Chapter 64: The Temptation of Four Star Maidens

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“I’m fine.” Su Xing shook his head; he was already accustomed to this sort of injury. Looking at Lin Yingmei, the young girl shook her head, so she also did not have any major problems.

After An Suwen bandaged Su Xing’s wounds, she also fully used “Spiritual Aura Distribution” to replenish Lin Yingmei’s strength. Firmly resisting a One Star Heavenly Weapon’s full power “Great Wisdom King Cleave” three times, even if she was so valiant, she still did not expend much strength.

“Who were these people? It seems they already knew we were here beforehand?” The Efficacious Star said oddly.

“It’s the Thousand Machine Gang. I’m afraid they came for Shi Qian.”

Wu Xinjie walked over as she turned her head and threw a glance at Shi Yuan.

“Me?” Shi Yuan blinked. The Thief Star promptly declared her innocence and drew the line: “This Young Lady certainly has never seen the Thousand Machine Gang, nor have I stolen anything from them.”

“The Mo Attack Mechanism Records!” Wu Xinjie said: “The Thousand Machine Gang are also experts at using mechanisms. It seems they should be a branch of the Heavenly Machine Clan. Most likely, they wanted to exploit you and wrest the Mo Attack Mechanism Records away.” The Knowledge Star looked at those shattered mechanisms and vaguely guessed seventy, eight percent of the truth.

With such a reminder, Shi Yuan actually recalled the reason why she took great interest in “Machine Arts” was exactly that she inadvertently heard other people’s discussions. Could it be said that the Thousand Machine deliberately arranged that?

“It indeed serves them right. It was fortunate that Sister Wu Yong saw through their ambush.” Shi Yuan giggled.

Wu Xinjie very easily saw through this ambush. Put another way, anybody would feel that a Star Master waiting in front of them declaring that he wanted a Star Duel was strange. Additionally, Gong Xu said he wanted single combat; the Knowledge Star suspected and sensed that Gong Xu definitely was alone to draw out the Star Generals, and then exploit the opportunity to kill them whilst they were unprepared. If they really did let him reach his objective, that result indeed was a bit not too encouraging.

This also was regarded as Thousand Machine Gang’s bad luck. Without even mentioning an encounter with four Star Generals, there were still the top ten ranked Knowledge Star and Majestic Star.

“I did not think that even the Devil Star’s Vajra’s Sword was refined into One Star.” Wu Xinjie paid even more mind to this. Since the Star Duels already had more than three years, the other Star Maidens’ Star Weapons also should more or less have finished refining the first Star.

“Only seizing the moment to find Relic Blade Sand will do.” Su Xing deeply held the same feeling. If it was not for the Vajra’s Sword advancing to One Star, Lin Yingmei would not have to fight around. It seemed they could not put off this “Star Weapon Refinement.”

“Relic Blade Sand?” Shi Yuan exclaimed: “Sister Lin Chong is preparing to use Relic Blade Sand as One Star material?” Thinking it over once again, Lin Chong acted as one of Maiden Mountain’s supreme generals. Star Weapon Refinement naturally needed to use supreme materials.

“Bian City1 reportedly has a business workshop market. When the time comes, let’s go there and look.” Su Xing thought of the Relic Blade Sand originally inside the Kunwu Ancient Monument taken by L’il Er and had a pang of regret.


Su Xing walked before Gong Yang’s corpse. This bastard died rather miserably, smashed into a pulp by a Copper Man Puppet’s fist. Surprisingly, that wooden boat was still in good condition, and searching with his Divine Intent, this unexpectedly was the Supreme Grade Artifact, “Wind Swayed Raft.” A Splashing Fire Talisman eliminated the corpse, and that Astral Bag was rolled over. It was as Wu Xinjie guessed, for the Thousand Machine Gang definitely were experts in the Machine Arts. The inside of the Astral Bag mostly were several manufactured mechanisms, puppet materials, “Scholar Tree Golden Wood,”2 “Black Iron Wood,” 3 and innumerable “Heavy Cloud Tunics.” There were also several hundred blank Puppet Flags and a few not yet used mechanisms and such; it actually pitifully lacked artifacts.

Besides the attacking flying sword necessary to Star Cultivators, Su Xing also discovered two “Gold Tooth Machine Disks”4 and a “Heaven Concealing Parasol.”5

It was obvious that if he truly had any first-rate artifacts, Su Xing would not have faced him that easily.

The Machine Arts materials were useless if Su Xing held onto them, so he gave them to Shi Qian as remuneration.

The sole item that let Su Xing feel there was an abundant harvest was that Wind Swayed Raft. It was a flight artifact; flight artifacts in Liangshan Continent were definitely rare. This Wind Swayed Raft seemed to be created by him linking mechanisms together. Although its speed was not very fast, as far as the not yet Nebula Late Stage Su Xing was concerned, this was equivalent to a convenient tool.

