Chapter 89: The Shooting Star Whip and the Small Transfer Magic Circle

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“Little Sister will go look again. Also, Big Brother, take my sisters and be careful.” An Suwen called, then turned around and walked out the door.

Su Xing somewhat worried for her.

Wu Xinjie smiled and said: “Young Master, you’d best relax. Little Sister Suwen he enjoyed fame for healing the sick and dying in Heavenly Water City. Down to the last layman and up to the Rippling Wave Kingdom’s royal family, everyone without exception reveres her. Many Star Cultivators also frequently purchase some pills at the Health Cottage.”

Shi Yuan nodded in approval, “This Young Lady also only became acquainted with her after pass through Heavenly Water City and hearing Suwen’s fame.”

Although this much was said, Su Xing felt just letting a Star Maiden without an inch of steel1 confront a hundred Star Cultivators was still a bit not too wise, “Yingmei, you go watch over her. Be careful.”

Lin Yingmei nodded and left.

Wu Xinjie watched Lin Yingmei leave, looked around, then lightly pranced towards Su Xing: “Young Master, just now, Xinjie recalled there is another item that needs to be handed over to Young Master.”

“En? What thing?”

Wu Xinjie’s face wore a giddy red, and she suddenly undressed.2

The Shi Yuan to the side who was in the middle of comprehending the Mo Attack Mechanism Records saw Wu Xinjie bare her breasts,3 opening her eyes wide.

“It’s come to this time, so don’t make trouble.” Su Xing’s voice was somewhat stern.

Wu Xinjie gave a wry smile, making a coquettish glance: “Young Master, what are you thinking about? Xinjie is just returning the Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor to Young Master.” Her clothing softly fell, revealing a finely threaded, fish scaled golden soft armor.

“I’ll leave this for you since you have use for it anyways.” Su Xing touched his nose.

“Xinjie holding on to this is also a waste.” Wu Xinjie walked close to Su Xing and straddled his thigh. That winding and winding virgin fragrance indeed managed to stir up feelings, “Should something befall Young Master, what should we sisters do.”

The Knowledge Star glanced at the Shi Yuan sitting before the table, the latter already dumbfounded.

“Young Master, could you help Xinjie undress?”4 Wu Xinjie said in a low and charming voice, both hands wrapped around Su Xing’s shoulders.


Su Xing inwardly said, What an alluring woman. Grabbing the Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor’s hem, he pulled it upwards. Wu Xinjie lifted her arms, sticking out her chest. The embroidery had a lotus’ light blue, and her undergarments were then raised into the clouds. That towering plumpness seemed to want to break out of her clothes.

Wu Xinjie was just about to stick on her red lips when, at this time, a low cry came from outside the door.

“Big Brother!” An Suwen’s face was red, and she turned her head away.

“Wu Xinjie!” Lin Yingmei truly was furious to death. Could it be this Knowledge Star did not know the price of losing her virginity?!5

“Xinjie only is returning the Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor to Young Master.” Wu Xinjie pecked him, then left Su Xing’s thigh, picking up her clothes to cover her sexy upper body.

Shi Yuan covered her feverish nose, “Wu Xinjie, you really are too bold.”

Wu Xinjie looked at her out of the corner of her eye, “Elder Sister doing so very much indeed has a purpose.”

“How is it outside?” Su Xing changed the topic.

“Master, many of the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s people that have great cultivations are almost here. The Blooming Water Sword Sect really did issue the Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant.” Lin Yingmei’s tone was ice-cold.

“We had better leave first. This place is the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s domain.” Wu Xinjie tidied her hair, muttering: “The Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant seems dreadful, but the other nine schools would not necessarily stick themselves out for the Blooming Water Sword Sect. It’s just that the other schools’ Star Masters are somewhat troublesome.” The Majestic Star who signed a contract definitely would shake the entire Azure Dragon Territory, and it was hard to say if these Star Masters had a killing mindset.

“There is a Small Transfer Magic Circle6 in the middle of the house. Big Brother can follow Suwen.” An Suwen promptly said.

“Sister Suwen, you surprisingly prepared the Small Transfer Magic Circle?” Shi Yuan asked, astonished.

“An Suwen also guards against the unexpected.” Wu Xinjie thought this was a matter of course. Because of An Suwen’s calm and attention, there absolutely was no possibility she did not keep a way out.

From outside the room suddenly came a booming noise. Several powerful pressures enveloped the residence. Through the window, in the air were several brilliant lights.

“Majestic Star!! Quickly roll yourself outside and accept death!!”

