Chapter 88: Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword

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Su Xing was indeed inquisitive about the contents inside that jade strip that could make the cool Lin Yingmei slightly regretful. Taking the jade strip and examining it, reflected into his mind were nine flamboyant ancient characters.

Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword!!1

Hearing this rather extraordinary name, it must be known that Heavenly Spirit, Earthly Fiend, Purple Rose were the levels of grades for Astral Treasures. To dub these all at once onto the sword, clearly this was very interesting. Su Xing proceeded to explore it, and his expression changed. The exaggeration of the interior of the jade strip far exceeded his expectations.

The jade strip recorded a short, immemorial sword chart, and this sword chart was very interesting. The first half was not sword arts or powers but rather an excessively lengthy segment introducing material pertaining to training the sword. Recorded inside was every sort of as yet unheard of forging materials. Altogether it was split into nine chapters of Solar, Lunar, Astral, Draconic, Metallic, Wooden, Aquatic, Flame and Earthen.2 For example, the Metallic chapter’s sword forging materials: the Ninth Rank Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s3 golden dragon scales as a sword bone and Transforming Dragon saliva as a supplementary material. Secondly, there were also other materials. In brief, the Metallic chapter’s sword forging simply was a super magic weapon.

After Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan finished reading, they were also stupefied.

“Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword, unexpectedly, it’s an immemorial sword art. That old Daoist actually could get this sort of thing.” Wu Xinjie clicked her tongue.

“This is an immemorial sword art?” Su Xing asked, surprised. Each of the sword forging materials of the nine chapters were unique, any one of them enough to shock Liangshan Continent. In addition, this manner of sword unexpectedly was not a standalone, rather it was a sword art linked together, actually making Su Xing not dare to believe.

Wu Xinjie nodded.

The Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword in Liangshan Continent was one of the well-known Supreme Grade Immemorial Sword Arts. The sword altogether was divided into the nine varieties of molds, Solar, Lunar, Astral, Draconic, Metallic, Wooden, Aquatic, Flame and Earthen. Each type had a most outstanding Supreme Grade forging material, and every type altogether had twelve handles. With nine types, it just happened to be a hundred and eight swords; legends said the cultivator that could refine a Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword could turn the Five Elements upside-down, reverse Heaven and Earth, and rampage through Liangshan.

Su Xing did not doubt this point. On the basis of every sword’s material brought out alone, it could raise frightening skies and stormy seas.

“Turn the Five Elements upside-down?” Shi Yuan was moved.

Every person in Liangshan Continent possessed a unique Five Elements constitution. The Five Elements supported or suppressed one another, often with a result that caught people off guard. What arbitrarily turning the Five Elements upside-down signified went without saying.

“Such a great influence.” Su Xing was in awe and slightly sympathetic to Ancestor Baili.

The Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword was very famous in Liangshan. Things pertaining to it circulated widely, however, because the requirements to forge this Divine Weapon were too harsh, every kind of sword material all were extremely unique, rarely seen, and even somewhat never-before-seen; whether it be one or ten, only by creating the hundred and eight could the power of the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword be realized, and that was enough to make cultivators hope and timidly step forward.

This kind of immemorial remnant sword art in the Azure Dragon Territory was even more like an exceedingly distant legend.

Ancestor Baili was a Supercluster Cultivator. As a top-ranking cultivator in the Azure Dragon Territory as well as a large sect’s ancestral master, having this type of Immemorial Sword Art’s secret recipe was not strange.

“Has no one ever forged it?” Su Xing felt this was pitiful.

“Su Xing, it will do for you to forge it. Heh, heh, you have we three sisters, which Liangshan has never had.” The Thief Star Shi Yuan giggled. The harder something was, the more she wanted to challenge it.  

Seeing the materials listed, Su Xing currently did not have any strength to make a vain attempt, however, Shi Yuan had a phrase that resonated deeply with Su Xing. As far as Su Xing was concerned, challenging the limits was actually nothing out of the ordinary for him.

Not long after, An Suwen entered the room bringing a few self-made pills, also conveniently sparing no effort in fully using the Spiritual Aura Distribution to replenish everyone’s vitality.

Su Xing then asked her about a few of Ancestor Baili’s materials.

