Chapter 97: The “Steadfast Star” General of Double Spears

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The play of the pair of phoenixes before his eyes was too passionate. The Su Xing who was watching was beginning to unbearably stir.

Couldn’t these two women polishing mirrors be the Star Master that Yan Poxi spoke of?

Su Xing thought.

“Su Xing.” A charming shout like water sounded beside his ear. Red clouds flew across both of the Thief Star Shi Yuan’s cheeks, now flushed with excitement. She clutched onto Su Xing’s arm and passionately moved up, her tongue dancing against his.

Su Xing at this time was on the alert about the sounds of the Star Master on one hand and sinking into Shi Yuan’s passionate and hot kiss on the other. The two women polishing mirrors on the other side of the granite had reached their climax, and he only heard their deep panting and moans, the air like gossamer.

At this moment, Shi Yuan also cried out, falling on Su Xing’s chest. The Thief Star had not wanted it to, but it happened anyways; Wordless and Uncommunicative had unexpectedly broken.

Not good!!

Su Xing’s heart tightened, only hearing a fierce whiz.

A burst of a gale blew over, and Su Xing promptly embraced Shi Yuan. Hastening his Star Energy, he flew backwards as he stabilized her figure. The strong winds and gales whistled, and the surrounding atmosphere had been blown, scattered and smashed. It produced a great boom that broke the air, transforming into ten million small swords with sharp edges. Ripping open the air, they swept towards Su Xing randomly and crazily.

Fortunately, Su Xing’s reactions were swift enough. He made a thrilling escape.

“Ah.” Shi Yuan sobered over as if she had been dunked over the head by a bowl of cold water.

“Who is the evil person that dares to be sneaky in This General’s surroundings!” The red-haired woman stood on the granite, not caring in the slightest that anyone could catch a glimpse of her utterly naked body. The black-haired girl that had been pressed underneath her had also flashed to the side. These two people truly were outstanding; Shi Yuan’s Wordless and Uncommunicative had only just broke, and they immediately discovered his whereabouts.

If it was not for Su Xing already being on guard, this face-to-face meeting would have cost him dearly.

However, the act before his eyes truly was charming and gentle. The two gorgeous women lived high and looked down, laying bare their white as snow skin and well-rounded figures. What should have stuck out indeed did stick out, what should have sunk in indeed did sink in. At the same time, there really was minus one point for too skinny, add one point for too fat. Especially with the drunken color to their faces from polishing mirrors a moment ago, their cheeks dizzily flushed.

“A man!!”

They stared blankly, not expecting they would unexpectedly run into other people in the Void Liangshan. Flipping her wrist, a multicolored light flashed and swiftly draped palace robes over her shoulders. The black-haired girl was resentful, hatefully saying: “Courting death!!”

She did not say much, and a multicolored light poured in a stream as it pounced towards Su Xing.

Su Xing reached his hand out and waved. Purple Thunder forged ahead and slammed into it head-on. Thunder-light flashed, taking the shape of a large net that covered this multicolored light.

This girl was precisely Princess Ling Yan, Zhao Hanyan. She pointed her hand seals, and a jade ring artifact swelled without warning. The jade ring emitted a halo of dark and light. The technique incantation circulated, drawing a Starlight that covered towards Su Xing.

Su Xing opened his mouth. In a split second, more than a dozen Rock Piercing Water Drops flew out. These Rock Piercing Water Droplets were wrapped around a dense purple cloud, making for a substance that could not be seen through by anyone. The purple light swayed and repelled the jade ring. At the same time, five, six purple colored Thunder Water Flower Purple Smokes1 hovered around, flashing in the air. The petals scattered everywhere, then dissipated in the air. The atmosphere immediately filled with a dull purple cold light.

Zhao Hanyan promptly struck a seal. The cold light in the air directly launched and broke Su Xing’s Blooming Water Divine Thunder, but not really. These mingling Divine Thunders of the Purple Cloud had detonated silently, making Zhao Hanyan eat a hidden loss. Retreating a few steps, Princess Ling Yan was secretly startled: What was the Purple Thunder this Star Master used, it was unprecedented.

“Which sect are you?” Princess Ling Yan calmed her state of mind. Raising a white finger, she grasped a sword in her hand.

Su Xing discovered his own artifacts were rather destitute as a dark blue flying sword appeared.

His Divine Intent suddenly tightened.

