Chapter 63: The “Devil Star” Giant in the Clouds

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Emerging from the Mo Clan ruins, the time of day was already dusk.

“Tomorrow I will help you steal that Blooming Water Divine Thunder thing.” The Thief Star’s mood was very good.

Su Xing’s party of people was just about to descend the mountain when, at this time, they saw an unidentified, long-haired man sitting upon a large rock not far from the entrance. Seeing Su Xing and the others, his eyes exposed a trace of alarm. He rose with his eyes squinting and smiling as a golden armored short coat and long skirted1 girl jumped down from atop a tree, standing beside the man. That pair of firm and chilling pupils was brimming with a lion’s pride.

One look was enough to see they were not ordinary people.

Shi Yuan and the others’ discussing voices gradually ceased. Lin Yingmei kept close to Su Xing, staring at that golden armored girl, showing a cautious expression.

“At last, you’ve come out, your acquaintance is Gong Xu!” The man squinted and smiled as he introduced himself, his eyes indistinctly glancing at Shi Qian.

This subtle action was revealed within Su Xing’s eyes; this man looked to be here for the Thief Star. Surreptitiously giving Wu Xinjie a few words and making Shi Yuan a bit nervous, he said with a smile on his face: “Is something the matter?”

“The Star General is you, isn’t it?” The golden armored girl stared at Lin Yingmei, advancing forwards a few steps. Waving her empty hand, a golden light flashed, followed by a long sword with a Buddhist swastika appearing in her hand. The girl’s forehead twinkled a light yellow Astral Crest. As expected, she was a Star General!

“Vajra’s Evil Smiting Sword!!”2

Shi Yuan shouted.

“It’s the Devil Star, Giant in the Clouds Song Wan!!”3

“Since we’re all Star Masters, wouldn’t it be better to let us enter a Star Duel with this matchup?” Gong Xu beamed from ear to ear.

“Must we fight?” Su Xing knitted his brow.

Gong Xu nodded his head. The Devil Star Giant in the Clouds evoked a slightly provoking smile, already approaching on the attack with meteoric strides. How could Lin Yingmei be courteous; the Arctic Star Spear revealed its point, fighting at a fast pace with that Vajra’s Evil Smiting Sword.

Su Xing was secretly on the alert but discovered this Nebula Late Stage Star Master Gong Xu, standing motionless at his original spot with a smiling face similar to a Buddha’s, had not the least bit of intent to act, just watching calmly as his Star General and Lin Chong dueled together. Generally speaking, killing a Star Master in a Star Duel always was more convenient than killing a Star General. Seeing him staying his hand, Su Xing also did not make move..

As far as Lin Yingmei was concerned, he still had much confidence in her.

The Arctic Star Spear suddenly thrusted, just like a “hot knife through butter,” and Song Wan raised her Vajra’s Sword horizontally to block. Su Xing inwardly said that she was still truly naive. Relying on Lin Yingmei’s strength, this spear absolutely could repel her, and soon, the follow up killing moves could easily make her receive injuries.

SFX: Clang clank!!

The spear point directly stabbed onto the Vajra’s Sword but firmly blocked Lin Yingmei’s full power thrust without breaking. The Giant in the Clouds cruelly smiled, suddenly lunging forward with her sword slashing horizontally, actually jolting away Lin Yingmei three chi.4

“Arctic Star Spear. Surprisingly, it’s Lin Chong!! Ha, ha, ha, ha…” The young girl howled with laughter.

The tranquil Gong Xu also abruptly changed expressions: “What, that is the Majestic Star, the Panther Head?”

“Heh, heh. I never thought that Lin Chong unexpectedly would also sign a contract. This is indeed unprecedented.” Song Wan grasped her sword with one hand. Upon the side of the Vajra’s Sword flashed a golden colored starlight.

“Lin Chong, be careful. That Vajra’s Sword is already a One Star Destined Weapon.” Wu Xinjie said gravely.

So that was the Star Generals’ sought after Star Graded Star Weapon? Su Xing secretly sized it up in a glance.

The Knowledge Star used her Huangjie Magic–”Think Then Act.” Her eyes sent out a radiant light, and immediately, the Devil Star’s battle strength level and realm was revealed without doubt. What Wu Xinjie did not expect was that the Devil Star had already entered “Heavenly Clothes.”5

“It’s a Heavenly Clothes Realm Earthly Star.” Wu Xinjie warned. “Be careful of her Huangjie Tactics!!”

