Chapter 747: The Final Star Duel (I) Indistinct

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“Protect Song Qingci’s ascent up the mountain?”

Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie and the others could not help but be taken aback when they heard Su Xing’s words.

To end the Star Duels, they would have to fulfill Leader Star Song Qingci’s ascent. Although they had considered that the Leader Star who was the head of Maiden Mountain’s 108 Star Maidens played a critical role, to hear the words Li Shishi brought still made everyone wrinkle their brows.

Song Qingci’s contract was the Uprising. To have her scale the peak, that very clearly indicated Star Masters who held other contracts would inevitably be unable to climb the mountain together.

“Does this not mean she would have Su Xing throw away his life to help that bitch achieve her wish.” Zhao Hanyan pursed her lips into a disdainful sneer.

“Sir will not heed Li Shishi’s words?” Xi Yue said.

Gong Caiwei also stared at Su Xing.

Su Xing head ached as he rubbed his forehead. Ending the Star Duels was the greatest wish he had after joining the Star Duels, but hearing Li Shishi’s words truly made things difficult for him. If this was Earth, a soldier had one order they had absolute obedience for. They would not hesitate to sacrifice their own lives if it meant finishing the mission, but…Su Xing looked at Lin Yingmei and the rest. Sacrificing himself signified the same for Lin Yingmei and the others.

“Milord, why pay mind to the Splendid Star’s words. In the end, she is merely a lackey of Maiden Mountain’s Empress. Everything she does is only in service to that Empress. Hmph, what does she mean to say that it is necessary to have Song Qingci climb the mountain. I will not believe these words.” Hua Wanyue played with a lock of hair beside her ear, voicing her dissent.

“What Wanyue says is right. To end the Star Duels, we can only rely on ourselves. The Leader Star is not worthy of our trust.” Wu Xiyou agreed.

The girls talked over each other, disdaining Li Shishi’s words. They could also see Su Xing’s conflict, though they had to admit his conflicted appearance was a bit cute.

In the end, everyone turned their gazes to Lin Yingmei.

Su Xing’s First Wife.

Among everyone, her opinion was evidently the most important.

“Young Master’s safety is more important than ending the Star Duels.” Lin Yingmei emphatically said.

Everyone was stunned. Immediately, they were unable to help but smile.

Su Xing knowingly smiled: “In my mind, your safety will always be first. Perhaps Leader Star Song Qingci really is the critical link in the Star Duels, but maybe we can get the best of both worlds.”

Spotting that crafty glint in Su Xing’s eyes, Ling Yan Princess Zhao Hanyan felt she should offer a prayer for that Song Qingci.

“For the time being, let us set aside this issue. Sisters, we must first discuss with Young Lord the final Star Duel.” Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie stood out.

“The final Star Duel?”

“Do not forget, there is still another alliance besides Song Qingci.” Wu Xinjie pursed her lips.

Chai Ling stroked Xing’er, ruminating: “This was within calculations. The other Star Masters would form an alliance to face Xing’er. They will choose a place with topography that is optimal for obstructing him, and this place will be the nearest to Maiden Mountain. It will also be the only road there, vast terrain with nowhere to hide, one that can bring out their greatest advantage.”

“That’s right.”

“Elder Sister ought to know, right?” An Suwen softly asked.

Wu Xinjie nodded.

She snapped her fingers, and a map flew out.

Knowledge Star pointed to a point and asserted.

“Barring accidents, Xinjie believes this will be the place they choose for the final Star Duel…”

Everyone looked at that place.

Continuous like a dragon, coiling around Maiden Mountain.

This place was one of Maiden Mountain’s ancient battlegrounds.

Leading right to Maiden Mountain’s throat.

This place was known as.

The Yu Plains!1

“The Yu Plains???”

Monster Slaying Alliance. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, Yan Wudao, and all the other Star Masters were currently discussing the place for their final expedition against the Purple Thunder Monster. Hearing Scholar in a White Robe Wang Lengji’s words, they could not help but be shocked.

The Yu Plains.

It was no more than a hundred li from Maiden Mountain. To Supervoid Stage Star Masters like themselves, even a hundred kilometers was not worth a mention, and it looked like this place was very unremarkable.

“The Yu Plains. Although this place is the only road to Maiden Mountain, we still have better options.” Yan Wuao was the first to disagree with this decision.

Others also disagreed.

