Chapter 77: Sanctimonious, Villains Collude Together

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“Many congratulations to Fellow Zou. The profit of one Blooming Water Dragon was not shallow.” The fatty shopkeeper chuckled.

“That’s because the Clear Void Treasure Hall’s reputation is good.” Su Xing was very modest.

The shopkeeper’s pupils turned and turned, asking: “There’s something that Luo Mou really cannot understand. Why did you refuse the five Qi Dust Pills and even take the five Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pills? This isn’t useful at all, right?”

“Has the shopkeeper not realized it?”

“What’s that?” The shopkeeper asked.

“The Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pill is the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s sole medicine; it does not have a market price. Although it is only useful for cultivating the Blooming Water Divine Thunder, it it were to be sold to a Blooming Water Sword Sect disciple, heh, heh, the price would be far higher than the Qi Dust Pill.” Su Xing answered, pretending to be crafty.

The shopkeeper immediately understood Su Xing’s plan. In any case, the Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pill was the Sword Sect’s high quality wonder drug, and only several superbly gifted disciples could ingest it. If it was sold to someone just slightly less talented, then there possibly was a good profit. “Admirable, admirable. Fellow Zou truly sees far ahead, Luo1 was shortsighted, ha, ha.” The shopkeeper praised.

“Master, wouldn’t your taking of the Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pill be somewhat dangerous?” Lin Yingmei abruptly opened her mouth to speak. “If he deduces this, Young Master will have some trouble.”

“Yingmei, thinking in this way is not incorrect. At first glance, a city feels odd, however, doing anything has a risk; I could be crushed by a horse while walking on the road. With this sort of rarely seen wonder drug like the Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pill, how could I give it up with such a little, insignificant risk.”

Su Xing lightly smiled.

“Insignificant risk?”

“Little Sister Yingmei, you do not need to worry about this. Shi Yuan already said before we made that theft, a Supercluster Ancestral Master came to Bian City. Thinking about it, that should be he. Moreover, after our robbery, the Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book has not been spread at all. Thus, this Ancestor Wanli2 should not be aware yet.” The Knowledge Star explained.

“Of course, an even more important point is that Young Master ingested the Change Appearance Pill. Even if he knew, it makes no difference. However, now is the time to pay attention to our other matter.”

“What matter?”

“Right now, how do we successfully obtain the auction’s Relic Blade Sand, and how to break away from that Daoist Cool Breeze!” Wu Xinjie said resolutely.

“Daoist Cool Breeze?”

Lin Yingmei was blank, not expecting that criticism would suddenly be pointed towards him.

“Could it be he has the idea of fighting Master?”

“At the auction, Yingmei, Xinjie, what are your evaluations of him?” Su Xing muttered.

“Shrewd, cunning…” Lin Yingmei said.

“Sanctimonious.” Wu Xinjie giggled, directly saying it.

Su Xing nodded, “People who are too shrewd are oftentimes the most selfish. This kind of cultivator at an auction that can exploit everything to bring about the greatest benefit is the most terrifying. Xinjie said sanctimonious, which is very apt…If there was a profit of a hundred percent, capitalists would take risks out of desperation; if there was a profit of two hundred percent, capitalists would despise the law; if there was a profit of three hundred percent, then capitalists would trample the entire world. The items sold at an auction were many, and we got sixty, seventy liang of Relic Blade Sand. I won’t believe that he truly does not have mind of this.” Su Xing coldly chuckled.

Lin Yingmei did not know what the meaning of the capitalist thing was, but she grasped Su Xing’s intent: Su Xing’s identity was not known by anyone, so even if he died, he was negligible. With the Dragon Gathering’s successful big catch, it was indeed not impossible that that cultivator could move a finger and possess all of the success.

But letting a Galaxy cultivator sweep away his own reputation for ten million liang of gold, this simply was slandering the Clear Void Treasure Hall; the gains did not make up for the losses.

“Should he mistakenly believe the inner alchemy and soul are on Young Master, then there definitely will be the risk.” Wu Xinjie added a word. “However, I’m afraid such a shrewd person will not let another person come take the risk for him.”

“Lending someone a knife to kill with?”3 Lin Yingmei went blank.

Lin Yingmei was only not fond of any ponderance. As she thought about something, her mind spun and finally guessed the crux – Ancestor Baili. She saw at the auction that these two shared a friendship that was not shallow.