The red-haired woman charged at Su Xing seemingly like a fiery dragon, chopping at him. Her speed was surprisingly fast enough that he was unable to react, but Su Xing did not change his expression. Without a bit of fear, as if replying his thoughts, an ice-cold woman’s figure flew out from behind him like cold smoke and quickly blocked in front of Su Xing. Her speed compared to the red-haired woman’s was also not inferior in any respect.

A cold star swept past, and the crisp sound of steel clashing sounded.

This red and white slammed into each other, and in an instant, a formidable power like a tsunami spread, such that Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan had no choice but to be shaken backwards several steps.

The intruder was precisely Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei chopped with her spear, and that red-haired woman’s odd Yin Yang double spear showed off a hot and cold double hue. The double spears met and caught Lin Yingmei’s vertical slash.

Lin Yingmei grunted, and brought down the spear.

The woman’s double spears interlocked, her power not inferior in any respect. Her weapon’s Star Energy released a hundred cold lights that merged and separated the two people.

“Young Master, what has happened?” Wu Xinjie and An Suwen hurried over when they received the news. They could not help but suffer a fright from the play before them.

“Majestic Star Lin Chong??!” The red-haired girl stared directly at Lin Yingmei. Seeing that Arctic Star Spear, her expression changed. When she saw that the Star Crest on Lin Yingmei’s forehead and Su Xing’s reflected each other, not only was she unafraid, but on the contrary, she revealed an excited smile.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, I did not expect to run into you here, this really is too great.”

The girl’s hands held her double spears, a soaring dragon and a flying phoenix, vivid and lifelike.

Zhao Hanyan lost her voice: “What? Lin Chong? You are Lin Chong’s master?!  That Purple Thunder Monster?” Princess Ling Yan stared at the handsome youth before her eyes. For a while, she was incapable of believing this superficial hedonist surprisingly could contract the Majestic Star Panther Head. Recalling that bizarre purple colored thunder technique just now, it actually resembled the rumored Purple Thunder Monster.

To think this was the Star Cultivator that killed a Supercluster Cultivator. Although his cultivation appeared to be no more than Nebula Late Stage, Princess Ling Yan also took precautions with rapt attention.

Wu Xinjie saw that Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spear, her expression also solemn.

The Steadfast Star General of Double Spears Dong Ping!2

She did not expect that the one who entered Liangshan was the Steadfast Star, one of the Liangshan Maiden’s Five Tiger Generals, so to speak. That young girl dressed in hazy palace dress was the current Princess Ling Yan? Wu Xinjie also felt this was a thorny problem.

The Liang Emperor’s military glory shook Liangshan. How could his daughter ever be easy to deal with.

“Heh, heh. Lin Chong, I did not expect you to acquaint yourself with a man that liked philandering. You truly have made This General very disappointed.” The Steadfast Star Dong Junqing revealed a trace of a giddy and enchanting smile, her manner and movement all carried distinguish and accomplishment.

She looked at the other three beautiful ladies, red ripples moving in her eyes. “Surprisingly, you’re with three beautiful maidens. That is indeed pitiful. It would be better to let This General have a taste?” She only took these Wu Xinjie and the rest following Su Xing to be ordinary Star Generals, not expecting they had signed contracts with Su Xing.

“General of Double Spears Dong Ping.” Su Xing also knew her reputation. Seeing the Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spears unexpectedly was Two Stars, he thought that this was not too encouraging.

“Junqing, you must gouge out this man’s dog eyes.” Princess Ling Yan’s body had been seen by Su Xing, and he also saw her romance with Dong Junqing. From the bottom of her heart rose a thick killing intent.


Lin Yingmei’s expression was ice-cold as she raised up her spear.

“Sister, let’s play nicely.” Dong Junqing smiled maliciously, the crisscrossed Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spears chopped. The two kinds of different colored light blocked in front of her. The Arctic Star Spear broke through, and the ball of cold qi wrapped around the speartip thrusted towards Dong Junqing. The two slender Yin and Yang double spears subsequently were raised, the spear lights mutually tearing at each other.  

As if leveling the ground, a thunderclap exploded, and the Arctic Star Spear suddenly split open a sudden snowfall. As if the wind and snow twisting around the spear edge was a completely outgoing devil, the frightening pressure instantly launched towards the surroundings, and the Steadfast Star approaching her like this immediately turned into the first sacrificial victim. Like a shooting star, she had been touched by the terrible pressure and was ruthlessly sent flying.

The wind and snow of the First Spear was only a greeting.