A chilly woman’s voice shouted.

“There is no time to lose, we had better leave quickly!” Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan indicated. The two people knew that at this time, they could not be a burden on Su Xing, and they immediately hid into the Star Nest as Lin Yingmei took the Arctic Star Serpent Spear in her hand.

“Your servant shall shield Master!”

The Majestic Star was about to rush out, but she was grabbed by Su Xing.


“Don’t be impulsive!” Su Xing shook his head. Judging by the imposing air from outside the door, there were at least ten Galaxy Stage Cultivators and even more Star Cultivators were approaching here as an unending flow to provide assistance. These Star Cultivators came prepared, so how could dealing with them be this simple.

“The Small Transfer Array is in a storeroom not far away. We just need to get there.” An Suwen said in a low voice.

“I’ve implicated Little Sister.” Su Xing felt guilty.

An Suwen shook her head.

Several dozen sword lights filled the sky and shot downwards. Those already unable to hold back had used the ability of their sword arts, and they heard the woman who spoke initially shout in astonishment: “Headmaster, that Divine Physician is still inside.”

“Hmph, harboring a hoodlum, death cannot wipe out the crimes.” The Daoist Luo River coldly smiled.

The house loudly collapsed, and the hundred sword lights were blocked by Lin Yingmei’s Arctic Star Serpent Spear.

“Arctic Star Serpent Spear?!”

“It really is the Majestic Star!”

The several dozen Star Cultivators in the sky were stunned.

“Do not be afraid. Lin Chong first offended my sect in the past, and I presume that Liangshan Maiden will not say anything.” The Daoist Luo River pointed a hand seal, and the sky swirled a Water Thunder. That Blooming Water Divine Thunder was just like a blue wave of a dragon surging through the sea of clouds. Thunder-light accumulated, and it seemed that as far as control of the Blooming Water Divine Thunder was concerned, the control was considerably brilliant; he was worthy of being called the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s headmaster.

“Go!” The Daoist Luo River pointed.

The Thunder Light Dragon rolled screaming towards the three people.

Lin Yingmei shouted, clear and ringing. She lifted the Arctic Star Spear above her, and the spear edge cut open a dense, cold light. The cold light then collided with the Blooming Water Divine Thunder into a single piece, and the sky above Heavenly Water City immediately exploded with a water blue Thunder Light.

Su Xing at this moment continuously discharged Silver Blade.

All of the Thunder Fire Bullets were completely shot out.

More than fifty Thunder Fire Bullets in the shortest of times filled the entire space, and the power of the other Star Cultivators’ artifacts and techniques slammed together. These Galaxy Cultivators’ magic energy broke the Thunder Fire Bullets like paper scraps. Su Xing did not expect the Thunder Fire Bullets to have any kind of threat, but what he needed was only to fight for a bit of time.

The Thunder Fire Bullets detonated in the sky into fifty balls of flame, the explosions continuous, unexpectedly forming a frightening grandeur.

A few Star Cultivators that wanted to rush over were immediately blown back.

“Let’s leave quickly!”

Su Xing hastily said. The three ran towards the storeroom.

“Don’t think of running!”

The Daoist Luo River’s cultivation was the highest. Seeing they wanted to run, he suddenly shouted.

During that sudden shout, what appeared in his hand was a completely dark blue, having nine segments, circulating amulets, just like flowing water long whip. One look could discern this was not an ordinary artifact.

The Daoist Luo River thrashed it, and the long whip hacked towards their faces, tearing a blue light. The Thunder Fire Bullet’s remaining power was unexpectedly entirely eliminated under this whip. The Arctic Star Spear blocked, and the long whip burst out a terrible thunder. The web between Lin Yingmei’s thumb and forefinger tore, her whole body trembled, and she vomited a mouthful of blood.

Even a One Star Arctic Star Spear was unable to support her, frightening indeed.

“Yingmei, you take Suwen and leave.” Su Xing ordered, his tone leaving no room for refusal.

Lin Yingmei immediately retreated back and rushed with An Suwen towards the storeroom.

“Hm, hm, you indeed are a man.”

The Daoist Luo River coldly smiled: “See if you can or cannot block This Sect’s Astral Treasure, Shooting Star Whip!”7

Shooting Star Whip, unexpectedly, it was an Astral Treasure.

How could Su Xing dare to touch it. Spitting out a mouthful of Essence Blood, the Essence Blood condensed then dispersed. A golden long sword shockingly appeared in his hand; it was that Vajra’s Evil Smiting Sword. This Vajra’s Evil Smiting Sword was acquired from overcoming the Devil Star Giant in the Clouds Song Jia, a One Star Evil Smiting Sword already completely filled with Star Energy.

