Chapter 69: Heaven Concealing Parasol

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The Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Chong’s fame for fighting prowess was truly exceptional. When everyone saw Lin Yingmei’s “Arctic Star Spear,” their expressions all seemed to have been produced by a factory.1

Besides shock, they also felt inconceivability towards Su Xing.

“Hmph…” By the time Lin Yingmei’s cold grunt ended, she had already executed her assault, immediately sending dust flying.

It was already too late to let them be astonished, for the Majestic Star was acting!

For the sake of fighting for time for Shi Qian, Lin Yingmei also did not want to speak nonsense. Using the fiercest assault to interrupt their pondering was the best solution. During a moment when they have not regained their senses quickly, it was only natural that if there was an opportunity to get rid of an opponent, that was not a bad thing.

The Retreating Star Tong Meng’s reactions were exceedingly quick, disappearing from where she was.

From within the air flashed an acute light.

The Arctic Star Spear and the Jade Water Trident already collided together, unexpectedly stopping Lin Yingmei’s quick and violent attack. The water-light and cold qi became one; the River Churning Clam Tong Yao did not train fruitlessly at the Blooming Water Sword Sect sword training courtyard. Not only was she able to block this attack, the girl suddenly chuckled. She exhibited high speed, calmly and swiftly counter attacking like a violent tide.

The Jade Water Trident’s technique of attack was overwhelming.

Lin Yingmei dexterously received it, her spear just like a shield. The girl’s brow raised, stepping around where she was, and with a great leap into the air, making an aerial slash,and at the same time, exerted her entire body’s Star Energy.

That speed was how fast?

How time flies, fleeting!

Resounding words!

The sharp and clear cries of metal meeting made people’s hearts sink. Tong Yao blocked Lin Yingmei’s surprise slash with great difficulty, the Arctic Star Spear’s formidable power shook from its body directly to her hand, “You deserve respect!” Lin Yingmei rarely showed recognition, perhaps, like Su Xing, she also admired the River Churning Clam Tong Yao’s effortful practice at the sword training courtyard.

At the moment, this was still Tong Yao’s already exhausted state.

Tong Yao coldly smiled. She did not need this kind of respect that was earned only when she was weak. The River Churning Clam suddenly retreated backward, and then with a step, actually identically leapt into the air and made an aerial cut. Lin Yingmei accepted it without question, Tong Yao’s attacks again and again bullying her. The Majestic Star clutched her spear with a single hand, turning her hand over, and easily returning it back. The speartip seemed to be tearing open a line as Lin Yingmei’s offensive timing increased, and Tong Yao repeatedly retreated.

While Lin Yingmei fought for time, Su Xing was not idle; in fact, at the time the Panther Head took action, he simultaneously acted to handle Chen Zhonglin. Star Masters’ duels often were just like this, Star General with Star General, contractor with contractor, and among this could they reveal their talent, show their skill and be called “matchless.”

In order to not alarm the rest of the Blooming Water Sword Sect, Su Xing also gave up attacking with artifacts, the Heavenly River Sword directly pointed at them.

His unconventional gambit, however, was broken up by the True Qi protecting Chen Zhonglin. After all, he was Blooming Water Sword Sect disciple, which was far more brilliant compared to an inferior organization such as the Thousand Machine Gang. Chen Zhonglin put two fingers together, and a blue flying sword flew out in the blink of an eye. Then, under the control of his Divine Intent, the sword turned into fierce water and shot forth.

Su Xing leaned back, the Pure Gold Shield suddenly increasing in size many times and positioned itself in front of him.

“Water Transformation Sword Art!!”2 Chen Zhonglin struck several seals, and the sword water abruptly became dense, changing into a dozen water blades.

The Pure Gold Shield revolved around Su Xing’s body, looking like an impenetrable defense tightly wrapped around him. The water sword violently struck upon the Pure Gold Shield’s surface, but aside from sending droplets of pearls and jades splashing about, it lacked the strength to break through.

Chen Zhonglin was not slighted at all, and he continued to urge the sword art onward. The dozen water blades rotated quickly in the air above, condensing into a torrential downpour that directly hacked downwards towards Su Xing. The Pure Gold Shield could stop an attack on the whole body, but it had no way of stopping even a peep from above.

This was the first time Su Xing experienced the sword arts that enjoyed much fame in Liangshan Continent. Immediately, he threw out a small object, and that object swelled many tens of sizes when it left his bag. Propping it open, it blocked above Su Xing. This happened to be that High Grade Nebula Stage Artifact, “Heaven Concealing Parasol.”

The Water Transformation Sword Art being blocked by the parasol was considered to have made Chen Zhonglin surprised for a bit.

