful it still pushed her back several steps.


Steel clanged about.

Hao Bingxin cocked her head, just happening to evade Wu Siyou’s punch. Hao Bingxin had already determined the Elder Sister in front of her was a first-rate Heavenly Star. With such formidable boxing technique, if she was not the Skilful Star then she was the Harm Star. Hao Bingxin became bolder the more they fought. Once excited, she had to reciprocate, and she swung her sword at WU Siyou.

As if she had teleported.

Wu Siyou was already a dozen meters away. The sword-qi swept over nothing, and Wu Siyou was unhurt. Only Hao Bingxin’s body which had cuts could prove that everything just now was not an illusion.

“Not bad, your speed and reactions are becoming faster and faster.” Wu Siyou was quite satisfied. Her manner made Hao Bingxin feel humiliated, as if Wu Siyou had been browsing goods in a store.

“Magnificent Star, a Four Heavenly King. It seems your experience makes you formidable, not one to be underestimated.” Wu Siyou looked at an area of her shoulder that had been gouged by the sword-qi. Just now, even with her super fast reflexes, she had still been struck by the sword-qi.

Although it was a bit of luck this demonstrated that the girl in front of her indeed was somewhat capable.

Hao Bingxin merely giggled. SHe narrowed her eyes and asserted. “The battle has only just begun – Elder Sister Siyou!”

Saying this, Codfish Jail emerged from her body, spreading a pattern across her body. In a split second, Hao Bingxin’s whole body released white light. Her skin became more transparent than snow, more chilling than frost.

Su Xing walked into a shop to sit and rest. The Crystal Dragon Palace was honestly too big. The shop was dazzling, a feast for the eyes. As he rested, Su Xing was monitoring cultivators passing by. His gaze searched around to see whether or not he could spot Zhao Hanyan’s figure.

“Not good.”

Wu Xinjie suddenly felt her brow.

“What happened?”

Su XIng, Lin Yingmei, and Gongsun Huang looked at her.

“Gongsun Zhuqing seems to have already disappeared.” Wu Siyou had sensed something just now. The Knowledge Star had “Divine Strategy, Wonderful Planning,”7 so it was not odd she could occasionally glean knowledge about the Star Duels.

“Her True Spirit has dissipated?” Su Xing felt this was a bit regretful. Gongsun Zhuqing actually was a very good girl. Although she was the second overlord, he had a very good impression about her.

Wu Xinjie did not know this. She merely wrinkled her brow, generally feeling this was somewhat odd. Her heart seemed to be lodged with a boulder.

“Back on topic, the third overlord should be here soon.” Su Xing thought. The second overlord’s trial was already over, and he feared the third overlord should be very imminent.

“En, the third overlord is a bit thorny.” Wu Xinjie put away her thoughts. Speaking about the third overlord, her mind and face both were a bit worried.

“Do you know her identity?” Su Xing curiously asked.

“Xinjie fears they are double assassins.” Wu Xinjie muttered.

“Double assassins?”

Su Xing was intrigued.

“Yes, the third overlords’ materials actually do not need searching to be easily known.” Wu Xinjie shook her head.

“Is there a reason?”

“Young Lord, do you remember that Xinjie once mentioned ‘Third Watch?’”

Su Xing nodded. His impression of the Third Watch was very deep. The Investigative Star Unrestrained Mu Hong could combine her “Heaven, Earth and Dark” techniques into an assassination technique. It could instantly kill the enemy, and if one was targeted by Mu Hong, even a top-notch martial general would be unable to block it.

“Precisely, so in the past Star Duels, at the final phase, assassins always are the first to be disposed of, by tacit understanding. The reason for this is because of the third Star Duels.” Wu Xinjie’s expression was grim. “In the third Star Duels, Heavenly Sound Valley’s Fairy Xuanle contracted two Stars and assassinated her way to the top. Legend says in that generation of Star Duels, the Heavenly Star Five Tiger Generals as well as Jade Qilin were all Starfallen by her alone.”


Su Xing was taken aback. “They’re this strong?”

“Practically no one can block an assassin’s sneak attack.”

“Then is His Highness in danger?” Gongsun Huang cocked her head.

“This is not necessarily true. An assassin is powerful only because they cannot be guarded against. They win by making a surprise move. If we can know beforehand, Yingmei can easily face them, even if they have a Heaven Rank Assassination Technique.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“It seems then that the third trial is not martial force…But rather guarding against assassination?” Su Xing ruminated.

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  1. 嗜血駒
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  3. 劍屠天穹
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  7. 神機妙算, a revelation type skill that gives her random updates to the Star Duels


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