Chapter 606: The Cold Beauty’s Super Strong Dialogue

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“Fulfillment Star, why are you interfering with the bakufu’s matters?” Uesugi Kenshin wrinkled her brow. She recognized Zhu Manxiang and appeared to know matters about her, yet it seemed that Uesugi Kenshin did not wish to mind anything about a Star Duel at all.

Zhu Manxiang’s expression glowered. Her hand held the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber

“For a Star General whose fame shakes the world to be running errands, have you lost your honor!” Uesugi Kenshin pensively raised her Tennyo Saber once more. The woman’s body was very light, as if she was being propped up by the air itself. She was like a feather, but the cold light upon her Tennyo Saber nevertheless carried a starkly contrasting weight.

Cold killing intent flowed from the saber’s tip. The Ghost Kingdom’s number one beautiful general Dragon of Echigo treated the Fulfillment Star without any kindness.

“There is still time for regrets right now.” Uesugi Kenshin calmly said.

“Hey, is there really time? Fulfillment Star, stop chatting with her and kill her.” The Ghost Cavalry King laughed from above.

Zhu Manxiang raised her Five Star Destined Weapon, like a marionette. Her eyes lost their normal dexterity and instead gained slight enmity and distress. “Dragon Blood Frontline!!” The woman shouted, her blade whooshing, crying like a dragon. Saber-light too fast for the naked eye to see zipped by.

The saber-light instantly arrived before Uesugi Kenshin’s eyes.

The woman did not change expressions. She raised her head, spreading her waterfall-like hair. With a swish, several hundred strands were severed all at once. At the same time, a trace of blood appeared on Uesugi Kenshin’s spotless face.

“Hè.” Zhu Manxiang’s blade swung down decisively.

Uesugi Kenshin was as calm as tranquil waters, as if this swing was an illusion, and the girl herself was like an illusion, too. Her whole body was light, taking hold of the Tennyo Saber’s hilt neither quickly nor slowly.

Not quick, not slow…She drew her sword instantly with a motion of the highest quality.

Zhu Manxiang’s eyes immediately widened. Her fierce attack suddenly stagnated in the middle, and an extreme saber-qi already inconceivably smashed into her stomach, cutting into her body.

“Since you are an enemy, you must die!”

The young woman declared in a detached tone.

“Just what the hell is happening here?” Su Xing was caught somewhat off guard by the quick succession of surprising events in front of him.

Uesugi Kensin surprisingly showed up in the Birth Treasure Outline? 

She was a Star General?

But what was the meaning of that “Star Number: 229?” It was not the same as “Rank.” Su Xing was completely confused. Uesugi Kenshin’s matters were baffling, but it suddenly seemed that Zhu Manxiang had sided with the Ghost Cavalry King.

Su Xing was even more confused about what ZHu Manxiang’s position was, and no matter how he looked, she only had a pitiful contractor with low cultivation. Zhu Manxiang would inevitably die facing Uesugi Kenshin.

“Does Lord Husband have an idea?” Wu Siyou asked Su Xing. If it was before, the Pilgrim would definitely have not hesitated to take action against the Uesugi Kenshin whose origins were unclear, but now that she already had a contract, Wu Siyou placed priority on everything her husband wanted.

Before Su Xing could answer, he shouted they were in troubled, and his figure escaped.

Zhu Manxiang groaned. The saber-qi had cut into her body, piercing through her internal organs. Her mature and ripe body was already full of cuts and bruises, a wretched sight. Dragon of Echigo Uesugi Kenshin’s battoujutsu was practically undefeatable. The True Phoenix Realm had overwhelmingly seized the advantage. If it was not for Zhu Manxiang relying on the Five Star Destined Weapon’s powerful Star Energy for protection, she would have been killed into the Star Nest. 

When she was knocked back by the saber-light, Uesugi Kenshin again thrust her saber towards the sky, mercilessly about to turn this into the place where Zhu Manxiang died.


A golden lotus flower suddenly bloomed in front of Zhu Manxiang, blocking the Tennyo Saber.

The flower petals shattered, and the Buddhist light receded.

Uesugi Kenshin was taken aback. She retracted the Tennyo Saber. The girl stared in both shock and displeasure at the foolish actions of the man who played the hero saving the beauty. “You want to make an enemy of me as well?”

Su Xing laughed, “No need to make it sound so unpleasant, but I am very curious about your identity. Did you really come from Star World?”

