Chapter 61: The Copper Man Puppet

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The ruins’ plaza released tremors that were like an earthquake’s. A massive fist blew a deep hole into the wall with a rumble, and Su Xing, Lin Yingmei and the others loudly dispersed as rubble violently shot out, filling the sky and splashing.

A three zhang tall, its entire body made from copper, massive mechanical Machine Man swung its heavy fists. The sound of scraping metal resounded in this big of a cavern.

A Copper Man Puppet!

One of the Divine Machine Clan’s Ten Great Machine Arts, they did not think on this plaza there suddenly would be this terrifying mechanical doll. The destructive power of that fist perhaps would not be dared received directly by Nebula Stage Star Cultivators.

The Copper Man Puppet guarding the outside of the shrine was awakened as they stepped inside the boundaries of the shrine. Because there was not anyone to control it, the Copper Man Puppet’s attacks were utterly crazy, seemingly adding more strength than it had done in the past.

Wu Xinjie and An Suwen promptly evaded already while Su Xing and Lin Yingmei assumed the role of attracting the Copper Man Puppet’s attention. The Thief Star Shi Yuan was actually like a fish back in water among the attacks. While the Copper Man Puppet’s attack power was formidable, conversely, the speed was relatively sluggish. Her light movements body techniques were sufficient to sidestep away.

“You guys hold off this Copper Man first. I’ll first go search out the things that controls this Copper Man.” Shi Yuan yelled among her dodges. With a flip, she dropped onto the Copper Man Puppet’s arm. Then, she leapt and flashed across, thereby breaking through the Copper Man Puppet’s obstruction.

The Copper Man Puppet had thought of turning around and attacking her, but Su Xing and Lin Yingmei’s attacks had already contained it.

SFX: Resounding noise.

The hardness of the Copper Man’s armor plating was far beyond expectations as artifacts could only pound tiny dents into it, which was not much at all.

“You’d better be quick!”

Su Xing said to himself.

Its twinkling pair of red eyes swept around, and the Copper Man Puppet slowly turned to face Su Xing’s direction. The ear-piercing sound of metallic scraping violently resounded as it already stepped over with large strides. Its tremendous body possessed a frightening weight with every step causing the earth to shake. This cavern’s rocks were shook down, clattering, almost as if it collapse at any time.

“Will something happen to the young master?” An Suwen anxiously asked.

Wu Xinjie broke into laughter, feeling that the Efficacious Star was more concerned than herself was: “Lin Chong is here, so nothing will happen. However, I truly did not think that this place would even have a Copper Man Puppet.”

The “Firebolt Sword’s” fire-lightning was only slightly obstructing the Copper Man Puppet’s pace, and the explosive lightning-fire merely gave rise to a depression, almost like scratching an itch. Seeing the artifact’s attack, Su Xing again tried to use close quarters attacks, which was also a completely lacking method.

His expression was completely cold. Su Xing had a kind of helpless feeling against this sort of extremely hard mechanical doll. It was not the same as fighting a Star Cultivator. This Copper Man Puppet’s exoskeleton had been refined with steel rebar-like bones; ordinary magic power basically was incapable of penetrating it.

It practically was an exceedingly hard to chew bone.

The sound of a touch.

Lin Yingmei blocked with her spear horizontally, directly resisting the Copper Man Puppet’s heavy fist. The Majestic Star’s face did not change expressions as the ground beneath her feet split into cracks in an instant. A strong whirlwind gave Su Xing no choice but to retreat a few steps. Seemingly like a fiery star soaring through the air, by means of the immense recoil, she had already fiercely rushed upwards.

The powerful strength brought with it an extreme speed, and the spear light transformed into a cold line shooting straight up.

Ignoring the Copper Man Puppet’s immense oppressive feeling, Lin Yingmei’s eyes shot forth a cold light. The Arctic Star Spear stabbed onto the Copper Man Puppet’s knee with a thrust.

SFX: Resounding noise.

The Destined Star Weapon unexpectedly also could not make contact. This made Lin Yingmei somewhat surprised, but the girl’s attack was not ineffective. The spear point’s force could not penetrate the Copper Man’s defenses, but actually, this Copper Man Puppet staggered backwards as it fell back towards the rear. During its retreating footfalls, the entire earth just seemed to be in an earthquake, incessantly shaking and rolling out chunks of mud.

The Copper Man Puppet’s retreat rapidly halted, and its enormous hardly even received any damage. Rocking its lower body, it again proceed to start approaching towards Lin Yingmei.

