Chapter 57: Traps and a Beauty at the Chest

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Neat, agile, and efficient; the Basic Grade Mechanical Beasts completely lacked the strength to resist under Lin Yingmei’s spear techniques, and the Arctic Star Spear swept through those mechanical puppets one by one in clean destruction. At the very end, there was only a pile of scrap iron left. Lin Yingmei’s spear technique’s brilliance was demonstrated under the exquisite attacks, breaking the Mechanical Beasts into four limbs without a single whole, yet the all-important “souls” were spared.

This made the Thief Star that toiled for a month to only draw out the majority of the Mechanical Beasts receive a great shock.

Only when she saw that renowned Arctic Star Spear did she wake up.

“You, you…are the Majestic Star Lin Chong??”

Shi Yuan was unable to conceal her shock, “How could Lin Chong sign a contract…” She thought this matter had already exceeded her understanding.

Lin Yingmei gave her an ice-cold glance, not paying attention to her big fuss, “Young Master can take these souls for his use.”

“Ah…this originally should have been this servant’s…” The Thief Star Shi Yuan opened her pair of eyes wide at Su Xing, launching a lovely, pitiful attack.

Su Xing rolled his eyes at her: “Give them to the Thief Star. I have no use for them.” Although the Mechanical Beasts were fine and mystical, right now, Su Xing currently put priority on considering the matter of the Blooming Water Divine Thunder. He was just not that interested in the Mechanical Arts, and seeing the Thief Star with such a pained appearance, taking them away in this manner was embarrassing.

Lin Yingmei’s actions were truly violent, with more than ten Mechanical Beasts collapsing at the first blow.

Shi Yuan gratefully received those scattered souls, her gloom from before swept cleanly away. With someone working in her stead, she could pick up things for cheap; the Flea on a Drum definitely would not ignore this.

After clearing out the surrounding Mechanical Beasts, everyone then entered the Mo Clan Ruins. With crumbling fences and dilapidated ramparts, fragmented walls, tiles and bricks, and completely filled with dust, it seemed this ruin was quite old.

“Where we’re going is the main hall in the center. You all must be mindful of what is underfoot, so don’t blame this Young Lady for not warning you. Hee hee, you’d best hide in the Star Nest.” Shi Yuan carried a sly smile, and she leapt onto the broken walls, flew onto the eaves and walked along the ramparts. Lithe as a swallow, it was just like this that in the blink of an eye, she had covered forty, fifty meters.


Su Xing felt he did not understand the words of the Thief Star directly across from them.

Lin Yingmei who was walking at the very front suddenly whirled her body, avoiding a blaze that abruptly rushed out from within the ground. Just when she sidestepped, it seemed this had already been anticipated, for an iron cage fell to the ground, just happening to trap Lin Yingmei.

The girl swept her long spear to easily break the cage, but before she had time to breathe, the surrounding floor suddenly fell away to reveal a deep and immeasurable dark hole. This completely went beyond Lin Yingmei’s expectations, and she immediately fell downwards without warning.

“Yingmei!!” Su Xing was alarmed.

However, as Lin Yingmei was falling, she stuck her spear into a crack in the rock face, thereupon using it to spring upwards, jumping out from the hole of that abyss.

“Yingmei, careful!”

Wu Xinjie loudly warned.

Subsequently, jets of flame, knife blades, cages, rocks and every sort of mechanism emerged in succession. There were common steel weapons as well as mysterious Earthly Fire artifacts and so on. Fortunately, the Panther Head’s reputation was not for show. The girl was like a cheetah shrugging off its chains, pushing through within the mechanisms at lightning speed such that several mechanisms could not even react.

Without another moment, Lin Yingmei arrived in front of the flabbergasted Thief Star Shi Yuan, and turning her head: “Young Master, please be a bit careful.”1

Su Xing nodded.

Wu Xinjie stuck out her tongue: “Young Master, Xinjie will first enter the Star Nest to rest for a bit.” Giggling, the Knowledge Star’s beautiful figure whirled and then hid inside the Star Nest. Su Xing’s mind gave rise to the sound of her encouragement.

Su Xing smiled. At this time, he saw An Suwen standing hesitantly at the edge, all along incapable of treading a step forward. The Efficacious Star The Divine Physician was more than capable of treating diseases to help patients, whereas intruding into mechanisms, her spirit was willing, but her flesh was weak.

“I’ll carry you over then?” Su Xing extended a hand in invitation.

“This will bring harm to the young master.” An Suwen shook her head, retreating a step.

“This is only a small mechanism.” Su Xing disapproved. A forest of spears, a hail of bullets, and detonations of landmines2 were all approaching. How could anything be figured out in this situation. Su Xing did not like to hesitate, and seeing An Suwen unable to make a firm decision, he stretched her body across his arms and held her in a princess carry.3

An Suwen’s cheeks flushed red slightly, wrapping both her arms tightly around Su Xing’s neck. Burying her head, she almost inaudibly told him: “Young master, be careful!”


