Chapter 96: Polishing The Mirror

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Su Xing inherited the Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie’s “Seeing Clearly”1 cultivation. Regardless of the other party’s degree of cultivation, he could see easily see through it, but seeing Yan Poxi, she seemed to be wrapped in dense fog. No matter how he looked, he could not pierce through.

The rumored Star Diviner was even more remarkable than a Transforming Star Cultivator, and this did not seem fake.

“You also are preparing to choose the Purple Rose Grade?”

Yan Poxi’s words were bleak, with neither sorrow nor joy, vaguely carrying a trace of a power that intimidated people.

Su Xing noticed the “also” word she used to describe, inquisitively asking: “Are you saying that another has chosen the Purple Rose?”

“It was not long ago, a good-looking woman entered Liangshan.” Yan Poxi placed both her hands on the table, her drooping eyes also not looking at Su Xing. On that chrysanthemum pearl fragrance table, a complex patterned array was vividly engraving upon the table, gradually taking shape. Yan Poxi’s voice was downcast: “Have you thought clearly? The Purple Rose resides in the fight of Heaven above. Only the almighty can bring about its outcome!”

“You have only once chance!”

“This servant knows it himself!” Su Xing completely lacked fear.

Yan Poxi grunted in affirmation, her mouth reading an incantation. The Star Art fluttered, and seven colors of Starlight appeared on her fingers that were like dead trees. He saw scripts pile one after another onto the table, like more and more flying cotton-white snow, a moment later. Rays of light condensed, and now the table had upon it a purple pearl.

“This Purple Rose Pearl2 will let you enter Liangshan, but whether you can find the jade pendant will depend on your good luck. If you wish to escape the entrapment, pinch the Purple Rose Pearl to dust, and it shall be.”

Su Xing grabbed the Purple Rose Pearl. Faith in the Liangshan Outlaw Jade Pendant3 immediately came pouring into his ocean of mind.

Su Xing read the incantation, and the Purple Rose Pearl’s purple light turned into a dense purple mist that shrouded him. In the blink of an eye, Su Xing completely disappeared before Yan Poxi’s eyes.

“This time’s Star Duels apparently have a Star Master that cannot be ignored.”

Yan Poxi thought aloud, and flipping over the cards, on top was a Star Banner,4 mixing seven stars. This was precisely that sworn seven brothers.5

The world fluctuated for a moment, and by the time Su Xing emerged, the surrounding scenery already had big changes. A dense field of spiritual power hit him in the face, and that spiritual power even did not have a thread nor a hair of impurity. These spiritual influences did not need to go through a tempering transformation and could be used to increase cultivation.

“What is this place??” Su Xing was amazed. How did he get from the Divining Star Platform to this other place in a split second.

Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie, Shi Yuan and An Suwen flashed out.

Seeing these pure green hills and clear waters,6 they were also briefly surprised. An Suwen flipped her wrist, and a green gemstone appeared. More than a dozen bred Essence Swallowing Dragons cheerfully rushed out and devoured great mouthfuls of the world’s spiritual energy. The purity of these spiritual influences was simply like a delicious treat.

Liangshan Continent’s landscape was of verdant hills and limpid waters,7 the air was clean, but compared to this place, it truly was not worth mentioning.

He had only just stepped in. Su Xing then felt his Star Energy obtain a seemingly nourishing vigor. Using the Blooming Water Divine Thunder, it also was expanded several times compared to before.

Su Xing threw the Wind Swayed Raft, and the group stepped aboard. The Wind Swayed Raft shot into the sky to size up this place below.

One look frightened them.

Only then did they discover, this world’s mountains extended forever into the distance. The mountain’s ancient trees reached high into the sky, its sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces countless, and it had even more waterfalls crashing with a great noise. Among the mountain streams were many peaceful streams and springs, rare treasures and strange fruits, spirit beasts and spirit birds, bright and multicolored, the never before heard, and the never before seen.

Above all, the mountains all were exceptionally tall, not to be outdone when compared to the Cache mountain range. In a radius of a hundred li, the mountaintops that reached a thousand zhang were innumerable. In particular, they did not know how many ten millions of li. Faintly, there was a tall peak jutting straight into the horizon, seemingly linking Heaven and Earth together, appearing to be a gargantuan pillar from ancient times.

This kind of scene. It made Su Xing seemingly arrive inside an immemorial prehistoric and primitive forest, especially the mountains linked to one another. Among them, there were countless caves and stone platforms. Some caves had beside them old pines coiled with one another, green all over, bamboos sprouting, orchids blooming, and the sea in the middle of this mountain was as glossy as a mirror, no wind and no waves, just an auspicious and peaceful plane.

