Chapter 83: Yellow Rank Spear Technique: Long Blizzard Nights

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Su Xing deliberately used Divine Intent to incite Ancestor Baili, and Ancestor Baili thought of relying on this technique of a Divine Intent to grab Su Xing. He scarcely realized that for a Supercluster Cultivator to fully use that enormous Divine Intent, that would be like sinking a mountain into the sea. The hundred disciples present were all only just Stardust Stage; how could they withstand this kind of ravaging. Originally having laid down a sword array, the magic circle instantly collapsed by itself.

And along with the two people’s Divine Intent duel that attracted the attention of everyone, the Knowledge Star took advantage of the opportunity to throw out hundreds of talismans and several tens of Thunder Fire Bullets. Even if a few were pushed down by Divine Intent, the explosion the Thunder Fire Bullets gave rise to still formed a chain reaction.

And with a distraction such as this, the hundred disciples sustained casualties amounting to more than half their number.

As far as the Knowledge Star was concerned, the most frightening thing was not the Supercluster Cultivator, but these seemingly insignificant Stardust disciples. When the sword array broke, the Divine Intent also immediately crumbled.

The disciples suffered a calamity, yet Ancestor Baili’s face did not change expressions. Apparently, he did not count on these low-level disciples to be able to do anything, anyways. They were not bad as cannon fodder, and now, another hidden Star General had been drawn out. Ancestor Baili sneered. Raising his hand, a ten zhang long, thick Blue Water Thunderclap1 struck downwards from the sky above towards Su Xing. Thunder boomed, like ten thousand stampeding horses, and the Blue Water Thunderclap was no less than a hundred zhang in length, its momentum vast and boundless.   

Astonishingly, this was the Blooming Water Divine Thunder’s power.

“Master, careful!” Lin Yingmei’s expression tightened.

No one understood this kind of frightening Thunder Technique the Blooming Water Divine Thunder was even more than Su Xing. It seemed from the Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book’s introduction that the Blooming Water Thunder, as one of the Five Elements Astonishing Thunders, its might was higher than an average Daoist Realm’s Thunder magic by several hundredfold. Seeing Ancestor Baili’s Blue Water Thunderclap, its momentum strengthen, imposing and fierce, it had been refined at least more than ten times. Although it was far from reaching Ten Thousand Thunders Simultaneous Discharge, the point of the collapse of Heaven and Earth, its might still scared people.

Plus, Ancestor Baili’s was not a person who underestimated the enemy,2 acting without leaving the least bit of leeway. Everyone present all felt this vastly powerful Blue Water Thunderclap’s approaching and severe killing intent. Even if Su Xing had the Majestic Star’s protection, he could not relax if it struck upon his body.

Everyone thought this way, yet who would have imagined that when the Blue Water Thunder was unveiled, Lin Yingmei leapt, unexpectedly leaving her Master, an Arctic Star Spear glinting in her hand. Cold qi pressed and pierced, hacking towards Ancestor Baili.

The Majestic Star’s “betrayal” made Ancestor Baili very alarmed. According to his understanding, the Majestic Star should have inevitably helped block the Thunderclap. Could it be this Majestic Star was dissatisfied with her own Master and was sending him to die? It was too late for much thought, and the many Thunder Water Flowers at Ancestor Baili’s side alternated, shooting towards Lin Yingmei.

The Blooming Water Divine Thunder overwhelmingly dropped down from above Su Xing, when suddenly it collided against a pure white halo. Enveloping Su Xing, a jade light condensed, and over Su Xing’s head, it transformed into a many layered ocean. Every level of white light had minute, faintly discernible incantations, showing an extremely durable appearance.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Like a clay ox entering the sea,3 the ten, hundred zhang long Blooming Water Divine Thunders struck upon the white net. That kind of oppressive sinking noise penetrated endlessly. The jade colored bright light enshrouding Su Xing’s entire body seemed like a bottomless pit, completely sucking in the Blooming Water Divine Thunder.

A jade annulus twinkled brightly.

Everyone looked, and only then did they know Lin Yingmei’s “betrayal” was planned.

“Astral Treasure!!”

Chen Zhonglin shouted.