“Did you get along with Her Highness the Empress these past few days for this purpose?” Uesugi Kenshin was pensive, once again raising the Tennyo Saber.

Her Highness the Empress?

“It can’t be…That Koito…” Su Xing was startled.

Without letting Su Xing utter his unreasonable answer, the young woman was already slashing.

A dazzling figure intercepted her, making Uesugi Kenshin’s Iai Slash end without results.

“You are a Star Master yet would save her?” Uesugi Kenshin raised her brows. Although she cared not for them, she had more or less heard about them. The Star Masters of the Star Duels were locked in mutual slaughter. In the end, only one person could live. In the Star Duels, countless Star Masters schemed endlessly only to spare no effort in killing their opponent.

“You and Maiden Mountain. Just what is their relation to Star World. Do you know the reason for the Star Duels?”

Wu Siyou’s Star Crest flickered on her forehead. Her pace was easygoing, walking towards Uesugi Kenshin in the courtyard.

“Kenshin has no interest at all in your Star Duels. You had best not bring trouble to yourselves.”

“No matter what, Your Servant wants to see just what part of you is divine, Exceed Star.” The corner of Wu Siyou’s mouth wore a slightly charming smile. Noble Frost Demonic Lotus blossomed in her hand.

Ice-cold sword-qi and black lotus-like killing intent mixed together, covering Dragon of Echigo Uesugi Kenshin. Her swordtip pointed directly at the target, not hesitating to stab towards her chest as it drew the air apart with a shrill whistle.

Everything in the surroundings instantly seemed to freeze. The words that Uesugi Kenshin wanted to say froze inside her mouth. Before that instant, she was still leisurely waving her long saber, but now she was rigid as steel. Wu Siyou’s strike shocked gods and demons alike.

But the defender was not at a disadvantage. Uesugi Kenshin’s whole body blocked at the first instant with the crisp ring of clashing weapons. Wu Siyou’s attack was completely intercepted, “Ha!” Uesugi Kenshin made a half turn with her feet, and her long hair swung along. Instantly, she had flanked Wu Siyou. Her wrist turned that long saber, and the saber’s cold light drew ray after ray of slashes at extremely fast speeds, twisting towards Wu Siyou’s arms, stomach and whole body from all directions like a whip.

Like a downpour.

Without any blindspots, it was capable of tearing apart any attack and defense. This assault was a nearly perfect Dark Technique.

Tennyo Breaks The Sun!!

Su Xing’s expression focused. Uesugi Kenshin was more frightening than he had imagined. The True Phoenix Realm was not an empty title. His hand grabbed Zhu Manxiang while his other hand did not hesitate to strike with Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

At the same moment, a yellow light flashed out from Su Xing. It became an absolutely beautiful immortal, the earth qi around her whole body coiling like serpents, billowing up and down. She was Empress Tu. Having undergone endless time under Su Xing’s refinement, the Earth Book True Spirit Empress Tu already was nearly about to reach an external projection. Each of their spirits were linked at a stage where whenever Su Xing sensed danger, Empress Tu could already charge out without need for Su Xing distributing Divine Intent.  

The Earth Qi rolled around Wu Siyou. The yellow qi was opaque. Although it was thin, it wrapped around her like a membrane. When the concentrated saber-qi descended, it struck the Earth Qi like countless raindrops, a torrential downpour.

“So incredible.” Su Xing’s heart went cold.

The powerful Empress Tu’s body sunk into the saber-light. A strong force rolled over his whole body, squeezing Su Xing into breathlessness.

A True Phoenix Realm martial general honestly was too powerful.

“So this is a magic weapon of the Azure Dragon Territory?” Uesugi Kenshin’s saber swung, the long Tennyo Saber slashing at Empress Tu.

Empress Tu could not last. She broke apart into a pile of yellow qi, and when she reformed, her power had greatly diminished.

But this was far from all that Su Xing had to face Uesugi Kenshin.

“Watch Your Servant’s Dark Technique – ‘Black Lotus Dyes Snow!!’” Wu Siyou used all her strength. The double-ended sword tore apart the air, letting out a defeaning explosion. The peerless black blade-qi bloomed like a lotus on Uesugi Kenshin’s back.

This was already unable to be measured with speed.

The young girl’s long hair was stirred by this powerful sword-qi. Without even thinking, the girl drew her sword. Before the sword-qi attacked, she brandished a peerlessly stunning slash.

The Tennyo Saber danced.

