Chapter 95: The Divining Star Platform, Yan Poxi

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It seems that young boy definitely was the Savage Star’s Master, without doubt. When he called out, each of their red Star Crests sparkled.

“I beseech that you do not hurt Xiaoyu.” Although the boy was very afraid, he still wanted to do his utmost to protect her. Su Xing nodded to himself. At such a young age, yet he already having this spirit was already considered to be very good.

“If we wanted to kill you, we would not need this nonsense!” Lin Yingmei icily asserted, withdrawing her spear.

The Savage Star God of Death bit her lip, recalling the Blood Drinking Demon Killing Sword at the same time.

“Thank you.” The little boy bowed his head.


“Why are you here?” Su Xing asked, immediately answering himself: “To go to the Divining Star Platform.”

The little girl nodded, opening eyes of distrust: “You really will not kill me?”

“You don’t offend me, I won’t offend you.” Su Xing smiled.

The girl went, “Oh.”

“Many people have been drawn here, let’s leave first.” Wu Xinjie looked around in all directions. Although this battle was very quick, it still alerted the Star Cultivator gangs within the surrounding few dozen li. If they ran into an ally of the Blooming Water Sword Sect, that indeed would be hard to say. The Knowledge Star asked the Savage Star: “We also were just about to go to the Divining Star Platform. If you wish, come together with us. Walking over there, you are too audacious.”

The hundred li surrounding the Divining Star Platform was known as the Falling Star Graveyard.1 Every time the Star Duels commenced, many harbored sinister machinations as Scattered Star Cultivators attempted to reach Heaven in a single bound2 by setting up ambushes in the surroundings and waiting for Star Masters to take the bait. If they were powerful, that was it; leaving the stage with useless powers was unpleasant to say. These drifting Scattered Star Cultivators also did not fear the Liangshan Maiden’s retaliation. As far as they were concerned, using every kind of method to increase their strength was the most important.

The little girl was still very caution, however, her contracted master actually agreed without the slightest hesitation.

The Wind Swayed Raft broke through into the sky, and the little boy looked at the thousand meters of sky, revealing an awed expression. Very quickly, he showed boyish excitement, pointing at the scenery below in high spirits with the Savage Star.

The girl previously was still very vigilant, but very quickly, she was influenced by her master, revealing a brilliant smile.

Su Xing sized up the two minors, completely baffled. The little boy wore a magnificent brocade, with a manner very appropriate. It seemed he came from an extraordinary family background, but his cultivation unexpectedly being Stardust Early Stage actually was a big surprise.

An Suwen at this time stepped forward and chatted with them. The Efficacious Star the Divine Physician’s warmth was like a cleansing spring breeze, very quickly making the two people sweetly cry out, “Elder Sister, Elder Sister!”

On the road, Su Xing more or less understood their circumstances.

The Savage Star God of Death’s True Name was Bao Xiaoyu3, but she preferred others to call her Yu’er.4 That small boy indeed was her master, surname Han,5 given name Yu.6 They did not state the reason why they signed a Star Duel Covenant, but it could be seen the God of Death Bao Xiaoyu defended her Master with all her power. Yet, the young boy was somewhat shy. What were the Star Duels, he most probably did not know anything at all.

The Savage Star was too bold. Her master’s cultivation was only at Stardust Late Stage, yet she dared to come to the Divining Star Platform to become an outlaw. Even the Knowledge Star was endlessly speechless. However, that Blood Drinking Demon Killing Sword of the Savage Star was refined to One Star. From that Starlight’s relative dimness, it was not refined with material the likes of Relic Blade Sand. Still, it was rather outside of Su Xing’s expectations, and it seemed this God of Death of a little girl was completely an old Daoist.7

During their hurry to the Divining Star Platform, they also ran into many Star Cultivators. Seeing Su Xing surrounded by beauties, they thought he was some great clan’s hedonistic son. In the Star Duels, this type of frivolous disciple was a very common sight, and these Scattered Star Cultivators did not dare provoke them. The group was more scared than hurt when they very quickly saw the Divining Star Platform.

The Divining Star Platform situated at the top of the Divining Star Hilltop8 from afar looked looked to be a minaret-shaped odd building. Its entire body was a single stone obelisk, and with that pillar raised to the heavens “Maiden Mountain,” they brought out the best in each other. A hundred and eight pillars of carved dragons and painted phoenixes surrounded the building’s environment, numerous and close together, there was a sort of indescribable pattern.

The Divining Star Platform.

An existence inseparably close and related to the Star Duels, no one knew just where it came from. Apparently, when the Star Duels began, it rose steeply from the ground. Conjectures about the Divining Star Platform could not be considered very few. People only knew that inside was a mysterious Star Diviner calling herself “Yan Poxi,”9 who knew from astronomy to geography. While others could not see through the orbits of stars, she could know all these by heart.

Star Masters relied on the Star Diviner to seek for where the “Token of Becoming an Outlaw” that occupied an important position in the Star Duels fell.

As far as this place was concerned, there also was not shortage of cultivators that wanted to pry into the bottom of the matter, but the majority all were stopped by the forbiddance at the outer ten li.