No wonder Wu Xinjie and Su Xing nearly did not think at the time of choosing between the Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pill and the Qi Dust Pill; they probably already realized the auction this time would not have this much success, so they might as well not have any misgivings.

Lin Yingmei did not fear a Galaxy Stage Cultivator. What she worried more about was her master, but Su Xing was calm and at ease, without the slightest degree of alarm. From what she saw in previous experience, he should have a countermeasure.

“We’ve arrived!” Shopkeeper Luo opened a sliding door.

Su Xing pondered and unexpectedly went in. He also did not fear opening hostilities with the Daoist Cool Breeze. Cultivators like the Daoist Cool Breeze that were this sort of shrewd would not be touched by any kind of stains. As long as he was at Clear Void Treasure Hall, then he was absolutely safe.

“Congratulations, Fellow Zou. This time, there was a big catch.” Daoist Cool Breeze slightly smiled.

“Thanks to the Daoist’s help.” Su Xing feigned a polite greeting, assuming a reverent attitude.

“These are the auction’s goods, please take a moment to choose.” Daoist Cool Breeze threw out an Astral Bag.

Su Xing held it on his hand, his Divine Intent searching it.

The Daoist Cool Breeze shot a glance at Su Xing, still with a relaxed and refined manner.

Shopkeeper Luo then began to calculate the profits from this auction: “The auction this time total gain in gold is four million liang. Violet gold, thirty pieces. Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pill, five. Relic Blade Sand, seventy liang. Two High Grade Nebula Artifacts, ten bottles of Return Spirit Liquid, and more. If you wish to exchange these for gold, the total is approximately thirty-three million liang.”

Su Xing went blank. The value completely exceeded his imagination. Gong Caiwei said this could only be sold for several million liang, but now, this was tens of times greater. Could the price she said be for violet gold.

“In accordance with the rules, Clear Void Treasure Hall will draw a tenth to take as earnings. If I may ask, will Fellow Zou select a tenth of the goods, or in the case of the total amount of gold, it will be two tenths.

“Gold.” Su Xing said without the slightest hesitation. He hated to part with a tenth of the goods.

This Treasure Hall was truly shady.

Only acting as an intermediary for a short bit, and they wanted to draw six million and six hundred thousand liang of gold. Su Xing felt his flesh hurt, but there was no other way. Without this platform, it was impossible for him to sell this much, especially with exchanging for that much Relic Blade Sand. Using that much should be sufficient for refinement.

Su Xing then threw out thirty pieces of violet gold, each piece worth a hundred thousand, so the total prices was at three million. Additionally, he took out three million six hundred thousand liang to pay off the remainder. This way, Su Xing had left only five hundred thousand liang of gold. All of a sudden, he had returned to the pauper class, and he could not help but curse briefly at the capitalist scoundrels.

However, Su Xing currently still needed to assume an air of being moved to tears until this farce was over. “This one beneath you truly cannot thank you enough. Your servant still has a treasure he wants to sell. Originally, this one beneath you had some worries, and it seems now he can completely be at ease with the Daoist.”

“Fellow Zou, what manner of speaking is this. For such an insignificant ten million liang item, how could the Daoist place it in his eyes.” Shopkeeper Luo was discontented.

The Daoist Cool Breeze’s eyes flashed, his face carrying a slight smile: “Fellow Zou, although you are relieved, the Clear Void Daoists are just so.”

Su Xing nodded.

Following Su Xing go into the distance using his eyes, “Daoist, don’t tell me this disgraceful man truly has the internal alchemy and the soul. That is truly a fortune, then. Even if it was the ‘Dragon Palace,’4 ancient demon beast souls are rarely sold. I see it would be better if we directly…”

“Do your thing.” The Daoist Cool Breeze stroked his beard.

Shopkeeper Luo gave an embarrassed smile, then ran into the room.

Not long after, Ancestor Baili appeared at his side. “Cool Breeze, where did that youngster run off to.”

“Use sound transmission.”5 The Daoist Cool Breeze said.