There was a saying, “eight hundred li Maiden Mountain lake.” The vicinity of Maiden Mountain had many unique terrains. These terrains held all sorts of influences on Star Duels. For example, the “Waiting Watch” was enshrouded in moonlight and was able to maximize a cultivator’s increase in cultivation; or “Lu’er Swamp,” nicknamed the Coalesced Dragonpools. Its waters were the ideal place for a Water General. There were also “Silkworm Apricot,” “Heavenly Ridge,” “Earthly Sincerity,” and others places that all held important influence over a Star Duel.

But this Yu Plains was a stretch of desert. It completely lacked any helpfulness towards a Star Master at all.

“This Holy Lord feels we should choose Lu’er Swamp. With Xiangfei standing guard, even Panther Head Lin Chong will die.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon looked fully confidently at River Dragon Li Xiangfei.

“Would Waiting Watch not be even better? This place can increase a cultivator’s cultivation. Isn’t the greatest advantage we have over the Purple Thunder Monster our Star Masters? Although Lin Chong and Wu Song are formidable, without the Purple Thunder Monster, they are merely toothless tigers, not worth a mention.” Xie Chang’an smiled.

Although the other Star Masters, like Yan Wudao, Su Shengxiang, Gong Song, Xin Lao, Ye Futu, Xie Zhenyuan and more were silent, their expression were endorsing the choices of others. That the Purple Thunder Monster had several of the great Thousand Year Martial Generals already was very defiant of the natural order. They would necessarily have to maximize their own advantages to have a chance at winning.

Wang Lengji drank tea. She face everyone instead with great calmness.

“The greatest benefit of the Yu Plains is that it can draw out a Star General’s fighting blood, allow them to wield Heaven Rank. It turns out none of you knew.”


“It can stimulate a Heaven Rank? Is this true?” Hu Mi was stunned.

The other insipid Star Generals took great interest one after another after hearing Wang Lengji’s words.

“In your past few months of training, how many of you have comprehended Heaven Rank?” Wang Lengji smiled and asked.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Among them, Li Xiangfei, Huyan Shuang, Xu Jingshu and others had Former Volume Heavenly Books, but comprehending Heaven Rank was still very difficult. Of course, others outside of them still tried as well.

“The Yu Plains are a battleground that can stimulate your Heaven Ranks. I presume I need not say more about Heaven Rank Techniques. Compared to others, possessing this is the main point.” Wang Lengji said. “Furthermore, these grounds can also promote a Star General’s Realm.”

“But such a thing also applies to the Purple Thunder Monster as well, correct?” Yan Wudao wrinkled his brow.

Featherless Arrow Zhang Biluo agreed: “Exactly, exactly.”

“Perhaps there is some other mystery?” Hu Mi surmised.

Wang Lengji gave her an approving glance, “Correct. In order to display these effects, you must first consume something.”

“That is?”

“Blood of Dark Yellow!”

Blood of Dark Yellow? Everyone was confused. They had never heard of such a thing.

“Only the Yu Plains have this. I can help you obtain them. Alright, choose now amongst yourselves, shall it be the Yu Plains or some other place? There will be only one opportunity in this final Star Duel. This Lun does not care if you choose wrong and lose your lives.” Wang Lengji slowly drank tea.

Let alone that everyone present were the Ninth’s proudest Star Masters, they still felt somewhat unsure facing off against that abnormal Purple Thunder Monster. Scholar in a White Robe Wang Lengji’s identity was exceptional. Everyone was willing to believe in her, and she sounded apparently well.

“Should the Purple Thunder Monster be unaware of this secret, then that will be a very great advantage to us.” Xie Zhenyuan said insipidly. But when he spoke, Xie Zhenyuan looked at the woman, hoping that she could give him a confident reply.

“I daresay that the Knowledge Star will most definitely choose the Yu Plains because this place is the most suitable for an encirclement, but she absolutely will not be aware of the existence of the Dark Yellow Blood.” Wang Lengji slightly smiled. Before their skepticism, the woman’s tone of voice gave no room for doubt: “Because only I, Wanglun, am capable of obtaining the Dark Yellow Blood.”

When everyone heard her say this, they could only immediately agree. In truth, they could not think of a rationale to refute her. After all, for these past months of training, Wang LEngji indeed gave them significant aid. Their martial generals’ skills had improved by leaps and bounds, and many of them were reaching True Phoenix Realm.