The gale upon his face transformed into thunder and lightning.

Su Xing took advantage of the gap in Chen Zhonglin’s control over the Transforming Water Sword Art. With a single bound, he swiftly moved like a snake seemingly spitting poison and venom, the Silver Blade in his hand coldly flashed suddenly, the flickering Astral Crest upon his forehead breaking Chen Zhonglin’s protective True Qi, and the swordtip erasing his neck.

Chen Zhonglin was overwhelmed with shock, but just at the moment Silver Blade brushed past his neck, Chen Zhonglin’s body transformed into a pile of water flowers, having used a Water Escape to avoid a disaster.

Su Xing went blank, and without hesitation, raised the gun, took aim, and pulled the trigger.

SFX: Ka.3

A muted sound.

The Chen Zhonglin that happened to appear at that position thought Su Xing was about to use some other damnable trick, recalling the Transforming Water Sword to block his front; Su Xing seized the opportunity to move forwards and rush over.

Su Xing’s about face staggered Chen Zhonglin’s defenses, and a cold light streaked across his stomach.


Faint traces of blood appeared. Chen Zhonglin did not expect the Star Cultivator before his eyes to close the distance again and again. If this bastard was not destitute that he would not have any sort of powerful artifact, sword art or sage art, then he certainly believed in his own military force too much. If it was not for him expending too much Star Energy at the sword training courtyard earlier, his present state would simply not necessarily be this sorry.

A rumbling explosion!!!

The Blooming Water Hall suddenly shook thunderously, and the light of the pearls suspended on the hall instantly dimmed.

“Not good, the Calamitous Thunder Evil Smiting Array has been broken!!” Chen Zhonglin shouted in horror. “They have an accomplice!!” These words had only just dropped when the completely clothed in black Thief Star Shi Qian dodged out of the Blooming Water Hall.  

“Young master, item is in hand. Let’s go quickly!” Shi Yuan yelled.

Although Su Xing and Lin Yingmei occupied the maximum possible advantage at this moment, even if they used up just a bit more time, they could settle their troubles in one fell swoop by means of profiting from their counterparts squandering the majority of their Star Energy at the sword training courtyard. However, there already was not any “just a bit” of time that they could waste.

After the Calamitous Thunder Evil Smiting Array was broken, the entire Blooming Water Sect was already alerted.

The Sect Protection Great Array already was starting to activate, and staying any longer was certain death without doubt.

The Wind Swayed Raft appeared. Su Xing’s final sword pushed aside Chen Zhonglin, and he spat out several Rock Piercing Thunder Water Droplets. Chen Zhonglin gave a shrill, blood-curdling screech.4 Lin Yingmei nodded, her spear held horizontally also pushed back the Retreating Star as she floated and entered the Wind Swayed Raft.


The Wind Swayed Raft rushed into the skies.

“Thinking of running?”

Chen Zhonglin twisted, no longer caring as much. A very red gourd flew out in the blink of an eye and chased behind Su Xing. The gourd suddenly shot a red light, and a wide expanse of blood colored raindrops fired out from the lip of the gourd like a torrential downpour. This was precisely the Blood Rain Pot!!

Su Xing opened the Heaven Concealing Parasol and covered it.

The blood-colored raindrops were extremely swift and fierce. The power of the long-ranged strikes on the Heaven Concealing Parasol made Su Xing’s Divine Intent feel maximum stress. Fortunately, the Star Cultivator himself was in utterly poor condition. Chen Zhonglin vomited a large mouthful of blood, and the Blood Rain Pot’s light faded, dropping back into his Astral Bag.

“Senior Brother.”

“Senior Brother Zhonglin!!”

“What happened!”

The other Blooming Water Sect disciples rushed over. Seeing the scene of Chen Zhonglin’s and his Star General’s sorry and wounded figures, they were very much flabbergasted.

Chen Zhonglin watched the vanishing Wind Swayed Raft, his face unsightly beyond compare.5

The Wind Swayed Raft flew out a hundred li in the blink of an eye, and it was just at this time that a translucent light covered the Blooming Water Sect’s Overboard Summit, shrouding it within. With that small of a difference, Su Xing and the others would have become caged birds.

However, now was still not the time to rejoice, for biggest danger had just begun.

A powerful Star Energy radiated from behind them as the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s headmaster, the Daoist Luo River, furiously closed in on them.

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  1. As in everyone’s faces were identical from shock.
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  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Wonder if they can outrun someone that much stronger. Also, even though he has the secret art now he can’t use it in public until he can contend with the sect master. Not sure how good it’ll be in that case.

    1. Maybe he can become a real outlaw. Going around doing bad stuff in this sect’s name. 😛

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