Chapter 76: Dividing The Dragon And Relic Blade Sand

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Bian City’s Imperial City.

Elder Yun again rushed to the outside of the Constant Spirit Hall.1 That girl that should have been accompanying Prince Zhao Heng blocked him outside the door, that pair of eerie pupils carried a trace of mischief. “His Majesty is currently secluded to break through to Nebula Late Stage. He currently cannot be disturbed. It will do to inform This Palace of any matters.”

“The Clear Void Treasure Hall recently sent out a ‘Spirit Treasure Notice.’ This old man specially came to speak with His Majesty.” Elder Yun cupped his fists. The Spirit Treasure Notice was the Clear Void Treasure Hall’s specially issued announcement when it would auction a very important item. Items that could send out a Spirit Treasure Notice were always pretty good. With the previous Spirit Treasure Notice, Zhao Heng took an Earthly Fiend Grade Astral Treasure, “Flying Star Shuttle,”2 at the Clear Void Treasure Hall.

“What is it this time?” The girl asked inquisitively.

“Ancient Seventh Rank Demon Beast Blooming Water Dragon!”

The girl was startled, ““Ancient Seventh Rank Demon Beast Blooming Water Dragon? The Clear Void Treasure Hall surprisingly has this sort of good thing.”

“Your Majesty is unaware that it already does not have a soul and internal alchemy.”3 Elder Yun explained.

“No soul and internal alchemy. Then it is useless to us.” The girl very quickly lost her interest. Although a Seventh Rank dragon’s dragon skin, dragon claws, dragon muscles, dragon organs, dragon horn, dragon blood, and the up and down of the intact entire body were all pretty good materials, they were only pretty good.

“Do you know who slayed this Dragon?” She was more interested in this. To kill a Seventh Rank Demon beast definitely was not that effortless; was using it for an auction not a bit too pitiful.

“I heard it is a Nebula Early Stage Cultivator that walked into a happy encounter, Your Majesty, but that seller has a condition that is very interesting.

When the girl did not ask, Elder Yun then smiled: “He wants Relic Blade Sand in exchange.”

“Relic Blade Sand.” The girl slightly changed. Relic Blade Sand was a type of Spirit Sand4 that a few Star Generals needed to increase their Destined Star Weapons’ ranks before Two Stars, “Is he a Star Master?”

“The Clear Void Hall is maintaining their secrecy on this. This old man also was unable to investigate his identity.” Elder Yun regretfully said.

“Think of a way to find what sort of person he is!” The girl’s voice turned cold: “Being able to kill a Dragon, This Palace definitely do not believe in this sort of claim. His Star General is definitely a Heavenly Star general. No matter what, investigate clearly the entire sequence of events.”

“This old man shall command people to go do this.” Elder Yun promptly said.

Three days’ time passed in the turn of an eye.

Like he had scheduled, Su Xing came to the Clear Void Treasure Hall. Daoist Cool Breeze drew him into the Spirit Treasure Inner Hall. That was an immense white jade platform, and this time’s Dragon Gathering would start here.

Su Xing, who was acting as this time’s seller, had been invited to the backstage area to witness the auction’s course of events.

The Clear Void Daoists’ promotion was truly amazing. Vast quantities of Star Cultivators walked in lines, and a single Inner Hall contained many thousands of people. Their cultivations were all at least at the Nebula Late Stage, and among them were even many Galaxy Stage Cultivators with even several Supercluster Daoists.

That lineup made Su Xing utterly speechless. Just with the admission fee, the Clear Void Daoists already earned a lot, and adding the profits after the event, this actually was only a highly profitable business.

The several thousand cultivators very quickly crowded to capacity the Spirit Treasure Hall. This time’s Dragon Gathering attracted the attendance of the Azure Dragon Territory’s upper thousand schools, and no wonder it would be this rumbling. A Seventh Rank Ancient Demon Beast roaming about in the Azure Dragon Territory was very rare. Most often, they were at the Black Turtle Territory5 or the Vermilion Bird Territory; these Azure Dragon Territory cultivators probably could not see a Seventh Rank Dragon in their lifetime. The majority of cultivators were all attracted to visit this famous place, treating this as a way to spend a little on the admission ticket to glimpse the world, not even thinking of fighting with the other sects.

The most important thing was that this sort of matter of bringing out the Ancient Demon Beast to auction was actually quite uncommon.

The Daoist Cool Breeze took it upon himself to be in charge of this time’s auction, and it was only he who had this kind of cultivation realm that could repress the more than a thousand cultivators so indifferently. With a wave of his long sleeves, the platform’s white curtain was pulled aside, and a several tens of zhang long Dragon was awe-inspiringly revealed.