“There’s no need to be this careful, who in the surroundings would dare eavesdrop.” Ancestor Baili’s face complexion was annoyed: “This ancestor promised descendant disciple to obtain Relic Blade Sand, so don’t even think this item truly was sent away.” From the start, Ancestor Baili did not plan to hand over the Relic Blade Sand and the Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pills. Only when he surreptitiously used sound transmission to coordinate this with the Daoist Cool Breeze did he direct this play.

“Tell me now where he is, and this old man will go slaughter him and take his things.” Ancestor Baili’s expression was ruthlessly evil.

“No need to be so worried. He only just said he’s going to get an important item and bring it to auction. This old Daoist believes it should be the internal alchemy, the soul and such. Heh, heh, if we kill him now, we won’t get anything.” The Daoist Cool Breeze lightly smiled.

Ancestor Baili frowned: “And should that bastard trick you, what then?”

The Daoist Cool Breeze laughed aloud, seemingly feeling this was a big joke. “This old Daoist already locked Divine Intent onto him. With his Nebula Early Stage cultivation, how can he run from this Daoist’s Mount Five Finger!!”6

Ancestor Baili understood clearly, but he still was not too at ease. The twenty liang of Relic Blade Sand was truly not easily obtained, “First, you tell this ancestor his appearance, then this ancestor will help you be careful.”

“And you’re still so careful.” Daoist Cool Breeze grinned, Divine Intent entering Ancestor Baili’s ocean of consciousness.

Ancestor Baili then grasped Su Xing’s appearance. His Divine Intent spread, and a Supercluster Stage Divine Intent fully enveloped the area with more than enough room to spare. Very quickly, Ancestor Baili locked onto Su Xing’s presence. Seeing he had not run away, he coldly chuckled: “Such an ugly man unexpectedly could obtain a dragon. And he even wants to use the Relic Blade Sand to contract a Star General. Indeed, this is an imbecile’s dream.”

“Ha, ha, so let’s be a bit more compassionate, and have him wake from his dream.” Daoist Cool Breeze laughed.

Ancestor Baili greatly relaxed, “But don’t forget to invite this ancestor for Macaque Immortal Wine.”

And during these two Supercluster great cultivators banter, in a sudden moment, Daoist Cool Breeze’s expression changed.

“Not good!!!”

His figure turned into an escape light that blinked away.

Ancestor Baili stared blankly. Searching with his Divine Intent, his expression immediately changed greatly, and he followed closely behind.

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  1. 羅某, he is referring to himself
  2. Printing mistake in the raws, I believe. This is retained because this is not the last time he will be referred to as such.
  3. 借刀殺人, idiom meaning, “letting someone else do the dirty work.”
  4. 龍宮
  5. Akin to telepathy.
  6. 五指山


    1. “how could I give it up with such a little, insignificant risk.”

      Bitch, Suwen spent a lot of time, effort and priceless resources to make you those appearance-changing pills and you squandered most if not all of them selling something that will give away your appearance anyway. Fuck off; you’re not a good sworn brother.

      Really? Bashing on capitalism in a cultivation novel? Man, this really puts a damper in my reading experience. This is why I don’t read many Chinese novels; it’s hard to find ones that aren’t marred by nationalism, racism or any sort of holier-than-thou speech with regards to other countries or anything that isn’t Chinese.

      “Only acting as an intermediary for a short bit, and they wanted to draw six million and six hundred thousand liang of gold. Su Xing felt his flesh hurt, but there was no other way.”

      So much for the “greedy capitalists”, huh.

      1. Bashing on capitalism or not, the observation isn’t wrong. Sure it might be biased, but it’s notnot wrong, or inaccurate. Capitalism is premeditated on greed to motivate competition that maximize profit. Consequences were NEVER part of the equation even though they should. And also… Su Xing is a Chinese military man. It’d be weird if he ‘didn’t’ have something to say about the evils of market capitalism. And hey, I’m a born n bred American and agree with Su Xing. Unchecked capitalism is like being a crack addict desperate for their next fix. Capitalism, without rules, regulations, and impartial oversight, is just self destructive and objectively harmful in the long run. Period. Social8sm is a fairy tale pipe dream though. Ppl are just selfish morons. Su Xing isn’t exempt from that and never tried to say he is. He’s just gaming an rigged system to not die. It’s Cool Breeze and Baili’s fault for being too greedy.

    1. Well, he’s done it once before…it’s just that he didn’t need to *hint* with someone this time…:)

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