Based on the Star Generals’ own fighting capabilities, it was altogether divided into the seven realms, “Heartbeat, Heavenly Clothes, Thousand Militaries, Ten Thousand Techniques, Matchless, Extreme Realm and True Phoenix.”6 Although the Devil Star was only a Heavenly Clothes, which was slightly inferior to Lin Yingmei’s Thousand Militaries, possessing a One Star Destined Star Weapon meant that in terms of power, she was not the least bit inferior to Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei nodded her head, her expression unchanged.

“Even if you are Lin Chong, I’ll still make you dead!” The Giant in the Clouds’ arm raised her Vajra’s Sword behind her, and countless “卍”7 symbols radiated forth from the Vajra’s Sword. The sword light warped just like a Buddhist mantra; it was obvious she was preparing to use her Huangjie Sword Stroke.

Lin Yingmei immediately broke off her attack.

A golden light suddenly shot towards the young girl, and Lin Yingmei blocked with her spear point. That gold light abruptly scattered in midair. “Go!!” and Gong Xu no longer dared to watch with folded arms, immediately taking action. A golden flying sword transformed into a large, golden threaded net that rushed to go cover up Lin Yingmei.

Fire-lightning shot onto the net with a boom, bringing it down; it happened to be Su Xing’s Firebolt Sword. Su Xing effortlessly raised it, and the sword turned into fire-lightning that flew towards Song Wan. At this time, the Star Maiden’s and Star Master’s contractual superiority manifested. Gong Xu formed hand seals, and the Astral Crest on her forehead immediately flickered. Obtaining her contractor’s Star Energy that he imparted, the Giant in the Clouds Song Wan’s Huangjie Sword Technique then rapidly shot out.

“Great Wisdom King Cleave!!”8

The young girl coldly shouted, and the Vajra’s Sword seemed to play the song of ten thousand Buddhas. As the sword pierced through, a grand and imposing sword qi from the sword linked together with the entire Grindstone Mountain.

Lin Yingmei defended with her spear, and Su Xing called out the Shark Scale Shield.

The deep and resounding sword qi directly exploded on the High Grade Artifact Shark Scale Shield, and Su Xing immediately felt his throat fill with blood. The Devil Star smiled a savage and toothy grin. After thrusting with Great Wisdom King Cleave, she seized the opportunity to launch an attack, suddenly arriving before Su Xing’s eyes. The Vajra’s Sword slashed and shattered the already spent Shark Scale Shield,9 and a cold light stabbed towards Su Xing’s stomach.

Su Xing did not hide the hand seals he formed, and the Firebolt Sword shot out at the same time.

With a delicate cry, the Giant in the Clouds heavily suffered Heavenly Lightning tremors one after another as she flew several dozens of meters away. Su Xing did not fare as well, for an acute pain washed over from his stomach. The Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor had been unexpectedly punctured open.

Just as Song Wan was being shaken back, a figure flew out. It was Lin Yingmei, raising her spear and sweeping it over.

The Devil Star had her own Star Master, though. Gong Xu shot two golden wheels that pincered from the left and right, obstructing Lin Yingmei’s sudden stab. Subsequently, mobilizing his Star Energy, the shot down golden net once again took to the skies. Lin Yingmei’s feet stepped on the two golden wheels, somersaulting backwards to avoid the golden net.

“Accept death!!”

Gong Xu all of a sudden blew a long whistle, letting the thousand Machine Disciples that lay in wait in advance seize the opportunity to attack Lin Chong.

Dozens of cold lights flew out from within the forest, but they flew towards him. Upon seeing this, Gong Xu hastily emitted Star Energy, blocking those flying needles. These flying needles were not ordinary artifacts. Gong Xu saw the opportunity to raise his sleeve, and a Mechanical Bird flew out and blocked all of those flying needles. (TLN: Can you guys guess who fired these needles?)

“Elder Brother Gong Yang, what’s happening?”

Both Gong Xu and Song Wan were alarmed.

The forest loudly collapsed as two immense Copper Men trampled recklessly in the woods. Those Mechanical Beasts that were ready to ambush had been stepped on and shattered. The thousand Machine disciples underneath the Copper Men also fled and dispersed in every direction. Ordinary artifacts completely did not have any way of penetrating the Copper Men’s defenses.

Copper Man Puppets!

How could she have this sort of puppet!

“Brother, our ambush had been detected.”

Gong Yang ran before him, battered and exhausted.

“Heh heh, playing ambush in front of I, the Knowledge Star, is a bit too naive.”