The whole audience went into an uproar. A few low cultivation cultivators were all greatly shocked. Even if it was a dead Blooming Water Dragon, that gigantic dragon’s imposing figure still preserved an abundance of power.

“Just what deity could kill the dragon!”

“So this is the Ancient Demon Beast Blooming Water Dragon. It doesn’t look that special?”

“What an amazing grandeur. Even in death, it is this terrifying.”

“Pity it doesn’t have internal alchemy and a soul.”

The crowd discussed animatedly, whispered, nitpicking this Blooming Water Dragon.

“This is a dragon carcass obtained through luck by a fellow. Even if it does not have internal alchemy and a soul, everyone presumably knows the worth of the rest of the materials on this dragon body.” Daoist Cool Breeze stroked his long beard, his expression calm: “This time’s auction seller specially requests for Relic Blade Sand, so the fellow that can bring forth Relic Blade Sand of the highest value will have priority in choosing what part they want from the dragon.”

Daoist Cool Breeze was an old fox, splitting this dragon into seven pieces to auction. Dividing it in this way, the profits that were earned would greatly increase.

“It seems it will be a famous family since shelling out money is not at all inexplicit.” Wu Xinjie guessed.

Su Xing deeply held the same impression, however, he did not care about maximizing profits.

The audience very quickly began to bid.

“Relic Blade Sand, one liang!” A large man in a yellow gown shouted.

“Only one liang yet you have the nerve to shout. Three liang of Relic Blade Sand with the addition of three hundred thousand liang of gold. I want this dragon head.” A stooped over old crone laughed evilly.

“Ancestor Chill Wind,6 only three liang of Relic Blade Sand isn’t enough to give a Star General refining her Star Weapon fur clothes.” A lady7 wearing a blue palace dress coldly opened her mouth: “Five liang of Relic Blade Sand and five hundred thousand liang of gold!”

“What use has your Rosy Clouds Mountain8 for a dragon!” The old crone was resentful.

“This dragon is affiliated with water. Isn’t it useless if Ancestor Chill Wind takes it.” The lady from Rosy Clouds Mountain disdained.

“Six liang of Relic Blade Sand. Yellow Dragon Mountain9 wants to use the dragon head to decorate the stronghold. How about you two fellows not squabble like this?” The large man in the yellow gown was discontented.

“The tiny Yellow Dragon Mountain also wants to obtain an Ancient Demon Beast. Take care of inviting disaster upon yourself.”

The hall resounded continuously with the sounds of bidding. Besides the internal alchemy and soul, the dragon head was the most valuable portion. Regardless of whether it was used to manufacture artifacts, soul weapons,10 refining material or for magic circles, decorations and the like, it was extremely useful and versatile. As a result, when the Daoist Cool Breeze said that the highest bidder could take away whatever part they wished, this made those cultivators fly off the handle.

The seemingly vague and refined Daoist Cool Breeze was truly shrewd. No wonder he became the Clear Void Treasure Hall’s senior shopkeeper.

Su Xing monitored those whirlwind prices, bursting with joy. The more intense they were, the better. What made Su Xing click his tongue in amazement was that he did not expect the originally precious Relic Blade Sand to be this plentiful. These schools probably also intentionally stockpiled Relic Blade Sand, waiting for the Star Duels to intensify in order to make easy money.

Ancestor Chill Wind, the Rosy Clouds fairy and that large man from Yellow Dragon Mountain were the fiercest three competitors, the final prices they shouted made the rest of the people all blush in shame endlessly. Contrarily, the ten great sects all made no movements. A Seventh Rank Demon Beast was far from being enough to attract these large schools. That dragon head was not essential, so they naturally were not that energetic..

Just when Ancestor Chill Wind used “Ten liang of Relic Blade Sand and one million liang of gold” to beat out the other two, an icily arrogant voice suddenly echoed.

“Twenty liang of Relic Blade Sand, two million liang of gold. This old man wants this entire dragon!”

Everyone cried out in surprise, seeing only an old man wearing a blue Daoist robe floating high in the air. His eyes were like thunder and lightning, with a reserved grandeur, dignified and insufferably arrogant.

The Blooming Water Sword Sect!

“Since it is the Blooming Water Dragon, it naturally must return to this Sword Sect.”

The old man coldly swept past the bidding individuals, forcing them to bow their heads in a panic.

“Twenty liang of Relic Blade Sand and two million liang of gold, and he wants to take away the whole dragon. Then isn’t that a big loss.” Wu Xinjie thought that this bastard11 really could plan.