After deciding the location, they arranged the time.

Everyone began to set forth for Maiden Mountain.

Because they surprisingly obtained such a significant advantage, everyone trained with even more effort than before, especially the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, whose heart was delighted when he felt he seemed to already see Su Xing’s expression of despair.

But not everyone was like this.

Hu Mi stood atop a hill, arranging a divination array. The Purple Firmament Immortal Palace had astrological arts. Although they were not able to pry into heavenly mysteries, they at least could give a vague premonition. This time, Hu Mi obtained a very ill feeling of foreboding.

She turned her head back to see that they were already nearing the front of Maiden Mountain, and her heart was somewhat uneasy.

“Little Mi?”

“This Star Duel apparently will not be so simple.” Facing Xu Jingshu’s worried gaze, Hu Mi shook her head, “Su Xing’s true enemy does not seem to be us.”

“Not us? Then who else? Maiden Mountain?” Xu Jingshu asked.

Hu Mi was not clear on this.

The indistinct sound of footsteps intruded. Hu Mi waved her hand, and the formation on the ground returned to her bag. A charming woman in black and red appeared.

“Elder Sister Hu Mi, just now, were you divining the Star Duel?” The newcomer was none other than Su Shengxiang.

Regarding this girl who was charming down to her very bones, Hu Mi did not dare be careless. In fact, not long before, the Su Shengxiang whose aptitude had been unremarkable already reached Supervoid Middle Stage/ Her Star General Demon Face was also quite exceptional. “If I could divine it, what need have I to join this alliance?” Hu Mi smiled and retorted.

Su Shengxiang smiled back. She lowered her head to look at the battle down the mountain and softly said: “Actually, Elder Sister is like Shengxiang, we have reckoned wrongly in these Star Duels, haven’t we.”


Su Shengxiang said: “Though we may have Wang Lun’s aid as well as the fortune of the Yu Plains, only you and I are acutely aware that not only does the Purple Thunder Monster have first-rate martial generals the likes of Lin Chong, Wu Song, and Lu Junyi, he also has top-notch Star Masters like Zhao Hanyan, Gong Caiwei, and Xi Yue accompanying him. They serve him as his wives. On the other hand, our alliance is merely a sheet of loose sand. Every person has their own secret agenda.”

“Judging by Su Shengxiang’s words, why not join the Purple Thunder Monster’s side then?” Hu Mi asked back.

Su Shengxiang forced a smile: “Those women able to follow the Purple Thunder Monster’s side are all his confidantes. I have that Ten Thousand Souls Parasol. In his mind, I am perhaps an irredeemable villain. Elder Sister, is it not precisely because you have misgivings about Su Xing’s lady friends that you stood on our side?” Su Shengxiang saw through Hu Mi’s hesitance at a glance. Indeed, to be honest, Hu Mi and Su Xing had contact before. She was even able to enter the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. To speak of favorability, Su Xing had much more compared to her current allies. But those who stood with Su Xing were all entirely without exception his closest friends.

Fox of Voracious Admiration Hu Mi was also a very prideful person. Naturally, she was unwilling to bow down. And in her heart, there was also another urge, which was to compare her level against Su Xing’s wives. However, she had never once thought of themselves as enemies. In fact, Hu Mi felt that to climb the mountain together with him would definitely be a very wonderful scene.

But now that things have reached this stage, there was already no room to turn back.

“In truth, Shengxiang also feels that the Purple Thunder Monster’s wish to end the Star Duels is very attractive. Shengxiang wants to follow him, too, but it is a pity that Shengxiang met that good-for-nothing first before ever making his acquaintance.”

“What use is there in speaking these words now. Even if he climbs the mountain, there is only one opening for the Overlord.” Hu Mi was unmoved.

“Elder Sister is wrong. According to the Purple Thunder Monster’s words, we will not be fighting to be Overlord once we climb the mountain. Rather, we will be facing the enemy who created the Star Duels, right?” Su Shengxiang slightly smiled.

“Su Shengxiang, just what do you want to say?” Hu Mi furrowed her brow.

“What Little Sister wants to say is, there is no need for us to fight the Purple Thunder Monster to the death. There is another way to turn foe into friend, to allow us to become his arms. Ending the Star Duels, is this not the wish of our Star Generals?”

Su Shengxiang’s words immediately became indistinct.

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