Wu Xinjie stood on a Copper Man Puppet’s shoulder, smiling coldly. On the other side, the Thief Star Shi Yuan was currently mobilizing the Puppet Flags. The four Copper Man Puppets caught these troops lying in wait for an ambush unprepared; the Thousand Machine Gang’s casualties were disastrous.


Gong Xu went blank. Discovering that the young girls that originally should have been standing in front of him were already gone, it was clear the opposition was insulting the Great Wisdom King Cleave’s might by conducting a stealthy flank to behind them.

“The Knowledge Star!! Impossible!!”

Gong Xu stared at Su Xing, stunned. Unexpectedly, it was two top-notch Star Generals at his side. “Just what kind of person are you?”10

Turning his eyes, the Thousand Machine Gang’s superiority was completely obliterated.

Gong Xu said angrily: “Jia’er, you go impede Lin Chong. I and Elder Brother will get rid of her master.”


The Devil Star Song Jia once again raised the Vajra’s Sword. A sword light rippled, and ten thousand words altogether cried out. Again, it was a Great Wisdom King Cleave that separated Lin Yingmei and Su Xing.

“Don’t mind me!”

Su Xing left this phrase and pulled Silver Blade’s trigger.

Six Thunder Fire Bullets exited the barrel, launching in succession with whooshes. Gong Xu and Gong Yang waved their sleeves and blew away the Thunder Fire Bullets. Against Nebula Late Stage Star Cultivators, the Thunder Fire Bullets could only interfere with them for a moment, but this precisely was the result Su Xing wanted.

Availing himself that number of seconds, Su Xing had already used the Chaotic Tail Escape. Fleeing in a flash to the front of Gong Xu, Su Xing stabbed Silver Blade towards him. Against two Nebula Late Stage cultivators, no matter how much more confidence he had, Su Xing knew that joining together artifacts had absolutely no odds of success. His only solution was to get close to them and obstruct their use of artifacts in order to handle them. For this reason, Su Xing even let himself be injured to easily use the Chaotic Tail Escape.

Gong Xu was greatly startled. How could he anticipate that Su Xing would be so brazen, going so far as to dare take on two Nebula Late Stage Star Cultivators by himself. However, his Divine Intent was still extremely dauntless, practically already sensing Su Xing when he escaped here. His body immediately ducked to evade, and Silver Blade directly penetrated into his shoulder. Gong Xu waved a palm and used Nebula Late Stage Star Energy to slap Su Xing dead.

The moment his fingers parted, the Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor firmly blocked his palm energy, and Su Xing sent him flying with a kick.

A ripping, cold wind poured into his ear. Thinking was not needed to know that Gong Yang already grasped that opportunity to attack; Su Xing was not looking at all. Raising his left arm, several sharp blades penetrated Su Xing’s arm, but Su Xing’s brow did not wrinkle at all. Taking advantage of a sidestep, he fired his last three Thunder Fire Bullets. At this close of a range, the Thunder Fire Bullet’s power passed through the barrel

Gong Yang’s defenses conveniently broke, and then feinting with his right hand, his left hand holding Silver Blade took the opportunity to rub Gong Yang’s neck.


Gong Yang covered his neck, exposing an unimaginable expression. Fresh blood gurgled out from between the cracks of his fingers, dyeing his whole body red. He opened his mouth wide, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood. An ark appeared; he still thought of boarding the ark to escape. However, a Copper Man Puppet’s fist rumbled towards him and immediately crushed Gong Yang to death.

“Elder Brother Gong Yang!!” Gong Xu wrathfully shouted. He had not thought that Gong Yang unexpectedly would be killed off by Su Xing in a short instant.

He had no time to vent his feelings, though. Su Xing’s Silver Blade that was smeared with blood was already stabbing towards him.

“Su Xing’s not doing too shabby. I’m surprised he got rid of a Nebula Late Stage Cultivator.” Shi Yuan praised.

“Possessing the Majestic Star’s mark, if it’s in close quarters, it definitely is not something that an ordinary Star Cultivator can block.” Wu Xinjie pridefully said.

“What is that silver artifact? It’s a very odd thing; it’s a blade yet it is also a crossbow.”

SFX: Boom

“Little Sister, be careful.” An Suwen said.

A Copper Man Puppet suffered extreme damage under the Thousand Machine Gang disciples’ Mechanical Beasts’ attack. Shi Yuan definitely loved it dearly, for she hastily raised a Puppet Flag and recalled that Copper Man Puppet. The other two Copper Man Puppets began to sweep clean the rest of the Thousand Machine Gang disciples.