“Don’t worry, there will be people to settle it.” Su Xing calm and unruffled in the midst of this chaos, not at all worried there would be a loss.

“Ancestor Baili,12 how do you do. What wind has made you exit seclusion?” The Daoist Cool Breeze smiled as he spoke.

“This old man came out to move about a bit to help my descendant disciple.13 This old man heard about the Blooming Water Dragon and came here with the express purpose of seeing it. Don’t know who the fellow is that quite killed the dragon dead. This old man really wants to make friends with that one.” Ancestor Baili’s voice revealed a biting cold killing intent. “The Blooming Water Dragon and this school have a considerable relationship. The Daoist should help this old man with this, and someday, this old man will definitely visit your home to pay his gratitude.”

“Does this not make the Daoist darken his conscience? In the future, who would wish to approach this Clear Void Treasure Hall.” The Daoist Cool Breeze lightly smiled: “Do not bring this matter up any further. The Clear Void Treasure Hall has the Clear Void Treasure Hall’s rules. Ancestor Baili, if you wish to use twenty liang of Relic Blade Sand to exchange for the head, then this Daoist will not force you!”

“Hmph.” Ancestor Baili coldly grunted: “Eleven liang of Relic Blade Sand, five hundred thousand liang of gold. This ancestor wants that dragon head!”

Old Crone Chill Wind was somewhat resentful but had no alternative. The three people did not dare to argue with him further and indeed he could not be argued against.

“The ancient dragon’s head, tooth for an edge, pupil for a pill, brain for a fluid, tongue for a medicine medium…tsk, tsk. Only eleven liang of Relic Blade Sand and you want to take away such a good thing. How about this, This Palace shall give twelve liang of Relic Blade Sand and a ‘Life Origin Pill,’14 how about it.”

A ridiculing male voice with hardly any misgivings interrupted Ancestor Baili’s beautiful dream.

The one who spoke was a refined, graceful and elegant youth, his lips red and teeth white, an attractive appearance.

Su Xing saw his cultivation was only at Galaxy Early Stage. Confronting the Supercluster Stage Ancestor Baili with actually hardly any dread, it seemed his background was not insignificant.

“Li Xianyan,15 you also wish to argue with this ancestor?” Ancestor Baili was annoyed.

“My instructor recently wanted to find a dragon’s severed head for use to watch the door, and he implores that ancestor be sympathetic.” Li Xianyan very respectfully smiled.

Ancestor Baili had not yet replied when another cold voice suddenly sounded out.

“Since the dragon’s severed head is this valuable, then I shall spend thirteen liang of Relic Blade Sand as well as a ‘Qi Dust Pill.’”16

This time, it was a mischievous girl. Wearing a white muslin and exquisite skirt, with brows like the moon and red lips like cherries, she was very good-looking.

“The Nine Ordeals Daoists17 wants to use it as a medicine medium, and my elder sister also wants to use the Blooming Water Dragon head as a bedpan.”18

The other cultivators erupted into a clamor. Things had only just begun, yet the Ten Great Sects already started to oppose each other with equal harshness, eagerly increasing the price. One was higher than the other, one pressured another. Regardless of whether it was a Life Origin Pill or a Qi Dust Pill, all were extremely precious medicines, able to be exchanged for several million liang of gold at the minimum. There were some cultivators that did not understand; it was only a seventh rank dragon head, was it worthy of so high a price.

“A brilliant strategy.” Wu Xinjie abruptly said softly.

Su Xing asked her why.

“The woman that just made a bid is one from the Shifting Flower Sword Sect.19 That youth is from the Heavenly River Sword School.” Wu Xinjie told a profound story with just a few words. It went without saying that the Heavenly River Sword School and the Blooming Water Sword Sect had hostilities. The Shifting Flower Sword Sect and the Blooming Water Sword Sect were awfully busy constantly fighting over the third rank among the Four Great Sword Sects. The two sword sects both were newly bloomed and meteorically rising schools, so naturally, neither was willing to stand behind the other.

As it turned out, either taking this dragon known as Blooming Water to be used as a door guard or as a bedpan, both would change this into a humiliation of the Blooming Water Sword Sect. After all, the Blooming Water Dragon was the Sword Sect’s holy beast. That Daoist Cool Breeze deliberately created this sort of situation so that the price would increase.

Su Xing nodded. No wonder that Ancestor Bai Li hatefully gnashed his teeth. He actually enjoyed reaping harvest he himself had not sown, not minding that a dragon was selling for a sky-high price.