The Profound Star Barrier was worthy of being called an ancient magic treasure. The Blooming Water Divine Thunder was easily submerged into that sea.

The Blooming Water Divine Thunder having been broken, Ancestor Baili was tangled up by Lin Yingmei. Waving his hand to disperse the Thunder Water Flowers, exploding one after another, the One Star Arctic Star Spear cleaved open a chilly wind that shattered the Divine Thunder.

The long spear shot straight towards Ancestor Baili, the latter was the Blooming Water Sword Sect Ancestral Master grade after all, and seeing him suddenly point towards the sky, a Blooming Water Thunder that was bigger than the one discharged earlier dropped from the sky. This Thunderclap’s water color was even more deep, its thickness somewhat terrifying. At the minimum, it was larger than the Blooming Water Divine Thunder just now by a full size. In addition, to the side of the at least three hundred zhang in length thunder pillar was countless huge water balls randomly flying and rotating.

This was a Supercluster Cultivator’s power.

This power was certainly just like opening Heaven and splitting Earth, the rapidly falling Thunder Pillar bringing with it a whirlwind. The earth split, and the forest was pulled out by the roots, rolling. With regards to the other party, the thunderclap just now was like comparing a small brook to a large river.

Lin Yingmei looked at it as if it was nothing, her speartip fiercely cutting. The Arctic Star Spear rolled out an Arctic Cloud Gust4 that condensed into a thick barrier, blocking her front. The Destined Star Weapon’s defense was far unlike the Profound Star Barrier’s, especially after advancing to One Star. With a type of unique material like Arctic Cloud Ice Soul, it was indeed like a tiger that had grown wings. The moment the Blooming Water Divine Thunder touched the ice-cold Arctic Cloud Barrier,5 it was like it fell entered into a swamp.


Ancestor Baili easily pointed, a booming Divine Thunder exploding open.

With successive booms, the Arctic Cloud Barrier blown to bits. Although the Blooming Water Divine Thunder consumed until nothing was left, it also blocked Lin Yingmei’s attack. Ancestor Baili seemed to have already known this outcome, not even looking as he raised his joined hands. An item flew out; it was a hanging portrait with the Nine Dragons Glacier6 painted upon it. He shook the painting, and cold light flashed from inside it. Nine, several zhang long, ice-cold and pure crystal long dragons flew about and coiled in the sky. They formed a mysterious magic circle, and that magic circle flickered and disappeared. Instantly, it appeared above Lin Yingmei.

Nine crystal long dragons opened their maws and spat balls of fog. These nine balls of fog were extremely cold; the moment they touched the air, they became a thick ice sheet, freezing Lin Yingmei firmly inside.

This was the sect’s magic weapon!

Entering Supercluster Stage, cultivators could then refine magic weapons. Compared to artifacts, magic weapons had even more spiritual power. The magic energy they could sustain was also more profound, like this “Nine Dragons Ice Sealing Painting”7 that could temporarily seal an opponent.

However, it was clear he had forgotten Lin Yingmei’s identity.

Su Xing was at her side, successively making hand seals. The Lin Yingmei that had been frozen over immediately disappeared, entering the Star Nest. In a moment, she once again emerged from beside Su Xing.

“Go help Xinjie. Leave him to me.” Su Xing promptly said.

Lin Yingmei did not think further. Seeing Wu Xinjie currently tangled up in a battle confronting the Giant in the Clouds Song Wan, Wu Xinjie was a wise general, not a military general, after all. Breaking the two schools’ Blooming Water Sword Array and the mechanism magic circle was already less than desirable. The enemy was very intelligent, and Chen Zhonglin and Tong Yao stood guard next to Shi Qian. Perhaps they knew they could not allow them to escape after rescuing Shi Qian.

“Just you alone????” Ancestor Baili laughed his head off. A Nebula Cultivator unexpectedly wanted to challenge him?? “You think just because you have an Astral Treasure that this Ancestor would be unable to deal with you? Killing you is even better than killing Lin Chong. As expected, you are a stupid man!!” Ancestor Baili coldly smiled. He currently worried there would be no chance to kill Lin Chong’s contractor, but the opposition unexpectedly arrived on his doorstep. Recalling the Nine Dragons Ice Seal Painting, both his hands struck a seal. The Blooming Water Divine Thunder sprayed out of Ancestor Baili’s pores, taking the shape of several hundred Blue Water Thunderclaps.