The long saber fiercely slashed. Wu Siyou’s concentrated black lotus sword-qi was instantly shattered by forceful power, but Wu Siyou’s new Dark Technique was far from over. Ten black snow lotus sword-qi blossomed all around Uesugi Kenshin, contaminating everything around them, similarly leaving no room to maneuver.

“…” Uesugi Kenshin did not hesitate, did not evade.

She lowered her head, meticulously sensing the danger she was looking for. 

The god of war lowered her head and grinned. In less than a second, she had entered a tranquil sword path.

All sides around her exploded, and sword-qi dispersed. Wu Siyou already seized Noble Frost Demonic Lotus in coordination with the Dark Technique Black Lotus Dyes Snow. She very directly attacked Uesugi Kenshin’s torso, instantly drawing close.

The Dragon of Echigo opened her eyes.

Her gaze sparked with the light of lightning.

Uesugi Kenshin once again slashed back. This time, the Tennyo Saber pivoted like a swallow.

The most cool and elegant woman in the world at this instant commended the most stunning super strong dialogue. Each of her jet-black hairs were lifted by the saber-qi and sword-qi. The stiff confrontations made the royal court split open with many cracks. From an outsider’s perspective, those slender and wonderful figures, those identical ice-cold glares, the two of them appeared like mirror images of one another, making all of the ghost martial cultivators watch stupefied.

But a certain person was not awestruck. He was even a bit sinister. An thunder-light that was unmatched in severity shot over towards this duel that outsiders were unable to interfere in, covering the Uesugi Kenshin whose technique had already ended. The girl was suddenly roused from her thoughts. Her complexion paled as purple thunder slammed into her whole body. The saber-qi dispersed, and her legs buckled. 

A hard-to-predict maneuver instantly pulverized the ground beneath Uesugi Kenshin’s feet to dust.

“Lord Husband.” Wu Siyou was taken aback.

“If husband and wife work together, they can cut through metal.” Su Xing answered without changing expressions.

Uesugi Kenshin was slightly humiliated and cursed: “Despicable!”

“Tsk, legendary Fulfillment Star, is this the limit of your abilities?” The Ghost Cavalry King laughed from high above. “Or perhaps this Star General is powerful. This is a bit interesting. Hey, you, how about you hand your Star General to me?”

The Ghost Cavalry King shouted. He did not recognize Su Xing was the very same man he hated to the bone.

Su Xing had already taken notice of the Ghost Cavalry King. Seeing him calm and composed, especially his criticism of the Fulfillment Star made Su Xing feel very confused.

“Zhu Manxiang, why are you listening to him. Don’t tell me…Oh…” Su Xing had asked halfway when his line of sight once again fell on Zhu Manxiang, revealing that her affairs were not in order. Zhu Manxiang’s clothes had been practically shredded by Uesugi Kenshin’s sharp saber-qi. Her full and enormous white breasts were already struggling free amidst her labored breaths.

Like her name suggested, her body was serenely fragrant, very arousing.

Even Su Xing could not help but feel a certain place surge with blood, unable to maintain control.

He promptly used the Soul Technique to compose himself. Then, he covered Zhu Manxiang’s body with a cloak from his Astral Bag.

This gentle gesture made Zhu Manxiang’s eyes show bewilderment.

“You really are Lin Chong’s man…”

“Is the Ghost Cavalry King using Chise Sakura as leverage?” Su Xing whispered.

“En.” Zhu Manxiang’s pale complexion recovered the blush of a mature woman, her expression nevertheless bitter.

“Really?” Su Xing’s voice sunk.

“Fulfillment Star, just how long are you planning to lean against that man’s chest? I order you right now, kill him!!” The Ghost Cavalry King ordered in displeasure.

Before SU Xing could speak, the buxom woman in his embrace instantly turned hostile, the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber immediately hacking at him.

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  1. Su Xing sure is gripping that idiot ball tightly right now. First, he sees the alleged former denizen of Star World and his first thought is to let Siyou fight her, then sees Manxiang acting weird, sees the Ghost Cavalry King who’s supposed to be death (doesn’t react AT ALL to that) AND THEN decides to Kenshin pretty heavy questions and simply ignores the Ghost Cavalry King and Manxiang to fight Uesugi? He should’ve realized how fucking weird it was for the Manxiang, who just recently warned them of how dangerous the Dragon of Echigo was, to suddenly attack her on the Ghost Cavalry King’s orders.

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