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His Highness is bored. He said he wants to see something called a “movie.”

Little Huang has just learned mental projection magic. This can realize his wish.

What to project then? How about projecting, should His Highness die one day, the reactions of the Sisters.

Little Huang would never have this kind of idea. This is Xinjie’s plan, but His Highness surprisingly agreed, saying something about tragedy having inspiration.

Then let us begin. Do not think this is inconceivable!

Because Little Huang, is a magical girl…

This, is a se~cret~

Now then, what follows is the reaction of the Sisters standing before Su Xing’s tomb after he unfortunately passes away…Movie start.

From faraway, there seemed to be Shaqing’s chanting voice.

Lin Yingmei, Maiden Mountain’s proud Star General, seemed to be beside herself at this moment, kneeling in place.

Her ice-cold fingertips slid over the characters inscribed onto the stone stele.

“Young Master, Your Servant did not keep her word…”

“Young Master, Your Servant did not keep her word…”

“Yingmei…” Wu Siyou’s voice was weak. Due to how tightly she clenched her fist, every joint in her finger had lost color. Suddenly, the cool and elegant Pilgrim exploded with her strongest voice: “Lin Yingmei! The Majestic Star cannot weep endlessly. Do you fear Maiden Mountain? Do you not want to seek revenge?”


“No matter who, Your Concubine…Even if Young Concubine dies, she will take revenge for Yingmei, for Lord Husband!” Every word of this declaration bore weight.

Lin YIngmei slowly stood up: “Siyou…”

“Everything will be okay, Yingmei. Before taking revenge, Siyou absolutely will never leave you all alone.” Wu Siyou suddenly drew Lin Yingmei into an embrace. She did because she did not want to let her closest Sister see her own tear-streaked face.

“Niangzi shall also wreak vengeance.” A young woman in a water-blue palace dress walked over. Ordinarily bright and moving, at this moment, even the lips of this woman had chapped and lost color, “Sister Yingmei, Niangzi’s strength alone is not enough. If you can help avenge Dear Husband, Niangzi…will even become a slave!”

During her declaration, she stifled her enormous feelings. Her passionate red lasso now only remained dim.

Lin Yingmei wiped her tears and sighed.

“Young Master, Your Servant did not keep her word…”

Wu Xinjie was away from the crowd, staying on her lonesome, staring blankly at a heap of rocks. Within her ears, Shaqing’s chanting voice still reverberated.

Normally crafty and mischievous, those had vanished into thin air. The girl’s face was full of tears. Wiped away by the wind, they would reappear with the breeze once more.

“Xinjie still remembers that day I called myself ‘Song Lu…'”

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain slammed.

“Still remembers that first ‘see mountains as mountains, see water as water’ puzzle.”

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain slammed.

“From the Thousand Machine Cult’s corridor up to the Bright Moon Longevity Palace…”

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain slammed.

“Young Lord! You promised Xinjie that we would go look for the next tomb puzzle!” 

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain slammed. In front of her, there was already a pile of rock fragments.

“We will go to an old tomb. Yuan’er swears to rob Maiden Mountain blind, to take revenge by getting even through using all magic weapons!”

“Good, good…” Wu Xinjie muttered, “Xinjie shall accompany you. With us together, we are invincible, isn’t that so?”

Shi Yuan gently leaned on Wu Xinjie’s shoulder, hiding her sobs. She needed a shoulder so badly. Wu Xinjie looked at the heavens that were blue as a river, but would there still be one on Xinjie’s shoulder, too.

Behind her, Hua Xue wailed in lament.

Xi Yue sobbed, suffering terribly. She was saying something, but whatever that was, it was already completely incoherent.

Zhang Yuqi wept alongside her, complaining tearfully that everything was unfair. Her normally pure white and cute skin was currently wan.

“Sir…” The Water Illusion Fairy was practically unable to draw breath. Zhang Feiyu propped her up.

Although tears similarly spilled out of her eyes, Zhang Feiyu still maintained herself: “Don’t cry, red eyes don’t look good. I, Feiyu, do not have a Star Master like this!”

“And you, Little Sister! Don’t you love to make faces all the time, my Little Sister can’t be like this, you can’t! Can’t…”

Zhang Feiyu hugged both of them: “You can’t cry, you can’t, you can’t…”

Her voice grew smaller and smaller.

Tang Lianxin was by herself, looking at the sky, listening to that indistinct chanting voice, as if she comprehended something.

She shut her eyes, and glistening tears slid down her white cheeks.

Senior Brother, Lianxin is already used to being alone in this world.

Senior Brother, Lianxin asked you over and over to leave me alone, why did I lose that?

Senior Brother, after obtaining solitude, I have lost the taste for it. It hurts, it hurts.

Lianxin hurts so much…

Bai Yutang stood there, not knowing what to do. She seemed to not understand grief. She only knew that this was very painful.

Don’t throw Tangtang away, okay? Don’t throw Tangtang away, okay?