“Let us see if your Astral Treasure or this Ancestor’s Blooming Water Divine Thunder is the powerful one!” Ancestor Baili sneered, the several hundred Blooming Water Divine Thunders interweaving into an inescapable net that attacked towards Su Xing; Ancestor Baili was a steel-minded killer.

The Water Thunder’s rays of light enshrouded the Grindstone Mountain under a fantastic environment.

Moreover, when Lin Yingmei rushed towards Song Jia, Gong Xu and Song Jia already took precautions. Gong Xu controlled his flying sword to execute an attack, and Song Jia hardly carelessly shook the Vajra’s Evil Smiting Sword, but having already been refined to One Star, the Arctic Star Spear broke the artifact like paper scraps. After several moves, Song Jia was no match.  

“Sister, come quickly!” At this time, seeing Tong Yao still to the side, Song Jia could only call out.

Tong Yao did not dare put on airs, having seen that the Arctic Star Spear in Lin Yingmei’s hand was already twinkling a white star. Unexpectedly, in such a short time, she refining her Star Weapon to One Star was somewhat scary, and the only way was to join hands with the Devil Star Song Jia.

The Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident rushing out from the left brought relief to Song Jia of the pressure of confronting Lin Chong.

“Sister Lin Chong, just let we little sisters properly play with you?” Tong Yao gave a big smile, the Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident reflecting light clear and crystal, its tip penetrating.

Seeing Lin Chong alone confront two Star Masters, how could Gong Xu and Chen Zhonglin miss such a great fortunate timing. Seeing Wu Xinjie already go save Shi Qian was something they no longer cared about as the ancestor was here, anyways. She could not be saved, and the top priority, the most urgent thing the two Star Masters wanted to do most was to kill Lin Chong. As long as the Majestic Star Panther Head died, only then would they be able to feel at ease, otherwise, it would be hard to say if they could leave this place.

“All Star Cultivators, immediately kill Lin Chong!!”

Ancestor Baili also yelled.

It seemed this fighting strength on Grindstone Mountain, the Panther Head Lin Chong, was apparently the sole enemy.

The remaining Star Cultivators’ cultivations were not originally Nebula Stage, and they immediately threw themselves into an encirclement battle to kill Lin Chong.

Flying Sword, artifact, saber light,8 mechanical art, every sort of attack method emerged more and more.

With a Heavenly Weapon at One Star, Su Xing’s Star Energy progressed to Nebula Middle Stage, and the current Lin Yingmei was incomparable. At this most critical moment, the girl was completely not a wee bit reserved, her fighting strength splitting the skies and parting the seas, a churning the river.

Her figure flashed by, and Lin Yingmei’s slender silhouette was just like chilly wind, suddenly violent, suddenly rushing out towards the two Star Masters’ pincer maneuver, completely ignoring the Devil Star Song Jia, the Retreating Star Tong Yao and the rest’s saturation attack. The Panther Head’s super powerfully dodged, stepping across many zhang of space, arriving at the side of Star Cultivator nocking a Cold Arrow. Not saying anything further, her spear directly cut diagonally.

From the speartip came a power that was even more chilling to the bone than at any other time.

This was perhaps the first time Lin Yingmei opened up her own power unbridled. A simple spear, yet its appearance was not like before. Without mentioning its movements fast enough to simply be unable to see its shadow, along with the spear’s diagonal cuts, the air immediately transmitted a light sound, just as if something was broken. A clear, cold line immediately thereupon appeared, cutting out a complete locus.

His expression greatly changed, completely too late to react. This Nebula Late Stage Star Cultivator hurriedly raised both his hands to protect himself, releasing Star Energy with all his power, a protective artifact immediately appearing. A distinctly visible protective light suddenly appeared before Lin Yingmei’s eyes, and all the cold that the spear brought with it oddly and simply knocked a strike against it.


A crisp breaking sound once again was transmitted out, a violent reaction simply out of the imagination.

