Extra 1: Breakfast Table I

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Early morning is the golden time of the day. The battle upon the breakfast table is in truth very intense.

Shi Yuan: Chicken nuggets, chicken nuggets! Where are the chicken nuggets! Did someone steal them when This Young Lady wasn’t around!

Yan Yizhen: Apologies, there are no chicken nuggets this morning.

Lin Yingmei: Eh? What about the ham fried rice I love most?

Yan Yizhen: Apologies, there is no ham fried rice this morning.

Zhang Yuqi: Canned tuna? What about canned tuna?

Yan Yizhen: Apologies, there is no canned tuna this morning.

Shi Yuan, Lin Yingmei, Zhang Yuqi: Why!!

Yan Yizhen pursed her lips.

Behind Shi Yuan and the others was a seldom seen beautiful young woman.

Young Woman: Poor Nun Shaqing shall be staying here for the next few days…

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                    Chapter List                    Part II



    1. Probably not. Maybe Su Xing recreated these things in some fashion. But don’t read into it too much. Since these are just extra chapters, all kinds of liberties can be taken with the scenario.

  1. A few liberties were taken here. As we know in star world Su Xing dissapeared after conquering star world. Leaving his daughter behind. So i doubt he would have returned to earth without taking his daughter with him.

    1. Yes, there is a sequel! I’ll be translating that as soon as I’m through with the extra chapters for 108 Maidens.

      1. Can you tell me the name of the sequel. Id love to continue reading this series thanks

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