Suddenly, a pair of ice-cold yet gentle hands held her. “Your Papa doesn’t like sniveling children.”

Although the woman she said this, the tearstains on her face had yet to dry.

I once wished to melt like snow for you, yet you did not keep this promise.

The Zhu Sha behind her activated a grief array, instantly moving the world. 

Tangtang, you will not be alone. All of you will not ever be alone, never…

At least on this, I, Gong Caiwei, will make certain.

Can you see this?

An Suwen was the Divine Physician, yet at this moment, her face was contorted in pain.

Her dexterous hands at this moment were stuck deep in the mud.

“Suwen is useless.”

“Suwen could not protect Big Brother.”

“Suwen is a doctor, yet I could not save the person I wanted most to save!”

The normally reserved and mild An Suwen was currently wailing at the sky in spite of everything.

Beside her was another voice.

“Little Yi, how is that not the case?”

“Protecting Master was Slave Servant’s duty. Now, Slave Servant has nothing left.”

Slave Servant has nothing at all.

Back then against the Ghost Cavalry King, back then against the River Dragon on the seas, back then fighting over the Gu Demon, capturing the Yin Yang Carps, Little Yi had once thought that she possessed everything she could have ever wanted…

That time on the seas against the River Dragon…

The struggle over the Gu Demon, the capture of the Yin Yang Carps, Little Yi once thought that she had the thing she wanted most.

“Suwen, why did you not let Little Yi fall back then?”

An Suwen said nothing. Saving people was inherently her talent, but she herself could not save her heart.

She quietly held Yan Yizhen’s hand. Yan Yizhen was the same, similarly lonely and self-blaming. They needed each other.

Throughout the chanting, Chai Ling wretchedly smiled. She waved her hand, and a piece of gold crumbled into dust.

Even if I have endless wealth, none of it can ever bring you back.

Even if I have endless wealth, it could not save a moment of time.

The first time we met, I loathed you so much.

If I had known earlier that things would be like this, it would have been better to continue hating you, to hate you all along!

“Konghou! You have read through stories of resurrections, you tell This Palace what should be done!

Konghou stood there blankly despite Chai Ling’s pounding. She stared in the direction of the gravestone, muttering: “Can it be that from Xiangmo down to Yingmei, every Majestic Star is to suffer tragedy?”

The chanting gradually became disjointed.

Hanyan sobbed intermittently.

Dong Junqing had already been pounded many times, and her hand had gnawed on for a very long time, but she knew that silence was golden.

“As expected, men are unfaithful. Dong Junqing, what should I do? What should I do!”

“Princess Highness, you still have me…”

“Yes, Junqing, I will definitely fulfill his wish and defeat Maiden Mountain! You will help me, right?”

“Certainly! Junqing hereby pledges! Junqing will definitely fulfill this man’s other final wish…”

“Cut!” Su Xing snatched the remote: “The atmosphere was great a moment ago, Dong Junqing’s singular sentence ruined it all! What do you mean by ‘other final wish?'”

“We understand~Young Lord.”

“T-too touching! Can Sister Xinjie still laugh? Give Yuan’er another tissue…”

“Sister Xinjie, that segment of memories was honestly too moving!”

“Not at all, not at all, the First Wife’s fingers tracing the characters on the tombstone, that is a performance done just right! Everyone cried, right?”

“Oh! Siyou’s hug, earth-shattering!”

“D-do not put it like that. Your Concubine feels Little Sister Lianxin’s loneliness was the most touching.”

“No, we ought to thank Shaqing, our behind-the-scenes hero, she truly brought a crucial finishing touch…”

“Elder Sister, you hugged too fiercely, Yuqi and Xi Yue were nearly strangled by you!”

“Will no one say anything about me? This Princess joined in out of friendship, but I actually cried!”

“Why was I not invited to this beforehand? I wanted to play opposite of Yingmei…”

Su Xing: “Little Huang, the movie’s pretty good, but This Highness feels something is off?”

“Please turn around, Your Highness.”

Yingmei and Siyou were still consoling one another, and Wanyue was over there as well; Yuqi and Feiyu were passing tissues to each other; Niangzi hugged Tangtang, rocking her…

Su Xing: “It’d be better if I lived on.”

Su Xing: “Ai, Little Huang. Why didn’t you appear just then?”

“Because this is something that could never happen, Your Highness.”

“Pretend it actually does. If I die someday, what will you do?”

“This will never happen, Your Highness.”

“We’re pretending, it’s just a movie.”

“Conjecture is invalid.”

“Why, Little Huang?”

“Little Huang vows, unless Little Huang Starfalls, Your Highness absolutely will never die otherwise.”

So long as Little Huang lives, I will not allow Your Highness to die. Gongsun Huang hereby swears.

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Part III                    Chapter List


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  1. [“Little Huang vows, unless Little Huang Starfalls, Your Highness absolutely will never die otherwise.”

    So long as Little Huang lives, I will not allow Your Highness to die. Gongsun Huang hereby swears.]

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