The Second Spear, the weapon’s tip already became like a blizzard with that intensity.

Inside the intense snowstorm, the long spear rapidly pulsed. The ice-cold blizzard’s killing intent seemingly appeared in a flash, continuously attacking the Steadfast Star. Where the two dueled, several li of the place was frozen over in a flash with an unceasing northern mournful whistle. Everywhere had been covered by ice fragments burst and shot flying by the aura of death.

Behind the blizzard shooting everywhere, the cold light in Lin Yingmei’s eyes violently fired. Suddenly, both hands grasped her spear, and her spread eagle figure instantly concentrated above the spear in her hands. White and white fused together, twisting together, a strange product and a harmonious blend, emitting an intimidating killing air. At the same time a long whistle cried out, the Majestic Star’s final attack, seemingly like a meteor, passed by, carrying a tyrannical might that suddenly chopped towards two spears.

The violent snowfall added even more ferocity.

Impressive it was.

Yellow Rank Spear Technique: Long Blizzard Nights!

Originally, Long Blizzard Nights critically needed to slowly layer killing intent in succession, finally forming an impossible to resist snowstorm. However, knowing Dong Junqing’s status as one of the Five Tiger Generals, that her Star Weapon was even a Two Star, how could Lin Yingmei dare be slow.

The Long Blizzard Nights between these spears was still dreadful.

“Interesting.” Dong Junqing was moved, snapping her jaw, no longer that calm and collected like before. The Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spear protected her side. They saw her Star Crest flicker, her hair flutter. Two bright stars glittered abnormally on the left and right, the two Yin Yang earrings suddenly emitting light. This one Yin and one Yang looped beside her, forming a barrier. Her entire surroundings seemed to have been frozen in time.

Surprisingly, it was an Astral Tool!!3

Star Maidens could not use artifacts and magic weapons but could use the Astral Treasures that fell from stars that dropped from the heavens, and Astral Tools were born in this environment. Using Fallen Star Fragments to forge Astral Tools naturally could not compare to an Astral Treasure. Their life expectancies were also very limited, but it was still a trump card in a Star General’s fighting strength. In previous Star Duels, a few Earthly Stars and under subdued and killed Heavenly Stars, seemingly often seeing Star Tools and the like.

However, this type of Astral Tool like an Astral Treasure was extremely rare to see.

This Princess Ling Yan was the Great Liang Emperor’s kin, so having this was not strange.

Long Blizzard Nights chopped upon the Yin Yang Halo.4 A frightening and violent snowstorm filled a range of a hundred meters with a biting cold wind. The formidable power on the spear forced the Steadfast Star continuously backwards rapidly.

Su Xing started his Star Crest, matching Lin Yingmei’s Long Blizzard Nights and imbuing it with Star Energy. On the other hand, he was not lazy about Princess Ling Yan, controlling his sword to move, it rushed towards Zhao Hanyan’s bullying body.

Wu Xinjie already Sound Transmitted the dangers of this time’s Star Master. The Steadfast Star General of Double Stears Dong Ping and Lin Yingmei alike were classified as the Liangshan Maiden’s Five Tiger Generals. Their strength absolutely could not be mentioned on equal terms as an Earthly Star. Especially when their Star Weapon reached two, perhaps Lin Yingmei could not take down the Steadfast Star. The Resourceful Star Wu Yong had Su Xing dispose of Princess Ling Yan as quickly as possible to give Lin Chong some relief from her pressure.

Star Cultivators were very much averse to close quarters. This also was one of the reasons many Star Cultivators most feared Star Generals with military force. Inheriting the Majestic Star’s seal, Su Xing had superiority in close quarters, but Princess Ling Yan was an expert at every sort of thing.

Urging on her seals, a golden flying sword twisted towards Su Xing for the kill. Simultaneously, her white hand flexed, and five golden rays of light escaped from her palm.

Su Xing’s flying sword was incited, tangling together with the golden flying sword in a duel. When the five golden lights shot over, he used the Blooming Water Divine Thunder to block it.

“Molten Halo,5 bind!!”

Zhao Hanyan shouted, and the jade rings from before flashed without warning, covering towards Su Xing to capture him.

Su Xing silently screamed, This difficult woman, clenching his five fingers.

An odd purple Heavenly Thunder carrying fire struck towards Zhao Hanyan.

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  1. 雷水葵花紫煙
  2.  天立星雙槍將董平
  3.  星器
  4. 陰陽光圈
  5. 烊光環


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