Chapter 84: The Heavenly Calamity Talisman

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When the Yellow Rank Spear Technique “Long Blizzard Nights” was executed, it truly was a skill that would make others marvel. Lin Yingmei dispatched two Star Masters in a spurt of energy, and along with her ceasing of the spear technique, Grindstone Mountain’s blizzard also calmed. But at this time, there was the ear-splitting sound of rolling thunder. Raising her head, what she saw was Ancestor Baili’s Blooming Divine Thunder Flying Sword happen to strike open Su Xing.

The Profound Star Barrier’s spiritual energy defense vanished into thin air, and a Blue Water Thunderclap several zhang thick came striking down.

Ancestor Baili howled with laughter. According to his magic energy, it was sufficient to kill Su Xing dozens of times. Su Xing seemingly foresaw this, opening a Heaven Concealing Parasol against the wind and sheltering above Su Xing’s head. A ball of light interweaved into a net, layer upon layer folding around him.

The Thunderclap loudly struck, struggling valiantly as more than a dozen layers of light net instantly crumbled.

The Heaven Concealing Parasol was torn to shreds without the least bit of resistance, and it was at this time that two crimson lights fell from the heavens onto Su Xing. At the same time, the Blooming Water Divine Thunder struck Su Xing. With two rays of crimson light and the Heaven Concealing Parasol, a Supercluster Stage Great Cultivator’s tyrannical Blooming Water Divine Thunder unexpectedly could not strike the killing blow on Su Xing. Everything seemed to have been planned, every single detail accounted for.

Having received such a strike, Su Xing still violently coughed up a mouthful of blood, his internal organs seemingly on fire, his body’s flesh and nerves aflame. Ancestor Baili coldly smiled and pointed with both hands. Several Thunder Lightning Flowers floated in the air then plunged towards Su Xing.

A cold light cut vertically, and the flowers drifted.

Lin Yingmei had hurried in time.

“Heh, heh, heh, heh. This truly is an outcome outside of This Ancestor’s expectations.” Ancestor Baili floated in midair, more than a dozen Blooming Water Divine Thunders forming a flower appeared before their eyes. The petals opened and closed, taking in and sending out water lightning.

Seeing Lin Yingmei exert a powerful air that was seemingly dissipating, currently, he was not worried.

Grindstone Mountain at this moment suddenly dropped into winter, covered in ice and snow. The two sect’s hundred disciples nearly had no survivors, and the sole one left alive was precisely that Ancestor Baili. This Supercluster absolutely powerful cultivator did not have any sorrow whatsoever. On the contrary, he was even more savage and dripping with pride. As far as Ancestor Baili was concerned, this kind of situation was not necessarily an unlucky chance. “This is perfect. If this ancestor exterminates three Star Generals, that Liangshan Maiden wouldn’t say anything, would she?”

Ancestor Baili slightly raised both his hands, the Water Lightning Flower increasing sharply by several zhang. His absolute self-confidence originated from an absolute gap in their strength.

Su Xing was only a Nebula Middle Stage, what idea was this? His next rank was but Galaxy, both sides spanning a realm. In the Star Cultivators’ domain, this was not fatal; this was absolutely frightening. Regardless of what unexpected trickery a Nebula Cultivator used, that was fine. And a trump card, that was also fine.  Ancestor Baili looked at it all as nothing, his sole worry the realm crossing Star General.。

“Wiping out Lin Chong, this Ancestor would be considered the number one person, able to enter the heavens would be merely so. Can’t say for sure if This Ancestor could even go see that Liangshan Maiden.” Ancestor Baili’s eyes suddenly shot pure electricity, vigorously and wildly rising. A powerful pressure pressed down and intimidated Grindstone Mountain, the tremendous mountain shuddering for this reason.

“Even if you put this much effort into planning, what of it. Watch how This Ancestor breaks you all – go!”

Ancestor Baili shouted.

Several dozen Thunder Water Flowers withered, imitating flying swords as they broke into the sky and shot forth.

Su Xing raised the Pure Gold Shield, both hands joined as he struck hand seals. A ball of Water Lightning flew out from his palm, the disparity with Ancestor Baili’s was not generally large. An immense, deep hole was blasted out of the earth by the Blooming Water Divine Thunder. Su Xing’s Pure Gold Shield broke within a moment, only barely able to block the Blooming Water Divine Thunder, but having the Panther Head Lin Yingmei’s protection, an Arctic Star Serpent Spear swept across.

However, Ancestor Baili’s magic energy was excessively valiant, and Lin Yingmei and Su Xing both were beat back.

“Don’t mind this Star.”

The Knowledge Star Wu Yong tenderly scolded.