Su Xing took a deep breath. Fiercely rushing forward, it was just as he was taking a step that the ground suddenly raised countless sharp and coldly glinting blades. A ripping sound filled the air, as these blades seemingly came to life, like a rolling wave coming to kill them.

Su Xing used the tips of his toes, taking advantage of these sharp blades to act as springboards.4

The set of sharp blades had only just left when an air-shattering whistle echoed. Only seeing the round holes in the ground spit out hundreds of lead balls, one look was filled with the scent of gunpowder. Su Xing did not dare to be careless. Tucking in his head, he first and foremost protected An Suwen within his chest. As expected, these lead balls had barely rose into the sky when they encountered a gas, igniting it and bringing about an explosion.

A space of fifty, sixty square meters had this sort of Heavy Thunder Bombs.5 The linked destructive power of the explosions rumbled. Even though Star Energy protected him, Su Xing could still feel his skin somewhat in pain.

“Young master, careful of the front!” Came Wu Xinjie’s alarmed voice.


Su Xing immediately drew away. In a moment of peril, he stopped right at the edge as an enormous bottomless pit came from the ground. This Mo Clan Mechanical Art was far too powerful, being able to manufacture this sort of abyss mechanism. Su Xing clicked his tongue. Stepping on the edge and throwing himself into the air, the Shark Claw Hook snagged the other side, and he swung across.

Just at the time Su Xing hugged An Suwen to avoid the mechanism, the Thief Star Shi Yuan happened to surprisingly inquire as to the matter of Lin Yingmei signing a contract: “Sister Yingmei, did he use some trick to force you to sign a Star Duel Covenant?”6

Lin Yingmei glanced harshly at her, saying: “This servant will pledge her life to protect the Young Master!”

This blatant declaration made Shi Yuan speechless. Contrary to reason, was this truly the legendary soldierly and unyielding Majestic Star? If other people heard the Panther Head say these sorts of words, perhaps they would fall over.

“Shi Qian. Have you never thought of signing with a contractor? Because of your capabilities as the Thief Star, you won’t be unable to find a formidable Star Cultivator.” Lin Yingmei asked.7

Shi Yuan giggled, with an appearance not concerned in the least: “I don’t want to. This Young Lady would hate to give a portion of her own Star Energy to other people. Acting as a free and unfettered God of Robbers is nevertheless the benefit of freedom. This sort of restricting contract is not suited for this Young Lady.”

Lin Yingmei did not reply.

The Thief Star Shi Yuan stole glances, unable to keep her eyes off the Majestic Star concerned for someone else, muttering: It looks like what the Knowledge Star said is true. After nine hundred years, even the cold Yingmei would take an interest in this sort of thing.8

Not long after, just as An Suwen cried in surprise, Su Xing carried the Divine Physician as he crashed his way through the surrounding sets of mechanisms.

“Young master, let Suwen look at you.” An Suwen’s face blushed a very deep red. She had just been embraced tightly by a man upon his chest, and also passing several times through mechanisms that forced intimate skinship, even though they were only separated by their clothes, An Suwen’s heart jumped endlessly.9

As she helped Su Xing examine his wounds, her expression did not raise much concentration. The girls to the side could not help but raise their eyebrows.

Wu Xinjie exited the Star Nest, winking at Lin Yingmei and Shi Yuan.

“Suwen, I think you’re better off offering yourself to him.”10 Seeing An Suwen examine so carefully, Shi Yuan could not help wanting to make fun of her.

“It was An Suwen who brought harm to the young master!” An Suwen shook her head.

“Fine, then. We had better first think about how to open this large door mechanism?” Shi Yuan made a bitter face. “This large door incorporated a mechanism that needs to be solved to open the door. Forcibly open it, and the ruins will instantly collapse. People hate this sort of riddle mechanism the most. Sister Knowledge Star, you’re up.”

Only then did everyone gaze at the large door.

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  1. A bit…That’s quite the understatement.
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  5. 暴雷彈
  6. You could say that. It’s called CPR
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  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Good luck with your irl stuff! Sounds like a busy month for you.

  2. Maybe I have forgotten this bit of detail but is there any benefit for a Star General to be contracted? The Star Master gains star energy and an obedient servant …

    1. By herself, a Star General cannot increase her Star Energy. In order to increase her own Star Energy, she enters a symbiotic relationship with her contractor whereby she enters the Star Nest to somehow cultivate her own Star Energy. Furthermore, there’s also the material aspects. By contracting, she gains access to even more resources than she could ever hope to muster by herself. Thus, the benefits of contracting are objectively good. However, some Star Generals are simply too prideful to lower their heads for another…

    2. And also invinsiblity if a contracted general dies they will return into the star nest, but if an uncontracted general dies they stay dead.

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