Chapter 54: The Best Thief Under Heaven

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An Suwen’s hands held a copy of “The Testament of the Zhu”1 as she passed through the corridor, stopping when she arrived at the courtyard behind the house.

Two people were swiftly flitting about within the middle of the courtyard.

One red and one green that absolutely dazzled the eyes

The sparks that were evoked resounded throughout the surroundings.

“Young Master, don’t lose.” Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie sat to the side, watching the good show in front of her, filled with interest.

“Sister Xinjie, what is happening with them?” An Suwen asked curiously. The two people battled in the middle of the courtyard with an exceptional intensity and shaking to the core. Uninformed people might have believed it to be a big fight.

“Oh, the Majestic Star is very energetic today.”2 Wu Xinjie covered her mouth, with a sort of victorious, evil grin: “It must be that too much of her strength from last night remained.” She even winked when she finished speaking, a “you get it, right?” sort of expression.

An Suwen was used to the Knowledge Star’s flirtatious conduct, smiling serenely: “Young master Su Xing appears to have much talent, fighting Sister Yingmei without even being outdone.”

“The one who carved the Majestic Star’s mark down is rather ordinary.” Wu Xinjie felt this was a matter of course. She looked at the book in An Suwen’s hands: “That’s right, Suwen, do you have any works pertaining to the Continent’s pills and such. Xinjie is also not too clear on these, and always every time obtaining a pill and troubling you for the great many things that the Young Master does not understand is also not very good.”

An Suwen nodded. This happened to be the Efficacious Star’s, the Divine Physician’s, expertise.

“However, if Little Sis Suwen could also sign a contract with the Young Master, then that would be great. This way would also not cause that much trouble.” Wu Xinjie’s expression was ambiguous. The Knowledge Star did not care one bit if her sisters increased more and more.

An Suwen lightly smiled without a reply.

Wu Xinjie also knew that this was impossible. Since the start of the Star Duels in ancient times, no one had ever heard of a Star Master that could contract with three Star Generals. Contracting with two was already something that needed profuse thanks.

At this moment, the courtyard’s intensifying battle had already reached its climactic stage.

The two girls could not help but be surprised.

Lin Yingmei’s Arctic Star Spear cut through the blue sky, an ice-cold chill immediately shrouded the four directions. The young girl heaved a great shout, imposing and ferocious, countless ice shards dancing freely in the breeze.

Su Xing used Silver Blade to block, secretly speechless.

Lin Yingmei’s attack unexpectedly approached with this sharpness, different from the spars they had until now. The Majestic Star’s attack could be said to seemingly sweep through all obstacles, one maneuver after another, continuous and uninterrupted. Fortunately, Lin Yingmei did not use too much power upon her Star Weapon, otherwise Su Xing would basically have had no way of resisting under the Majestic Star’s fierce and urgent assault.

This was also fine. Su Xing was actually worried Lin Yingmei previously had misgivings attacking him. As far as he was concerned, arousing latent potential within the most desperate situations was something he was already incomparably familiar with.

A whistling noise directly sounded.

“Young Master, receive this!”

Lin Yingmei’s spear suddenly thrusted, a point of cold light drawing out a winding thread. The Arctic Star Spear’s spear point was just like flowing stars and moonlight, its sudden thrust completely brimming with a stifled sense of beauty.

Su Xing took advantage of a pivot to wave his blade. The first place he connected with was Lin Yingmei’s pair of eyes that chilled to the bone. Her black pupils already were no longer cold as winter, rather, they had a deeply penetrating tranquility, every moment forcing a formless, whistling point to sweep this way.

The spear and Silver Blade crossed each other in midair again and again. Lin Yingmei exerted her strength to continue her stab from before. Su Xing avoided contacting her from in front with a beautiful sidestep.

The sound of metal clashing against each other.

Su Xing suddenly dodged and formed hand seals at the same time. A blue flying sword unsheathed and flew out, on one hand using Silver Blade to draw in Lin Yingmei and the other to devote some of his concentration to controlling the flying sword.

This vacillating manner made An Suwen endlessly shocked.

Su Xing’s Silver Blade already attacked, and the flying sword was also like lightning, shooting towards its opponent. It suddenly changed directions while en route to attack, but this ingenious attack was incapable of obstructing Lin Yingmei’s pace.

The Majestic Star Panther Head was just like a chilly snow carved into a quick attack moving back and forth. Even if she was occasionally forced into dead end by an attack from both sides, that snow-piercing, cold spear’s rapid and accurate attack was sufficient to help her out of trouble. It was just that in the blink of an eye, that heroic and beautiful figure arrived before Su Xing.