As expected, An Suwen was worthy of being called the Efficacious Star the Divine Physician. Panaceas and grasses of all kinds, not unaware of any, seeing that red petal, An Suwen went blank.

“Lifebound Heart Flower!”4

The Lifebound Heart Flower was a Strange Flower used to forge magic weapons and artifacts. Every petal reacted to one another, and pouring it into a sword art or into a sword array could make the power of the magic energy exhibit the greatest levels. Moreover, pouring into the Lifebound Heart Flower, even if other people obtained it, it was difficult to erase the original owner’s Divine Intent. This kind of Strange Flower, according to the market value in gold, one stalk was worth a minimum of ten thousand pieces of platinum. In gold, that was a hundred million liang, at the very least.

That jadeite bamboo was even more serious. An Suwen nearly shouted when she saw it.

“Thousand Year Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo!”5

Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo was a wood category of Supreme Grade Spirit Item, and this item had a deity effect. The magic weapons forged from this could exorcise and suppress demons. The pure spiritual energy contained in the Thousand Year Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo could steadily nourish cultivators and expand their magic energy. This kind of thing basically was invaluable, and there was hearsay the “Heavenly Gem Valley”6 merely kept a little.

“This Old Daoist unexpectedly collected such a rarely seen thing.” Shi Yuan was speechless.

“Could it be he was gathering the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword’s materials?” Wu Xinjie was amazed.

“Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword?”

An Suwen went blank.

Su Xing promptly opened the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword’s Wooden Chapter. Taking a look, he drew in a breath of cold air.

For the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword to forge a Wood Element Sword, the main ingredients happened to require a stick of Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo, a Lifebound Heart Flower and some Putuo Black Bamboo Sand.7 Su Xing opened those flasks, and he really found a purple and green bottle. Inside was precisely the Putuo Black Bamboo Sand.

“Then, isn’t that saying Master currently can forge a Wood Element Magic Sword?” Lin Yingmei unexpectedly said.

“I’m afraid not.” Su Xing shook his head, a little regretful.

Although the materials to forge a Wooden Sword were complete, the jade strip had the seals and the procedures for the magic circle and such to forge it, what Su Xing  understood about weapon refinement was merely limited to a few of Wu Tie’s experiences and notes. Classified as that sort of grade of beginner who just got his foot in the door, to forge this kind of Divine Weapon, how could Su Xing have any background.

It could be seen from Ancestor Baili retaining these materials and not refining that he could not be careless about this matter.

“What a pity, what a pity.” Shi Yuan really felt this was too pitiful.

“If we let the Gold Coin Spotted Leopard Tang Long8 forge it, then it isn’t impossible.” Wu Xinjie muttered, asking: “Do you know where Tang Long is?”

The Gold Coin Spotted Leopard Tang Long was an expert in forging and weapon refinement in the 108 Star Generals. Using her abilities, forging this was not any sort of problem.

An Suwen and Shi Qian shook their heads.

The Gold Coin Spotted Leopard Tang Long’s Star was the Solitary Star, and her natural disposition was very reclusive, practically wishing to never encounter any Star Generals. In the past Star Duels, the Solitary Star Tang Long often was in the final few stages. Only when her identity was revealed would she be found by other Star Masters. Speaking from a certain kind of respect, her presence concealment was even more powerful than Shi Qian’s.

Since this approach would not work, the sole method was only to do it themselves. Having ample food and clothing, giving this to other people, no one could be relieved. As it happened, Su Xing also wanted to experience refining bullets.

“Shopkeeper Su, something’s happened.”

This moment, the nervous yell of a waiter suddenly came through.

An Suwen walked out, and in less than ten minutes, she returned. The Divine Physician’s face carried a trace of a grave expression. “Big Brother Su Xing, all of you Sisters, let us quickly depart.”

“What’s happened?”

Everyone was stunned.

An Suwen bitterly smiled: “Suwen was careless. Someone has discovered the relationship between the cottage and Big Brother Su Xing and informed the Blooming Water Sword Sect. Right now, there is currently a great quantity of cultivators here to arrest Big Brother.”

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  1. 天罡地煞紫微五行劍
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  3. 九階的撕天金蛟
  4. 本命心花
  5. 千年鎮邪瑯竹
  6. 天瑯谷
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