“Could this be the Star World?”8 Lin Yingmei knit her brow.

The Star World was also called the Star Unicorn World.9 It was one of the four legendary Worlds of legend. This Star World was above Liangshan, and rumor had it that Transforming Stars of Annihilation could peep into the void, and step into the Star World.

For example, this Astral Gemstone was an embryo of the Star World, and the Liangshan Maiden’s Star Generals were even more thought of as their own Star World and descended.

However, these ways of speaking did not have any evidence. But, the sole thing that was certain was that the Star Unicorn World was far above Liangshan, in a separate world.

If they truly came to the Star World, that truly was desperately serious.

“I believe this should be the Void Liangshan.”10 Wu Xinjie smiled.

“Void Liangshan?” The group did not understand.

“I heard that Star Masters that take the Outlaw Writ Plate will evade into the Void Liangshan. Young Master, that Purple Rose Pearl perhaps could explain things.” Wu Xinjie said.

Su Xing looked at the pearl in his hand, moving his Divine Intent.

The Purple Rose Pearl’s incantation entered into his mind, and he thereupon understood a few pieces of information pertaining to the Writ Plate. If it was as Wu Xinjie surmised, this place certainly was the Void Liangshan. It was only a specialized place that tested whether or not the Star Master had the qualifications to take the Writ Plate.

“Surprisingly, it’s only for the purpose of testing the Star Master to start leaving the Void. This means cannot be average.” Shi Yuan clicked her tongue several times.

“What do we do in order to obtain the Writ Plate?” An Suwen asked.

This Void Liangshan was without boundaries and endless, apparently far larger than the Azure Dragon Territory. Searching for a tiny little Writ Plate undoubtedly was finding a needle in a haystack.

“In short, first examine the circumstances, then we’ll see.” Su Xing said.

“Just now Yan Poxi said that there was another Star Master that entered. Young Master, we need to be more careful.” The Knowledge Star told: “I’m afraid that a Star Master that dared to enter the Purple Rose Grade is not simple.”


Su Xing controlled the Wind Swayed Raft to pass through this barren hill and cluster of mountains. He probably flew several hundred thousand li and did not see a sign of human habitation. They apparently were the only existences in this world, truly a quiet fright.

“It’s said this Purple Rose Grade is very powerful. It seems it merely is so? This Young Lady sees that this is a scam.” Shi Yuan twitched her lips.

“Big Brother, first rest for a bit!” An Suwen wiped away Su Xing’s sweat for him.

The Void Liangshan’s spiritual energy was simple, its vigorous energy also fierce. Controlling Sword Flight in normal times would consume even more Star Energy. Continuing this way was not a solution, and seeing a wide sea, the Wind Swayed Raft drew into the forest.

Wu Xinjie held the Purple Rose Pearl, carefully analyzing this pearl, seeing whether or not it had the Outlaw Writ Plate’s profound theory. Shi Yuan volunteered to go scout out the surroundings, to see if she could find a dark cave and such. Relying on her excellent body techniques, even if she ran into the Star Master, she did not need to worry about being found.  

Lin Yingmei was in charge of standing guard, and An Suwen was training the Essence Swallowing Dragons.

Everyone had assigned work, and Su Xing was not idle. The Void Liangshan’s environment was precisely a good opportunity to practice. Su Xing swallowed a Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pill and seized the chance to refine the Blooming Water Divine Thunder. The later refinements were increasingly difficult; fortunately, the Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pills had a godly effect. In a brief three months, he already could accomplish making shapes of the Divine Thunder.

Several Water Thunder Flowers hovered around Su Xing’s body, each petal folding over, gathering and emitting Water-Thunder. Compared with Ancestor Baili’s imitation flower’s appearance, the shape already was increasingly similar. Only its power had a slight discrepancy.

A smile flit across the corner of his mouth. Su Xing suddenly changed the direction of the Star Energy in his body, and saw the Divine Thunder Flower produced by his Divine Intent abruptly appear as a magic purple cloud. A blue flower turned into a light purple, together with the blue Water-Thunder and Lightning also appearing purple.

Su Xing continuously flipped through seals. The four Water Thunder Flowers abruptly rotated at a rapid speed. The petals separated and withered in a flash, turning into a hundred purple petals. These purple petals looked ordinary, but there was a faintly penetrating deep, cold Star Energy. Along with Su Xing pointing, the hundred petals leisurely and silently dispersed.

The beautiful ladies saw this act and showed astounded expressions.

Wu Xinjie praised: “Young Master’s Purple Rose Transforming Qi11 is more and more practiced.”