The Star Cultivator maintained his dumbstruck appearance, but the girl already swept past his body. The Arctic Star Spear seemed dull, yet it was actually incomparably valiant. A sharp, cold light shot onto the opposition’s protective cover and ruptured it just like a chicken egg. An ice-cold trajectory like lightning in the dark, there was a flash, and he died.

This spear raised a storm.

That Star Cultivator’s neck spurted a spray of blood several meters high. Almost as if his pupils were melting, he wobbled and collapsed.

A valiant attack!!

His pupils violently shrunk; Chen Zhonglin and the other Star Master’s expressions immediately changed greatly. If they suffered this spear, inevitably, they would go nowhere at all. A Nebula Late Stage Star Cultivator unexpectedly was dispatched in a flash by Lin Chong. This was the Panther Head?

This was the Panther Head, but things had barely started!

Lin Yingmei whirled her body, the corner of her mouth sweeping into an arrogant curve. The Arctic Star Spear, its cold light hovering, a ball of snowy yet not snowy fog spilling out from that mysterious pattern on the spear body. Astonishingly, it stored an ice-cold, bone-chilling and dreadful energy, its sharpness sharper than the world’s most legendary blade.

The other Star Cultivators dripped with sweat, gritting their teeth as they struck consecutive hand seals.

“Don’t run!!” In a moment of pause, Song Jia stepped forward to dodge, the Vajra’s Evil Smiting Sword trying to command people before Lin Yingmei’s next attack.

She absolutely was not the only person with this line of thought. Nearly at the same time as the Star Cultivator’s fall, the rest of the Star Cultivators simultaneously moved, attacking towards Lin Yingmei together.

A cold light flashed across her eyes. In an instant, a loathsome smile unexpectedly appeared on Lin Yingmei’s face.

Her body was seemingly in mid air, her footsteps agilely rotating, cutting out a beautiful, graceful, admirable and outstanding circle. Just like a whirlwind, a gale springing up everywhere, she already appeared behind another Star Cultivator.

There were no flashy or unnecessary movements whatsoever!

A spear swept by!!!

SFX: “Puchi…”10

A dazzling white light blossomed in the air. In the sky, a beautiful arc streaked by, sweeping from this Star Cultivator’s neck and away. A huge skull immediately lifted with the light, rolling towards the sky. From start to finish, unexpectedly, no blood appeared. The Arctic Star Spear’s chilliness was increasingly deep, surprisingly already freezing over the wound when she cut; even blood did not have time to spray out.

While the narration was very long, actually, not a moment’s time had passed. Lin Yingmei’s attack was just about to go off smoothly when indescribable form of ice and snow energy was already approaching her front.

The others had no time to be amazed. Flying swords and magic energy discharged. When Lin Yingmei beheaded the third person, Song Jia also shouted loudly. The Vajra’s Evil Smiting Sword’s light rays condensed a bit; impressively, it was the Yellow Rank Battle Technique: “Great Wisdom King Cleave.”   

A biting cold, gold light like an auger, simply without any dodging movements like Lin Yingmei, resolutely crashed towards her.

Lin Yingmei’s hair danced in the air. Inconceivable snowflakes drifted around the girl’s whole body. Suddenly, snowy waves violently rocked, and a snow wave fiercely flew, ice fragments radiating all around.


The Arctic Star Spear chopped, and the cold light unexpectedly directly tore open the Great Wisdom King Cleave.

Song Jia turned pale with fright. What kind of exaggeration was this.

“That is, that is…that…”

This moment, Lin Yingmei’s Arctic Star Spear was like an extremely ice-cold weapon. The Grindstone Mountain’s temperature wildly plummeted without explanation. Suddenly, snowflakes drifted over from the girl’s vicinity. Seemingly like winter, Chen Zhonglin noticed every attack of Lin Chong became increasingly ice-cold, and the temperature would drop by a degree, along with this Panther Head appearing increasingly frightening.

A sort of terrifying pressure was issued from Lin Yingmei.

Chen Zhonglin quaked, his inner heart unexpectedly showing fear.

So this was Maiden Mountain’s Five Tiger Generals?

“This is bad!!! Quickly kill Lin Chong!!” Tong Yao abruptly shrieked, both hands grasping the Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident. A powerful Star Energy was imbued into the spear, a dragon leaving the ocean.