“You bunch of mixed soldiers certainly must not disturb the Star Masters’ fight.”

The Thief Star giggled, admiring while full of implications.

In any case, it looked like Lin Yingmei and Su Xing handling that Devil Star’s Star Master should not turn into a problem.

“Great Wisdom King Cleave!!”11

With sword qi that was like a rainbow, the Devil Star Song Jia stabbed, and once again, brought out an impossible to resist sword light that beat Lin Yingmei back. However, it could not bring satisfactory harm to the Majestic Star.

Lin Yingmei stood straight without falling. That Arctic Star Spear again resisted the Great Wisdom King Cleave.

“Hmph, so this is the ‘Thousand Militaries Realm’ Majestic Star?” Song Jia already was not in the mood to pay attention to her Master’s battle. In her subconscious, she believed that her own Nebula Late Stage Master could handle a Nebula Early Stage without issue.

Lin Yingmei did not speak much, her spear’s cold qi permeated the entire place, ice-cold to the bone.

Just like a shooting star on a cold night, Lin Yingmei already attacked before her eyes. The Devil Star Song Jia’s Vajra’s Sword light linked into a resisting wall basically incapable of impeding Lin Yingmei’s pace. She did not care in the slightest that the Giant in the Clouds’ weapon twinkled a Buddhist golden light.

Panther Head Lin Chong raised her spear, a hurricane seemingly wrapped around it.

A number of breaths had not passed when that hurricane directly arrived above the Devil Star. Following closely the restrained light, it exposed the girl’s soldierly figure. The eyes below her hair were like a dagger sticking into her heart, brimming with a forceful feeling of oppression.

The spear suddenly stabbed, drawing an ice-cold line in the air.

In their silence, Song Jia was even unable to see clearly Lin Yingmei’s thrusting action; a dazzling tip already appeared in the air.

A sharp and clear technique chant!

The One Star Destined Weapon blocked Lin Yingmei’s stab, then a second time, a third. Her spear technique was unending and continuous, increasingly thick. Even if her weapon had ascended to One Star rank, just where did the gap in each side’s strengths swing. Regarding responsiveness and battle capabilities, how could the “Heavenly Clothes” Devil Star be compared to the “Thousand Militaries” Lin Yingmei. The spear point finally pierced through Song Jia’s Vajra’s Sword, and in passing, also stabbed through the girl’s shoulder.


“Damned Lin Chong!!” The Devil Star Giant in the Clouds’ expression was unsightly to the extreme. The Vajra’s Sword abruptly warped a golden light, and the girl angrily shouted, “Great Wisdom King Cleave!!”

A golden light exited the tip, turning into a severe storm.

Lin Yingmei pulled out her spear and once again took a defensive posture, knowing the Devil Star would take advantage of the Great Wisdom King Cleave to launch a sneak attack. Quickly stepping back, she averted having her weak point being grasped.

How could she have anticipated that this time, the Devil Star had fundamentally not hit a snag. After she used the Great Wisdom King Cleave, it did not occur that she would turn her body, and rush towards Su Xing.

Not good!!

The currently spectating Knowledge Star slightly changed, her hand clutching a talisman as she jumped down.

How could she expect that the Devil Star was only brandishing the Vajra’s Sword to beat back Su XIng’s attack. Dragging her already master who was already unable to hold his ground: “Let’s leave quickly!!”

Gong Xu also knew that this time, they had run into a genuine Fiend Star, fleeing on his flying sword.

Immediately transforming into a golden light and rushing straight through the skies, they ran.

“Truly worthless, they unexpectedly ran.” The Thief Star Shi Yuan sat on the puppet, roaring with laughter: “Are all Star Duels this hilarious?

An Suwen shook her head, nimbly floating down.

“Young master, you’re injured.”

The Divine Physician said anxiously.

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  1. 衫裙
  2.  金剛伏魔劍
  3. 地魔星雲里金剛宋萬
  4.  天衣
  5. 心動,天衣,千軍,萬法,無雙,極境和真鳳
  6. Not the Nazi swastika, the traditional Asian swastika.
  7.  大明王破
  8. A salute to a brave artifact. You shall be missed. On the other hand, Su Xing needs to be court-martialed for his blatant abuse and neglect of equipment.
  9. And that was when he knew…he fucked up.
  10. Getting tired of the same attack…


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