Several tens of whistling Thunder Fire Bullets successively were loosed from Silver Blade. This seemingly an artifact yet not an artifact gunblade was used by Wu Xinjie actually very skillfully. Ancestor Baili was disdainful; ever since after Wu Xinjie greatly broke the Sword Array, his Divine Intent continuously did not leave the opponent. When he saw her go save the Thief Star, he was not worried. The Water Parting Dragon Binding Net was expected to give her no way out.

Now seeing her shoot a dozen or so Thunder Fire Bullets at him, Ancestor Baili lazily waved, and a ball of blue-green light leaked from his sleeve, transformed into a long river, and instantly broke the Thunder Fire Bullets.

“On what grounds do you all dare to be so impudent in front of This Ancestor!” Ancestor Baili laughed loudly.

“This servant Knowledge Star does dare! Old Daoist, accept death!”

The Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie’s wrist turned over, and a hundred talismans were thrown out.

The talismans transformed midair into fire birds, the Middle Grade Talisman “Roasting Bird Talisman.”1

Ancestor Baili first raised his flying sword to block Lin Chong, and then subsequently urged on his Blooming Water ability to break the talismans.

“Knowledge Star? There’s some capital. This ancestor will take your sacrificial star first!” Hearing Wu Xinjie defend her reputation, Ancestor Baili’s eyes immediately revealed greed. The Roasting Bird Talisman simply was incapable of resisting Ancestor Baili’s grandeur. Wu Xinjie cried out in fear, her frightened face drained of color. Turning around, she ran.

“Xinjie, look out!”

The Su Xing and Lin Yingmei who were wrapped up by Ancestor Baili’s flying sword anxiously cried out.

How could Ancestor Baili let go of this golden opportunity to extinguish the Knowledge Star. His figure flit by, instantly chasing after Wu Xinjie’s back, the wind whistling in a cacophony, his killing intent roaring. Ancestor Baili’s palm raised a Thunder Light, slapping Wu Xinjie’s back, “Die!!!”

His palm hurt, having received recoil. Her clothes were ripped open by a formless power, and on the inside unexpectedly was a golden thread weave, fish scale treasure armor. Shockingly, it was the Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor. Originally General Tianwei’s treasure armor, it broke ten thousand flying swords of cultivators while on his body. Now on Wu Xinjie’s body, it was actually suitable for her. Ancestor Baili’s fatal palm energy immediately was greatly dissolved, however, even if it was like this, Wu Xinjie still vomited a mouthful of blood, her whole body trembling.

But just when Ancestor Baili prepared to grab Wu Xinjie’s head, the girl suddenly turned around. He saw the Star General that should have been scared out of her mind reveal a victorious and cunning smile.

“You fell for it, Old Daoist!”

A purple colored talisman floated out. Within such a short distance, Ancestor Baili simply was unable to see it. The talisman flashed, then faded, sticking onto the ancestor’s abdomen. He saw that talisman’s carved script had some profound design, and when the talisman dispersed, a violet great array surged. A powerful pressure unexpectedly made Ancestor Baili incapable of budging. Immediately afterwards, a purple magic cloud was raised over his head. Seeing that magic cloud flash with lightning within, rolling thunder grandly shook.

When the purple talisman came out, shockingly, the world changed color.

A thousand zhang purple flame, thunder and lightning rushed out from the magic circle, firmly trapping Ancestor Baili within.

“Impossible!!” Ancestor Baili was frightened enough that his face was white, promptly chaining together and striking hand seals. Several magic weapons, artifacts, everything flew out seemingly to ward off this terrible calamity.

This talisman of the Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie was awe-inspiringly the Supreme Grade Talisman

“Heavenly Calamity Talisman!!!”


A hundred bolts of thick violet-colored thunder and lightning struck down from the magic cloud, the large power unexpectedly cut down Grindstone Mountain a number of zhang. The purple light and frightening lightning could be seen as far as a thousand li away.

Taking advantage of this, Su Xing and Lin Yingmei promptly cut down the out of control Divine Intent’s flying sword, rushing to Wu Xinjie’s side.

Dealing with a Supercluster Cultivator could only happen by relying on the kind of Supreme Grade Talisman that was the Divine Punishment Talisman. Otherwise, they were simply incapable of shaking him up the slightest.

The violet thunder and lightning disappeared, and the weather was once again sunny and cloudless. The smoke and dust dispersed away, slowly revealing a battered and exhausted shadow.

Su Xing and the others’ hearts sunk.

Sure enough, a Supercluster Cultivator was valiant.

The Supreme Grade Talisman, the Heavenly Calamity Talisman, was surprisingly unable to deal with him!!

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