The red boundary was like an immense casing that covered a ten li range around the Divining Star Platform. Su Xing struck a Star Talisman, and the boundary gave rise to a ripple that immediately afterwards sucked the Wind Swayed Raft inside like a great, big mouth.

Falling inside, a powerful pressure then forced Su Xing to drop the Wind Swayed Raft. It seemed this place had an aerial forbiddance.

Su Xing lifted his head. The Divining Star Platform towering to the highest peak was like a sword stabbed into the ground from the Heavens. A thousand and eight layers of white stone stairs snaked and crisscrossed, like a crawling white dragon. Every sort of Spirit Beast, Holy Object and statue were set up on both ends, exceptionally spectacular.

Seeing that tall and erect, reaching through the clouds flight of stairs, Wu Xinjie’s head hurt. She had originally wanted to enter the Star Nest, but the Savage Star did not shrink back, making her rather embarrassed.10

The Divining Star Platform’s ambiance was solemn. They could not hear the sounds of birds, the chirps of insects. Turning their head around to look at the world outside the boundary, it had a fuzzy appearance.

Walking for several hours, everyone only then ascended to the top.

The Divining Star Platform had three flights of steps, divided into the Earthly Fiend Path, the Heavenly Spirit Path, and the Purple Rose Path.

Su Xing already fully understood the Divining Star Platform’s history from Wu Xinjie before coming. These three paths were the ranks of the “Token of Becoming an Outlaw” Star Masters had to choose from.

The effect of choosing Token of Becoming an Outlaw that was a different grade was not at all the same, however, the higher the grade, the harder it was to obtain that Token of Becoming an Outlaw, such that one could lose his life. In the past, there was a Star Master that contracted with Guan Sheng who chose the Purple Rose Grade token and fell. From then on, the Purple Rose Grade was regarded as legendary. Very few Star Masters dared to take the risk.

The majority of Star Masters chose between Earthly Fiend and Heavenly Spirit.

The Savage Star little loli chose the most dependable Earthly Fiend Path. Given Han Yu’s cultivation, this Earthly Fiend Path was facing a hazard.

“Wait a sec!” Su Xing stopped them.

Bao Xiaoyu turned her head, her eyes somewhat cautious.

“This is for you.”

Su Xing threw an Astral Bag stuffed with some items that he previously obtained from the Blooming Water Sword Sect cultivators to her.

“Hold on to it, perhaps it will be useful.”

The Savage Star Bao Xiaoyu opened her eyes wide. “You’re giving this to Yu’er?”

“En. I don’t have any use for it. Watch yourself.” Su Xing looked at her adorable appearance. Her pure eyes completely lacking blemishes did not have a trace of a God of Death’s evil tendencies. Su Xing was only treating her as a little sister.

Bao Xiaoyu’s surprise was within his expectations. The Star Masters in between had only been mortal enemies. Even if there was peaceful contact, they would not give a thought to their counterparts.

“Little Sister Yu’er, just take it. Young Master is truly worried about you two.” An Suwen just smiled.

“Thank you, Big Brother Su Xing.” Han Yu shyly expressed his thanks.

Bao Xiaoyu was blank for a moment, then spat out the two words of, “Thank you.”

When they set off on the Earthly Fiend Path, Wu Xinjie then asked: “Young Master, if there really is a day that they become the enemy, what will Young Master do?”

“I will never be stupid enough to let people come kill me. I’ll shout loudly love and justice, world peace?” Su Xing was helpless.

The girls were amused by Su Xing’s charming words.

“Which one will Master choose now?” Lin Yingmei asked at this time.

Thinking for a bit, Su Xing looked towards the Purple Rose Path. Considering the abnormal phenomenon of his contracting multiple Star Generals, the Token of Becoming an Outlaw naturally could not be skimpy.

“This one.”

Wu Xinjie and the rest did not have objections, hiding into the Star Nest.

Walking past a corridor, he entered a bright room. Inside the room were not too many furniture. It was obvious from a glance that a woman wearing a hood sat in the middle of the room, hunching her back. A pair of dried up, thin hands currently flipped through cards on a table.

Seeing Su Xing enter the room, the other party covered the cards and lifted her head. It was an aged face completely covered with wrinkles. That pair of eyes completely lacked anger, seemingly like ash.

Su Xing was speechless.

This was Yan Poxi?!

Author’s Note:

I’m recommending a book, “Punished World Diary,”11 a very good dark fantasy novel.

When others are still too tangled without a good martial technique, the main character has already conceived a signature technique!

When others believe they can arbitrarily trample over another, the main character already first took a step on his head!

When others set foot on the summit of martial cultivators, the main character has already stepped out of the road of Heaven’s Path.

This so-called world, just what is it. Whether or not it turns into a void, the road underfoot is barely a drop in the ocean!

A mysterious palace, a world ending demon beast, the six paths of reincarnation! Book Number 1733704

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  1. 墜星墓場
  2.  一步登天, instant success
  3. 地暴星喪門神真名鮑小漁
  4. 魚兒, really. She likes to be called “fish.”
  5. In this context, probably means wise beyond her years.
  6. 卜星山頂
  7. 閻婆惜, named identically to the original character from The Water Margin.
  8. Wu Xinjie is too lazy, lol
  9. 刑世錄, another Qidian work it seems


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