“Should we go pursue the Devil Star?” Lin Yingmei said.

“Forget about it, I’m afraid we won’t be able to chase them. Let’s leave first.”

Su Xing carved his Divine Sight into the Wind Swayed Raft. Using his current Star Energy to operate this Supreme Grade Artifact, it could actually be achieved with great difficulty. The Wind Swayed Raft floated up, and with a strong and fierce wind6, immediately transformed into an azure light that shot into the heavens.7

In an unremarkable mountain forest.

“Has he caught up yet?

The Giant in the Clouds standing atop a tree shook her head.

“This shame of Brother’s definitely must be reported!” Gong Xu gnashed his teeth. He had originally wanted to catch them off guard with an ambush, but he never thought it would be the opposite way around.

“Your servant was unable to prevail over Lin Chong.” Song Jia said calmly. Thrice the Great Wisdom King Cleave was incapable of shaking up Lin Chong. The gap between them was slightly large, and this was even a contracted Majestic Star that was already sharing a portion of her Star Energy to give to her master. Killing Lin Chong’s master actually was the most effective method, but it currently seemed that that man was not to be trifled with.

Gong Xu knew this point as well. For the sake of refining Song Jia’s Giant’s Blade into One Star, he could be considered as having emptied his pockets. Without powerful artifacts, a Nebula Late Stage’s superiority was completely unable to be manifested.

“How could that person have four Star Generals?” Gong Xu could not understand. About the thin needles fired at him, if he was not mistaken, then these should be the Efficacious Star, the Divine Physician An Daoquan’s Destined Star Weapon “Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles.”8

Song Jia grunted, “Your servant assumes that man and Lin Chong signed a contract, and the rest of the Star Generals soon afterwards followed behind them, believing they can receive benefits for themselves.” The Devil Star’s face revealed a sneer, feeling those Maiden Mountain sisters of hers were actually too naive. They believed this would give them peace and quiet? Wait until the Star Duels final phase, then that man will inevitably abandon them for the “final condition.” The Devil Star was only too clear on this kind of selfish matter.

Gong Xu pondered and agreed, otherwise, that abnormality of one man contracting four Star Generals was universally shocking. However, unexpectedly contracting the legendary Panther Head Lin Chong, this was truly inconceivable.

“We need only dispose of Lin Chong, and then those three Star Generals will certainly become things in our pocket.”9 Gong Xu showed his greed. Killing three Star Generals, especially in addition to this kind of fortuitous meeting with the Knowledge Star was rare to find.

“That obstacle Lin Chong is definitely not easy to pass. Unless your servant’s Star Weapon is refined to Two Stars, then perhaps another battle is possible.” Song Jia warned. Although that was a super enticing cake, the price of eating it certainly would not be cheap. The Thousand Machine Gang disciples providing assistance this time nearly all exterminated served as a lesson; the Devil Star definitely did not want to complete a matter without odds of success.

Gong Xu also realized this: “First, have sect members monitor them for the time being. I’ll return to pass this on to the sect leader. Seeing that Lin Chong’s master’s cultivation is only Nebula Early Stage, he should not have become an outlaw yet. This is the best opportunity to kill him, we just need the sect master to show his face, and, hm, hm, relying on the current Lin Chong, he will certainly die without doubt.”

“The sect master is currently cultivating the ‘Divine Machine Nine Styles.’ Perhaps he will not easily show his face?” Song Jia shook her head.

“I’ll try it. We only need to kill four Star Generals, and not only can we obtain the Mo Attack Treasure Box, we can also seize the opportunity to expand the Thousand Machine Gang. The sect master will understand the stakes in this.

Song Jia thought about it and could only be convinced. She did not want to miss this chance, either. She only needed to kill four Star Generals, obtain their Star Energies, especially the Majestic Star and Knowledge Star’s Star Energy replenishment. Then, she could smoothly enter “Thousand Militaries,” and “Ten Thousand Methods” would not be too far. When the time came, even if she encountered the strongest general, the Strength Star, Jade Qilin Lu Junyi, she simply would have no fear at all.

Author’s Note:

True Phoenix Territory has been changed to Vermillion Bird

The Star Maidens’ final realm, “True Phoenix” (真鳳) has been changed to “True Phoenix.” (真凰)

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  1. 汴京
  2. 槐金木
  3. 玄鐵木
  4. 齒金機關輪
  5.  遮天傘
  6. 罡風 In Daoism, these are astral winds.
  7. Now, all he needs is to use it to fix his jet.
  8. Su Xing, what sort of person are you to make the “can’t kill anyone” An Suwen suddenly sneak attack someone? I think we have an idea of who Su Xing’s #3 will be…
  9. Imagine the look on his face when he realizes Su Xing has or will contract with the four of them.


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