Chapter 94: Eight Years Old And Already Drinking Blood

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“Heh, heh, do your best Junior Brothers. This Star General soon will be ours.”

The Blooming Water Sword Sect saw that the Savage Star already was very weakened. Their killing intent abundant, repeatedly smiling, they completely did not detect in the sky a thousand meters above them were people nearby snooping.

“Young Master Su Xing?” Wu Xinjie aimed an inquisitive gaze at Su Xing.

Su Xing did not have a shred of a good opinion towards the Blooming Water Sword Sect. Seeing those cultivators below derangedly besieging her was completely loathsome. Nodding his head, the Wind Swayed Raft quickly dived down. Su Xing threw a red gourd, the miniature gourd in the wind swelled in size multiple times.

The red gourd flowed transparent talisman inscriptions. The gourd’s red light condensed and was extremely bright. This was precisely the Blood Rain Pot. Su Xing’s current cultivation already entered Nebula Late Stage, and using this Galaxy Artifact was smooth and easy. The Blood Rain Pot hung upside-down in the air, its red brilliance spraying out like a torrential downpour.

The Blooming Water Sword Sect cultivators beneath were about to enthusiastically attack, when suddenly they felt the sky above transmit bursts of pressure. Lifting their heads to look, their faces were like ash.

The place that was nice to look at was full of scarlet rain.

The Star Cultivators hastily raised every sort of defensive artifact and magic, but this Blood Rain Pot was a Galaxy Stage Artifact. The violently emerging rain of blood was thick as a feather pen, incomparably sharp. A hundred red lights covered their surroundings, and there were miserable sounds again and again. Some cultivators even did not have time to prepare and just died.

The Savage Star had already seen the rain of blood fall, and the Blood Drinking Demon Killing Sword assumed a defensive posture at her chest. That two meter long broadsword seemingly was like a shield. Crimson light flew around, enveloping her and the person she wanted to protect like a net of blood. The Blood Drinking Demon Killing Sword and the Blood Rain Pot appeared to engender one another as the blood light that flew over and fell on the net was sucked into it.

A long time after, the more than twenty Blooming Water Sword Sect cultivators had more than half of their number dead.

“This one beneath you is the Blooming Water Sword Sect. Who are you people? Why did you sneak attack this school!” A Star Cultivator who had the highest cultivation of Galaxy Early Stage raised his head and saw the Su Xing on the boat, his expression changing.

He only felt that the elegant and beautiful youth standing before the dragon’s head had an indescribable evil intent and coldness. Even the pretty as flowers maids at his side were each out of the ordinary, and then he saw the Star Crests flickering on their foreheads.

“You are…”

Hall Master Yu loudly shouted.

Without giving him the chance to speak, a freezing cold broke the wind, and Lin Chong threw herself into a leap and already swung down the Arctic Star Spear.

Hall Master Yu, unfortunately, was Galaxy Early Stage. Both his hands successively flipped through seals, and an Ice Blue Water Mirror blocked in front of him. More than a dozen talisman scripts flew out, melting in the air and violently dispersing a wide area of ice and snow blades.

The remaining Star Cultivators also hastily fastened their flying swords and attacked towards Su Xing.

The Wind Swayed Raft flashed.

These Star Cultivators were overwhelmed to see this. The opponent was then right before them, his speed excessively quick.

“Have a taste of your Blooming Water Divine Thunder!” Su Xing wrist flipped, and the Blooming Water Divine Thunder then burst forth from his palm. The more than seven times refined Blooming Water Divine Thunder was like a long whip waved around by Su Xing. Thunder-light buzzed, and the Divine Thunder turned into water, not changing its non-solid state. This swept downwards, and five or six Star Cultivators suffered it head-on. Their seals broke off, their incantations stopped short, their whole bodies instantly paralyzed.

The Savage Star also was not idle. Raising the Blood Drinking Demon Killing Sword, she cleanly and nimbly killed as if she was cutting vegetables.

Star Cultivators that were farther away saw this beautiful young man was this violent, turning away in preparation to run. The moment they turned, they saw a black-colored skintight jumpsuit, fishnet stocking wearing girl craftily look at them. Her hand pointed, and several tens of Fierce Beast type Mechanical Beasts spat out a green light and extinguished them.

Besides, that Hall Master Yu was not one of the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s masters of a hall for nothing. After firmly resisting Lin Yingmei’s Arctic Star Spear for several moves, even placing artifacts and talismans, Hall Master Yu seized the chance to use an escape technique. The speed of Lin Yingmei’s dodging movement was even faster than his escape technique, and the Arctic Star Spear’s tip was clear and present. A cold light slashed down towards Hall Master Yu’s neck.