The sound of that huge body’s insides moving became even more loud and clear, making anyone’s hair stand on end.

An Suwen at the rear definitely was not like Wu Xinjie showing such calmness. Seeing even the Panther Head Lin Chong unable to penetrate the Copper Man Puppet’s obstruction, she actually was very worried.

“How is it?” Su Xing asked from within the storm raised by the Copper Man Puppet.

Lin Yingmei’s hair floated, her windbreaker style skirt moving to and fro in the wind. She nodded: “Killing it is not a problem.”

“Shi Yuan said we needed to hold it off. Let’s see first what she’ll do.” Su Xing replied. “Let’s go together!”

Under An Suwen’s gaze, Su Xing and Lin Yingmei once again faced off against that Copper Man Puppet, attacking like a meteor catching up with the moon.1 The expression upon her face was conspicuously relaxed.

Within the ear-piercing noise, a massive fist already ruthlessly crushed towards Su Xing. The immense wind pressure even made Su Xing’s short hair perk up. The surrounding dust had been immediately blown in every direction and rose upwards, showing the blow’s formidable might. Its speed unexpectedly was faster by a degree, directly booming before Su Xing’s eyes.

An Suwen’s heart had suddenly been seized tight.

SFX: Bang!!

The cavern shook violently as if there was an earthquake. Inside the pervasive dust and smoke, a shield blocking Su Xing’s front had obstructed this fist of the Copper Man Puppet.

The Shark Scale Shield had been severely damaged in the Flower Dragon Hall by the Blooming Water Dragon. These days, it barely recovered by a bit, but the Copper Man Puppet’s fist was truly difficult to endure. The High Grade Artifact was simply on the verge of collapse, almost making Su Xing vomit blood. He promptly hastened through seals, and the Shark Claw Hook directly grappled the Copper Man Puppet’s arm. Following along that hook that was like a swing, it pulled Lin Yingmei in order for her to move up.

The girl seized the opportunity to leap up several dozen zhang. The Majestic Star clutched her cold spear, a cold light flowing everywhere. This time, she condensed her Star Energy into the spear, aiming it at the Copper Man Puppet’s weakest neck location.

Just at this moment, from the air sounded out a quick and skillful incantation.

“Transform to my shape, for the sake of my use, Heaven and Earth of the Universe, I order you, golden body, return!!”

The Copper Man Puppet’s two eyes abruptly extinguished, and then its body inexplicably disappeared into thin air.

Lin Yingmei went blank, her attack falling into empty space. She backwards into the air, floating downwards and landing on the ground. Su Xing also descended to the ground, looking with Lin Yingmei at each other in dismay. How could such a large doll disappear when told to.

“Xinjie said that nothing would happen. Lin Yingmei can oppose this kind of mechanism with enough to spare.” Wu Xinjie smiled at An Suwen and walked up afterwards.

Shi Yuan wiped her cold sweat with a sigh. Powerlessly looking at Su Xing and Lin Yingmei: “This Copper Man was almost ruined by you two.”

“You received it?” Shi Yuan’s hand now had in it a copper colored small banner. An array was carved onto the banner; just now, it was Shi Yuan reading an incantation and driving the small banner that this Copper Man would disappear.

Shi Yuan smiled craftily: “A Copper Man Puppet without Divine Intent controlling it, with such a prize, this Young Lady not receiving it would be too unfortunate…” She shook the banner in her hand, and a gold colored light subsequently appeared before her eyes. That Copper Man Puppet again stood straight on the plaza; the difference was that it was already being controlled by the Thief Star’s Divine Intent.

“Little Sister Shi Yuan truly picked up a great convenience” Wu Xinjie giggled.

Su Xing also indifferently smiled.

Soon after, the Thief Star continuously received three more Copper Man Puppets. Her way of subduing them was very simple. When these Copper Man Puppets were manufactured, they necessarily had a “Puppet Banner” control. Shi Yuan merely found these Puppet Banners and carved down her own Divine Intent to finish. It was seriously very easy, and with no effort at all, she possessed four powerful Copper Man Puppets.

As for Su Xing and Lin Yingmei’s assumed mission to stop these Copper Man Puppets, even if Su Xing wanted to receive on for testing, in the field of searching for a Puppet Banner, compared with the Thief Star’s that sort of excellent item search and stealing methods, he could only have no alternative but to look at the thief and sigh.

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  1. 流星趕月


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