Chapter 93: The “Savage Star” God of Death

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In response to their amazement, Su Xing smiled: “I had Shi Yuan give the Blooming Water Sword Sect a letter to bear.”

“A letter can make the Blooming Water Sword Sect cancel the Kill Warrant?” An Suwen still felt this was awfully exaggerated.

“That depends on what you write in the letter.” Su Xing chuckled.

“What did Young Master write?” Wu Xinjie inquisitively asked.

“If the Kill Warrant is not canceled, I will prepare to copy that Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique’s secret in its entirety and sell it by the hundreds upon thousands…” Su Xing wore a crafty smile. “Make their sect’s guarded secret into a common street item, worthless.”

The girls were about to faint. This method was too shameless.

“Young Master, you considered doing as much?” An Suwen smiled.

Su Xing pursed his lips. He actually indeed had thought of this, however, the requirements to practice the Blooming Water Divine Thunder originally were very demanding. Besides letting the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s Blooming Water Divine Thunder ability be researched thoroughly, truly distributing it also completely lacked sense. Right now, Su Xing was currently practicing this, so he naturally could not bring trouble to himself.

“However, the Blooming Water Sword Sect unexpectedly actually agreed.” The Thief Star felt this Sword School really did not have integrity. It was lucky that it was still one of the Four Great Sword Sects.

The Knowledge Star wanted to understand the crux among this: “The Blooming Water Sword Sect issued the Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant to kill three eagles with one arrow, so cancelling it or not cancelling it were both equally likely outcomes.”

“Why do you say that?” Su Xing smiled.

The Thief Star Flea on a Drum was very powerless. She was not even able to clearly figure out one eagle, so how did the Knowledge Star have three eagles.

Wu Xinjie explained: “The first eagle: Every person that issued the Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant knows Young Master’s identity and the danger of a contracted Majestic Star. They should handle Young Master, and they naturally shall. If they did not deal with him, the Kill Warrant would be useless; the second eagle is to attempt to paralyze Young Master’s countermeasures. Xinjie guesses the Blooming Water Sword Sect is perhaps waiting in the dark for the chance that Young Master is careless. This third eagle…”

“The third eagle is the sect’s increasing weakness. Then, the other sects would increasingly become aware of the danger of Lin Chong’s master, heh, heh. Some sects that possess Star Masters definitely would not sit idly.”

On the topic of the Blooming Water Sword Sect, this moment, all the protectors and hall masters also were currently questioning the Daoist Luo River’s decision to cancel the Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant, and it was no different from Wu Xinjie’s guess. The Daoist Luo River’s “one arrow, three eagles” also made every Star Cultivator present blank for a day.

“Headmaster is amazing!”

“With this, it virtually promotes Lin Chong to the highest danger.”

“Heh, heh. This indeed is more formidable than the Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant by far.”

The Daoist Luo River slightly smiled, carrying a trace of being pleased with himself.

Ling Xian wrinkled her brow and said: “But we’ll let Lin Chong get away just like this?”

“Of course not. This Daoist already secretly contacted several sects we have good relationships with. The sect’s inner circle will not stop chasing after Lin Chong’s whereabouts…Hmph, now we need to wait until the two Ancestral Masters exit seclusion. Seeing as how the Birth Outline is upon us, at that time, he will be humiliated!” The Daoist Luo River coldly grunted. Not firmly beheading Lin Chong and her master, just how could the Blooming Water Sword Sect swallow this down.

“How is the person at the Divining Star Platform?” The Daoist Luo River asked.

“En, the disciple Hall Master Yu1 brought has monitored it for three months now and has seen several Star Masters, but Lin Chong has not been sighted.” Ling Xian replied.

“The Divine Physician is with him, pay attention for the Change Appearance Pill. Do not be careless.”


“I understand.” Shi Yuan shouted in awe: “It’s hard to imagine the Blooming Water Sword Sect was actually so malicious. Next time we run into that Blooming Water Old Daoist, this Young Lady definitely will steal away that Astral Treasure.” The Thief Star felt indignant.