Originally, Su Xing’s artifacts greatly decreased, and he wanted to use the Vajra’s Evil Smiting Sword to prepare for future misfortunes. He never expected he would have to use it this soon.

Seeing that the Daoist Luo River had brought out an Astral Treasure, it was too late for Su Xing to have regrets.

His hand clenched the Evil Smiting Sword, a golden light flashing.


The space was taken over by a lacerating blue light.

The long whip was like a shooting star, fiercely falling upon Su Xing’s head.

“Great Wisdom King Cleave!!”

Su Xing’s Star Energy gathered, and the Vajra’s Sword blocked the Shooting Star Whip’s might. A golden sword light flushed out of the Evil Smiting Sword and formed a frightening auger shape.8 That Astral Treasure was matchlessly powerful. Surprisingly, a whip could whip apart a Great Wisdom King Cleave’s sword light into two halves, just like a sharp weapon would part the sea. However, a Star General’s Star Weapon was not inferior to an Astral Treasure, and the divided sword light was still imposing and fierce.

A sharp whip crack whipped onto Su Xing, and Su Xing was fiercely in pain. This Shooting Star Whip was quite terrible. Whipping onto his body, his skin hurt with a painful heat. His own protective Star Energy had instantly been torn apart, his internal organs and body seemed to have been whipped into two halves. He was in enough pain to wish that he was no longer alive. Fortunately, the Vajra’s Evil Smiting Sword’s Great Wisdom King Cleave already got rid of a majority of the power. Otherwise, if this whipped his body, Su Xing simply would not need to lament nonsense; he would have been directly crippled.

“Young Master!”

“Su Xing!”

Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan in the Star Nest simultaneously cried out, their worries far exceeding these wounds, but the two knew that they could not do anything if they appeared. On the other hand, if there were three Stars at the same time, they risked turning their Master into a genuine public enemy. For the time being, they could only restrain themselves.

The Daoist Luo River also received the Great Wisdom King Cleave’s attack. Luckily, his magic energy was robust and he had artifacts to protect himself that resisted it, but the second time he drew the whip, he briefly hesitated.

The Blooming Water Sword Sect’s other Star Cultivators to point their Flying Swords and pounced towards the Su Xing struggling on his deathbed.

Just at this moment, a brilliant light flashed.

“Purple Thunder Heavenly Calamity! Go!”

With a cold yell, the Thief Star Shi Yuan fantastically left the Star Nest, throwing out more than a dozen purple talismans.

Those pouncing Star Cultivators immediately were scared to a stop by the attack, continuously fleeing in every direction, to avoid this purple talisman. The evil reputation of the “Purple Thunder Monster” that killed Ancestor Baili more or less had that much of a shadow in their hearts.

And this much of a split second gave Su Xing a chance to catch his breath.

“Master, leave!”

Shi Yuan shielded Su Xing, promptly seizing the chance to retreat into the storeroom. As it turned out, at this moment, An Suwen’s Small Transfer Array already launched.

They entered the Small Transfer Array, and in an instant, the room distorted, brilliant light scattering in all directions.

Moreover, those startled apart cultivators looked. The purple talismans that were thrown out were but ordinary “Miasma Qi Talismans.”9 Immediately, they were stamped their feet in anger, hastily controlling their flying swords to move over for the kill. The Daoist Luo River regained a bit of his vigor, the Shooting Star Whip hacking towards them.

The storeroom split open with a bang.

“Not good, it’s a Small Transfer Array!”

Ling Xian shouted loudly.

Countless flying swords and artifacts fiendishly attacked.

But at this moment, it was already a step too late. The Small Transfer Array flashed, and Su Xing and the rest disappeared from sight. Exactly at this time, the storeroom was leveled by the cold light of countless Flying Swords.

Author’s Note:

PS: The main character currently has three routes10 he can pursue. Yesterday, I was in the middle of plotting the synopsis, and to be frank, I have not finished planning that route. However, today should be even better with two chapters, pleading for your votes!

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  1. 手無寸鐵, unarmed and defenseless
  2.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Even though it says this, I really don’t think she’s naked…yet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Oh, yes! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. So, maybe Star Maidens’ powers are linked to their virginity?
  6. 小挪移陣法
  7.  流星鞭
  8. A very pointy drill or needle shape, it seems.
  9. 瘴氣符
  10. IDK if he means the girls or actual strategies.


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