Chapter 98: The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Deities Sword

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Shi Yuan also did not sit and wait for death. Releasing more than fifty Mechanical Beasts for support, converting these Mechanisms to Star Cultivator’s cultivations, they were equivalent to Stardust Late Stage. They were unable to cause harm to the Steadfast Star and Princess Ling Yan, but even ants in great numbers could bite an elephant to death, thus bringing relief to the pressure on Lin Yingmei.

The Steadfast Star Dong Ping sitting at the fifteenth seat1 herself was a Liangshan Five Tiger. In terms of military strength, she was only slightly inferior to Lin Chong, however, now that her Destined Star Weapon reached Two Star, she completely held the upper hand.

An Suwen waved her outstretched hand wanting to use the “Essence Swallowing Dragons” to enter the battle, but Wu Xinjie hurriedly stopped her. Only when the Essence Swallowing Dragons numbered above one hundred could there be a visible effect. If the several dozen were extinguished by a wave of Zhao Hanyan’s hand, then that was too grievous.

“But do we just watch Big Brother Su Xing?” An Suwen’s expression tightened.

The Knowledge Star was silent. They as Star Generals lacked military force and magic, and in a battle, they basically lacked the power to make a statement. In previous Star Duels, support type Star Generals mostly stood behind their contractors, and the majority carried out assistance according to their own personal strengths. It could not be said that rushing forth would have any sort of advantage. On the contrary, it was somewhat superfluous. However, Wu Xinjie was not yet resigned. Wrinkling her brow, she then said: “I have a solution. Suwen, in a moment, replenish my spiritual power.”

An Suwen clearly understood.

The Knowledge Star took out the Heaven Concealing Star Feather Fan. She aimed between Su Xing and Lin Yingmei, and then the fan released a vast stretch of green light. Moving seals, a clump of breath as light as a wing enveloped Su Xing and Lin Yingmei. Su Xing only felt the air in his body get drawn out completely, and subsequently, be replaced by a gentle breath. His body seemed to have lost its weight, and his speed suddenly jumped a level compared to before.

After Zhao Hanyan blocked Su Xing’s Firebolt sword, she saw Su Xing move. His figure before her eyes dazzled, and she lost track of him. He then appeared behind her. This kind of speed made Zhao Hanyan stunned.

Su Xing slashed down with the flying sword grasped in his hand.

Princess Ling Yan did not panic. Her fingers pinched together into a hand seal, and a multicolored light leaked from her hairpin, shrouding her within. It was like the seven colored light gave Zhao Hanyan a layer of an illusory plumage robe2 to drape herself in. It was impervious to sword and spear, invulnerable to water and fire.

Worthy of being called the Great Liang’s First Princess, the treasures on her person truly were many.

This sudden surprise attack of Su Xing returned without any achievements. Princess Ling Yan’s white fingers danced, and the golden blade raised in her hand went to separate Su Xing. She looked at Wu Xinjie and shouted inconceivably: “Surprisingly, it’s a Dark Rank Tactic? Unexpectedly, you’re the Knowledge Star??”

The Knowledge Star acting as the Liangshan Maiden’s third seat naturally had her original place. Besides being exceedingly resourceful, she was the champion in understanding the specialties of the hundred and eight stars. Generally speaking, Star Generals could only comprehend their Dark Rank Tactics approximately at the Third Stage3 “Evil Smiting Hall,” but the First Stage was sufficient for the Knowledge Star.

Acting as the strategic Star General in a war, the Knowledge Star’s magic was sufficient enough to reverse the course of the war. In addition, the magic Wu Xinjie used just now on Su Xing and Lin Yingmei was precisely the Knowledge Star’s “Dark Rank Tactic.”

Speed is a Crucial Asset in War!4

It could substantially promote speed for a short time, although it was from the current perspective. Due to the restriction of Su Xing’s grade, as well as the signing of multiple Star Generals, his Star Energy’s growth was hindered, but the Knowledge Star still extremely quickly understood her Dark Rank Tactic.

Once Speed is a Crucial Asset in War was activated, Su Xing and Lin Yingmei far exceeded their opponents in terms of speed. Dong Junqing’s Two Star Star Weapon’s strength occupied the winning position, but after Lin Yingmei’s speed increased, she could only fight to a stalemate, causing the General of Double Spears to become exceedingly angry.

“You all also prepare.”

After using a Dark Rank Tactic, Wu Xinjie greatly injured her vitality. An Suwen then used a “Spiritual Aura Distribution” to replenish her. A moment later, Wu Xinjie used once again Speed is a Crucial Asset in War, adding it to An Suwen and Shi Yuan.