Song Jia also felt a crisis, her entire body shivering without end. She already lost her earlier icy arrogance, the Vajra’s Evil Smiting Sword’s sword light erupting. Every kind of gold, bright light shot out from the Devil Star, her Star Crest entering the weapon like an unending river.


Chen Zhonglin and Gong Xu clearly sensed the two Star Generals’ unease and fear. They also handled things at full strength, throwing out every kind of self-protective artifact. The remaining dozens of cultivators immediately launched an attack at Lin Chong, no longer with an artifact or a technique, just a direct slash.

The cold light of Lin Yingmei’s was all the more ice-cold, like it came from a deep freeze.

“This Lin Chong…just what is happening?” Chen Zhonglin felt an ice-cold chill stab into his bones.

“Lin Chong is going to use her Yellow Rank Spear Technique, stop her!!” Tong Yao shouted loudly.

The Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident rolled out a roaring tsunami, imposingly surging forward, a pinning pressure like the Five Sacred Mountains rushed towards Lin Yingmei.

The Retreating Star River Churning Clam’s Yellow Rank Style – Water Dragon Captures Heaven, Overflows the Sea!

The Devil Star Giant in the Clouds Song Jia also did not neglect, the Vajra’s Evil Smiting Sword’s bright light condensed and split open the cold weather mist, appearing like a sharp, massive sword that shot towards Lin Yingmei.

Great Wisdom King Cleave!!

The two Star Generals’ One Star Heavenly Weapons’ Yellow Rank Styles could be rated as tyrannical, with power abundant enough to swallow the whole country.

Lin Yingmei’s attack had only just started, but it was a sudden start. Cold immediately flooded the entire space, the snow on the ground accumulating more and more because of the extremely deep cold made by the Star Energy at the speartip. Also because of this extreme ice-cold, large snowflakes were created, the seasons seeming to have reversed.  

The sounds of explosions arose with a bang. In the middle of the violent whirlwind, it collected into a frightful ice tornado. The space in a range of a hundred zhang immediately was a vast expanse of white snow; it could be clearly seen that the temperature had been brought down to the bottom line. Everything before their eyes was shrouded by white, their ears crammed with a whistle. The flying swords had been shot down, and the two Earthly Stars’ Styles were drawn into this blizzard, like dropping into a big, bottomless hole.

Song Jia and the rest’s faces had no color.

Suddenly, there came a violent change. The Star Cultivators hurriedly retreated back, executing defensive maneuvers, fearing a sneak attack.

An ice-cold figure similar to a millennium of black ice, the cold wind’s devastation felt in the air, and Lin Yingmei’s expression was cold, both her hands holding her spear. Stepping at a slow pace, in the middle of a violent storm of snow, she cut out a stunning and outstanding spear technique.

Raising her spear, it carried from top to bottom an imposing power, seemingly splitting open the intact space. A world-shaking fracturing sound rang, and along with her spear’s power, the ground immediately caved in. Ice crystals violently launched, snow waves splashed. The forest and the earth were jolted in a clamor, being pulled out by the roots.

The enormous ice-cold of the speartip directly swept past, and this spear brought out a wide expanse of a storm.

The Star Cultivators’ defenses were instantly broken, their figures disappearing into the storm. Lin Yingmei’s figure flashed, the spear’s power sweeping open from front to back the sneak attacking Song Jia. The spear’s cold neared an even more bone-chilling level. Within a crisp noise, the cold, crystal spear in Lin Yingmei’s hand that looked like ice and snow abruptly transformed into points of sparkling, white light that shot into every direction.

The person already viciously rushed out.

The spear technique was continuous and unending, without end. The offensive was wild as swelling waters, and the torrential downpour was becoming increasingly fierce.

A distance of several zhang was closed in a flash. The girl’s speed reached a peak, and along with the inertia of a full sprint, the spear broke down in midair like a snowflake. It condensed again and promptly reappeared in her hand. This time, the attack target was Star Master Gong Xu.

Gong Xu was a Star Master. Towards a Star Cultivator’s attack, he had an extremely strong sensibility. Even if he could not resist from the front, to unexpectedly kill him was also not that simple. He hastily controlled his flying sword to block her; what actually ripped apart this brilliant white space was actually a tiny snowflake fragment. Under Lin Yingmei’s deliberate acceleration, it possessed an awful destructive power. Every inch of space in the surroundings was intensively covered, such that the other Star Cultivators did not have the slightest chance to get away.