“I didn’t expect this Purple Rose Transforming Qi to have this use.” Su Xing smiled. The Purple Rose Transforming Qi was a technique obtained from Ancestor Baili. It was originally meant to refine the Purple Dipper True Qi specially for refining the Big Dipper Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword, however, the technique on it was extremely hard to understand and make sense of, a mystery in a mystery. Ancestor Baili apparently did not fully grasp it. Luckily, Su Xing practiced the Heart Like Mirror Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique. Also simply entering the second layer realm, directly ignoring the Complex Night Seal, this was somewhat of a fluke breakthrough.

The Purple Rose Transforming Qi altogether was divided into the four realms of “Transforming Qi, True Dipper, Purple Fiend, East Approaches.”12 The first realm practiced qi was True Qi Becoming Purple, as if cleansing a magic cloud, using the Magic Purple Cloud Star of the ability, it added even more power. The second realm True Dipper was True Qi if there was substance, which could be more effective than a Flying Sword. True Qi could peel iron as if it was mud. The third realm Purple Fiend transformed it into the Purple Fiend’s Qi Flame. Not only did it cleanse demons and burn impurities, it could be used to forge every kind of artifact as a Supreme Grade True Flame more powerful than a Star General’s Starfire.

The final realm East Approaches was not explained clearly in the book, but it definitely exceeded the imagination.

It was a pity that the Purple Rose Transforming Qi apparently was an extremely rare Immemorial Dark Technique.13 Connecting it together was more laborious than a snail. This still was the Su Xing that possessed the Supreme Grade Soul Technique Heart Like Mirror that only then had some progress, otherwise, practicing for decades would perhaps produce a difficult breakthrough to True Dipper.

This immemorial secret technique truly was too abnormal.

A moment afterwards, Su Xing abruptly blinked his eyes, glancing all around and stepped into the forest.

“Shi Yuan, what’s the matter? Using Sound Transmission this mysteriously?” Su Xing saw the sneaky Thief Star, smiling as he spoke.

“Young Master, I’ll give you something good to look at.” Shi Yuan craftily smiled.

Su Xing did not understand. Shi Yuan had Su Xing enter the Heaven and Man condition, and immediately afterwards, the two slinked forward. Seeing the Thief Star this careful, Su Xing also did not dare to be careless, fully taking precautions.

Passing through this forest was a sea.

Su Xing was right in the middle of marveling it, when suddenly he heard a flattering as bone marrow14 tender moan come from the beachside.

“Ah——incredible——Junqing, you’re too amazing…”15

The inarticulate ecstatic groan Su Xing heard made him spray some qi and blood.

Shi Yuan made a shh sound, and the girl, completely red in the face, pulled Su Xing behind a slab of granite

“…Ah…Ah…Ah…faster, ah…”16

The bewitching moaning sound had become somewhat intense.

Tilting his face to take a careful glance, Su Xing was stunned, his face heating up.

He saw beside the beach two sheep-fat white jade women currently entangled together, like thin threads intertwined. Laying on top was a red-haired girl continuously shaking that gentle and beautiful delicate body. Squeezed underneath was a black-haired woman with her slender legs spread wide, both hands embracing the red-haired woman’s neck. A bone-melting sound of ecstasy was produced out of that soft throat of hers.

The two beauties’ fair and graceful figures stroked each other, enjoying a place of extreme happiness. From time to time, their red lips wrapped in a kiss, their breasts grinding against each other.

“Princess…does it feel good…ah…” The red-haired girl laughed evilly, her rubbing all the more frantic.17

That princess panted with an Ah, ah, her four limbs twitching because of the pleasure.

Su Xing was stupefied.

This was the legendary polishing the mirror,18 right??

Author’s Note:

There will be an even newer one tonight.

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  1. 洞察
  2. 紫微珠
  3. 臥草梁山玉佩, was previously Token of Becoming an Outlaw, but now with 玉 added in, the “token” is now seemingly described as a pendant.
  4. 星辰旗
  5. 七星聚義, a reference to the Water Margin. Two of the “brothers” are Wu Yong and Liu Tang, who has already been killed by Lin Yingmei.
  6. 青山綠水, a pleasant country scene
  7. 山明水秀, enchanting scenery
  8. 星界
  9. 星麟界
  10. 虛空梁山, properly, if we’re going with mythology, it should be Akasagarbha Liangshan.
  11. 紫微化氣
  12. 化氣,真罡,紫煞,東來
  13. 太古玄法
  14. Literally in the raws, but I think the author means that the sound is “soft.”
  15.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  16.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  17.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  18. 磨鏡, a euphemism for lesbian


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