The two girls understood tacitly what to do. Shouting, they each released Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles and Hoodwinking Claws. Even though they were not military force generals, a One Star “Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles” and “Hoodwinking Claws” more or less also could help out.

Princess Ling Yan alternated her artifacts and magics. Even if their situation did not change under the Speed is a Crucial Asset in War, she was not at all confused. From the bottom of her heart, she was actually slightly regretful that she was too quick to fight. She basically was incapable of covering up her handsome and wonderful bodily beauty. Along with her intense movements, the light muslin fluttered, her lapel opening wide, and those full and towering breasts from time to time spilled out dazzling ripples, the dark red points completely exposed.5

The cold wind pouring into her secret place made her shiver.

This kind of just faintly discernible was truly alluring. If it was any other man, perhaps he would have already been made capricious by this charming appearance of Princess Ling Yan, unintentionally continuing to zealously fight. However, due to Su Xing’s nature as a soldier, having also practiced the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique, once he was serious, that remarkably beautiful naked girl in front of his eyes was but only a pink human skeleton and nothing more. Absolutely unambiguously acting, he did not have tender feelings for her in the slightest.

Princess Ling Yan’s complexion was crimson, yet it was too late to look after her appearance. However, seeing Su Xing’s indifferent manner made her heart somewhat mysteriously resentful.

Compared with Princess Ling Yan’s heart, there was still a trace of a young girl’s aloofness and jealous love. The Steadfast Star General of Double Spears Dong Junqing did not have that many thoughts. Equally only wearing a thin red shirt, her face had earlier already lost its previous giddy expression. Four Star Generals acting together saw her put in an extremely grave situation, and Lin Yingmei’s superb body techniques under Speed is a Crucial Asset of War made her Two Star Star Weapon’s superiority completely unable to manifest.

More than a dozen green lights shot over whistling. Dong Junqing yelled in a rage, one spear splitting them open, and the other Yang Dragon Spear blocked Lin Yingmei’s attack. Suddenly flipping both hands, the one Yin and one Yang engulfed her entire body. The Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spear’s light violently swelled, sticking into their eyes and blinding them.

“Look out! It’s the Steadfast Star’s Yellow Rank Spear Technique.”

Wu Xinjie loudly warned.

Lin Yingmei retreated, clutching her spear and adopting a defensive posture.

Dong Junqing loudly laughed. Raising the Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spear, an orange red and a freezing cold spear light flew out from the spears, breaking down into a half moon, expansively and violently killing over. Just like a blade edge that shattered into countless shards, tearing their ears, uneasily shaking, just like a frightful downpour. The two kinds of different colored spear lights mutually folded over, matching dazzling that covered downwards. Not only Lin Yingmei, but also Wu Xinjie, An Suwen and Shi Yuan all were enveloped by the spear light.

The Steadfast Star’s Yellow Rank Style!6

Yin Yang Cross Slash!7

The Yin Yang Cross Slash used by the Two Star Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spear was fierce, nearly a power that poured down and overcame all obstacles. A huge ripping noise of the entire Void Liangshan penetrated a hundred li, shaking the mountain streams and deep valleys, and the tranquil sea’s surface was a mess.

Shi Yuan promptly called the more than fifty only just cultivated Mechanical Beasts to defend in front of her, and they were instantly annihilated without the slightest degree of resistance. Wu Xinjie threw out a hundred Low Grade Talismans and a Middle Grade “First Scene Like Water Talisman.” The Low Grade Talismans had not even activated when the spear light cut and turned them into smoke that vanished into thin air. Although the First Scene Like Water Talisman manifested a water curtain when used, it only sustained for a mere few seconds before being broken.

An Suwen threw out a golden pill, and the pill turned into a golden river, now producing an extraordinary power. It was just that the Five Tiger Generals Dong Ping’s Yin Yang Cross Slash was really valiant, also making her experience the might of a Two Star Star Weapon. The defending golden river resisted for a few seconds longer than the First Scene Like Water Talisman before being shattered.

The spear light’s expanse was an impossible to resist force that fell towards them. If this went on, if they did not die, they would only be barely alive.

And just at this moment, a silhouette of unwavering determination suddenly blocked in front of the girls.

Su Xing abandoned his opponent, Zhao Hanyan, and tossing out a jade barrier, the jade annulus penetrated, its immortal light unfolding. This Astral Treasure “Profound Star Barrier” on more than one occasion let Su Xing come back from death’s door. Its Star Energy after saving for three months had somewhat replenished, and it did not disappoint Su Xing.