“Ding, ding, ding…” This sound was unending.

Gong Xu promptly embodied a Nebula Late Stage’s formidable combat power, the unsheathed flying sword like a viper. Quickly, he laid down a concentrated defensive net of light, under the accurate work of a slightly scorching qi flame, unexpectedly, the effect of a shield was achieved. Those ice crystal fragments possessing possessing awful kinetic energy were unable to have an effect, evaporating away in an instant.

But Lin Chong’s spear technique was far from being thought of as that simple.

“Master, leave quickly!!”

Song Jia saw the danger.

Lin Yingmei’s spear already was like the sound of thunder. In the opponent’s confusion, she promptly broke into the light net. She completely ignored the threat of the flying sword.

A bloody light suddenly appeared!

With a muffled grunt, Gong Xu staggered backwards a few steps as if he was drunk off wine, violently twitching from head to toe. A great amount of blood bubbled out of his throat; his throat seemed to have been pierced.

Gong Xu covered his throat, stunned, an expression of disbelief on his face.

“Great Wisdom King Cleave!!”

Song Jia spat out a mouthful of blood, the golden sword light attempting to tear open the blizzard, however, the girl subsequently danced, her agility like a butterfly in a storm. Lifting the plum tea piece, at the same time, there was blood.

She pointed to her next target, Chen Zhonglin.

“Master, quickly escape!”

Tong Yao was already deathly pale, the Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident resisting with all its might.

At this moment, Lin Yingmei’s spear power was completely revealed. Song Jia and Tong Yao advanced to attack with their full power, wanting to fight for a final thread of a chance, but that Arctic Star Spear rotated incomparably strangely. The spear point would sweep, and there would be an expansive blizzard. A chop would be a biting, penetrating cold, and every attack would make the spear’s temperature become even more frigid.

The Star Crest on the girl’s forehead was increasingly bright and pale. An unprecedented immense gale and blizzard enveloped the Star Cultivators under her spear power. No one could be spared, no one could escape.

This was shockingly it.

The Majestic Star’s Yellow Rank Spear Technique!

Long Blizzard Nights!11

The violent blizzard finally subsided, and Lin Yingmei held the spear in one hand, standing straight.

In the area of her attack, all Star Cultivators were met with a violent death.

The Devil Star Giant in the Clouds Song Jia saw her heart had been run through. Her expression blank, the light in her eyes began to fade.

“Two people could not kill you.” Tong Yao leaned on the Jade Water Turtle Dragon Trident for support, her whole body audibly shuddering. Mortally wounded, the only reason why she had not died was that she relied on Chen Zhonglin’s life-saving talisman, “First Scene Like Water Talisman.”12

However, Chen Zhonglin was not as lucky as she. Fallen under Tong Yao’s foot, it seemed his breath was cut short.

Tong Yao frigidly laughed, kneeling down where she was. Immediately, her final speck of light also was lost.

“Go well!”

Lin Yingmei faintly said.

The bodies of the ranked seventy-second Devil Star Giant in the Clouds Song Wan (Song Jia) and the ranked sixty-ninth Retreating Star River Churning Clam Tong Meng (Tong Yao) turned into star fragments, floating into the void. In the sky, two Crimson Stars were used up, and two stars fell.


Lin Yingmei still had not yet enough time to breathe, when suddenly, Grindstone Mountain was shook by an earthquake. A powerful pressure imposingly pressed down, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

The exploding sound of rolling thunder.

Not good!


Lin Yingmei hoisted her spear, lifted her head, and happened to spot Ancestor Baili breach Su Xing’s defenses, and she immediately forged ahead.


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  1. 碧水雷霆
  2. Oh, really?
  3. 泥牛入海, disappearing without a chance of returning
  4. 寒雲罡風
  5. 寒雲屏障
  6. 九龍冰河
  7. 九龍冰封​​圖
  8. 刀光
  9. 咔嚓
  10. 噗哧
  11.  風雪連長夜
  12. 似水元景符


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