Hall Master Yu struggled to throw out a talisman and could not change the Arctic Star Spear’s trajectory.

“Ah!!! This Sect will definitely make mincemeat out of you all!!”


After he spoke those words, this Galaxy Early Stage Star Cultivator1 died at Lin Yingmei’s hands, unexpectedly without the slightest degree of strength of resistance.

“Dream on, you!”

Wu Xinjie sneered, suddenly reaching out her hand with her Star Energy like a fine thread. A Sect Intent Transmission Talisman was then burned to ashes. Wanting to advance secretly a cheap trick to inform his sect in front of the Knowledge Star was a bit too naive.

Several tens of minutes later, the Blooming Water Sword Sect was completely wiped out. Su Xing recalled his artifact, and threw out a Ghost Soul Pearl. These abominable souls naturally could not be left behind.

“You want to kill me?”

A young and tender voice sounded.

Only then did Su Xing and the girls go pay attention to that Savage Star.

When they saw the Savage Star, they all stared blankly.

The Savage Star God of Death in the Water Margin was only the Death God second after Li Kui. Just looking at her name was enough to know that there was a verse that went – raise a broadsword to kill by fire, Bao Xu’s name is called the God of Death!2

But the Savage Star God of Death before him was completely outside of Su Xing’s imagination.

The really not extremely frightening violent young girl was not licking blood, the bloodthirsty female devil of a massacre. If Su Xing had to use a feeling to describe the first feelings he had when he saw the Savage Star, then it would be cute.

Quite cute.

A pair of vivid and lively big eyes, delicate facial features, skin like snow, green clothes, petite and exquisite, any way he looked, she could not be more than seven or eight years old. Perhaps she had not even reached the young age where she had an awakening towards a first love. Even if that two meter broadsword in her hand was taller than herself and even more heavy, it was this incompatible Blood Drinking Demon Killing Sword held by the girl that actually made people see nothing wrong.

“You are the Savage Star God of Death?” The beautiful ladies were flabbergasted.

Shi Yuan had wanted to shout out “Elder Sister,” but seeing that small girl was this young, she really could not shout it out.

The little girl’s eyes carried a calm and caution that did not align with her age. Going by this, she indeed could be a Star General. Sweeping her eyes, her gaze finally stopped squarely on Su Xing. “Do you want to kill Xiaoyu?3 Xiaoyu will not give up!!”

Su Xing stared blankly, and they looked at each other in dismay.

For him to kill like this truly was a very difficult matter.

The Savage Star’s expression was brimming with unwavering determination, without fear, definitely making Su Xing very impressed.

Her age was very small, her imposing aura very excessive.

Watching the little girl’s movements that were like a mother cat protecting its child, Su Xing, Wu Xinjie and the rest’s eyes glanced behind her. Unexpectedly, it was a little boy about the same size as her. He currently curled his body up in fear, hugging his head, frightened and stressed.

“Is he your friend?” Su Xing, making his voice somewhat more gentle.

The Savage Star acted as if her tail had been stepped on, her whole body stretched taut, her eyes more alert and cautious.

“Could he be your Master?” Wu Xinjie opened her mouth.4

The little loli5 jolted, as if she had been set on fire, suddenly throwing herself forward. That immense Blood Drinking Demon Killing Sword was just like Mount Tai as it advanced and cut towards Su Xing. Blood red light was emitted from the sword blade, the boundless bloody light in an instant covering Su Xing and his beautiful ladies.

Yellow Rank Tactic:

Long River of Blood Drinking!!

Su Xing remained unmoved.The Lin Yingmei who was already storing energy as they waited swung her spear with one hand, the forest of the spear point’s cold, white light shown from the spear’s edge. Just like a ferocious beast, it cleanly engulfed the blood light, the spearhead instantly touching against the Savage Star’s neck. Only a light was needed to return the little girl to the Liangshan Maiden as a Falling Star.

“I beseech that you do not kill Xiaoyu!”

The all along frightened boy abruptly shouted out.

Author’s Note

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  1. Star Master in the raws, obviously incorrect.
  2. 放火殺人提闊劍,鮑旭名喚喪門神 Poor me, can’t make a verse.
  3. 小漁
  4. I guess it’s a running gag that Wu Xinjie just has to open her big mouth…
  5. 小蘿莉, LOL


  1. Awwwww! So cute!!! I wish they would make an anime of this. (Have they and I don’t know?) 13 chapters for me to binge tonight! Weee!! Thanks for your work!

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