A white light like snow resembling a ribbon blocked in front of them, and the Yin Yang Spear light fell into the white light, immediately disappearing with no hope of return without giving rise to the slightest ripple.

Cleanly absorbing the spear light, the Profound Star Barrier went “Ka-ca.” The fully occupied jade annulus split open a crack. Although it blocked this Yin Yang Cross Slash, an Astral Treasure suffered critical damage.

“Yingmei!” Su Xing was even more worried about Lin Yingmei.

The spear light scattered forth. Lin Yingmei was covered all over with cuts and bruises, more grave than any other time before. Luckily, she removed the Yin Yang Cross Slash’s most fierce parts of power, otherwise, if things went on as they just did, the method that Wu Xinjie and the rest used simply were incapable of delaying until Su Xing rushed over.

Dong Junqing continually panted, her chest violently heaving, her vitality having suffered damage. A Heavenly Star General, particularly the kind that a Five Tiger Generals was, could continuously use their Yellow Rank Style far unlike an Earthly Star.

Although Lin Yingmei was bruised, her willpower very tenacious. The Arctic Star Spear thrusted towards Dong Junqing.

“Princess!” Dong Junqing shouted.

The Princess Ling Yan who had already been stunned by Su Xing immediately returned to her senses, after all, she was the Great Liang’s First Princess. Regardless of the background of a Star Master, strength could place her within the first five. A Galaxy Stage magic energy inside her flowed continually at great speed. Zhao Hanyan knew she had run into a formidable Star Master, and she did not dare to treat him lightly. Shouting, her ten fingers formed seals.

They only saw the empty space behind the girl suddenly glimpse a cold light. They saw eighteen8 golden lights flashing sharp blades penetrate the space. Floating in Zhao Hanyan’s current surroundings, they formed an illusory sword array, the girl just like an immortal.

“Not good, it’s the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Deities Sword!”

Wu Xinjie shouted on reflex.

The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Deities was the True Immortal Hall’s sole sword art. Seventy-two flying swords with myriad transformations formed a sword array that was beyond the deities of the Nine Heavens. Gracefully attacking the enemy, thus was it called the Outer Void Flying Deities Sword. Originally, Emperor Liang relied on this Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Deities Sword Style at the pinnacle of perfection to entirely kill Bian City’s great aristocratic clans. Its power shook Liangshan.

The sword art’s power was continually Liangshan Continent’s outstanding and famous number one ability. To turn into a domineering overlord someday, this sword art was a required course. Its might far surpassed magic weapons continuously taken by Star Cultivators to be their own life weapons.

However, only those with the “Resembling Water Star Energy”9 that was close to Galaxy Stage could warmly nurture several dozen flying swords in their body. Seeing that Zhao Hanyan unexpectedly inherited Liang Huizong’s sword art, it was lucky she was only Galaxy Early Stage. For the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Deities Sword, she only could nurture eight Outer Void Flying Swords. If she could use seventy-two, Su Xing would not need to fight any further, directly running away would be it.

Even so, she did not dare to be the slightest bit careless. Su Xing still did not have a sword art’s power, and the only thing he had that could contend was the Blooming Water Divine Thunder. Urging his magic energy, he used all of his Star Energy without the slightest hesitation. The Blooming Water Divine Thunder into an equivalent eight purple clouds of hovering flowers. Of auspicious thunder and purple mist, it emitted and took in thunder-light.

“Evil villain, accept death!!”

Zhao Hanyan coldly shouted.

Zhao Hanyan’s flying swords ability indeed were far more powerful than artifacts and magic weapons. The eight golden flying swords all were forged from the Extreme Winding Essence Gold,10 that what was poured in was “Dark Yang Sand,”11 only the sort of royal family of the Great Liang could have this scale. Its point was unblockable, and the eight flying swords became several dozen golden lights. They saw the golden threads in the air turn into a line, and among them, four golden lights shot towards Lin Yingmei. The remaining four targeted Su Xing.

Su Xing also shouted, moving his fingers.

The eight Purple Thunder Flowers blocked towards the flying swords.


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  1. Raws say sixteenth, which is a mistake
  2. 羽衣
  3. Raws say Second, but it’s the Third Stage.
  4.  兵貴神速
  5. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6.  黃階招式
  7.  陰陽交合斬
  8. I really am unsure of the number. Raws keep alternating between eight and eighteen, so I’ll stick with what the raws say, but I personally think it’s eight
  9. 似水星力
  10. 太乙精金
  11. 玄陽砂


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