“Liang Feixuan,20 using the dragon’s head as a bedpan, the price definitely will not be small!”

Ancestor Baili’s eyelids jumped. Showing a cold smile, he made a great wave of his hand, shouting: “Twenty liang of Relic Blade Sand, five Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pills!21 If you two can open with an even higher price, then this old man will leave this Blooming Water Dragon to you.”

Li Xianyan and the Shifting Flower Sword Sect’s female cultivator Liang Feixuan glanced towards each other. Li Xianyan originally raised the price in this way because he wanted to force Ancestor Baili to use up all of his worth. His objective accomplished, he spoke no further. Liang Feixuan sneered: “This immortal will also offer twenty liang of Relic Blade Sand and five Qi Dust Pills!”

Everyone was dumbstruck. Immediately, they were incomparably envious of the dragon’s owner.

“The Daoist would like to ask for the seller’s opinion.” The Daoist Cool Breeze smiled.

“What is there to ask. The Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pill can only be used to cultivate the Blooming Water Divine Thunder for the purpose of solid cultivation. Giving it to other cultivators is but a waste. The Qi Dust Pill, when absorbed into the body, can greatly promote cultivation. Is there any need to think?” Liang Feixuan snorted.

The Spirit Treasure Hall was absolutely silent.22

The fat shopkeeper entered to inquire about Su Xing’s opinion. Of course Su Xing chose the Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pill without hesitation; he was currently cultivating the Blooming Water Divine Thunder. Having this kind of amazing medicine simply was somebody sending a pillow when he was drowsy. Naturally, Su Xing currently was not that interested in the Qi Dust Pill that could help breakthroughs in his cultivation.

When the results were issued.

Liang Feiyuan went blank, her expression unsightly. “That cultivator truly is stupid!”

Ancestor Baili showed a satisfied grin, his eyes flashing an awe-inspiring, treacherous light.

The Dragon Gathering’s first auction sold the high price of “twenty liang of Relic Blade Sand and five Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pills.” The rest of the watching Scattered Star Cultivators were intensely envious, thinking that this bastard truly walked away with an unexpected success.

Ancestor Baili threw over two small bags to Daoist Cool Breeze, calmly saying: “The Daoist Cool Breeze has profited greatly this time. Someday, the Daoist must invite this ancestor to drink a cup of ‘Macaque Immortal Wine.’”23

The Daoist Cool Breeze put a smile on his face, swiping away the bags, nodding. “That is only natural. Ancestor Baili is this flattering, I definitely must invite you to drink a cup.”


The Daoist Cool Breeze waved his hand, and a white light emitted from the dragon’s neck. Along with the dragon’s head flying up, Ancestor Baili rolled it into his sack.

Then, the auction was very dull. The dragon’s skin, claw, bones, muscle, blood, and even its flesh did not bring about that sort of scene of the intense shouting of prices from just before. After all, this Blooming Water Dragon was only a dragon approaching its end. The other portions simply also were not that large, however, even if it was like this, it was exchanged for lots of Relic Blade Sand, gold, and the like. What made Su Xing not know whether to laugh or cry was final scene of the auction for the dragon’s flesh.

Seeing a first-rate Demon Beast sold as if it was pork meat, the cultivators who had attended from before were also unwilling to return empty-handed. One after the other, they used differing amounts of gold to divide the dragon’s meat. Legends had it that dragon meat could strengthen the body and build up yang qi, and eating it should not have any sort of ill effects. In any case, it was still an Ancient Seventh Rank Demon Beast. They could still boast that they had consumed dragon meat to any people they met after this.

After ten hours, a Blooming Water Dragon had been divided cleanly just like that; not even dregs were left behind.

Su Xing felt satisfaction towards this time’s auction, for his harvest was considerable.

“Fellow Zou, please follow this one beneath you.”

The fatty shopkeeper opened the door, revealing an envious expression.

Su Xing rose, following him out of this room. From inside the Spirit Treasure Hall, Ancestor Bai Li watched the stage, exposing a thin, cold smile.

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  1. 恆靈殿
  2. 地煞級星寶“飛星梭” with “shuttle” being a component of textile weaving, not a car.
  3. 內丹
  4. 靈砂
  5. 玄冥界, literally the Dark Underworld Territory
  6. 陰風老祖
  7. 貴婦
  8. 彩霞山
  9. 黃龍山
  10. 魂器
  11. 百里老祖
  12. 徒孫, does not imply familial relation necessarily.
  13. 命元丹
  14. 李仙彥
  15.  氣塵丹
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