The edge of the spear wrapped in austerity chopped downwards suddenly, carrying a pale light to Su Xing’s eyes.

Su Xing dodged to the side this strike, and that expansive spear light abruptly changed direction right upon the floor, its vertical chop turning into a horizontal sweep, easily fending off the flying sword’s attack.

Su Xing took this chance to rouse two weapons, dispersing an expansive, white, cold light spilling towards Lin Yingmei. It was similar to a hurricane overcoming all obstacles, shrouding her tightly within the glints and flashes of steel. However, regardless of how tricky Su Xing’s attack angle was, how frequently it alternated speeds, his attack was still as before, incapable of injuring Lin Yingmei in the slightest. That handle of the spear suffused with a cold colored light danced under Lin Yingmei’s control, like an airtight iron wall, sweeping open every single attack he waved out.

Su Xing was that helpless

After ending their spar, Su Xing’s brow was beaded with sweat, praising: “Pretty good. Today’s attacks were truly fierce. You scared me a bit, ha, ha”

Lin Yingmei walked over, putting away her spear, slightly apologetic: “Sorry, your servant was reckless.”

“It’s nothing, I like it when you’re like this.” Su Xing shook his head.

Lin Yingmei grunted in appreciation.

The two people turned back. Seeing An Suwen, Su Xing abruptly recalled something and said: “An Suwen, there’s something I want to consult with you about!”

“Young master, please speak.” An Suwen said.

“Can you refine Thunder Water Flowers?” He had obtained more than twenty Thunder Water Flowers and a Thunder Water Flower Flower Snake Crown from that Flower Dragon Cave. Su Xing did not know at all what they were used for, recalling that since the Blooming Water Divine Thunder was not so easy to refine, it would be better to first refine a few simple Divine Thunders for himself as practice.

“Suwen is capable with pills, medical arts and such. On the contrary, I’ve never refined this Thunder Water Flower before.” An Suwen muttered irresolutely to herself: “Young master, this is in preparation to refine a Blooming Water Divine Thunder?”

Su Xing nodded.

“Young master, don’t you have a Blooming Water Thunder Dragon Pill? This indeed genuine Blooming Water Divine Thunder is far better than the Thunder Water Flower.” Wu Xinjie was opposed: “It would be better to someday take these Thunder Water Flowers and make them into Divine Thunder Talismans, Xinjie believes this is even more appropriate, somewhat.”

“Ah? The young master obtained a Blooming Water Thunder Dragon Pill?” An Suwen jaw hung slightly agape in astonishment.

“It was only luck.” Su Xing said.3

An Suwen smiled: “What Sister Xinjie said was not wrong. Since the young master has the Blooming Water Thunder Dragon Pill, then there is no need to refine Divine Thunder.”

“It’s not that, I want to first use these Divine Thunders to practice.” Su Xing explained helplessly.

The remarkable ability of the Blooming Water Divine Thunder technique required the full use of the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s True Technique, but Su Xing did not have any interest in joining the Blooming Water Sword Sect at all. Having him go bow his head for the sake of a sect, he did not have even the slightest bit of interest.

Additionally, what Su Xing considered even more was in case he became a member of this sect, he would inevitably be put under the leash of the sect’s capable people. How could he have his current complete freedom and relaxation; moreover, he already inquired as to the whereabouts of the Outlaw Writ, and Su Xing was preparing himself to establish a secret base.

Recalling this Blooming Water Divine Thunder technique was originally also created by some almighty being, Su Xing wanted to use this as a pretext to try.

An Suwen suddenly understood and smiled.

“So the young master was originally fretting about this. Suwen has a proposition and does not know if the young master would like to hear it?”

“Don’t hesitate to speak.” Su Xing nodded. The Divine Physician An Suwen was fairly earnest in her opinion, so it should be not bad.

“Has the young master thought about stealing it?” An Suwen‘s turned, and she had a crafty, light smile.

Su Xing furrowed his brow. The two girls at his side also had their thoughts jump.

“That won’t work. This sort of great sect not only has Supervoid Cultivators as overseers, the Sect Protection Array only lets people in, but not out.” Wu Xinjie rejected without the slightest hesitation.

Lin Yingmei nodded. If going and stealing under the current circumstances the Four Great Sword Sect’s guarded secret was not too risky, then it was still too crazy.

“Suwen, did you think up of something?” Su Xing said, suspicious.

An Suwen smiled: “If it was The Best Thief Under Heaven, this would not necessarily be a difficult problem…”

“The Best Thief Under Heaven??” Su Xing’s head was unclear.

Wu Xinjie suddenly shouted: “Suwen, could you be referring to her???”

“Exactly her.” An Suwen nodded.

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  1. 褚氏遺書
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