The group that bitterly cultivated for three months could be considered to have had their strength greatly swell. Su Xing’s Chaotic Tail Escape’s highest Seven by Seven, Forty-nine Layers of Heaven had already reached the Thirty-Sixth Layer of Heaven. The Chaotic Tail Escape flashed away a hundred li. If he could not outmatch the enemy, at least he could still outrun them.

“However, Sister Xinjie is worthy of the name Knowledge Star, comprehending her Dark Rank Battle Technique this quickly.” The Thief Star was envious. It was not that the three girls did not think of an even higher magic. It was just that to do this type of thing, innate skill and inspiration were needed. Often, they had to let nature run its course; they could not force it.

Several hours later, following Wu Xinjie’s guidance, they quickly arrived near the Divining Star Platform.

Su Xing first took a Change Appearance Pill. Both Su Xing own body and Zou Sihai’s identities and appearance had been compromised. This Change Appearance Pill had passed through An Suwen’s improvements, and the disguised appearance had also turned into an elegant and beautiful young man’s look. If viewed solely from the outside, then he simply was a naive and traveling spoiled son. Looking at that gentle and pretty face in the mirror, Su Xing was not particularly fond of it. However, the Change Appearance Pill’s effects were originally not definite, so Su Xing not liking it could not be helped.

An Suwen experimented with this Change Appearance Pill for three months and only completed two, which cost millions of liang. Ordinarily, it was used to complete risky public business to great effect, for example, this trip to the Divining Star Platform. They believed the cultivators waiting for an opportunity were not few.

“We’ll need to be careful in a moment. The Divining Star Platform is a place Star Masters must go to. Within the surrounding hundred li, often there are people lying in wait, specifically recording the faces of Star Masters, waiting for an opportunity afterwards to kill them. Star Masters that previously died at the Divining Star Platform, or because of it, were many.” Wu Xinjie warned.

In the Star Duels, the Divining Star Platform could be said to be a double-edged sword of a crisis and opportunity both existing at the same time.

Su Xing grunted in affirmation.

When they entered within a hundred li of the Divining Star Platform, Su Xing sensed many concealed presences. Su Xing also broke through the second layer of the Divine Machine Clan’s Great Spread Divine Art within these three months, and the current Divine Layer was keen to say nothing of it. Even when his own Divine Intent swept over those Star Masters, they did not sense it. Only Nebula Late Stage Cultivators could slightly feel it.

A moment later, the sounds of an intense battle in the forest attracted Su Xing and the rest’s attention.

They only saw countless flying swords like running water currently intertwined into an array beneath the trees, trapping its target within the array. The flying swords incessantly launched an entanglement attack, and twenty to thirty Star Cultivators very cautiously encircled around it to the side, continuously manipulating seals and flying swords. From time to time, several powerful artifacts flew out.

Those Star Cultivators wore water-blue apparel and were astonishingly the Blooming Water Sword Sect.

Su Xing frowned. Staring at them, as a result of the twenty to thirty Star Cultivators’ forms being very confused, a dazzling blue light was practically sheltered from view. He could vaguely make out that the one that had been trapped was a petite girl, and seeing that girl’s sword swings, the pace of her footsteps, it seemed she was protecting something, not letting the Blooming Water Sword Sect disciples get close.

That sword actually made Su Xing feel a shiver.

Huge and hard, it was broadsword of approximately two meters, and the blood grooves on the sword blade were forged of dark iron, black and deep as hell, and when its whole body circled, the sword tip actually dispersed a concentrated crimson blood light, more red than even blood. It was red to the point that there was no way to stare at it. A first look would make people feel their entire body was ice-cold, and it was unknown whether it was because of this “Magic Sword” that those Star Cultivators would launch an attack.

“Xinjie, what do you see with her?” Su Xing said.

Wu Xinjie nodded, starting her Yellow Rank Magic Think Then Act.

That girl’s military strength potential immediately floated before her eyes, and that dark-colored blood light’s broadsword was revealed without doubt.

“Blood Drinking Demon Killing Sword!!”2 The Knowledge Star went blank.

She looked at Su Xing, somewhat not daring to believe.

“She is the ‘Savage Star,’ God of Death Bao Xu!”3

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  1. 於堂主
  2. 飲血戮魂劍
  3. “地暴星”喪門神鮑旭


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